My name is John and since I was a child I had been the 98 pound weakling. I was too small and weak to play high school sports, only thing I could do was run track, running long distance because of my endurance. At 22 I joined a local gym, but no matter what shakes I drank, proteins I took, or weights I lifted I could not seem to grow any muscles. It was at the gym that I met one of the personal trainers, Candice. She was 5'3, maybe 120 pounds of solid muscle. She was not a muscle freak like a Ms. Olympia, simply very well toned, with curvy legs, defined calf muscles, a hard flat tummy, nice round arse, and a size 34EE rack. She dated the biggest asshole in the gym, Mike, who stood a tower 6'3 and weight almost 295lbs, of solid muscle. His arms were 21 inches and his thigh as wide as my waistline. He was always rude to me, pushing me out of the way to get to machines and weights and asking me why a 98 pound weakling would want to even try. It’s all about genetics he would say, and I don't have them, and no amount of weights or science would change it.
One night I came in for a late work out. The gym was empty except for one guy at the front desk and Mike who was working on a weight bench. After my shower I was leaving the gym when I walked by Mike’s locker and noticed it was open. I went to close it and must have knocked something because a small bottle fell out and onto the ground. I picked it up and read the label “ Supercharged”. I read the directions and noticed a web site on the label. I went home that night and looked up for more details. I laughed, as I looked over the website, thinking this must be a joke, but figured for $29.99 I might try it. I ordered a one year supply for standard delivery. That night I had a dream that "Supercharged" actually worked and I kicked the shit out of Mike.

Two weeks later the box arrived via UPS. I opened it and read the directions in detail, 1 pill a day for 1 month with normal diet and weight training. I looked at the pills closely and noticed a Bayer Aspirin mark on them, frustrated I threw the closed bottle to the floor, angry at being taken for a fool. Then I reached down and open the bottle, grabbed some water, and swallowed all 30 pills with one glass, in a vain attempt to end my life. I fell to the floor and don't remember a thing. The next morning I woke up in the same place on the floor, lying down. I felt like a complete failure, not even being able to kill myself. I got up, took a shower, changed and went back to my local gym at 6:30am. The gym was pretty quiet so I went weights, and started to lift my normal 15lbs dumbbells. The first set felt normal, a little strain on my small biceps, but by the second set it was lighter, and I was lifting the dumbbells faster. On the third set, they felt as light as paper, no strain at all to lift them. I placed them down, puzzled, thinking this was a joke, or maybe I was dead and this was hell, I looked around and the gym was still empty. I walked over to the larger 100lbs weights, reaching down with both hands and attempted to lift it, thinking to myself this is never going to move. I suddenly realized I was lifting it above my head with ease. A few moments later I was lifting the 100lbs weights over my head with one hand. I walked over to the wall mirrors, still holding the 100lbs weight in one hand, and then suddenly dropped it. I had changed, no longer was a 120lbs scrawny kid staring back, now I was taller by a few inches, my arms were no longer soft and weak like a twelve year old, I now had very toned round biceps, my chest was not flat as a board, I had little pec's pushing through my small white cotton shirt. I reached down grabbed the 100 lbs bells and started to lift in front of the mirror, with each lift I grew a little more, I felt surges of energy pulse through my veins with each rep, until I finally stopped. I took a step back, admiring my muscles. After 15 minutes of lifting 100lbs bells, I was now 6'0, 200lbs of solid rock hard American beef. My biceps were at least 16 inches, a hard barring chest and flat tummy. I was no body builder, but I was on my way. I was still much smaller then Mike, but with a little work I could change that. I heard the clock strike 7Am and about 10 people rushed into the gym. I looked back at the mirror and realized my small white cotton t-shirt was no match for my growth as it was now ripping in several places. I ran towards the men’s locker room, and got a new fresh shirt.

At 7:30 Mike and Candice walked into the gym. I watched from a corner, as Mike walked over to a weight bench and started to lift his normal 200lbs of warm up weights. I strolled over and took up position at the next bench and started with 200lbs. The 200lbs was no problem for my newly enhanced biceps, while Mike grunted with each 200lb lift. After 10 minutes he finally noticed me, he was clearly still a little larger then me, and he showed this power by walking over, and pushing the 200lbs down on me towards my chest. At first I struggled to press the weight back up, 200lbs plus his massive muscles pressing it down. He held the bar across my chest as I strained to push back. Finally he lifted the bar off me, and grabbed my shirt at the chest, lifting me off my feet into the air. I glared at him, and he stared back with an angry look.

"Your on my turf man, get the fuck out of my gym or else"

"Or else what tough guy? Are you going to make me leave?"

