Strength in Numbers: Pt 2 The Good Girl Chs 60 & 61


The view from the balcony of the new Country Club annexe was exceptional. Her eyes gazing southward across Corpus Christi Bay, Jenna watched as a twin prop engine training aircraft rose from Traux Field, banking toward the late evening sun.

“Ya look spectacular tonight, darlin’.”

“Thanks mom, only the second time I’ve worn the uniform and already had to change the shoulder boards three times.”

“Ya want these promotions, ya gonna have to start comin’ to these events.”

“I am. I mean I will, Red’s taught me the brilliance of that already.”

Commander McAdam wore her dinner dress white jacket, one of the Navy’s formal evening wear. It was from this form of mess dress that the term ‘White Ball’ was coined to describe the charity fundraiser the officers and crew of Navy bases on the Gulf Coast hosted each October which any serving US Navy personnel (including reservists) could attend. This year, the Naval Air Station at Corpus Christi was charged with organising the event and for the first time, serving members of the Coast Guard were invited. It made the event too big for base facilities and all would agree that the renovated Country Club was an excellent alternative.

“Where’s he now?”



Jenna waved her left hand over her shoulder

“Umm, somewhere in there. He’s Mr Popular with the Brass. They all wanna get a piece of the up and comer.”

“I saw those online polls, he’s gonna give this a shake.”

Jenna turned to her mother.

“What I love ‘bout him is how he can just work a room, I mean, I was walkin’ ‘round with him before and he’s introducing me to people, saying, ‘this here’s my girl, Jenna McAdam, y’all know the Commander don’t ya’. They just go ‘yeah, of course’ like I’m a long, lost cousin. Incredible.”

Susie smiled.

“You’re a war hero, Jenna, everyone knows you.”

“Everyone knows about me, mom, or thinks they do.”

They were interrupted by the arrival of an older man in the uniform of a two-star rear admiral. Jenna had no idea who he was.

“Commander McAdam, great to see you again.”

He was shorter than her, as she took his hand he was distracted by the Medal of Honor which hung on a ribbon around her neck at his eye level.

“People tend to forget I earned it.”

He glanced upward and smiled.

“Oh, sorry, Commander ... Rhyce Daniel, commanding officer of the Rapid Response Force for the Gulf sector.”

“That’s right, Admiral, they’ve combined homeland security and emergency management.”

“Yes the machinery of change has been busy while you’ve been in Asia, Jenna, but it also means the military has a much more active role in home affairs.”

“Admiral, have you met my mother, Susie Beaumont.”

“Yes, we have met earlier, we all know the Master Chief...”

He laughed and grabbed at the mound of muscle that was Susie’s left tricep. Both women noticed that.

“... Commander, I know that you’re enjoying this fine evening with Mr Jannson and I don’t want to take up too much of your time talking shop. But there is something you might like to know about.”

“Certainly, sir.”

“Part of our role in the Gulf area is to improve communication with the Coast Guard, particularly in providing adequate protection and logistics support for the Ports of Houston and New Orleans.”

“Counter-terrorism, sir?”

“Yes and dealing with natural events such as hurricanes.”

“I see.”

He cleared his throat.

“Jenna, I know you have studied hard for a career on the international stage, however, I have a position available as strategic director of the Western Gulf area co-ordinating logistics, directing operational response and providing overall leadership within our command structure.”

Jen’s mind was racing.

“This sounds exciting, sir.”

“Yes it’s brand new, the occupant will have a chance to prove themselves and make of the position what they will ... Oh, and I have been authorised to recruit at 0-6 level.”

O-6. Captain.

“Without prejudice, sir, I can indicate that I would be very interested.”

“Good. I have a few things to put in place. Unfortunately, Washington thinks a soon-to-be retired air force colonel is the right fit for the position, so I have to pull some strings. When are you going back to Korea?”

“Umm, I’m here until mid November, sir.”

“Until affter the election, of course you are. Right, well, if it’s possible for you to give me a call next Friday. ...”

He fumbled in his pocket for his wallet and handed her a business card.

“... I’m at Pensacola at the moment. If this goes through, I might call you over for a chat.”

“Aye, sir.”

Jenna smiled and shook the Admiral’s hand; he acknowledged Susie and turned to leave. Susie watched him then noticed an ecstatic Jenna with mouth open and no sound coming out.

