Wonder Woman and Superman

Sitting atop a large, isolated mountain two of the most powerful heroes on earth were reclining on a pair of large rocks, looking around in silence, relaxing against the peaceful landscape. It was here that both heroes could talk without fear of anyone else hearing. No subject was taboo. And what was said here, stayed here. With a subtle, relaxed smile Superman turned toward Wonder Woman.

“So now that you’ve regained your powers and have resumed your work as Wonder Woman, what lies in your future?”

Wonder Woman continued to look ahead, her expression remaining the same.

“Oh, I suppose that I’ll stay with the Department of Metahuman Affairs for a while. At least until the Justice League takes up more of my time. It’s been an interesting diversion working closely with non-super powered heroes.”

Superman looked back toward the horizon.

“So, are you back on good terms with the Greek Gods or are they still out of the picture?”

Superman’s comment caused a rye smile to cross Wonder Woman’s face.

“Oh, I’m not sure good terms is the best way to describe my association at this point. Especially after the last meeting.”

Superman raised his eyebrows and turned his head back toward her. This sounded interesting.

“Why, what happened?”

Wonder Woman chuckled, causing her large chest to bob up and down. Superman’s heart skipped a beat. There was nothing more tantalizing than seeing Wonder Woman’s powerful chest pulse. A breeze blew her long hair a bit into her face and she raised her hand up to push her locks back behind her ear.

“So how is Lois these days? Now that you’re back to full strength.”

Superman sighed and looked down at the ground. He knew what she was hinting at. He also found it odd that she would change the subject so dramatically.

“Well, we still love each other. That’s never been a problem.”

Wonder Woman sighed smoothly nodding her head, still looking straight ahead.

“But in the bedroom?”

Superman let out a soft groan. It wasn’t like Wonder Woman to hit that quickly.

“Well, it’s back to caution. It’s not like I didn’t remember how to control myself. But there are times that I do miss not have any powers.”

He swallowed, not sure where Wonder Woman was headed. He figured to swat it back into her court.

“And you? Anyone of interest? How’s that partner of yours working out?”

Wonder Woman smiled again.

“Oh, we’re just friends. You know what it would be like to get too close to someone you work with.”

Superman bit his lower lip.

“Well, that’s how I met Lois after all. And we still work together.”

He rolled his neck slowly, leaned back and glancing over at Wonder Woman. If he didn’t know her better, he’d swear that she looked more beautiful than ever. And her body looked especially toned, even a little muscular. As she raised and lowered her legs against the boulder, her boots covered calves bulged out into the material and her bare thighs danced hypnotically with each movement, pushing away from her body with powerful grace. Superman could see her tight abdominal muscles through her bodice. And being the gentleman, he could only glance at her large chest and breathtaking cleavage. Her shoulders seemed thicker and her arms were those of an Olympic athlete, which seemed only fitting.

Wonder Woman finally turned toward Superman and their eyes met.

“So you don’t see a problem with two people in say a League becoming closer?”

Superman’s eyes narrowed.

“Why, uh, no, I guess not. If both of them are single.”

Superman waited for a reaction, trying to get a sense of where she may have been heading, but her calm expression gave nothing away. But the longer he looked into her deep blue eyes, the faster his heart beat. Turning his head before she picked up on his physical changes he raised his shoulders.

“So how are Cassie and Donna?”

Wonder Woman turned her head back and smiled again and nodded slowly.

“Better than ever.”

Superman sat up straight. She was hiding something.

“So what happened last time you saw Zeus?”

Wonder Woman leaned back and pushed her chest out, causing her outfit to groan a bit, catching Superman by surprise and drawing his attention toward the sound. He suppressed a gasp. Her chest looked bigger than he had ever seen before. Now his pulse was racing. He looked away quickly, hoping Wonder Woman didn’t notice. She let out a pleasured sigh and looked up.

“I was sick and tired of my ‘gift from the gods’ being a play thing to be taken and given. If the gods were going to leave this dimension then they should leave. And Cassie was even angrier since Zeus toyed with her even worse.”

Settling in, Wonder Woman continued.

“So I contacted him and agreed to talk. But before I did I got in touch with the Fates. Seems they were tired of the run around too. They knew of things to come, but would never interfere. At least until now. And what they told me was more than just a little surprising.”

Superman’s interest was piquing and he took another look at Wonder Woman who had pulled her torso upright with her arms tensed, pushing out muscles he never thought she possessed. Triceps molded into perfect horseshoes nearly as big as his and her forearms looked strapping, seemingly pulling her bracelets tight. Nodding his head to get her to continue, Wonder Woman cocked her head toward him, catching him in the corner of her eye, but continued to look forward.

“Turns out that the Fates can control all of the power available to the gods and everything associated with what became Greek mythology.”

Superman’s eyes got wide.

“And exactly how much power are we talking about?”

Wonder Woman snickered, ignoring his comment.

“They of course knew all about the continued meddling of the gods, which is the words they used. They wanted to move on themselves, to no longer be responsible for so much power.”

The breaks were starting to drive Superman crazy. That and her movements that seemed to be a bit more than just stretches. She tensed her thighs and they solidified into defined straps, pushing away from her body, then pulling back in as she relaxed.

“So they told me to confront Zeus himself and demand to talk to the other gods. To tell them that the Fates were to bring us together.”

Superman let out a frustrated sigh. “And?”

Wonder Woman snickered.

“So I did. Zeus never is pleased when you demand anything from him, but mention the Fates and he turns into a puppy. Seems he knew just who had the control.”

Wonder Woman turned toward Superman and her voice seemed to lower a bit, becoming more commanding.

“So I told him that I was no longer going to be under his control, that Donna, Cassie and I would take what was ours and keep it. We would remain on earth in this plain of existence and they would leave. Forever.”

Superman’s eyes got wide again.

“And how did he take that?”

Wonder Woman let out a small smile.

“About as well as you’d expect. He laughed. Along with the rest of the gods.”

Superman shook his head. Wonder Woman had been mad at the gods before, but had never completely disrespected them. Seeing that she was serious, he leaned closer as she continued.

“Only the Fates had already set everything up. According to them, all I needed to do was speak the poem they had given me. They made me memorize it. But even as I said the words, I was unsure if everything was going to transpire as they indicated, since the Fates remained cryptic to the end.”

Superman was stunned. “Great Scott, Diana, what happened?”

Wonder Woman leaned forward, tensing her chest, exposing now swelling pectorals and breasts that pressed up hard against her chest plate causing the metal to grown and buckle.