He moved towards me throwing a right hand punch towards my face, I quickly stepped back grabbing his arm and twisting it backwards. As our body’s touched I felt a jolt or energy. I pushed him back, knocking him to the ground. He quickly stood up and charged me his hands flying forward to lock in a mercy grip. I reached out and grabbed his big hands, locking them together; he quickly gained the upper hand pushing me down and backwards. I finally managed to release my hands from his grip and stepped back. He moved closer and reached out and grabbed my short lifting me off my feet into the air. I felt the jolt of energy again, then his hand faltered, his eyes went from anger to a glossy look. He released my body, I fell to the floor landing on my feet, he stepped backwards, his eyes bugged out watching me, as suddenly I felt a huge bolt of energy, and heard a small hum, as my shirt ripped, my body grew, I was now taller 6’3, my biceps popped, growing to 18 inches, my chest filled out into two huge slabs of muscle, my abs contoured into lean hard ridges of muscle. I grabbed his shirt, and lifted upwards, his huge body hung their effortlessly for a few moments, out eyes locked together, he was shocked I was able to lift him so easily and effortlessly after he had just push me to my knees. The entire gym watching as I tossed him across the floor into a brick wall. The wall cracked has his huge solid muscle frame made contact. Embarrassed and regaining composure he stood up and walked towards me, our hands again met in a mercy, his strength was intense, I had never felt anything like it before as he pushed against me until again I felt the jolt of energy, he nearly had me on my knees again, when I suddenly felt a new rush of energy and then a cry of anguish as I pressed harder and Mike fell to his knees, screaming in pain. I pressed him down until he was kneeling in front of me, our hands still locked. Looking down I realized to my own shock that his entire body was shrinking. I watched as his 21 inch biceps shrank in size to a mere 12 inches, his huge barreling chest become flatter, his Pecs disappearing, his washboard abs disappearing into a flabby tummy. I felt his energy and his strength flow into my body. Looking down I realized I was growing slightly, I was taller, my biceps were larger and my entire body was surging with strength and power. Mike was now a small shadow of his former self, a 98lbs pound weakling. I had grown to 6’6; over 300lbs of pure rock hard muscle, my biceps were 21 inches, my thighs as thick as a torso on some, my Pecs hard as steel plates, my abs into a washboard eight Pac. I threw his shrunk body across the room. Everyone in the gym was transfixed by my growth, I huge, maybe as big as Superman even. I walked towards the doors of the gym and out into the bright morning sun. Mike's BMW sat in the first row of spaces; I walked towards the Silver 7series and bent down, lifting the front of the car off the ground and tipping it back onto the hood. Those in the gym had run out to watch, as I turned, smiled and flexed my new super huge 21 inch biceps. I started to walk towards my car when Candace ran up.

"Hey, hows it going? Your John right? What just happen in there? I have never seen anything like it?”

"Hey Candace, working out, I guess. Look I’m sorry about your boyfriend, but he was such an ass to me and all the other guys."

"Please, don’t worry about it, he was an ass to me too. He treated you like shit, he deserved it."

"Hey wanna get a couple of coffee?"

She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her own BMW 7 Series, and we sped off down the road towards the local Starbucks. He talked for 4 hours over coffee, until she stood up and said grabbed my massive hands and brought me outside. We started dating a short time after. I would see Mike at the gym, working out each day and he was making progress, I guess it was genes, but not nearly enough progress. My new body brought me into a new profession, wrestling and competition. Candace became my manager, and after a year of wrestling on the world stage I was undefeated. During this time I made additional purchases of "Supercharged" pills, keeping them in my condo safe.

As my manager Candace set up additional fights, I would take a few “Supercharged” pills each time, and easily drain my opponents of their strength, but after my initial drain of Mike I was no longer able to drain there mass, just acquire their powers. I joined bodybuilding and strong man competitions and easily defeated everyone. After a year Candace finally got the biggest fight of my life, as a Charity event, Me the strongest mortal against Superman. The night before the match Candace and I had mad kinky passionate sex, her tight little pussy bouncing up and down on my hard cock until I exploded inside her. Laying in bed after sex I finally told her all about "Supercharged". She was puzzled but understood, how it worked and why. Once I knew she was asleep I ran downstairs to my office safe, and open it and removed one bottle, a 30 day supply of "Supercharged", just like a year ago I filled a glass of water and downed the entire supply, collapsing to the ground, I don't remember anything afterwards.

The next afternoon, a Saturday night we arrived at American Airlines Arena, the site of the epic fight. A crowd of 20,000 pack the Arena, with another 1 billion watching on Paper-view. I wore only a black speedo, barely covering my ass, and huge cock. Walking down to the ring, Candace on my arm listing to the crowd chant my name was announced: “Standing 6’3 inches tales, weighting in at 300lbs, with 21 inches biceps, the champion of men,”

Five minutes later, Superman was announced: "Standing 6'5 inches tall, weighting in at 275lbs, with measurements of 22 inch biceps the Last Son of Krypton, Champion of Earth, needing no introduction, SUP-ER-MAN"

The crowd came to a defining roar of excitement, as Superman made is way down to the ring. The ref stepped: "Gentlemen this will be a fair match, Superman, on flying, no heat vision, no x-ray vision, no hitting below the belt line. Shake hands and let’s get started"

He reached out and I grabbed his large hand, giving him a hard firm shake, he squeezed just a little, and I felt a small bolt of energy pass through our grasp. The bell rang and the two of us came out of our corners, immediately he grabbed my arms and swung me around, I hit the ropes, bounced back and he threw a punch at my gut. Like always I could tell he was "throwing his punches" as not to kill me just make it look good and make me hurt. I hit the canvass hard briefly stunned. Superman jumped down grabbing my biceps holding me in place. He lifted me up into a military press, but I started to struggle, moving my feet and arms and he dropped me harshly to the mat. I stood up and he two or three quick jabs to my abs, forcing me to bend over in pain. Even if he was throwing his punches they did still hurt. For me this was the first time since Mike that I felt a little pain. He threw another punch, but this time I was ready and ducked. I took my chance and threw a quick upper cut to his chin, hitting him square on. I felt a sudden jolt of energy, and he noticed it too. I threw my arms out, ready to grab his shoulders, but he threw his hands into mine, grabbing me in a mercy. Instantly the jolt of energy returned, I could feel it starting to flow, he knew something wrong as well because he quickly tried to break free. I held on tight to his hands, for another extra moment until finally he jerked his entire body backwards, the force of which knocked him to the ground and myself. We both stood up, but he backed away as I moved in and threw a punch at him, his super reflexes caught my fist in mid-air before connecting to his face. I now threw a left, and again he caught it, closing his hand around my fist to crush them, he started to exert pressure, but nothing seem to happen, his face showed signs of strain, as he pressed his hands closed harder. I felt the energy flowing into me, A look of surprise, and shock crossed his face, as I easily flipped his wristed and grabbed them, locking my large hands around his wrists in a vice like grip. I lifted him into the air for a moment. For a split second our eyes met, as now I squeezed my hands on his wrist, hoisting him further into the air. The shock turned into fear as the crowd grew louder cheering, chanting my name, thinking this was part of the show.