“Tryin’ to tell me somethin’, darlin’.”

“Aw, wow, what an opportunity!”

“Good thing ya came tonight so ya in the right place at the right time.”

“Good thing I’m with Red, ya mean. They’ve seen him operate, mom, they want a part of him.”

“Don’t undersell yourself.”

“I’m not, but I know how the boy’s network goes ‘round. I’ve seen it now with Rip and Timba.”

Susie was unconvinced. Good things still came to good people. And if Jenna was no good they wouldn’t have her, irrespective of the politics.

“Ask Red what he thinks ‘bout it all, darlin’.”

Jenna shook her head then smiled, placing her hand on Susie’s abdomen.

“That’s a fuckin’ great dress ya wearin’ tonight, ma.”

“Got it last week, reinforced stitchin’, just the usual.”

“What is it? Feels like sheer velvet?”

Jenna rubbed her hand over Susie’s abs and lats. The older woman was just a little discomforted.

“Yeah, umm, it is, oh, look it’s Ned.”

Receptive to her hand gestures, Ned began to walk onto the balcony. Susie thought it time to circulate and told her daughter to do the same.

“Hey, babe, I got some info for you.”

“Timing’s everything, Ned.”

“Yeah, it is, because Simon Birmingham’s here.”

“Why do I know that name?”

“The Governor of Nebraska. Remember? Sallyanne’s DVD.”

“Okay ... oh, yeah.”

It wasn’t that Susie was slow to register, it was just that the beauty of the timing was now apparent.

“Sal got sighted again up at Wichita, Suzz.”

“Yeah, yeah, I saw that, they think it was a guy ‘cause she had her head covered ...”

“And the muscles in her arms.”

“... no guy can stick an ATM under his arm and walk it away. No, she’s out there.”

“I’ll give you an intro.”

“For the second time.”

They moved through the crowd, most guests wise in stepping back to allow Susie to pass. Simon had already reacquainted himself with Ned so he merely reintroduced the Governor to her leaving Susie little room with small talk.

“I see ya still involved with the Navy, Governor.”

“I’m in the reserve, not as active as I’d like these days.”

“Can I trouble ya to do something for me?”

“Sure, if I can.”

“Well I know ya get a lotta requests in ya line of work and I really don’t wanna seem lame, but I’m tryin’ to find someone in Nebraska. I gotta photo of ‘em, umm ...”

He laughed.

“Susie, I know how you Texans think we’re a bit back-of-the-woods but there really are a lot of people in Nebraska. I’m afraid ...”

“No, no, hear me out, umm, I just have to get my bag, umm, can ya come with me?”

“I’m sure I can do that for a pretty lady.”

Susie led him away: she had no idea where she was going and hoped she’d find it very soon.

“Ah, yeah, Governor, this is it. My bag ...”

She gave her best ‘I’m a dumb blonde’ look. He didn’t buy it.

“This is a janitor’s room.”

“No, it’s an office ‘cause I was in here when I arrived, umm, with Ned.”

His voice had lost interest.

“The door’s locked now anyway.”

“Oh, I can open it, that’s no problem.”


“No strength, see ...”

The lock groaned then snapped as Susie pushed the handle past its locked position.

“... I really am strong, Simon, you should see how strong I can be.”

His interest was back.

“Strong, huh? Like bend metal?”

“Oh, sure. ...”

She pushed him into the dark beyond the door.

“... I can bend lots of things.”

By instinct, she found the light switch first. She’d guessed right about it being an office, albeit a rarely used one. Windowless, the two desks side by side in the middle of the room were piled with papers. A large photocopier sat in the corner. She kicked the door shut.

“Ya like girl muscle, Governor?”


“Well, get ya hands on this girl’s muscle. ...”

Susie pushed up to him and flexed her left bicep. His right hand jumped straight to it.

“... it’s as big as you’ll see unless ya got a supergirl at home.”

He didn’t react. Damn.

“Yeah, but, umm, Susie, Ned, umm.”

“Don’t go worryin’ ‘bout ol’ Ned, ‘cause I’ll take care of him later. What ya gotta remember is that Susie likes her men a lot more than the men like Susie.”

“Oh yeah. Umm ...”

He licked and kissed at her bicep. She was more put off than when Jenna felt her up earlier.

“... What about some strength then.”