“Everything the Fates said would happen began to happen. As I spoke the words in Greek, commanding all of their power be stripped away, the gods began to yell in protest and turned against me.”

Superman gasped. The power of every Greek god was more than anyone had ever calculated before. If it was unleashed against Wonder Woman, how could she possibly survive. Wonder Woman’s pace quickened as she continued.

“The might unleashed was incredible. Thunder, rain, wind, energy discharges that nearly blinded me exploded everywhere. But none of it reached me. The Fates had seen to that. Once I finished the poem, the yelling and screaming stopped abruptly. The gods all looked at me with fear and betrayal, but it was too late. They faded from view. And not all of them were so dismayed, I could tell Artemis looked relieved.”

Wonder Woman slowly stood up, continuing to look down at Superman.

“The Fates appeared for a moment once the gods had disappeared, thanked me for releasing them, and faded from view also, having completed a task they thought would never end.”

Superman was stunned and looked up at Wonder Woman with renewed awe. She smiled down on him as though he were a child, and placed her hands on her hips.

Wonder Woman stood over the Man of Steel with a confident grin on her stunningly beautiful face. The breeze at the top of the mountain pushed her long dark hair around as she struck a heroic pose that caused Superman’s jaw to open slightly. Her body appeared more muscular, more feminine and just plain sexier than ever. Narrowing her eyes slightly her grin dropped to a determined stare.

“So let me get this straight, Clark. You have no trouble with relationships between co-workers. You still love your wife. And you are unable to unleash all of your passion without worries and without fear of the consequences. Sounds like a dilemma.”

Superman swallowed hard. He may be a man of steel, but he was still a man. And he didn’t have to rationalize about the fact that he loved strong women. The way Lois ordered him around was one of the reasons he fell for her. Lois also had a firm, toned physique, which turned him on. So to see Wonder Woman standing before him, stronger and more powerful than ever was making him sweat. And to make matters worse, or better, she was slowly tensing her muscles bigger and curvier right in front of him. Feeling uncomfortable about her direct questions, he steadied himself and leaned forward.

“So Diana, when you gained the power of the gods, what happened to the giants and other Greek beings?”

Wonder Woman’s smile returned. Pausing for effect, she didn’t answer for a moment, leaving the question hanging in the air, causing Superman to shift uncomfortably.

Pulling her arms back, Wonder Woman inhaled deeply, infusing another shelf of pectoral muscles onto her already prodigious chest, renewing the groaning of her overstrained material that was vainly trying to contain her mind numbing physique. She followed up by tensed her back hard, expanding her lats both deep and wide, overwhelming her outfit, causing a loud rip to run down the back.

Superman’s jaw opened wider against the increasingly dominating, erotic exhibition of raw might and female sexuality from one of the most beautiful woman on earth. A tingling sensation coursed its way across his body and his hair across his body bristled. Wonder Woman continued to smile, not slowing down, enjoying her ability to mesmerize Superman with subtle flexes.

“I’m sorry, Clark, what was your question?”

Before Superman could respond, Wonder Woman inhaled again until her chest reached an apex of staggering proportions, causing the already overstrained top to finally split down the middle, tearing the metal with a loud screech and unleashing breasts the size of volleyballs to the stunned Superman. The unfettered breasts jiggled slightly and pushed straight ahead, backed up with six inch thick, striated pectorals. The corset fell unceremoniously to the ground behind her. Wonder Woman cocked her head with a coy grin.

Superman gasped and he turned his head away for a moment, blushing fiercely. Wonder Woman laughed gently, causing her prodigious chest to bob up and down hypnotically, pulling Superman’s gaze back. He blinked a few times, trying to keep his eyes from bugging out and he let out of single chuckle as he saw that Wonder Woman was covered like a stripper with two large red stars that distended outward. Somehow gathering his senses through quickening breaths, Superman repeated his question.

“Uh, what happened to everything else described throughout Greek mythology?”

Wonder Woman chuckled and continued on as though nothing were out of the ordinary.

“They’re all gone too. Atlas, Saturn, the Cyclops, everything created throughout time from the Titans to the godlings.”

She looked away for the moment, not wanting to give into the emotions of the loss she had already worked her way through.

“I’m going to miss many of my friends. I grew up with them for goodness sake. But in order to end the reign of Zeus, that was part of the deal.”

Wonder Woman turned her back to face Superman, looking down at him and resuming her subtle assault. Her expression changed back to amusement as Superman was still in the shock of her flexing out of her top.

Realizing that Wonder Woman had stopped talking, and using all his super willpower to tear his eyes off of Wonder Woman’s incredible chest, Superman cocked his head back and looked into her laughing eyes.

“Do you mean that you’ve absorbed ALL of that power?”

Wonder Woman took a step forward, flexing her right thigh hugely as she placed her right foot down, audibly crackling her quadriceps as they consolidated into thick straps of smooth muscle that hung over her knees with authority. Her calves bunched bigger, causing her boots to groan as they stretched as big as melons, well over 20 inches around.

And with that one powerful step, Superman’s eyes got wide and he slipped backwards, falling unceremoniously off the boulder and onto the ground with his legs kicking into the air. He let out a small embarrassing grunt and he landed on his behind. Wonder Woman suppressed a laugh and continued to walk forward until she stood directly over the prone hero.

“Well, most of the power. Cassie and Donna received some also, at my discretion. Donna was happy with enough to bring her back to full strength. And with Cassie being the last true line to the Greek gods, she essentially supplanted Zeus.”

Superman propped himself upright onto his elbows, trying to regain some dignity from his comical fall and was glad that Wonder Woman never gave it a mention. Smiling weakly, he looked back toward the ground.

“That still must have left you with an incredible amount of power.”

Wonder Woman gave him an affirmative hum, letting the realization sink in.

Letting out another soft sigh, Superman’s eyes traced their way up Wonder Woman’s magnificent body. Her boots strained against calves so big they were clearly seen from the front. Watching him with interest, Wonder Woman tensed her calves for him, pushing the material on her boots to the limit. She followed up by flexing her upper legs, pulling his gaze up to knees partially covered by the teardrops from her massive, shockingly huge thighs. He let out a soft whistle and continued up her long, thick legs until they curved generously into her narrow, deeply separated abdominals. Her starred shorts were becoming lost in her growing musculature and her lasso sat high against her bulging thighs.