"Surprise Superman"

And with that I launched him backwards into the ropes. His body hit the ropes and he fell to his knees. I walked over to the shaken man of steel who was still on his knees shaking his head. I grabbing the middle of his costume right at the "S" and I hoisted him into the air, and using my left hand. I started throwing powerful punches into his exposed rock hard abs with my right fist. Superman looked dazed and confused, how could a mere human hoisting the man of steel into the air, and now punching him repeatedly in the gut. At first my punches seem to have no effect, but with each solid connect I felt a spark of energy, and suddenly I saw his eyes roll back in his head, I threw him to the ground and walked away from him. I looking out of the sea of people, I lifted my arms to flex my newly enhanced superpower muscles as my fans chanted my name and cheered. From the corner Superman watched, angry filled his eyes as he lay bent over in pain on his knees looking with his x-ray vision for kryptonite the only possible explanation for the beating he was getting. He looked up at me, then stood up and walked towards me, grabbing my biceps with his large hands, putting increasing pressure on them. Pressure that could crush coal to diamonds, bend the steel of a tank, but nothing happen. I felt the energy surge through my body as I started to drain him at an accelerated rated. I felt a little pain at first, but slowly it disappeared as I absorbed his powers and my biceps became harder, more dense then his fingers. After a few moments his fingers couldn’t make even small indents on my biceps. My body continued to tingle with energy, as I turned around at my new super speed, grabbing his 21 inch biceps in the same fashion. I started to apply pressure just as he had and easily crushed them like Charmin. He let out a loud “RAO” and I started to laugh saying “Not as hard as mind Superman?”

I released his sore biceps and dropped him to my feet. I reached down and grabbed the "S" a second time and hoisted him up, and then to his shocked, crowd and pay-viewers I hovered into the air some 10 feet off the mat holding Superman’s massive 275lbs body with just a single hand. I threw a few dozen hard quick jabs into his exposed abs, causing his eyes to roll and his body to hunch forward into dead weight as he screamed in pain. I dropped him to the mat and landed next to him, sliding my boot under his gut I kicked him up in the air, catching his back with my hand and lifting him up straight holding him with my hand I hovered again off the mat, and slammed him head first down.


He screamed in pain, as he crumbled to the floor, totally beat. He looked up at me "This was supposed to be a charity match. How did you get so strong, you’re a mere human?" I reach down and grabbed his "S" lifting him into the air: "Does it matter Superman. I’m bigger, faster, stronger then you. I’m going to crush you, make you into a impotent boy.”

I hoisted him over my head with both hands, and began to military press him over my head, his arms and legs failing helplessly, trying to escape. But it was no use, his powers were nothing to me now, they felt like a mere mortal. The crowd roared in excitement as I pulled him down eye level. Superman continued to swing his arms at me, but I didn't even flinch, he punches felt like love taps.

"Superman its no use, your too weak, I’m 25 times stronger then you are, I could crush you right now If I want. I’m now bigger, faster stronger, I’m Earth’s new champion, your replacement.”

I flex my free right arm, my bicep rose to a new 25 inch peak, Superman weakly tried to throw a punch, but I caught it in mid air, and closed my hand around it, the sound of bones being crushed filled the arena.

"Bye, bye Superman. Express shuttle now leaving Earth"

With a flick of my wrist I launched him toward the sky, watching with my new super vision as he crashed through the roof and traveled at super speeds towards the moon. The crowd stood now in silience as I turned and started to pose, flexing my super enhanced muscles. I had just beaten the crap out of Superman, the self proclaimed strongest man on earth. I immediately flew up out of the hole in the arena, traveling at super speed I over took Superman just outside of the Earth’s Atmosphere. I grabbed him by the “S” again and flew back towards Earth. He tried desperately to free himself, but his punches were no use. I arrived back at my mansion, and threw him down, into a room. He crawled to a corner, his hand already healing slowly. “You are now my slave. If you leave this room, I will inflict more pain on you.” I grabbed both his hands and squeezed, crushing his bones easily with my new found strength. The walked out of the room laughing, his cries of pain filled as backround noise.

Candace was already waiting upstairs. She was watching the evening news casts. I walked into the room, still in just my speedo and boots. As I stood watching the TV, Candace left the room, he re-entered a few moments later, her 5'3 tight frame covered only by a bikini, already too small for her body. I tensed up my muscles as she walked over and started to rub my body quickly grabbing my cock, and gently massaging it until it grew into its massive 12 inch frame. She knelt down taking it into her mouth as much as possible and started to suck me off, my moans growing louder and louder with each tongue twist. She finally stopped and tapped me get me floor, to lay down, as she crawled up my body towards my massive cock. Using my new heat vision I made two quick zaps at her bikini bottom strings, which fell to the floor. I could hear her heart beating, and see her pussy was already wet and ready to receive my massive package. She plopped her self down on my cock in what would have been rough for a mere mortal but felt like nothing for my steel rod. She started to squeeze her pussy tight, and she moved up and down, riding my hard cock has hard and fast as her little body would allow. I started to pant wanting so bad to cum, my body started to shake a little as I felt a tingling in my cock. The sensation got stronger as I drew closer and closer to busting my load inside Candace's tight wet pussy, until I could take it no longer and let myself go. A few seconds later it was all over. I pulled out, as Candace stood up, I had feared that when I let my load go inside I might killer, but she was fine. I feel asleep a short time later, released that I didn’t kill my love.

