The Savage She-Hulk - Bad Dreams and Awakenings

Jennifer pulled into the driveway of the small, single-story house she rented off base. She pulled her messenger bag over her head in an attempt to shield herself from the sudden downpour that had started when she was halfway home.

Inside, she flicked on the lights and went straight to the bathroom. Her hands still trembled with pent up anxiety at what she had done a scant 20 minutes earlier. Making her way to the bathroom, she quickly disrobed save for her panties and pulled on a pastel green silk nighty. She rummaged through her medicine cabinet and found a bottle of Tylenol PM. Downing two of the blue tablets she hurried into her bedroom and threw herself back into queen-sized bed, pulling the sheets up around her.

Events of the past day flooded into her mind and her eyes flickered as she stared at the window. Behind the blinds she could see the rain splattering the glass panes, hear the constant rapping of the random drops on the roof and walls of her home.

Lightning flashed!

Flaring white filled her room, followed by darkness as the bolt was swallowed by the night sky. A sudden burst of thunder rattled her bed and Jennifer felt her heart skip a beat and then increase in its beat-rate slightly. A few minutes later, another lightning burst followed by a clap of thunder. Now Jennifer’s body began to suddenly relax, seemingly coming in tune with this display of nature. The thunderstorm was starting soothe her into rest.

Jennifer continued back to her day’s happenings. But she found she could concentrate less and less. Vivid images gave way to fractured, random pictures until there was the black void of slumber. She unconsciously rolled onto her back, her eyelids undulating as REM sleep took over…

…Jennifer found herself standing outside in a massive forest. Rain began falling and she could almost smell the fresh scent of earth. She began walking down a barren path, dark brown towers rising up alongside her that flared to bright green…

In her bed, Jennifer turned and curled up, still dreaming…

…She appeared in front of an old cottage. It was a ramshackle like out of the fairy tales and storybooks she had been read-to in her youth. The windows were all boarded up and there was a massive gate on the door that had been rusted shut. Jennifer bent down, clad in Khaki shorts and a white long sleeved tee. She brushed some leaves aside and withdrew a large key ring with five antique skeleton keys on it…

Jennifer rolled her head on her pillow and her cheek suddenly twitched as the dream carried on…


Jennifer jerked her head up. Something had given a thunderous blow to the door. She started to walk towards it when again, there was another mighty blow…


…she watched as the metal vibrated, flecks of rust falling as yet again something thumped against the door. Dust fell from the boarded windows and wind began filter through the forest, blowing leaves and debris past Jennifer, who watched in slowly growing horror as the yet-unseen force pounded against the door more and more now…

Jennifer had begun to sweat in her sleep and she jerked her head side-to-side…

…Wood began to splinter. The pounding grew in intensity. Jennifer started to back away and tripped backwards. She fell onto her bottom and she brought a hand up to her mouth at what she saw: the door seemed to pushing outwards now; expanding past the metal’s rusted frame. The metal creaked; shards of wood fell to the ground…

Jennifer moaned and kicked at her sheets, her body beginning to shake and convulse…

…The door split open, revealing blackness…

Jennifer jerked herself up from her bed! Her breathing was rapid, but she began to calm and after a few minutes it went back to normal. She put a hand to her chest and glanced out her room, sunlight flooding in from the window. She reached over and pulled her alarm clock closer, the red digital numbers flashed 7:10 AM. She groaned and swiveled herself on the edge of the bed, yawning and stretching. Then…she noticed something. Something…odd…

She was still wearing her panties, but she seemed to recall having put on a nighty. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. Her head darted around the bed and there, within the folds of the sheet, she found it. She grunted and reached for it. When she pulled it up, she squinted at it; it had been torn to pieces. Her fingers traced the material, trying to decipher the riddle of how it had come to be. She gave it another minute and then was content in assuming she must have pulled it off during one of her dreams. She shrugged and tossed the garment into a nearby waste bucket and quickly hopped in the shower and got ready for her day of work, which awaited her…

“Hey Doc!” said Rachel as she approached Jennifer, who wandered in through the glass door to the lab clad in a Khaki Blouse and black skirt. She pressed her glasses up and nodded at Rachel as she placed her ID tag on her blouse.