“Wanna see some strength, huh? ...”

Susie took two steps back from him then turned and stood next to the copier.

“... watch this.”

She squatted, put her right hand under the middle of the machine and lifted it to her shoulder level, then she stood; the two hundred and forty pounds of machine rose to head height.

“Light for me, Governor, do ya wanna come and try it?”

“Umm, a bit too much, err...”

“Guess that makes me the strongest ...”

She juggled it in her hand, pushing it six inches into the air with her fingers and catching it on return.

“... not that it’s heavy.”

Susie replaced the copier to the ground where she stood and pressed the green button. The machine went through its paces producing a sheet of blank paper.
Simon tried to sound cool.

“Humph, handy it has a long power cord.”

Susie laughed.

“Not the fax cord, I snapped that right off ...”

She pushed up to him with hands on hips. Her girlie voice intoned.

“... come on, Simon. I’m all pumped up now, have a good feel.

His hands began on her arms and lats, as he pushed up to her breasts she moved her hands to his hips and lifted him.

“Not today, darlin’ ...”

With one arm clearing the papers from the desk the other latched onto his trousers and laid him face up. The right hand finished across his throat.

“You’re making a very big mistake, I don’t care how good a friend Ned is.”

“Ya always forgettin’ somethin’ aren’t ya? Like just how strong I am and how I can crush ya like a flea.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told ya I wanna find someone.”


“Ya know who I mean, someone ya used to fuck on a small farm outside of Omaha.”


“A bayou girl, went by the name of Sallyanne.”

“I don’t know any Sallyanne, now let me up!”

He used his strength to push against her, surprising Susie for a half second, after which she was well in control.

“Oooh, those ‘roids did make ya stronger didn’t they? Still, it’s the best ya got and ya can’t beat me. Must feel a bit like how Sallyanne used to pin ya. ...”

The hand on his throat had become a forearm across the chest, her left hand moved to his groin.

“... and you’d fight against her and she’d laugh at ya being all weak and then start rubbin’ ya cock ‘cause it got ya all horny.”

Susie had her left hand on his hardened member, thinking he was compliant, she told him to unbutton his trousers.

“I told you, I don’t know a Sallyanne.”

He pushed his trousers down as Susie resumed her effort to get him hard.

She’d seen that cock before. It made her feel sick.

“Okay, asshole this is the thing ...”

Her right hand was back over his throat.

“... I don’t fuckin’ care what name ya might give her, she’s got superstrength and uses it to tear up armor trucks and auto-teller machines. ...”

He made a sound of dissent. She moved her face to within three inches of his.

“... and don’t fuckin’ tell me ya know nothin’ ‘bout it, ‘cause I got the DVD from your place with Sallyanne sucking ya cock at age 16, which if I remember is still a crime in your State, Governor.”

His words spat his contempt.

“It was a fucking illegal search. You can’t prove a thing.”

She laughed and moved her head back.

“I don’t need to prove nothin’, darlin’. I got a hand that can crush five million tons of metal lyin’ across your throat and a contact at OS Thundra who’s always ready to clean up my worst mistakes. Ya know ‘bout them don’t ya, Simon? That boat load of Honduran fishermen who turned out to be Cuban marines might be a good place to start.”

He closed his eyes and grimaced.

“Okay. After you and your cowboy husband raided the farmhouse, the girl went off into the hills.”

“I don’t wanna know the history. Just tell me where she is today.”

“Today, she’s in Kansas.”

“How do I find her?”

“You don’t ...”

She pushed on his trachea, he gargled.

“... I’ll get her. I’ll get her to come to Texas.”

“This week.”

“Yeah, sure, this week. I’ll stake my life on it.”

“Ya already have, darlin’.”

Susie’s left hand was still massaging his cock. Without him being horny he was about two-thirds hard. She ramped up the revs.

“After that, you’re going to jerk me off?”

“Not fuckin’ likely.”

Dropping her left hand around his ass, she scooped him up, pushed the photocopier cover up, laid his hard-on face down on the glass with a whack that she thought could have broken the machine, then against his protestations pressed ‘color’ and ‘start’.

“Ya sure ya don’t want a copy for a loved one?”

“What the fucking hell are you doing?”

She pulled him off the copier and let him stand, taking the quality color copy of his erect penis for future reference.