My next task was Wonder woman and Supergirl. I finally found Wonder Woman hiding in a warehouse in Chicago's lower east side. I walked into the warehouse wearing shorts and a t-shirt, one size too small for my massive frame. My bugling muscles sparkled in the dim lights.

"Hello Diana."

"Who are you? Wait your the guy who beat up Superman. You’re under arrest."

She flung her golden lasso towards my body, I let it simply wrap around me, giving in easy. She pulled me closer with her mighty strength; I showed no signs of resistance. She pulled me within a few feet of her. I saw Wonder Woman for the first time close up, she stood 6 feet taller, her body was perfectly toned, no outward signs of strength, she looked like a fitness competitor, not a female body builder. She grabbed a bunch of the lasso and easily lifted us both off the ground into the air, ready to fly through the open hole in ceiling of the run down warehouse ceiling. When we were 20 feet off the ground, I started to exhale my muscles, my arms and body swelled as I applied pressure, looking down I watched as the lasso was no match for my super muscles, it easily feel apart. Wonder Woman lost her grip and fell backwards, as I let myself fall to the ground, landing on my back as if I was injured. Quickly I stood up, my body glimmering in the dim light with little glades of sweat. I lifted my arms in a double bicep pose, flexing my 25 inch biceps for her. She stood a few feet away, staring at me astonished. She walked towards next me, reaching up and grabbed my by the neck hoisting me effortlessly with one hand into the air.

“Your biceps might be bigger then mine, bigger then Superman, but I’m still stronger. That was stupid, are you trying to kill yourself?"

I started to laugh, and then grabbed her wrist with my right hand, exerting pressure to remove her grip from my throat. I struggled for a moment to release her grip then felt the tingle feeling in my hands. Suddenly her hand felt different, lighter, I quick grabbed both arms holding her by her wrist and lifting her up, floating in the air. Wonderwoman looked at me with terrified look. I threw her back through the stone wall into the next room of the warehouse. I walked toward the hole in the wall, as Wonderwoman stood up and threw a punch connecting solidly with my face, throwing me back 25 yards. I stood up immediately and she was in my face, throwing punches into my rock hard abs, but they bounced off harmlessly. I allowed her to slam her mighty fists into me for more then a minute, then grabbed both her fists in my palms. Slowly I pressed down, pushing her to the ground until she was on her knees before. She tried to move, but I held her in place, her energy flowing into my body threw our connection.

"It's over WonderWoman, you stand no chance, and I’m getting stronger by the second. Before you I was 25 times stronger then Superman, now with your added strength I’m unstoppable.”

"I will never surrender to you. I will defeat you"

I released her hands and grabbed her throat lifting her into the air, letting her dangle. She flung her fists at me and kicked me, but now it felt like no more then love taps. I put more pressure into her hands until for a moment she stopped struggling. I dropped her to the floor; I reached my hand down her tight spandex shorts, sliding two large fingers into her tight little pussy. I started to rub her at super speed, instantly her eyes open, she looked at me unable to speak. I rubbed faster and faster, until I felt her explode, her pussy was now dripping wet; I lifted my hand up tearing through her spandex shorts. In a split second I removed my shorts, 12 inch super cock was hard as steel, I grabbed her lush blond hair and lifted her up, listening to her scream in pain, as I slide my hard cock into her tight wet dripping pussy. I grabbed her slender torso and started to pump her in and out harder and harder, her pain turned to moans of pleasure with each pump. I could feel her tight pussy lips squeezing my hard thick cock, progressively growing tighter with each thrust, until she let out a loud moan of pain and pleasure. I released my load into her just as she started to orgasm, for what seemed like eternity her body shock, until finally I felt nothing. My body tingled as I finished absorbing her superpowers. My hard cock was still deep inside her pussy, but she no longer felt tight. I pulled my cock out, released her torso and watched her fall gently to the warehouse floor, exhausted from her mind blowing orgasm. Slowly Wonderwoman stood up, standing in her traditional power stance, a few feet away from me. She slapped my face with her hand as hard as she could.


She looked down at her hand, burning red, then at my face, with no mark. I lifted my arms into a double bicep pose, flexing my massive guns, and smiling down at her. She moved closer, placing her dainty hands on my massive slams of muscle and tried to compress my biceps down, but nothing happen. I could see sweat pouring down her face, as she struggled to move then even and inch. She quickly realized nothing was happening and fear covered her face. I smiled and started to laugh, she slapped me again in the face.


"It's over WonderWoman, you are powerless. I have drained all your powers; you are an ordinary woman now. You are nothing, weak as a kitten"

Suddenly the door open, and two men enter, Paulie and Jackson. Both were well built, the size of body builders, standing over 6 feet each, with rock hard biceps. Neither was as big as I was, but large for a mere mortal. Wonderwoman turned and stared, and as they came clearer into the light, she realized both were career criminals she put away 3 years ago for murder. They both walked towards us standing behind me.

"Hello Boys, as promised, here is Wonderwoman. She has been stripped of her powers, so do as you please with her."

Paulie walked towards her, Wonderwoman quickly threw a punch at his face, but his quick reflexes easily caught her dainty fist. He stated to squeeze and she let out a scream of pain and fell to her knees. Her body was still flawlessly beautiful, but her powers gone. She stood no match for two super steroid enhanced body builders. It only took Paulie a moment to realize she was powerless. He held her by on hand has he ripped off his shorts and let his hard 9 inch cock free. Pushing her to the ground, he quickly slide his hard cock in her tight warm pussy and started to pump as hard as he could. I walked away laughing, as Paulie and Jackson raped her repeatedly. Wonderwoman was never heard from again, she became their sex slave.