“Rachel. What’s up? You seem a little disturbed?” Jennifer said. She dropped her black backpack down onto the floor.

“Well…its…” Rachel started before she was cut-off by the thundering voice of Rourke.

“Sossman! We have a situation!” he said. He was standing up at Jennifer’s office. Jennifer picked her bag up and started up the stairs.

“What is it?” Said Jennifer, nervously. Rourke closed the door when she entered and they sat down. Jennifer looked at her desk and she felt her heart skip a beat at what she saw; the crumbled remains of her vials of RE-1101, as well as the torn labels.

“These were discovered by the morning janitor on his rounds. In your wastebasket. Know anything about this?” Rourke asked. He was clad in his Camouflage fatigues.

“N-no. How did…?” Was all Jennifer could mutter. Rourke gave her a look as if he was debating whether she was telling the truth or not.

“We don’t know yet. And looking around this lab I’ve noticed a lack of security cameras. I’ve made the call and there’ll be a crew in sometime around noon to install them. Especially after this discovery.” Jennifer felt her heart pounding.

“I-is there anything else?” Jennifer said. Rourke gave a look with his eyebrow raised and ran his finger across her desk.

“No, I don’t think so, doctor. Business as usual. Carry on today like any other day. And you report anything odd.” He said as he made his way to the door. “And I do mean anything odd! If the lunch guy hands you a sandwich that’s wrapped differently than usual, you report it to my C.O. immediately. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Jennifer said meekly. Rourke slammed the door behind him. Jennifer sat down at her desk and stared at the evidence in front of her.

“What am I going to do?!” she whispered as a tear strolled down her cheek. She started sobbing and then decided to go into the bathroom. She left her office and glided down the stairs past Rachel, who noticed she was upset.

“Doc? Doc where you going? Everything alright?” Rachel asked as Jennifer walked past her.

“I’ll…I’ll be fine. I just a need a few minutes.” She said, disappearing from the lab and into the bathroom across the hall.

“Wow.” Rachel whispered, “Rourke must’ve come down on her pretty hard…”

In the bathroom, Jennifer splashed cold water on her face…

Everything will be all right! She told herself mentally. There’s no reason to get worked up…he doesn’t know that I…

Thunder crashed outside as another storm approached.

…Doesn’t know that I took two full injections of RE-1101.

There was another crash of thunder followed by lightning.

He doesn’t know that I just deliberately altered my body’s chemistry.

A streak of lightning filled the bathroom with a bright white flash. Jennifer grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser and wiped her face off.

Oh god! Why did I do that?

Sorrow started to turn to anger within Jennifer Sossman.

I’m…so stupid. No…that act defied stupidity.

She had crumpled the paper towel in her fist and she had started to tremble, breathing heavily through her teeth.

God only know what irreparable damage I’ve done to myself…

“Doc? You okay in there?” Asked Rachel as she knocked on the locked door. Jennifer grunted as she saw herself in the mirror, the fluorescent lighting flooding the cracks and crevices on face, the wrinkles of her furrowed brow as she felt the anger building up within herself.

Go away! Leave me be!

“I’m fine! Just…give me a minute!” Jennifer hissed through clenched teeth.

“O-okay, doc. I was just…I’m here, y’know. Also, the work guys are here to install the cameras for Rourke.” Rachel said. Jennifer heard her feet clattering on the tiled floor walking away.

Rourke. Rourke and his little speech about…

Thunder boomed again…

…Not ready. Its…ready…its…

As a crack of lightning struck again, followed by thunder, Jennifer felt her pain well-up into one instant and there was a biological snapping within her body; a feeling like a dam had burst within her and had let loose…something…

What’s…wrong…with me…?