“See it don’t matter what ya say, Simon, I got this, the DVD and my statement that I fucked ya at a brothel in Galveston ‘bout eight years ago, to prove that y’all did Sallyanne at age 16. Now be a good boy and no one will ever know any better.”

He shook his head.

“You can fuck up Jen’s career with this shit, think of her.”

“You should think of her yourself. She’ll hurt ya real bad if ya fuck with her. That’s a promise.”

He secured his trousers, gave one last hard look and left through the door. Susie would get Ned to give him the message of a number to call on Thursday to set up the meeting. Otherwise, Susie folded up the copy, preened and turned off the light; returning to the ante-hall off the auditorium and the dull drone of one of the speeches.

“Aw, fuck that, I missed the entree.”


“I cannot believe this.”

Susie pronounced each word slow and with deliberation.

“Who would have ever ...”

With all her emphasis on the final word, that was it. There was no more. Not even a shake of the head.

A chance meeting three months ago between her too-horny-for-her-own-good daughter and Gubanatorial candidate, Redmond Jannson III, had given new life to smouldering ashes.

First of all it was the talk of ‘who’s ya daddy, Susie’; the Jannson family denying any paternity but walking away from any test of proof.

Then there was Red escorting Jenna to the White Ball and a hat thrown into the ring of the good ol’ boys’ network. Jenna gets offered a new position back in Texas with an increase in rank and status and opportunity for a full blown affair with her political beau. And Susie could not even muster a giggle at her unitended pun.

The third – and most extraordinary – piece of news hit Susie’s inbox at 10.03 pm the night before. No longer would Base Horizon and ‘Artemis’ report direct to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Instead, supervision of the base and responsibility for its operations would be monitored locally by the newly created Rapid Response Force.

And who was now the local commander to whom Susie would answer? An officer appointed and taking up the position that very day.

CAPT Jenna R. McAdam USN.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

To top it off, Simon had been good to his word and arranged a meeting with Sallyanne. The girl would meet her under the rail bridge over the Red River just downstream from Lake Texoma, north of Dallas, at 2 pm. Then her new ‘commander’ informs Susie she wants a meeting in Houston at 9.30 to discuss ‘transitional arrangements’.

Sorry, have to be in Dallas at Noon.

8.30 then. No excuses.


Only the laptop was to suffer from Susie’s frustration: it took less than half a second for her to bring the Z and P keys together as one. Ned said it was old technology anyway. Susie fumed.

“Good morning. Susie Beaumont. Umm, to see Jenna McAdam.”

“Captain McAdam will be available in a minute, ma’am. If you’d like to take a seat.”

Susie had arrived at the new command site within the Houston Port Authority offices at 8.24, hoping to get an early mark. She watched as the civilian receptionist carried on with what she was doing for a couple of minutes then lifted the receiver and made a call. She nodded, put the phone down, waited another minute and stood and smiled at Susie.

“If you’d follow me, ma’am.”

Fuckin’ bitch holdin’ me up.

The young woman led the broad shouldered amazon through a labyrinth of renovations, painters’ drop sheets and tressles. She then stopped at an unidentified door and knocked, then opened, ushering the larger woman past her.

“Ah, Missus Beaumont, thanks for coming.”

“Ya told me to be here. So here I am.”

A smiling Jenna stood from behind a brand new mahogany desk and walked toward the door, now shut behind Susie. She wore her khaki service dress, brand new silver eagles glinting from the collar lapels; she invited Susie to sit in a comfortable chair around a small coffee table.

“Would ya like a coffee, Susan?”


“Err, no, ya know I only have one in the morning.”

“Of course, and I hope ya don’t mind me callin’ ya Susan, so less formal than Missus Beaumont.”

“Well, what should I call you?”

“Call me Captain or ma’am.”

Jenna sat opposite Susie, smiling as she crossed her massive calves in front of her. Susie flushed red with anger and counted to five to compose herself. Jenna continued.

“I thought ya should know straight off that the facility known as Base Horizon will soon be taking in a new tenant.”


“Operational Support Thundra will be looking for a new home and in view of the downsizing of your operations, it is the obvious choice.”

“That means it’ll be a military facility.”

“The infrastructure of the base will be managed by NAS Corpus Christi of which it will be a non-continguous component. However, the research laboratory will remain separate.”

“All this without consulting me.”