Meanwhile, Candace went to have some fun of her own. She walked down to the basement room where Superman lay crawled up in the corner. He lay in the corner, only in spandex boxers, his costume having been removed, since he no longer was a real Superman compared to John. His body healed from the beating I gave him, his muscles looked in perfect physical shape. She wore only her tight pink bikini, showing off her amazingly tight little body.

“So you’re the mighty Superman?” she asked as she walked into the room, strolling up to him and stroking his black hair. He looked up at her; she grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled him up. He stood up, much taller then her, she grabbed his arms and pushed him back against the wall, rubbing her knee into his crotch. He pushed her off, shoving her across the room with his hand, she hit the wall with a loud thud, and it cracked. To his surprise she quickly stood up, walked over to him, reached down into his spandex boxers and grabbed his soft cock and began to stroke it, first slow then faster and faster until she was moving her hand at super speed on his cock making him hard. In moments his 12 inch cock stood at attention, poking through the top of his boxers. She removed the boxers and then the chain from his neck. He could easily have removed the chain, but feared his punishment. She grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off, faster and faster, he panted loudly, as she moved her hands up and down his super cock at light speed. Moaning like crazy he didn’t last long under pressure as she jerked him off until he busted all over his chest. She rubbed her hands across his cum covered chest, sliding his cum into her mouth. She lowered her hands back to his semi hard cock and started to jerk him off again, making him hard in seconds, except this time she dropped to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth, sucking him off, moving her tongue at super speed up and down his shaft, Superman moaned in lust, his hands came to rest on her head, guiding her head up and down as she bobbed down on his rock hard cock. Superman tried desperately to keep him self from busting her in her mouth, but he had never had a blow job like this, not with such force. He quickly lost control of his super cock, shooting her load into her mouth. She swallowed his entire load of super cum, and then slid her body back. Superman looked exhausted; he had cum twice in less then 10 minutes, letting off two super orgasms. Candace stood up, grabbing his cock and lifted him up, pushing his huge body against the concrete wall. She again rubbed her knee into his swollen semi hard cock, making him moan. She quickly removed her pink bikini bottoms; her tight pussy was dripping wet, aching to get a hold of some cock. She turned, hovered slightly off the ground, and backed her ass into his crotch, her nether lips brushing the edge of his semi hard cock. As her lips touched, she felt his cock jump; Superman felt it too, as he was suddenly rock hard again. She pushed her super body down, sliding his rock hard package into her tight wet pussy. They both let out as soft moan, as Candace started to use her powers of flight to slide her pussy up and down Superman’s rod. The mansion started to shake as she slammed her body down on his cock harder and harder, Superman moaned louder, unable to control him self. Candace pulled him off the wall, forcing his body horizontal to the ground, her knees pushed into the concrete floor has she road his cock. His moans grew louder; she could feel his cock grow firmer, harder, thicker inside her tight pussy. She squeezed her new super powered pussy muscles tighter around his swollen cock; he let out a loud moan, and then busted his load into her waiting pussy. At the same moment she let go with a massive mind blowing orgasm, just has she had with John. Both of their bodies shook uncontrollably until she finally rolled off his swollen cock and let her body fall next to his. For a moment there was silence, Candace stood up quickly, feeling refreshed. Superman was a bit slower, unsteady as he rose. He stepped back a foot turned and gave his traditional power stance, staring at Candace. She looked him up and down, and then moved towards him, grabbing his swollen cock in her hand, she squeezed. Superman screamed in pain, as
“RAO”. Candace let go, Superman grabbed her hand with both his hands, she let him move it away. He released her and backed away, but she stepped closer, grabbing his hands, she squeezed both of them, she exerted only a little pressure when she felt his hands grow weaker, his bones start to crack, until the room filled with his screams of pain.


Candace released him, he fell backwards, blood dripping down both his hands. His eyes rolled back in his head as he collapsed to the floor. I heard his screams of pain, and in an instant I was in the room. Candace stood by the door laughing at the weak pathetic so called man of steel, lying prostrate on his knees, his hands bloody crying in pain. I walked over and grabbed him, lifting him into the air; I flew him to his Fortress of Solitude for my meeting with Super girl.

Super girl looked much like our goddess Candace, standing 5'8 inches, maybe 120lbs of rock hard solid muscles. She had blonde hair which sparkled in the yellow sun which gave Kryptonians their super powers. Her bright blue eyes, flawless skin, and 34DD tits with nipples that could cut glass, she made any fitness model jealous. She had been off planet on a mission for NASA for a few weeks, and had return to the Fortress of Solitude to check in, and get some rest. She entered the main chamber, and immediately her eyes locked on Superman, sitting naked except for a speedo in the corner of the room, rolled up in a ball. She moved at super speed towards him, standing over him in a split second

"Kal-El? What happen? Who did this?" she asked, her voice shaking in disbelief and doubt.