Continuing to follow his gaze, Wonder Woman pulsed her stomach gently, causing Superman to let out a frustrated sigh as he stared at the strongest, sexiest set of abdominals he had ever seen. Blinking a few times, he forced his wandering eyes further up, and nearly teared up as he focused on a chest so large and so numbingly perfect that he nearly became lost in them. Sensing his growing frustration and not willing to let him off the hook, Wonder Woman tensed her pectorals gently, pulling her breasts up, causing Superman to groan and Wonder Woman to chuckle. Closing his eyes for a moment, Superman let out a final sigh and forced himself to look passed the bountiful, nearly naked chest and onto her beautiful face, long dark hair and tiara. She let out her own passionate sigh.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Before Superman could muster a response, Wonder Woman placed her hands on her hips and tensed, causing Superman to glance over at her thickly muscled arms that bulged and surged from her forearms, to her biceps and triceps and up to her wide shoulders. He now realized that she was as muscular as him, but with defined, feminine, intoxicating curves. As his eyes reached hers again, Superman momentarily composed himself and cleared his throat.

“So what type of powers are we talking about? Did you receive any magical abilities?”

Wonder Woman sniffed, smiled and reached down to extended her hand. Superman, still feeling a bit foolish, accepted her help and clasped her forearm. With an adventurous smile, Wonder Woman pulled him quickly back to his feet and nearly into the air. Righting himself he took a step back and looked Wonder Woman straight into her deep blue eyes. Shaking her head at Superman’s inability to respond to her questions, she returned his gaze.

“If you’re wondering if I can turn you into a goat, don’t worry. I don’t have that kind of power. However, I do have some unique abilities and I am essentially impervious to magic.”

Superman’s shoulders sunk a bit. Magic has always been an annoying weakness for him. With every response and action from Wonder Woman it was becoming apparent that she was now the more powerful of the two. At least it was appearing that way. Wrestling with his ego against his love of strong women and against his confusion at how to handle Diane’s new confidence, he looked away from her dominating gaze nervously.

“So then. Just how strong do you think you are?”

Wonder Woman smiled boldly and cocked her head.

“Care to find out?”

Superman shrugged his broad shoulders. This should break the tension. At least for the moment.

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

Wonder Woman brought her right arm out away from her body and tensed, causing a cascade of muscles to ripple along her arm and up to her thick shoulder. She slowly brought her forearm up and formed her hand into a fist.

“See if you can pull my arm back.”

Raising his eyebrows, Superman brushed his hands on his legs and moved to her side, glancing around to check out her back. He let out a soft sigh of admiration and suppressed desire as her looked at a back filled with a wondrous array of muscle blocks and at a behind that pushed out into two perfect spheres, sucking her shorts nearly into a thong, highlighting a super muscular, super sexy set of glutes. His eyes widened as he received a full view of two large, bulging calves pushing the boots so tight that the muscle details were readily seen. Shaking his head, he refocused, tensed his arms and planted his feet firmly onto the ground. Wonder Woman continued to look at him patiently.

“Go ahead and use both arms Clark, that should give you a pretty quick indication.”

Superman stopped for moment, not sure if she were serious. As her expression didn’t change, he looked back at her waiting arm. He let out a deep breath and brought his hands around her bracelet and locked his fingers. He turned his head to the side to signal that he was ready. Wonder Woman smiled slightly and nodded her head, preferring not to change her stance at all. Superman shifted his shoulders up and down a few times and slowly leaned back until his arms were fully extended.

“Ready Diana?”

Wonder Woman licked her lips in anticipation.

“Ready Clark. And don’t hold back.”

His demeanor changed to determination usually saved for battle.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Superman pulled in a hard breath, pooling his strength. Wonder Woman held her arm steady, giving Superman every advantage. Counting down, Superman grit his teeth.

“Three, two, one!”

Superman pulled hard, but not with all of his strength. All of the incredible stories that Wonder Woman expressed were hard to comprehend. He was having difficulty processing the amount of raw power that Wonder Woman had apparently received. But his thoughts shifted immediately back to the task at hand when Wonder Woman’s arm didn’t move an inch against a very formidable yank from both of his arms and all of his weight.

He relaxed momentarily and shook his head at the realization that Wonder Woman hadn’t even tensed her body, much less her arm, as she was still holding her hand in a loose fist. Wonder Woman peered around her large forearm.

“Oh, come on Clark. You said that you weren’t going to hold back. You wouldn’t pull Batman down with that little tug.”

Superman raised his eyebrows and stiffened. Sure that was meant as a subtle joke, but he had still given her a pretty strong pull. Smiling slightly he renewed his grip.

“OK Diana, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Wonder Woman returned the small smile and pulled her head back in order to focus on her arm.

“I understand the risk. Now give it everything you’ve got this time. We’re trying to test my increased strength remember.”

Superman let out a harsh breath and this time pulled hard and with all of his strength, fully expecting Wonder Woman and her full breasts to fall quickly into his chest.

But instead of her falling into him, he pulled himself forward and grunted from the effort. He winced as the jerk against his body had sent shock waves across his shoulders and down his back. He shook his head, this time in full surprise. Wonder Woman’s arm once again hadn’t moved an inch! Was this a trick or were all of her stories really true? Wonder Woman spoke casually, without any strain.

“Keep trying, Superman, I know you’re still not quite giving it your all.”

Superman narrowed his eyes, leaned back and gave her arm another pull with the same result. Biting his lip and focusing on the task, Superman moved his feet closer, attempting to gain more leverage. He was truly struggling now and was unaware that Wonder Woman hadn’t change her stance since he had begun.

Grunting loudly now, Superman brought his right foot up onto her thickly muscled thigh and pulled again, but was still unsuccessful in moving her arm at all. Wonder Woman looked down at her thigh and smiled mischievously, enjoying the fact that Superman was concentrating so hard to move her arm that he wasn’t paying much attention to what he was doing.

As sweat started to drip down the side of his face, Superman was zoned in. He just had to pull her arm down. Nothing else mattered. And the fact that she hadn’t even tensed her arm was starting to drive him crazy. Was she really this strong? Ignoring all else, Superman brought his other foot up on Wonder Woman’s muscle laden behind, trying to gain every advantage he could in order to pull Wonder Woman down.

The scene was comical. Here was Superman, the strongest man on the planet, planting both of his feet on Wonder Woman’s side, pulling against her arm with all of his strength, yet was unable to show any effect against the Amazon beauty who stood stoically, clearly enjoying Superman’s growing aggravation.

“Keep trying Superman, let’s see all of that mighty Kryptonian power.”