“You are a special agent recruited for a specifc purpose. Technically, ...”

Jenna emphasised the word as she leaned forward.

“... with there bein’ no further need to protect shipments of AL-5, there’s no further need for Artemis and Operation Horizon.”

Susie’s face reflected the darkness in her mood.

“So you’ve fired me.”

“No. We ...”

“Who’s we?”

“... The Navy would like you to continue in a broad oversight role until the future of the AL-5 stored at Horizon is determined. That could be months or years. We don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.”

“I don’t understand, err, Captain, why this program has been discarded? We were close to developin’ an exosekelton uniform that ...”

“Yes, would provide two hundred per cent better protection than current body armor but the question is at what cost? The Pentagon has decided that the possible benefits don’t outweigh the cost of the AL-5 as compared to the cheaper body armor.”

“So they’ve put a price on human life.”

“Apparently. ...”

Jenna shuffled around in her seat.

“... Then again, the money saved from producin’ and shippin’ more AL-5 could go into developin’ better body armor. Who knows?”

“Not me.”

“Perhaps as things settle over the next month we could get together, maybe down your way, and chat ‘bout how your operation might work in the future.”


“In the meantime, ya prob’ly know that Rip Van Dyke managed to score a job with the fledging organisation of this new party he and Red are runnin’, so he won’t be comin’ back after the election.”

“I ... really didn’t ... expect him to.”

She would sure miss his mind – if nothing else.

“That’ll make it easier, ‘cause I won’t need to look for job cuts. Okay, well, thanks for comin’ in, hope we can catch up soon.”

“Give your grandmother a call, Aunty Lyn is doin’ poorly.”

“Will do that ...”

Jenna opened the door as Susie stood.

“... and watch out for the new paint on the walls. I’m gettin’ the place widened a little, ya know, for bigger girls.”

“With bigger heads.”

“Bye, now.”

Jenna turned away and smiled. With super-girls it’s best to strike first.

Susie found her on way out and found her car. Whipping away through the mid-morning traffic she knew she could divert around Dallas. The 69-75 Interstate would take her to the road she needed to be on to get to the riverbank. The timing was good, the day was clear, the traffic uneventful.

It was fair to anticipate that Sallyanne would be late: if she showed at all. Susie had left her truck on the side of the road and walked to the river. She had worn her ‘work clothes’ – reinforced black stretch pants above calf length black boots and a black long sleeved round neck fleece. The look as dark and threatening as her mood.

Parking the F350 on the access road she was relieved it was just on 1.50: for a trip close enough to three hundred miles she hadn’t spared the horses. Walking away from the truck she took a small trail to the river bank looking down the the meandering river and starting to tense at the thought the supergirl may not turn up at all.

She heard a noise from near the iron bridge, swinging around she saw nothing, shaking her head as if she thought she was going loco.

* Clang *

Susie was on the sand, face down, but not for long.

“What the fuck!”

She sprang to her feet and turned.

It was Sallyanne.

And three yards of bridge girder; with a bend at an angle of about 150 degrees.

“Just checkin’ y’all who ya say ya are, lady.”

The supergirl put her hands either side of the obtuse angle and employing all the effort of a young child with a big piece of licorice moved the short end over the long, forming a bow.

“If I wasn’t who I said I was, I’d be dead.”

Sallyanne tired of her metalwork and tossed the girder to her left.

“Maybe that’s the thing.”

Susie was in front of her. She wore a loose denim shirt, buttoned and convential but sleeveless to allow freedom to her massive upper arms. Barefooted, her denim jeans fitted tight over her quads and calves.

“I been told y’all is bulletproof so I reckoned a little ol’ whack with a steel girder ain’t gonna harm ya none.”

“It was a good whack Sallyanne. Ya got some strength in those arms; a fuckin’ lot more than I thought ya had.”

“Been a good day, missus, been feelin’ real strong.”

Sallyanne had her hands on her hips a yard in front of Susie.

“Don’t ya feel like that all the time? I know you’re fuckin’ strong, Sal.”

She shook her head.

“Today’s a good day. Yesterday was okay. Tuesday I was like shit, couldn’t hardly get outta bed. Monday was alright, I guess.”

“So ... it comes and goes.”

“Yeah, the strength does. Depends on how I’m feelin’. Now, today I’m real strong ...”

She turned and walked to the F350.

