Young Girl shows whos boss

John has always been interested in muscular girls, even as a young boy. Now at 18 he finds himself wanting more and more from it. He is active and works out on occasion; weighing 200 lbs at 6'3, a strong steardy boy. He plays baseball and soccer so he has strong legs and abs, and as a pitcher he works out his arms. Some girls notice hm and compliment his body.

One day as john walked home from school he noticed a young girl who walked by him, and he noticed her checking him out. She was a pretty girl with a nice butt. She was wearing tight jeans and it showed her cruves beautifly. He had never seen her before and was somehow drawn to her. The next day john was walkng home he saw her again and she smiled and so did he...this time she was wearing shorts...showng off her toned legs. As the nex few weeks went by they would walk by eachother, smile and say hi. He checked her out as much as she checked him out, as this gave him motivaton to start working out again, and by the looks of it.. it was motivation for her.

It turns out, Ashley thought he was sexy and had a huge crush on him, and they started talking and john was drawn in by her sexy attitude and body. It was only a matter of time before they hungout and talked alot more, getting to know eachother. The first time john shook her hand...he was in pain and she didnt know it. HER GRIP! it was so strong for a skinny girl. You could see the definition in her arms when she wore t shirts and she looked STRONG!!! She wore tight shirts that pressed against her small but firm breasts and her tummy was as flat as a board. John was turned on anytime ashley wore "revealing" clothes.