Wonder Woman snickered lightly as Superman ignored her and pulled again, this time growling with the effort. But once again, her arm remained unmoved, holding steady in the same position she started with. Superman let out a frustrated sigh and brought his feet back to the ground. His face flashed red with embarrassment as he realized that he had actually planted both of his feet on Wonder Woman’s side.

Shaking off his embarrassment and Wonder Woman’s gentle giggles, Superman looked at Wonder Woman’s bulging arm as though it were a puzzle. He licked his lips and decided to unlock his hands and try another tactic. Wiggling his fingers he placed his left hand directly below his right and gripped her bracelet tightly. Superman set himself for another pull when he noticed Wonder Woman close her hand into a full fist for the first time. Keeping her eyes on her arm, Wonder Woman spoke slowly and seductively.

“You really didn’t hold back that time did you, Clark. I could sense you pulling with everything you had. Yet you were unable to pull my arm away from my body. Not even a little.”

As her beautiful lips curled back into smile, her dazzling blue eyes sparkled as she turned her head to look back at a confused Superman.

“Now it’s my turn to crank up the power a bit. See if you can keep up.”

Superman blinked a few times as he set himself again, prepared to give her everything he could. His focus shifted slightly as he could sense Wonder Woman start to flex up her already incredible physique.

Pulling in a deep breath, Wonder Woman sent shock waves across her massive pectorals, pushing her prodigious chest out into two glorious smooth pink mounds. Exhaling slowly, Wonder Woman let out a low, slow moan and finally tightened her fist, causing her bicep to leap to attention and consolidate into a perfectly round, clearly split ball of pumped up female power. With one flex, Wonder Woman’s bicep had solidified into a mountain of muscle bigger than Superman’s huge arm! Her bicep peaked up majestically over her massive shoulder and was matched with a thick tricep belly that curved deeply from her elbow to her pumped up lats.

Forcing himself to maintain his focus, Superman pulled hard once again, tensing his mighty frame into a wall of masculine power, heaving against Wonder Woman’s arm with all of his super might. He was going to drag Wonder Woman down this time he thought, but to his surprise, found himself pulling himself toward her instead! Both frustrated and surprised, Superman let out a defeated sigh and glanced over at her intoxicatingly beautiful face.

“Great Scott, Diana! Just how strong are you?”

Wonder Woman followed up with a soft laugh.

“It appears that my one arm is stronger than your entire body, Clark. And I’ve barely tensed my muscles. I wonder what will happen when I flex down a little harder.”

Superman was now back to being in awe. He really had pulled as hard as he could. Sweat was trickling down passed his right ear toward his chin. He may have pulled a muscle with that last tug and Wonder Woman was only just starting? Holding his grip across her bracelet he turned his head again, this time focusing on the incredible bicep muscle rising up on her arm.

Smiling seductively as she watched Superman’s expression change and his focus shift, Wonder Woman tensed her fist again, pulling her forearm and Superman in a bit toward her thick shoulder, causing even more beautifully shaped muscle to consolidate on her already hyper muscular arm. A bicep the size of a cantaloupe now resided on her arm, covered with smooth, silky skin, but still split cleanly and rising up to an impressive peak. And to Superman’s continued surprise, every flex caused Wonder Woman’s mighty arm to grow fuller. Her fantastic bicep was slowly pushing upward and across her arm from her thick forearm to her football sized rippling shoulder.

And if that weren’t enough, Wonder Woman’s next flex stopped Superman cold in his tracks. As she tensed her arm once again, a loud groan echoed off the mountain. Superman had to look closely at Wonder Woman’s forearm to believe what he just heard. Her magical gauntlets of victory were beginning to buckle and crack against forearms so formidable that not even indestructible bracelets could withstand Wonder Woman’s mighty bulging muscles. Superman’s eyes widened as he could hardly comprehend the power Wonder Woman was unleashing with what appeared to be only minor flexes of her mega muscled picture perfect female form.

“Are, are you actually breaking your bracelets with your muscles?”

Wonder Woman’s smile widened.

“Why, I guess I am. Must be some pretty powerful muscles, huh? Muscles so big, so hard and so strong that even the armor of the gods cannot withstand them. Muscles stronger than your entire body, Superman. Muscles that are clearly bigger than yours too. Muscles capable of growing bigger, stronger and more powerful. Muscles of a true Amazon warrior.”

As Wonder Woman tensed her fist again, Superman could feel his grip shift as her strapping forearm muscles slowly overcame the gauntlets of the gods. Holding her flex, the bracelet screamed in protest, cracking in several places under Superman’s hands until they broke away from her arm with a loud screech.

Unfortunately for Superman, he was still pulling against her arm and had been gripping her bracelet the entire time. Once the gauntlet gave way, he pulled the ruined metal away from Wonder Woman’s pumped up arm and fell backwards, once again landing on his super behind with a light grunt of embarrassment. The broken gauntlet fell to the ground on either side of the Man of Steel, split in half and ruined. Superman propped himself up on his elbows and looked away from Wonder Woman, feeling foolish.

Wonder Woman snickered and brought her arm down, releasing her mind numbing flex and turned to stand directly in front of the Man of Steel. She brought her right foot in front of her left, gracefully touching the ground with her toes and gently flexing her right leg down. This one soft flex caused her pumped up mega muscles to slowly tense and form into a pillar of ultimate female might, rippling forward and outward in an incredible display of elegance and power. Her overstrained boot could take no more and popped open, draping down to her foot and exposing her beautiful detailed diamond calf that was nine inches across and nearly as thick. Wonder Woman twisted her foot around, jutting the huge muscle up and down seemingly bigger with every flex. She pulled her eyes off her calf and looked seductively down at the nearly drooling Superman.

“So, do you like it when I pump my muscles up bigger than yours? Bigger than anyone in the League.”

Smiling as Superman cleared his throat, searching for a response, Wonder Woman continued.

“Hmm, no answer just yet? That’s alright. I’m just getting started. If you like my calf, how about my thighs? They were always athletic, but now.”

Wonder Woman shook her right thigh slowly and the massive muscles danced from one side to the next. Superman’s head followed the rhythmic display. Humming gently, Wonder Woman stopped abruptly and flexed down hard, audibly expanding her thigh into a dense array of thick cords that pushed away from her hip and hung ominously over her knee. Superman gasped at the sheer size, thickness and incredible curvature of the most perfectly muscular thigh he had ever seen. Finishing her thought Wonder Woman battered her eyes slowly.