“... Y’all watch this.”

Sallyanne picked up the truck like a McAdam – as easy as you like. Holding it above her head with one hand, she waved at Susie and was gone: Susie with no idea where. There were sounds from the highway, honking and brakes screeching. Sure enough, there was Sal on the verge of the road holding the truck aloft with one hand resting on her hip. In a blink she was gone and within a second was back to where she started, returning the wheels to the ground. She smiled and walked back to Susie, brushing the lift hand on her jeans.

“That was pretty easy, missus.”

“Call me Susie.”

“Yeah, Susie that’s it. Simon told me ya name. Said y’all reckon ya know somethin’ ‘bout me and him.”

“I know ‘bout the project and how he used you.”

She scowled without anger in her voice.

“Y’all know shit.”

“Sal, you gotta know this much. I got that disc outta ya place of ya sixteenth birthday, it shows ya givin’ a guy a blow and I know that the cock was Simon’s.”

“That’s ...”

“I know because I’ve fucked him myself. And blown him.”

“So what if ya did? He’s no virgin, he’s fucked other girls.”

“I was on the game, Sal. You mightn’t remember it, but I do now. We were together at the Club. We did a double on him. ...”

Sallyanne walked close and mouthed the word ‘Fuck’.

“... That’s why ya need to trust me. I know what was goin’ on.”

The girl shook her head.

“No, I don’t remember doin’ it with no blonde.”

“I wasn’t a blonde then. Look, look at this ...”

Susie pushed down on the front of her pants, she was overdue for her weekly shave.

“... see? Black, Sal. I was the brunette who was suckin’ on ya friend while he was eatin’ ya out.”

Sal looked down as if concentrating, trying to remember. She lifted her head and nodded.


“Ya gonna trust me?”

“I, err, I dunno if I gotta choice.”

Susie placed her hands on Sal’s upper arms – straight away their hardness brought a comparison with Jenna.

“Those assholes have fucked up ya life, Sal. Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve had eight or nine years of playin’ superthief, but what’s it got ya? Not a room in the Governor’s mansion I know that.”

“What we do now then?”

“I’ll take ya down to my base, it’s where it all started but we got a new crew there now.”

“Those two, umm, navy scientists ...”

“They’re dead, have been for a long time. That’s why I told ya. Y’all the last of the Mohicans on this little project.”

“Why they dead? They told me the Gov’ment wanted supersoldiers and shit.”

“They were makin’ ‘em for insurgent purposes.”

“For what?”

“They were tryin’ to fuck things up by spreadin’ chaos and fear and panic, just like any terrorist attack on home soil.”

“What they wanted to make super-terrorists?”

“I dunno it all, but who put ya up to the robbery of the armor truck? Was Simon wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, guess. Just thought, it’d be fun.”

“He’s up to his puny little neck in all this but I ain’t worried ‘bout that now ...”

Susie began to rub the younger woman’s delts and traps.

“... I gotta look after you, girl.”

Sallyanne was no Harvard scholar but she knew a come on when she saw it. Her left hand pushed up Susies’ abs, the right took hold of the top of the pants, still pushed down to the top of the thighs.

“I know how y’all can do that, honey.”

Sal’s left had pushed up to Susie’s breast, the right pushed the pants to the knees.

“Ya don’t waste time, do ya?”

“Y’all told me I got no time to waste.”

The right hand had found Susie’s cunt, her digits like bolts of steel as they pushed at the cunt lips. Susie was bursting with randiness and while there might’ve been other good ways to earn the girl’s trust she didn’t get an offer like this everyday.

“Show us those tits, Sal, c’mon, take it off.”

Both stripped.

Sal went at Susie’s breasts like a thirsty desert lizard after a rain shower. She pushed the larger woman to the ground and laid on top, grinding her body onto the hard muscles of Susie’s pecs and abs, her tongue thrusting into Susie’s mouth, the fingers, pulling and twisting at her clit.

“Fuck, lady, you is like a machine, I’m fuckin’ lovin’ usin’ my strength on ya and y’all just takin’ it.”

Not quite. Susie gave back as well, the first time she could use her strength in full-on love making.

They hadn’t expected it - maybe wanted it - and now enjoyed every minute of it.

“I got an idea, Sal, I wanna do somethin’.”

“Big 69er, honey?”