"I did Supergirl"

I announced as I walked into the door way, wearing Superman’s spandex costume. The huge “S” stretching tightly over my hard massive chest. The blue and red shimmered brightly against the ice. A split second later she was in front of me, her hand clutching my throat, lifting me into the air above her, my feet dangling slighty of the ground. I gave her no resistance, just made myself dead weight. She looked me up and down, examining my hard, tightly sculpted body, admiring my cut, and super ripped muscles. Superman watched from the corner, too fearful to speak up, scared of another beating. A second later she dropped me; I landed on my back to make it look real. She reached down towards me with her right hand in a fist, and I quickly grabbed it, and slowly started to put my strength into it, suddenly the sound of her knuckles cracking rang through the chamber, she screamed in anguish and pain, trying to pull away her hand from my grip. Fear gripped her face, as she struggled with all her might to get free of my hand. She broke free and stepped back, swung a punch right at my abs, it actually hurt for a moment and was enough to make me double over with pain. I straightened up, a nice red mark was left on my abs. Supergirl looked confused, she glanced around, I suspect she was using her X-ray vision to look for Kryptonite. She had probably expected to see me splattered against the far wall, but instead I was simply standing in front of her with the same grin on my face. I returned her punch with a sharp jab at her exposed stomach. Apparently, my punch hit her at least as hard as hers had hit me, for she doubled over in pain again. Her legs buckled, almost dropping her to her knees. I clasped my hands together and smashed them down on the back of her head before she could regain her balance and straighten up. The blow knocked her down the rest of the way, onto her knees. She swung at me from her knees, knocking my hard thick thighs, taking me off my feet. Before I could get back up to my feet, a ton of ice landed on my back. At least, that was what it felt like, as Supergirl pounced on my back, her fists thundering into the back of my head with all of the speed and power of a jackhammer, driving my face into the floor, making my ears ring. As I saw the ice floor crack from the impacts of my face, I started seeing stars. I shook off the stars, flexing my back and arms upwards letting her fly backwards off me into the far wall, I turned to see her drop to her knees. Quickly regaining my feet, I seized the initiative and charged at her again. Still on her knees, she swung at me again. This time, I blocked her swing with one arm. I then brought my other fist down on the top of her head. That knocked her all the way down to the floor. . She lunged at me from the floor, wrapping her arms around me and driving me down to the floor on my ass. Then, she jumped onto me and punched me in the head, making my eyes roll. I shock my head, clearing it, and then regained my senses. Supergirl continued her attack, throwing punches at my head and torso, but I slowly felt myself growing stronger. I tried to block the flurry of punches, but some of them got through, though they didn't hurt as much as her earlier punches had. I managed to get a knee into her stomach, knocking her off of me. Shaking my head to clear again I stood back up, I saw that Supergirl was still down on the floor. She looked up at me both with surprise, pain, and maybe even a little fear, in her eyes. Before she could get back up to her feet, I drew back a foot and kicked her, catching the point of her chin. It completely lifted her off of the floor and sent her spinning head over heels across the room, until she slammed against the far ice wall which cracked, proving to be no match for her slender Kryptonian body.

I knew I was 25 times stronger then Superman, but I surprised by the beating and fight Supergirl was putting up. The rumors that she must have been stronger then her older cousin must have been true because she came to Earth later, her muscles had developed in a harsher environment of the red sun, making her more powerful. But I wasn't through with the Supergirl just yet. A single bound took me across the room to where she lay. Supergirl was on the floor amid a pile of rubble, struggling to rise up to her feet. I rushed over to her side before she could get up. Reaching down with my left hand and grabbing a handful of her golden tresses, I yanked her up to her knees. She looked up at me and her eyes opened wide in surprise, but she was too stunned to do any more. I made a fist as I drew my right hand well behind my ear. Her eyes opened even wider as she tried to bring up her hands to shield her face from my impending blow. My fist beat her hands to her face, hitting her right on the chin. The impact sounded like a cannon going off, as it lifted her completely off of her knees, swinging her entire body back. Only my hold on her hair kept her body from flying across the room. As her body swung back towards me, I hit her again, this time right in the mouth. Her silky golden hair slipped through my grasp, releasing her body to go sailing across the room and slamming into, and through, another ice wall.

Looking at my fist, I saw that my knuckles were glowing red-hot from the impact against Supergirl's invulnerable face. Supergirl was definitely feeling some pain; I heard her groaning as she tried to extricate herself from the wall. She had hit feet-first, buried up to her waist in the thick ice wall, her head hanging out about a foot above the floor. Walking up to her and standing over her, I grabbed her hair again and lifted her head up, placing it between my thighs in a vise-like grip. I placed her head between my Super enhanced thighs as I squeezed my legs together with my newly enhanced super strength, I felt her body shudder for a couple of seconds between my thighs before it went completely limp. Opening my legs I left her body fall limp to the floor, and then lifted her up throwing her across the room again into another wall of ice she was completely out. I walked over and grabbed her golden hair in one hand; I easily pulled her out of the wall. I lifted her body high over my head until her feet were dangling above the floor, I studied Supergirl's body. She looked so delicate and fragile in her sleep, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open to reveal her perfect teeth, her arms hanging limply against her young and voluptuous body in the skin-tight costume, her shimmering hair cascading over her shoulders. Thrilled to see the most powerful female in the world helpless in my grasp, I slammed Supergirl down over a knee and threw an uppercut into her stomach. She flew across the room and slammed into the ice wall on the other side, as she collapsed onto the floor like a rag doll. The blow, only served to wake up the Girl of Steel. Moaning softly, she came back to life as I once again walked to stand over her. Reaching down to grab her golden hair again, I yanked her back up to her feet. Amazingly, she still had some fight left in her. Her arms went around my legs and she pulled me off of my feet. I landed on top of her, but she quickly rolled us over, banging my head hard on the floor, until I was on my back, with her on top of me. I tried to push her off of me, at first I couldn't break out of the grip of her Kryptonian arms. A split second later I flipped her up; she landed hard on her back, her head banging the ice, cracking it, my huge muscular body now on top of her slim figure.