“My thighs are bulging, muscle laden mounds of raw female might, Clark. They’re coursing with strength, flowing with power.”

Transitioning smoothly upward, Wonder Woman swayed her hips, rolling her densely packed, insanely separated abdominals back and forth against her proportionally narrow waist, pulling Superman’s dumbfounded gaze upward.

“And what about these abs? Feels like more than just a six pack to me. Of course I can’t really see my stomach very well right now.”

Driving her point home, she smoothly began to pulse her chest on either side, pulling up her right breast and then her left, each time pushing them out further as she continued to add layers of striated pectorals to her massive chest. Wonder Woman’s display was causing Superman to gurgle, which wasn’t lost on Wonder Woman who crinkled her nose at Superman.

“Quite a heroic chest don’t you think? Plenty of muscle and strength to be sure. Feels like I could bench press an aircraft carrier. Or perhaps something really heavy.”

Superman let out another almost painful sigh. Bench press an aircraft carrier? Or something more? His mind raced with thoughts of what Wonder Woman could bench press. Or crush between her massive, heaving breasts. His heart skipped a beat at the thought. Wonder Woman nodded her head, realizing that Superman was slowly being overwhelmed. No need to slow down then. Pulling both arms back up, she tensed her left fist and looked down at Superman playfully.

“No sense in having just one gauntlet, hmm?”

Wonder Woman turned her head quickly to the left, flipping her long, deep dark hair across her right shoulder, causing the silky strands to cascaded down her right breast, falling gently to the side and into her deep, muscle laden cleavage. Superman’s pulse quickened once again. Seeing her set herself into a double bicep pose brought him back to reality for a moment. The strength contest was anything but a contest. It was a clear declaration of superiority. Wonder Woman was easily more powerful than he was now. So much so that he could not yet comprehend the shear might at her disposal. And she was flexing up muscles so big, so round and so perfectly feminine that his breath picked up pace with his heartbeat. He looked back up at Wonder Woman with both desire and awe as he heard the familiar sound of unbreakable metal being torn asunder.

With only a few flexes, Wonder Woman destroyed her other gauntlet of victory and the pieces bounced on the ground a few times before coming to rest. Superman looked with nervous anticipation at Wonder Woman’s left arm, now flexed up to match the bulging mass residing on her right arm. Just how big could she flex her biceps? Just how big could she flex up all of her muscles?

He wouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

Smiling seductively as she watched Superman’s intense gaze, Wonder Woman took a step forward with her left foot. As she pressed her toes down her boot succumbed to the pulsing, giant calf muscle as quickly as her right boot, popping and falling down to her ankle, exposing the massive, detailed diamond shaped mass for Superman. Humming, Wonder Woman took another step forward, walking out of her right boot, her bare foot exposed for the first time, causing Superman to pull in a short breath. His head was swimming from the events that had occurred so far. Wonder Woman, perhaps the most beautiful woman on the planet was casually flexing out of her clothes just for him, exposing massive, curvy, perfectly shaped muscles with every movement. Muscles flexed up with more power than he could imagine. Muscles that were driving him over the edge.

Ever since high school, Superman had performed self hypnosis in order to keep his manhood in check. With his tight outfit, even involuntary erections would cause him tremendous embarrassment. So he had programmed himself to lock away his desires unless certain phrases were spoken that only he, and recently Lois, knew. Only now, Wonder Woman was picking those locks like a master thief. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out, or even if he wanted to any longer.

As Wonder Woman stepped out of her left boot she moved smoothly over to Superman’s side and brought her right, bare foot up toward his chest. Pursing her lips and slowly blinking her deep blue eyes, Wonder Woman placed her toes on Superman’s chest and pressed down gently. No longer wanting to measure himself against her strength, Superman sunk back to the ground, flat on his back, but with his head held up to keep his eyes on Wonder Woman’s magnificent body.

Wonder Woman smiled and raised her eyebrows, recognizing that they were slowly becoming even more in tune. The early clumsy actions were slowly slipping away as the two friends moved into uncharted territory. Raising her foot back onto her red painted toes, Wonder Woman traced her foot around his large muscular pectorals, pushing just hard enough to tickle his chest. As Superman jerked involuntarily, he let out a strong breath. The amount of strength needed to press into his invulnerable chest was formidable, and Wonder Woman was doing it casually and seductively. Wonder Woman slowed her movement as Superman jerked again, causing her to giggle gently.

Superman, entranced by her show, slowly reached up toward her foot, trying hard to keep his hands from shaking. Wonder Woman stopped her movements, watching with interest as Superman slowly rapped his hands around her beyond massive calf muscle and began tracing up to the lines from the lower muscle split to the outer curves, stretching his hands around the unbelievable mass. He sucked in another breath at the sheer unadulterated size, shape and musculature of a calf muscle what was nothing short of perfection. Licking his lips he slowly began to squeeze down, once again testing her previous claims of muscular superiority and super strength.

As he slowly increased his pressure, Wonder Woman tensed harder, causing her already massive muscle to pulse slightly and Superman’s jaw to slack open from awe and building desire. Swallowing slowly, Superman increased his pressure and Wonder Woman purred her approval. Attempting to kneed her muscle, Superman was becoming frustrated and enticed at the same time as he seemed unable to penetrate the largest, sexiest calf he had ever seen. Relaxing his arms for a moment, he looked back up at Wonder Woman who was smiling down at him with her hands placed on her hips, thrusting her Amazonian chest forward.

“Pretty interesting, hmmm?”

Superman choked out a response. “Uh, what?”

Wonder Woman chuckled softly. “Being able to flex up muscles this big and defined. I mean really, if I flexed my calf up any bigger my muscle would be more of a hindrance than a source of power.”

Superman seemed to deflate slightly, still hoping she would flex her muscles up bigger, even though he knew she was right.

Wonder Woman sensed his small letdown and smiled, not wanting to lose any ground she had gained.

“But for you, Superman, since we’re alone, I’ll flex them as big as you like. Just don’t expect me to do any gymnastics when they become oversized.”

Releasing another lock on his self hypnosis, Superman’s grin returned as Wonder Woman raised her foot back up onto her toes and injected more muscle into her already oversized calf, causing Superman to gasp as his fingers continued to spread apart.

“Are these the biggest calves you’ve ever seen, Clark? The hardest muscles you’ve ever felt? The smoothest skin you’ve ever caressed?”