Eventually, john asked ashley out and she said yes without hesitation, and that day was john favourite day of his life. She was wearing a sleevless shirt and a skirt and she was looking prettier than ever! the first thing they did was hop into johns car and went to his house. No body was home at the time so they went to his room and made out. "Oh johnny, you're so sexy! i've thought that since the day i saw you. you have wonderful muscles and a cute face!" john was getting a hard on. "omg ashley i thought the same thing about you! you're so sexy! you're body is amazing! do u workout?" john asked. "oh i do sometimes. mayebe 2 or 3 times a week! can u notice?" ashley said. "wow yes i can notice!i love muscles". john was in heaven at ths point, juust talking about ashley body. "oh johnny you'd loveeeee to see wats under this shirt eh?ha h a ha" ashley teased. "OMG YESSSSS i do! i;ll take off my shirt too" john said, hoping that would do the trick. "hm alright but first...armwrestle". they found a coffe table and got ready to arm wrestle!johns penis was hard at this point and ashley could see it. she giggled, but quite arroused at the buldge.Unflexed, johns arm was a lttle bigger than ashley but then they flxed and ashley all of a sudden has a ball of muscle in her arm. john gasped. "ok..ready? one .. two...three!!!" john pushed ddown with all he had on her but she ddnt budge. she looked at him sweating and didnt know if he was serious. "come on try!!!" she said. john gave as much as he could and ashley slowly went down! "HOLY shit you're so strong!! you're arms huge!" john said. ashley then gave everything she had and johns arm was now going down! he was gasping for air and beat red,,,but ashley pushed with her muscles and his hand slammed the table! "wow!" JOHN said..."you're rediculous! how are u that strong" ashley replied,, "well i told u i workout!" ashley then lifted up her shirt, releaved her six pack. "these are my favourite"she sad. "they are soooo hard!!! punch them" johns boner was at maximum. he said "oh i dont wanna hurt u" and ashley replyed"ha ha ha come on, they're rock solid" and she was right. her abs were amazing. u could see each brck of muscle..count...1.2..3..4.5..6...pack! very toned.finally, john poked her rock hard abs and said "wow...thats isnane! you're rpped!" "PUNCH THEM' ashley yelled! so john wound up and punch her right in the abs! she didnt move...and then laughed! "u like this eh?" she said..she she could see his boner... "omg ashley u have no idea! your muscles are amaazing!! " she then went up to him and grabbed him armpits and lifted him in the air...and then thew him on the bed. she took off her shirt and skirt...and johnny was amazed. "you look wat u see" "oh my god..." he responded. standing in front of hm was this 17 year old girl...with an amazing sick pack...15 inch biceps and legs that could crush him sensless. just then..john stood up off the bed and tryed to wrestle with her. she pinned hm down in 10 seconds and john couldnt believe it. she was sooo strong for a girl almost half his weight. "im alot stronger than i look johnny" just then john becase to feacely punch her abs...left and right jabs flying at her tummy muscles. she sat there and let him go before he got tired and just gave up. "oh're silly" she then ripped of his shirt and pants...and lifted him up...inserting his throbbing cock into her. he moaning and so did this was both their first times. he was feeling her incredible body as they had sex. he still couldnt believe any of this was happening. after they were done...ashley grabbed both johns hands with one of hers and locked them together. he couldnt move them. she was too strong. her free hand then slid down to his penis...and started stroking it.he was in heaven...cum was flying out of there in seconds. "ashley youre amazing! you're so strong yet so gentle" ashley didnt say anything and just lifted himm up in there, obviously not tired from all this. she began to carry him on her shoulders and she jumped around. then she did pushups with him on her back...18 of them!!!! after tat...she did as many situps as should could...john couted 5 minutes!!! he then punched her repeatedly in the abs util he gave up and she laughed! "thats it?" john replyed, almost out of breath "um... there's no way u can take anymore!!!" just then she picked him up and tossed him on the bed again. "oh ashley, i love your muscles so much" she started to rub his erect penis and john was loving every minute of it! "i have to say john," ashley said "your....friend there is quite large." she took his boxers off and started to wack him off; john moaned and moaned until he exploded!
They both sat and stared at eachother for a while...john getting erect every 2 minutes from the gorgeous ashley. "johnny..." ashley said, "do u think i'm strong?". John didnt know what to say. "oh my god ashley!! OF COURSE i do!!!!! you're rediculously strong! and u aren't even that BIG". Ashley liked when john complimented her strength and so then she wrapped her legs around him like a monkey, and gave a little squeeze! "OOOOH MOTHER" john yelped. Her legs were so strong, much stronger than they looked!! he couldnt budge out of her vice grip legs and she wasnt using all of her force either. "strong eh??" ashley teased. "holy shit yes!!!" He was using both arms on one leg, but couldnt move it at all. it felt like steel! Again.. john was turned on to the max, and his erect penis bludging out like no other. Ashley grabbed johns arms and pinned them down and he couldnt move. Johnny was struggling to get out but found himself powerless. She was incredibly strong!!! This went on for a few more minutes until ahley released him, and they rested for a bit.
Later they went onto the floor on the bedroom, and ashley started to do pushups!! Her triceps were huge and felt hard as a rock! johnny kept count... and he was just in awe after 50! she started slowing down around 60 and stopped at 74, and THEN wanted to arm wrestle john again!!! "Ashley, how the hell is this possible! u wanna armwreslte me after 70 pushups?!?! you must be sore!" john said. "oh johnny, my arms have gone through much worse, i used to do gymnastics now im starting karate!" just then they got down and locked hands. John was turned on, yet again! "One...two... three GO!" Johnny PUSHED as hard as he could right away to see if he could suprise her, but she didnt budge, like usual. "holy shit ashley, you're jacked!" her arms were bigger than ever now because of all the flowing blood! Still, johnny struggled but couldnt move her arm! "come on john, you can do better!" ashley smiled at him but her arm remained stll. She was sssssssooooooooooo strong!!! Her biceps and triceps stuck out like a sore thumb. John just then put his OTHER arm on ashleys... so now it was 2 of johnnys arms against one of ashleys. John started to move her arms down, and ashley was sweating, hold him up! "!! this is insane! you're so strong!!! this is impossible!! how!?!?!? i... am....using....2 hands!!!!!!!!" john said...using everything he had in his slightly muscular body. "HA HA HA 2 arms cant put my one down!! i AM strong, dayum!" Just then ashley had a burst of energy and raised Johns two arms back to the center point, where the started. They both struggled, but u can tell john was alot more tired than Ashley. "i guess all this working out payed off eh?" she asked, but johnny was too busy trying to put her arm down!!
BAM!!! johnnys arms came down.. ashley won.. beating his two hands with her one!!! "Ashley that... was...omg! you;re so strong!!!" Johnny was looking at her perfect muscular body, so fine and toned and TANNED! Her abs were rpped to the max! 6 pack of solid muscle. Each Ab was so big that she couldnt fit an 8 pack in there! Her arms and shoulders were shredded and huge because of the intense arm wrestle! Her beatufiul hips were slim and sexy and her thighs were cut and thick! her Cavles.....amazing. They were noticeable even when she just stood there! Her body was incredible and super strong!!

"Johnny, i think i have to go! but do u wanna hangout tomorw? maybe come to MY place?" ashley asked, with a wink at the end. "oh! yeah sure that would be great" he said. she got her clothes back on, and gave him a kiss and slid her hand down to his penis, which was harder than a rock! "Woah, i think ya got bigger johnny he he" and she left! john was speachless and he stared at her perfect ass. it was two beatufiul cheeks of muscle that filled the skirt perfectly!

the next day..........

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This story would benefit greatly from a judicious application of editing.

I like this story a lot, though I agree with SubtekkX, this story is an English professor's nightmare. If it wasn't so hot in the last paragraph, I probably wouldn't have been interested in it because of the grammar and spelling mistakes. Other than that though, I like the idea of a petite girl being stronger than a big, strong man, so I hope you keep writing.

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