Susie half pushed, half threw Sal off her. The supergirl didn’t mind. Getting up, the part time blonde walked to the girder and tore the smaller twist of metal from the ‘bow’. She was crushing it with her hands when Sal sidled up next to her.

“I hope ya thinkin’ what I am, Susie.”

“What ya thinkin’?”

“That y’all gonna fuck me with that piece of metal.”

“Close but no cigar.”

Susie had fashioned the piece of steel into a long rod, two foot long and a Susie hand grip in width – about the same as the thickness of your average hardon.

“So what we doin’?”

“We’re gonna go double dutch on the ends of this.”

“Well, y’all wait on then ...”

Sallyanne put her middle finger and thumb two inches in from the end and squeezed.

“... I like mine with a bit of a head.”

Susie sniggered and pushed her end into herself.

“It’s a little rough, Sal.”

With a sigh, Sal was on board.

“I’ve had a lot worse, honey.”

“I’m gonna have to bend it a little.”

“Me too.”

With their strength, the compressed mass of steel was as malleable as hard rubber. When they had it where they wanted, and still standing with legs astride, each grabbed onto the other and worked up a rythym.

“Rub ma tits, Susie, show Sallyanne, ya like her soft bits.”

“Ya got great tits, Sal and great muscles.”

“Y’all hot for girls with muscle?”


“Could be the beginnin’ of a beautiful friendship, honey.”

Susie’s thrusts were so strong she was crushing the bar inward, inch by inch. Sallyanne was starting to moan, treating the metal like any other dildo, with Susie’s pressure adding to the pleasure. For her part, Susie was getting damp and getting close.

“Y’all movin’ toward me, Susie, swallowin’ up the fun pole.”

“My cunt’s strong enough to crush it, darlin’. Yours can too.”

“Why’d I do that?”

“More fun.”

“I’m gettin’ pretty close, Susie, got all the fun I need.”

“Clench ya cunt hard when ya cum, darlin’, ya sure to love it.”

“I know I love that fuckin’ muscle of yours, woman, y’all so fuckin’ hot.”

Sal was breathing heavy, Susie sighing and groaning. They had each other in a wrestling hold, feeling the granite-hard muscles, the steel-like cords of veins popping out and spreading as the muscles tensed and pushed against the skin. Susie was bigger but she thought Sal was equal in strength. As they built to climax, their juices ran down the bar and dripped onto the sand of the riverbank.

“I’m comin’, honey, ya nailed me with that steel prick, Susie. Fuck, ya nailed me, yeah!”

Susie built her thrusts, she was seconds off, the bar only eight inches left in length. She saw the effort on Sal’s face, the effort to clench, the grunt, the hard exhale and then she gave out her own.

“Oh, fuck! That’s, arrggh, it, yes!”

Four inches of steel rod hit the ground, three inches of it flattened, the other inch glowed white hot.

“Ya fuckin’ ... what ... ya fuckin’ ...”

“Melted it, Sal, melted it inside me. Now watch.”

Susie squatted, her left hand worked at her clit, the right forced two fingers inside her.

“Just a little bit more and ... yes!”

Her cum flushed out the molten metal which sizzled as it hit the ground under her.

“Oh. My. God.”

“Ya can do it too, Sal. Ya fuckin’ crushed that metal. All ya gotta do is give it everythin’ at the right moment.”

“Well fuck me.”

Susie stood.

“Yeah, just did, thanks very much.”

Sal grabbed Susie’s shoulders and pulled her into her. They kissed hard, passionate and long. As the effects of the orgasm waned, Susie broke the embrace.

“We got at least a five hour trip from here, darlin’, we better get goin’.”

“Yeah, lady. Let’s go. I think I need a rest.”

“How’d ya get here, anyhow?”

“I ran.”

“Where from?”


Susie looked at Sal’s dirt covered feet, smiled and threw an arm over her shoulder.

“You’re a good girl, Sallyanne.”

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Wow! Two fantastic chapters!

Go Susie!!! :-)

First she nails Simon, and then the scene with Sallyanne was just awesome.

I did have my worries about Susie at one time, and whether she was being influenced without her knowledge... but my faith is restored. She seems to more settled and to want to take care of Sallyanne... and not just *that* way... :-)

Oh... and the meeting between Jen & Susie... Priceless!!!!!! :-)

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