As her calf bloated up to 36 inches around of female muscle audacity, Superman nodded his head absently, his breath coming out in short spurts and his defenses weakening by the moment. Sighing seductively, Wonder Woman slowly pulled her foot off his chest. Superman held his arms still, caressing his fingers against her calf, feeling the individual muscle fibers and soft, velvet skin.

As she finally released her calf flex, her muscle receded back down to a still impressive 24 inch mass, keeping her muscles bigger than his, relishing the fact that she would still posses the biggest calves in the League.

Planting her feet firmly on the ground, inches from Superman, Wonder Woman began to lightly tense and un-tense her right thigh muscle, causing the already muscle loaded quadriceps to bulge and flex to epic proportions; once again memorizing the Man of Steel. Superman sat up, his eyes watching her giant blocks of muscle consolidate quickly and then relax, causing him to nearly shake with anticipation. Releasing her last contraction, Wonder Woman continued to weave her web.

“Well, Clark, if you liked my calves super sized, I’m thinking that you’ll really love to see these thighs morph into overloaded mounds of female power. Let’s see how big I can flex them.”

Wonder Woman tensed down harshly, delivering an explosion of muscles that spread across her leg, showcasing bullish thighs that bulged out ten inches thick and 22 inches wide. Superman gasped and let out a small, deep chuckle of approval. Wonder Woman blinked slowly as Superman reached out to probe the beyond massive muscles displayed just for him. He rubbed his fingers along the muscle ridges and down toward the teardrop that threatened to completely cover her knee. Her quadriceps were warm, impossibly hard and pulsed with power, growing even bigger as though he were willing the expansion himself. Wonder Woman stretched her neck and leaned forward, causing dark strands to spill forward along her pectoral striations and down her defiant bosom.

“Good gracious, Clark, my thigh looks ready to explode. Your large hands appear lost against these gigantic, rippling quads flexed up much bigger than your mighty legs! I dare say these are the largest, most muscular thighs on earth. And do these pillars of might feel strong! Since they’re filled with monumental power, I’m sure that my legs are easily strong enough to hold up this entire planet like Atlas once did. And just image, he was only one of many gods whose power I’ve absorbed. I’m guessing Earth wouldn’t give these thighs much of challenge now.”

Superman leaned forward, becoming dizzy with desire at the thought of Wonder Woman squatting the weight of the planet with her magnificent muscular thighs and watching them bulge even larger. Wonder Woman chuckled as she watched Superman’s eyes start to glaze over. Nodding her head with the realization that the muscle talk was as effective as the muscle growth, Wonder Woman released her flex, reducing her thighs to manageable, but still massive levels.

“Well Clark, how about checking out my glutes. They seem to be big and muscular too. Or how about these abs?”

Wonder Woman rubbed her right hand slowly along her midsection, slowing each time her fingers fell into the valleys that separated her incredible muscle blocks.

“They feel bulletproof now. No real need for bracelets anymore. And really, I would image lasers, missiles, or any other destructive device would be equally useless against the strength and power of these abs. Careful when you rub them Clark, these are clearly the hardest muscles ever flexed.”

Superman sat up, tentatively reaching forward to place his hands on her 12 inch thick behind, letting out a held breath through a jittering jaw, relishing the large, bare roundness and striations of her gluteus maximus. He tried vainly to squeeze down, causing a small laugh from Wonder Woman as his arms bulged and his knuckles turned white from exertion. Smiling himself, Superman looked up at Wonder Woman and raised his eyebrows as he brought his hands around over her hips, passed the now thin strap of her starred bikini tights and up to her defined obliques, admiring the stacks of muscles along her side that showcased incredible ridged detail along a narrow, hourglass midsection.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you.”

Wonder Woman’s mouth opened, looking aghast.

“Why, what ever do you mean? Can’t one friend show off a little for another once in a while. If I recall correctly, you’ve carved a likeness of me into the side of a mountain with your heat vision.”

As Superman’s eyes moved back to her stomach, he nodded his head.

“But this is a bit different. Your flexing up nearly impossibly large muscles for me denser than anything I’ve ever felt before.”

Wonder Woman’s warm smile returned.

“And you’re rubbing your hands on them as I flex up each muscle group. I can stop if you’d like.”

Superman’s eyes widened. “Uh, no, I wouldn’t want that. This is, uh, fascinating.”

He cringed slightly at his awkward speech. He was usually very commanding. But Wonder Woman was turning him into a week kneed teenager. And he was enjoying every second of his growing muscle lust.

Superman began rubbing the wonderfully warm, iron plated muscles on Wonder Woman’s stomach, savoring the feeling of the incredible bumps and grooves on her abdominals as she slowly rolled her muscles back and forth. Superman shook his head. His stomach was well defined, but Wonder Woman was showcasing a set of ab muscles that were beyond anything he had ever seen or felt before and his pulse began to pick up pace again.

Finally relaxing her stomach, Wonder Woman began to turn around, reaching up to pull her long, dark hair over her Herculean shoulders to her front, slowly exposing her massive Latissimus dorsi, mountainous trapezious and football sized deltoids. Superman rose up to his feet to stare at the largest, most muscle laden back he had ever witnessed. The fact that it tapered almost ridiculously to her narrow waist only made the sheer width of her back that much more amazing.

As Wonder Woman turned her head to look at Superman, he chuckled as her face was partially obscured by her bulging, striated shoulders and traps.

“Check out my back, Clark. I believe the term is ‘as wide as a barn door’. Well just wait until I flex down.”

Not wanting to miss the tactile sensation of Wonder Woman’s magnificent muscle expansion, Superman began rubbing the middle of her back, becoming shocked at how truly thick her lats really were. Bunches of muscle began to form all along her back, pushing out against his probing hands and flexing forth a landscape of mind numbing muscle perfection. As Superman pulled his arms out toward the edges of her aptly named barn door latissimus dorsi, he was shocked to discover that she was knocking out a lat spread nearly five ungodly feet wide! Considering her waist was hovering around 14 muscular inches wide, the V shape being presented gave him pause. And tilted him one more step toward the edge. He could feel his remaining restraint slipping away and was giddy at the thought of what else Wonder Woman had in store for him.

As his hands came to a rest, Wonder Woman spoke straight ahead, placing her hands on her hips in preparation for another reality altering flex of her mighty Amazonian physique.

“Get ready Clark, I haven’t even flexed down hard yet. Let’s see just how wide I can spread my mighty back muscles. Just image how much raw strength is contained in a back this deep, this muscular and this overwhelmingly powerful.”