Through the spandex I could feel my cock growing harder until finally ripped threw. She shook her head, I grabbed her wrists and held her down, pushing my cock against her spandex, harder and harder until it easily broke the cloth. The edge of my hard cock felt her never lips which here moist. I slide my cock around, making her moister, until she felt wet. I pressed myself inside her, her nether lips trying to resist my rock hard cock, but it was no use, I was either too strong or she just needed my cock inside her. Her resistance grew weaker and weaker until finally she gave in my cock slide deep inside her tight wet pussy, she let out a soft moan as I started to rhythmically pump, pushing into her tight pussy faster and harder each time. I started to pump harder and harder, my cock growing harder with each pump, Supergirl moaned softly, her pussy grew tighter, her muscles started tense up, she wrapped her long legs around my torso has I continued to pump her harder and harder. She tried hard to brace her slender body against my large torso, I started to pump her at super speed, my cock pushing deeper and deeper inside her. She began to pant, and moan louder, Superman watched from the corner in disgust as I fucked his super cousin. She started to squeeze her pussy muscles tighter and tighter, her moans of pleasure grew louder, I could feel the pressure building in my cock, as I finally busted my load of super enhanced cum into her waiting pussy. She let out a loud moan, shattering ice just as I busted, finally coming to her own super orgasm. For a moment there was silence, and then all the sudden I felt pain, and weakness as Supergirl squeezed her pussy muscles again, I yelled in pain as I pulled my swollen cock out of her, falling backwards onto my ass. She stood up at once, and took her power stance looking down at me. I felt my body changing, shrinking, my muscles felt tired and weak, and my body now started to shrink back to before I robbed Superman of his powers. My biceps got smaller, my tummy and chest less chiseled. My entire body was mortal again, she had taken all my powers. She was now nearly fifty times stronger then any Kryptonian.

"I feel so strong, so powerful"

I grabbed her wrist with both my hands but could not move it, I was powerless as she flung me across the room, slamming my massive body through another ice wall. In a moment she was standing above me, my head was spinning I was so confused, fifteen minutes ago I had beaten her senseless, and then fucked her, and now she was tossing me around like a rag doll. I realized I still had superpowers as the crash did not kill me, but she was far stronger then before. She watched me with her super X-ray vision from the other room; I quick got up, and ran for the door, but Supergirl easily caught me, grabbing my cape and lifting me into the air, flying at super speed we were in moments standing the grand galley of my mansion. At the far end of the long galley room Candace lay on a bed of white sheets and roses, surrounded my 20 buff men, each fanning her or amusing her in some way.

"Help me, its Super......"

Before I could finish the sentence, a swift hand smacked my head, sending me flying across the floor.

"Who the fuck are you suppose to be?” Supergirl announced as she stared at Candace laying in the center of the bed surrounded by her sex slaves.

Candace stood up, her white see through robe, made her body shimmer in the morning sun. She walked towards Supergirl, and mimicked the girl of steel with a power stance of her own. Her body was equally as amazing as Supergirl. Both super ladies bodies were the envy of all women. Supergirl started to laugh and took a swing at Candace’s mid section, and suddenly to everyone’s amazement, she sent Candace flying backwards at super speed into the far wall. Supergirl watched as Candace slowly stood up, brushing the dust off her clothes, then in a split second she was in front of her again, and landed another solid punch into her abs, causing Candace to double over in pain. Supergirl clasped her hands together and banged them down on her back, bringing Candace to her knees before her.

"Did you really think you could beat me? I’m Super girl, I’m a Kryptonian you’re a human, your as weak as a kitten to me, this is to easy" Supergirl announced out loud as she laughed at the situation.

Candace stood up, and threw a punch at her face, but Supergirl caught it in her hand, and started to squeeze, she threw another punch and Supergirl caught that too, she pushed Candace down on her knees again. Fear filled Candace's face as Supergirl tightened her grip on crushing her foes hands, then Candace felt different, a spark of energy. Supergirl suddenly felt her foes hands grow harder, she put more pressure down but suddenly she stopped crushing them as Candace’s fists grew denser. The look of fear vanished off Candace’s face, as she slowly smiled and looked up at the shocked Supergirl. Supergirl struggled even more, her face showing signs of anguished as she used all her strength to crush Candace's hands and keep her on her knees, but Candace slowly started to rise, resisting Supergirl ‘strength, forcing her hands back, then flipping her wrists. Candace grabbed both her wrists, Supergirl tried desperately to pull away but it was no use. Candace pressed her razor sharp thumb nails into Supergirl’s wrists, blood dripped

"OWW". Candace grabbed Supergirl’s biceps, holding her arms down next to her body, she pulled her closer, the two super girl’s dense bodies came closer, until each others nipples touched, and then their bosoms pressed against each other. For a moment nothing happen, then Candace pulled tighter and suddenly Supergirl’s super tits started to compress against Candace’s larger denser boobs. Supergirl started to gasp for air, as Candace pulled her tighter, squeezing her weakened body, and finally dropping her to the floor. Supergirl lay on the floor looking up, her body throbbing in pain. Fear breaking her words she asked:

"What are you going to do to me?"

Candace started to laugh has she disappeared at super speed and then returned, holding a needle and syringe. She walked towards Supergirl lifting her in the air by her throat, she slide her razor sharp nail along Super girls wrist, and watched as red blood droplets fell to the floor. Supergirl groaned in pain, her eyes rolling at the sight of her own blood. Candace jabbed the syringe into the open wound. She then tossed the syringe in one direction and dropped the weaken Supergirl to the floor. I stood up, walking towards the middle of the room, Candace return to her bed of roses, and Supergirl lay prostrate at her feet.

“I don’t get it? How did you just beat Supergirl? She just robbed me of my Superpowers, and?”