Jennifer looked at her face in the mirror…and she went white with fear at what she saw: Her irises were glowing bright green with the fluorescent lighting of the bathroom. She felt a searing pain traveling through all the nerve endings of her body as chemical messengers were released by her now-altered Adrenal Glands.

Pain! So much pain! It…hurts!

“Oh god…it…hurts!” Jennifer said with her eyes shut tightly. She collapsed onto her knees and supported herself on the sink. She reopened her glowing eyes and saw that her veins glowing from beneath her pale skin. Glowing bright green! She looked down at her arm and saw all the veins on the back of her hand bright green, traveling and disappearing beneath the Khaki silk sleeve of her blouse. She glanced at her face and saw the same green spider-web of veins in her face…all green!

Then she heard the distinct sound of fabric stretching. Stretching…and ripping? As if she was…growing?

Make it stop!

“Oh…no…” she said as she watched her forearm pop the sleeve open of her blouse, her arm growing and expanding past the garment’s ability to contain it. She could feel her whole body growing! Slowly, she started to stand and she watched in horror at what happened to her in the mirror.

Her shoes were the first items completely destroyed as her feet grew past the leather’s confines. Her foot fluidly expanding from the torn material, holes in her black stocking appearing, veins still glowing green, ignited by her genetically mutated hormones that were flowing through her body and causing this transformation.


She watched as her hair had also been steadily lengthening, black highlights and streaks appearing in the blonde strands. She noticed that patches of a sickly green had also been appearing over her skin; in some spots it completely hid the glowing veins.


Suddenly, two buttons popped from her growing bust line. She heard a rip come from behind and then felt the cool air of the bathroom travel over her spine as the shirt was giving into to the growth of her body. More buttons popped from the front of her blouse and she watched as the seams running up her leg split open, revealing her thighs that were splotched with green patches of skin and glowing veins. Her waist had begun to flare out at her hips, and the back zipper had begun to descend, showing off the white edges of her panties.

The blouse untucked itself and the final buttons popped off the front, opening the garment wide and baring her chest, which while considerably bigger, was still covered by an equally expanding bra.

Jennifer shook her head, suddenly feeling fuzzy. She couldn’t concentrate or make any coherent thought other than…

Angry! Hurt! Stop!

Black hair flowed down her back as the blouse split into two pieces and hung open, the sleeves having popped open and split off from the shoulders. The splotches of green suddenly and fluidly flooded her skin and filled out her entire frame, now a rich hue, hiding the veins visibly seen in the earlier stages of the transformation. The skirt fell from her lower body floating to the ground in tattered remains. Her white panties managed to stretch over the now considerably larger body.


Jennifer watched, uncomprehending as the bra, which kept her breasts supported, ruptured. The dark green of her areola’s appeared in several larger rents that formed in the cups. Suddenly, the elastic between the cups themselves snapped apart and the garment fell to her sides, her breasts undulating and jiggled slightly but firmly, as they were finally released…


Jennifer, if she could still be called that, stood towering at 7’ 5” inches tall. Green muscles flexed as if being exercised the first time. She glanced into the mirror and a snarl appeared on her lips.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!” the glowing green Amazon bellowed, putting a fist through the mirror, and the wall behind it.

She backed away as a cloud of plaster dust filled the small bathroom. Her rear had accidentally bumped the button that activated the hand dryer, blowing hot hair down her back. Startled, she turned around and grunted, and gripped the device with her two hands and ripped it from the wall. Sparks erupted and struck her bared skin, which only further angered her. She launched the dryer through the window and then, clutching the sides with her bare hands. Ripped the window out outright. She stepped into the newly created hole and roaring, leapt from the window into the stormy afternoon.

A Savage She-Hulk had been unleashed!

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Even monsters do get nightmares, if I even become something that is stronger than anyone, I want to become a monster that invades peoples dreams. - Missed Fortune

Even monsters do get nightmares, if I even become something that is stronger than anyone, I want to become a monster that invades peoples dreams. - Missed Fortune

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