Before Superman could respond, Wonder Women let out a light grunt and flexed her back, jerking his hands apart. Her mighty traps pushed up to her ears and her shoulders rose up like muscle loaded loafs of bread. Superman exhaled with surprise as he stepped closer toward a back spread out 6 feet wide. Her girth pulled Superman’s arms out as far as they could go! This was impossible, he thought. But as soon as he figured she could become no bigger, Wonder Woman pressed out one more subtle flex, spreading his fingers out and forcing his nose into the center of her muscle loaded 18 inch thick back! Her lat spread had reached 75 inches wide!

Superman let go and backed up, nearly unwilling to accept what was being presented directly in front of him. Wonder Woman held the flex for a moment.

“What’s the matter Clark, too big?”

Snickering, Wonder Woman relaxed her flex, allowing her muscles to recede. Not slowing down, Diana slipped her hands off of her hips and brought her arms down as Superman shook his head before verbalizing his response.

“Uh, no, just surprising that’s all. I mean, your back was as wide as you are tall. That’s, well that’s…”

Wonder Woman pulled her arms out 45 degrees from her body and tensed her triceps, pulling up two of the biggest horseshoe shaped muscles to ever take form.

“Impossible? Well I guess that’s up to you now isn’t it. I can keep flexing my muscles up as big as you’d like, or perhaps I should keep them down to realistic proportions.”

Holding her flex, the triceps throbbed as the details of the muscles pushed their way to the surface of her perfect skin, forming intimidating peaks and valleys thicker and denser than anything Superman had seen before. His triceps were big, but these? My triceps when flexed were Arabians, he thought, but Diana’s are Clydesdales. Growing Clydesdales!

“No, no, don’t stop.”

Reverting back to a puppy dog, Superman no longer cared about keeping his attitude in check. He was full on into muscle lust and nothing else mattered. Reaching out to her left tricep, he bit his lip as his hands were not big enough to cover up the raging muscle of the most powerful woman in the galaxy. Wonder Woman’s triceps were ten inches thick and 14 inches wide!

Smiling, Wonder Woman released the flex with her right arm and pulled her long hair over her shoulder, allowing it to tumble down her thick back. She slowly brought her left arm up to horizontal and rotated her arm until her tricep pointed down. Superman’s hands slid off as he watched with building desire. He knew what was coming next and the anticipation caused his pulse to pick up steam. Wonder Woman turned her head toward Superman and winked. Tensing her forearm the cords of muscle multiplied and spread out across her arm like snakes bunching together, forming a 6 inch thick, 12 inch wide forearm that curved in toward her a feminine wrist and fist. Her muscles were flexing hugely, but with her joints remaining the same, the muscles appeared even larger and sexier than Superman had ever thought possible. Peering over her shoulder again, Wonder Woman chuckled at Superman’s lustful stare.

“Well go ahead Superman. Place your hands on my biceps. Better yet, better just stick with one arm, because I’m going to flex my bicep bigger than you’ve ever seen before, with enough raw power coursing through to curl the weight of this mountain range with one arm! Ever see a 100 trillion pound one arm curl before Superman? Well get ready to feel the arm capable of just that.”

Slowly pulling her forearm up, Wonder Woman tensed slightly, building her bicep up one inch at a time, watching with interest as Superman’s hand rose right along with her peak. As her forearm reached 90 degrees, Wonder Woman’s barely flexed bicep was already 8 inches tall and half way up her muscle loaded forearm, forming a bicep 30 inches around. Feeling Superman’s arm shake and giggling at his warm breath against the back of her neck, Wonder Woman paused.

“Now that’s one big bicep isn’t it, Clark? Large, round, and detailed, each muscle fiber is pressing against skin stretched thin enough to showcase every detail. Small veins are slowly rising to the surface, pumping untold power into my muscles, all the way from my thick tricep belly up to my massive, glorious peak. Over 30 inches of raw Amazonian might.”

Smiling as Superman grunted an acknowledgement, Wonder Woman exhaled slowly.

“And I haven’t even really flexed down yet. Hold on, Superman, let’s see what one hard flex can do.”

Superman, thinking that he had seen about everything he could image, was once again thrown for a loop as Wonder Woman pulled her fist tight and pushed her bicep peak up three inches, jerking his arm up and sending his hand up to her wrist. Her veins rose up, pulsing with each heart beat, completely mesmerizing the Man of Steel. He squeezed down, knowing that it was useless, but still enjoying the fact that her muscles were harder than anything he had ever felt before.

Wonder Woman held her flex as Superman began to step around to her side, rotating his hand around her glorious bicep peak, pulled in by the smell of jasmine and light musk seemingly exuding from Wonder Woman’s pores, heightening his senses and nearly causing him to choke with desire. Continuing to fondle her bicep, Superman walked around to her front, eventually staring right into her deep blue eyes, causing the last of his self induced protective locks to burst open. His manhood, no longer held in check, began to bulge against his codpiece.

Glancing down quickly to witness his growing desire, Wonder Woman looked back up and licked her lips slowly, giving him a sultry look.

“Well Superman, I’m glad to see you really are enjoying my muscles. Just how big would you like me to flex up my bicep for you?

Superman, now completely under her spell and swimming with desire, blinked and shook his head.

“As big as you can go.”

Wonder Woman chuckled, glanced over toward her bicep and then back at Superman.

“Hmmm. OK. This should be interesting. But you’d better use both hands then.”

Superman quickly pulled his other hand up, covering her massive peak, but only part of her gigantic, perfectly shaped bicep. And then with another squeeze of her fist, Wonder Woman’s bicep blasted upward with another titanic rise, pulling Superman’s arms up as her bicep peak pushed to the top of her fist, quickly adding eight inches of height and 20 inches of girth, expanding her bicep to a mind altering 55 inches around! Her bicep pressed hard against her shoulder and forearm, rising up to a literal mountain of muscle. With both her gigantic bicep and Superman in her field of vision, Wonder Woman smiled at both the size of her muscle and the fact that Superman’s jaw was hanging open. She could also hear his tights being stretched below.

“How’s that for a bicep flex Clark? Two flexes and my muscle is over twice your size. Bigger than any man has ever flexed before, but with room for more growth. I think I can squeeze out a little more size out this muscle.”

And before Superman could react, Wonder Woman tensed her fist again, and with the small groan of stretching skin, her bicep expanded once again, rising up over her fist and up passed the top of her head, pulling Superman’s arms straight and forcing him even closer to Wonder Woman. Pulled in tight, their chests rubbed together, with Wonder Woman’s breasts barely compressing half an inch against Superman’s indestructible chest.