Before I could finish Candace spoke: "You’re free to go now Supergirl" she said. . Supergirl stood up, her wound healed instantly; she slowly backed away from Candace, not feeling any effects of what just happen. Candace looked in my direction and winked, and I slowly walked towards Supergirl. She took a swing at me landing it square in my gut, I doubled over in pain. I slowly stood up, and clenched all my body tight, my stomach forming a dense web of muscles, and braced myself for another punch. This time it hurt less, I didn't doubt over, but now Supergirl backed away from me slowly, then fell backwards to her ass. I walked over and lifted her up into a fireman’s carry, throwing her over my shoulder and carried her from the room. I threw her on the bed in the next room; her face was covered in fear. I stripped out of my Superman costume, my body was covered in a thin layer of sweat from the heat in the room, making my muscles shine. Even through I had shrunk back to my pre-super self I could still make any Mr. Olympia proud. I no longer felt super, I couldn’t fly, and didn’t have X-ray vision, I was like those 20 men Candace had as sex slaves, just a big mortal with muscles. I climbed on the bed and ripped off her red boots. I moved my fingers under her skirt, over her wet pussy. She grabbed my wrist and squeeze, trying to remove it but it was no use, her superpowers didn’t respond. Her touch felt like that of a normal woman. I tore off her skirt, exposing her tight pussy. I started to slide my fingers slowly inside, making her wet, she squeezed her pussy around them. I removed my fingers, and slide my hard cock against her nether lips, pressing the tip against her. I climbed on top of her, grabbing her wrists and holding them tightly to the sheets, pressing my rock hard cock against her pussy lips, I slide it around softly and then pushed it deep inside her, she let out a yelp, and I felt a bit of pain as her pussy tightened around my cock but as I pumped my cock deeper and deeper inside her the pain disappeared. Supergirl started to moan like last time, her legs wrapping around my legs as I pressed deeper into her pussy. I could feel her squeeze her pussy tighter once more as soft moans came from her mouth, her body tightened, she squeezed her pussy with all her strength, my swollen cock only grew harder. She then let out a deafening yell as she released her orgasm on my cock, her pussy was so tight I lost control and blew my load inside her. As I released my load inside her tight pussy I felt a warm sensation cover my body, my muscles grew tighter, harder, larger. I kept pumping her feeling my body grow. After a moment I pulled out, and stood back, Supergirl was lying on the bed in front of me, I looked at the mirror, I was huge. My body was larger now then it had even been. My biceps had swelled to 27 inches, my chest was slabs upon slabs of muscle, my abs rigid eight pack and razor sharp. I was a god, bigger then any super hero or human on the planet, no body was more cut and hard then mine. Supergirl reached her hand out and grabbed my swollen 12 inch cock and squeezed, but I felt nothing. She stood up, and grabbed my arms trying to compress them, but nothing happen. Candace walked into the room and smiled.

“You can thank me later.”


I walked over to her, reaching out my hand to grab her neck at super speed, but to my surprise she caught my wrist in mid air and squeezed, pressing my entire body down bring me to my knees.

“What the fuck?”

“John, do you think I’m stupid. I know all about “Supercharged” I have known about it all along. I worked for the lab which developed it. See its simple; you were my test subject, a weak no, nothing, who I created into a muscle god. I didn’t think my research would work like this, I only wanted a super soldier serum to sell to the military, but instead I got something better. Some of my assumptions were right some wrong. The original formula called for one pill a day for a month to give doses of strength increase. Mike had been taking the pills at my direction for onver a year, with only minimal increases in results. When I saw you kick the shit out of him, I knew it had to be my formula. When you told me you swallowed an entire bottle I re-did my calculations and realized that instead of a small dose which would give minimal increase in strength, the whole bottle would work like a strength absorber. You were able to drain the strength and muscle mass of all those male body builders and wrestlers, starting with Mike. By then I knew of your supply, and I had made some minor adjustments to the formula, so when you fought Superman, you were easily able to drain him, but his Kryptonian body was able to resist you from taking his mass.”

“This doesn’t explain how you beat Supergirl just now?”

“Remember your little celebration after beating Superman? That wild night of sex we had. Well you just don’t pay attention, because see when you shot your load of warm hot cum into my waiting pussy, you passed some of your super nutrients into me as well. Then you gave me the perfect incubation chamber in the basement, Superman himself. I perfected the formula again, and then used the man of steel as a true sex slave. See I would let Superman into the sun each day, re-charge him, then fuck his super cock again and again, each time draining his powers into me. I changed the formula again, and realized I made a small mistake, after you drained Wonderwoman. See the original formula allowed for morphing powers, but not stripping them. Well when you crushed Wonderwoman and drained her, I realized my mistake, problem was you didn’t return and take another month’s supply of the pills like you had before each battle; instead you went right for Supergirl. In Supergirl’s case the formula reversed itself and drained you of your powers.”

“While you fought Supergirl, and raped her I changed the formula once more, and this last time when I fucked Superman, instead of using him as a super power penis pump I drained him one last time, he is now an ordinary human, like Wonder Woman. When Supergirl kicked your ass, and then came for me I just played along, giving her a false sense of triumph, I could easily have killed her in a split second. The injection she took was a reverse formula, when she orgasm it stripped, morphed and drains her of her powers giving them to you. Now you will serve me, as I have made you only fifty times stronger then a Kryptonian.”

Candace walked over, and squeezed Super girl’s hand, the sound of bones being crushed filled the room as Supergirl screamed in pain.

“You are free to go now Supergirl”

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I love stories involving Supergirl and Superman.... especially seeing the back and forth and power transfers through sex. Really great fight scenes with Superman and Supergirl. Glad you kept John superpowered at the end, at least he'll be able to be of some comfort to Candace.

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