This was beyond Superman’s wildest dreams! He never even conceived of a woman flexing up a bicep this big, this hard and this perfectly shaped. And certainly not a woman as beautiful, as gentle, yet as commanding as Diana. He shook as he began to rub her bicep up and down, feeling her veins pumping with magical power and her muscle fibers multiplying. As he caressed her bicep, his fingers spread along the valley of her bicep split, then down the front and around her thick triceps. Her muscles were now hot to the touch, burning with the power of the sun. Wonder Woman laughed, pulling her humongous chest up and down, rubbing against Superman’s powerful pectorals, tickling his chest. She rotated her wrist, causing her 72 inch bicep to rise and fall six inches like a mega powered hydraulic pump, causing her muscles to flow like lava and solidify into solid rock as the peak rose higher. Even in the lowered, relaxed state, Superman was unable to penetrate her mega bicep. And in the flexed state, there was no substance in the universe that could match her hardness.

Shaking his head to try to regain some reason, Superman pulled his hands off her bicep and blinked a few times at the majestic mountain of female muscle flexed forth. His entire body shook once again. Wonder Woman suppressed a giggle.

“I guess I’d better stop before you have an aneurism. But before I do, take one last look at the biggest, densest bicep ever flexed. My mighty muscle is three feet tall from my deep tricep belly to the top of my rippling bicep peak. Is this as big as you’d dreamed about Superman, as powerful as you’d hoped?”

Holding her smile and releasing her reality defying flex, Wonder Woman pulled her arm down and gave her glorious chest a gentle squeeze, rolling forth the pectoral striations of a Greek God, not even giving Superman a chance to respond.

Standing in front of her, Superman licked his dry lips as his eyes moved from her arm to her torso. Spellbound by her muscles, he reached out to touch the top of her chest, fascinating at how his hands were once again lost against the landscape of Wonder Woman’s huge muscles. He stared into muscle cleavage flexed up 12 inches thick that curved gently into heaving breasts that pushed her entire chest out 22 inches. His arms were draped over her chest as he rubbed down her pectorals. Wonder Woman casually flicked one side and then the next, kicking her chest up and down rhythmically, causing Superman’s arms to drive with each flex, even as he pressed down with all of his might, eventually pulling his chest into hers and lifting his entire body off the ground. Superman’s eyes to widen in surprise from both his movement and the fact that her breasts pushed deeply into his invulnerable chest. He grunted and Wonder Woman smirked coyly.

“And now we finish with my chest. I can tell that you’re enjoying the thick, bristling pectoral muscles and rock hard breasts, Superman. I hope that my muscles are everything you’ve wanted.”

Shaking again, Superman slid his arms off and took two steps back, taking in Wonder Woman’s pumped up, nearly naked upper body. Her stars were now tenting, but seemed lost in a sea of breast tissue and pectoral muscles. Smiling broadly, Wonder Woman obliged him with one more flex, pushing her pectorals up to her chin, threatening to cover her beautiful face. Her rebellious breast pushing forward further as though they were reaching out to touch Superman once again.

“This is certainly one gigantic chest, Superman. I don’t think I have to worry about any competition from anyone in the League. And just image how strong my pectorals are, and what I could press.”

Wonder Woman finally relaxed her flex and took a step back herself, giving Superman the once over and sneaking out a soft laugh at the sight of Superman’s soiled codpiece and semi erect member. Superman, regaining his senses, blushed as brightly as the sun, reaching around and pulled his cape over his lower body. Wonder Woman waited a moment for Superman’s embarrassment to pass.

“So what will it be Clark? I’m here for you. It’s your move. You may not be able to stop me from doing what I want, but I would never force my way onto you. I may know your secret desires. Your love of strong women, your secret wish to have a Super Woman overpower you, to dive into muscle lust. I’ve done all of that. But in the end you always like to maintain control. So what’s it going to be? A chance for true release, or do you want to maintain control?”

Superman sighed and bowed his head toward the ground, no longer able to look Wonder Woman in the eyes, giving away his decision without speaking. Wonder Woman’s eyes softened.

“Don’t feel ashamed Clark, I truly enjoyed being able to give you a taste of what I’m now capable of. For you see, on that day the faiths faded from view, I became more than just a Wonder Woman. I became a God. This planet, this universe, heck, probably the entire galaxy is mine to command. But what fun is that? For the moment, I’d rather stick around here, being the Wonder Woman everyone can look up to. And now that I’ve absorbed all of this power with no fear of reprisal, I can let my hair down every so often.”

Superman looked back at Wonder Woman sheepishly.

“Thank you Diana. I could never really betray Lois, but you’ve given me something that will remain in my conscious for quite some time.”

Wonder Woman nodded her head.

“And Clark, don’t worry. I’ll never tell Lois or anyone else. Remember, what we say and do up here never leaves. Now go home Clark, and tell Lois you love her. I’ll see you later.”

Wonder Woman spun around quickly and with a flash of light and a small concussion, slowed back down. She was dressed in her original outfit, but with her augmented body, looking insanely powerful and ridiculously sexy. Superman shook his head, wondering just how far she would have let him progress.

Wonder Woman smiled, winked at Superman and flew away quickly, leaving a vapor trail behind her. Superman let out a breath he had been holding for too long. He looked down at his codpiece and grimaced, thinking, now how am I going to get these stains out?


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My god that was awesome. Well done!

Really great descriptions, I felt like I was in Superman's boots. Hope to see more from you.

Thank you for a very cool story.

I have a suggestion, a small expansion on the description of what happened to Donna and Cassie. Think of it as a set up for their own spin off stories. Here is the well written original:

“Well, most of the power. Cassie and Donna received some also, at my discretion. Donna was happy with enough to bring her back to full strength. And with Cassie being the last true line to the Greek gods, she essentially supplanted Zeus.”

Here is the expanded edition:

“Well, most of the power. Cassie and Donna received some also, at my discretion. Donna has had many different sets of powers and gone under many names. I deeded her all of the abilities she has every wielded at ten times her former power level. She can choose whatever identity she wishes and excel as whomever she choose to be. Cassie is the last true daughter of the Greek gods, so I gave her all of the powers of her father, Zeus. I suspect your cousin Kara will be surprised at the reversal in their power dynamic the next time she visits her roommate.

I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Awesome! Give us MORE! SOON!


An Excellent Story! :)

You know what most people would usually like in your blog, it your capacity to portray that overwhelming wit that only few people could sustain. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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