Wife - part2

We were able to continue these arm wrestling adventures from time to time as it pleased her - it didn,t matter to her that I was continously adrosed by her demonstrating her dominaance in arm wrestling. To her it was just another competition for which she was well suited.

Then the change came - one day she told me that although she liked our wrestling, she still was unable to pull my arm down at will, but rather as I weakened she was able to win the match. "I am going to prove to you that I am much stronger than you or any man you know - I can and will start a weight regime that will make me stronger and stronger - I welcome the opprtunity and challenge."

Hell, I thought she was strong enough, but she didn't and that is what mattered to her. Her morning workouts moved to a local gym, before work she dedicated herself to building a physique that left no doubt that she was indeed the stronger sex in our marriage. Although she suspended our arm wrestling, I could see the change as she gradually built size and definition, particularily in her shoulders and arms.

Originally she didn't get the fact that her arm wrestling prowess really excited me to the point that I would offer her additional sexual pleasures if we could arm wrestle that night. Finally she put together the rewards with her efforts and began to verbally add to the experience. Intially it was some teasing, then taunting me to compete harder (hell I was already hard) and finally having me admit to her and others that she was able to defeat me at arm wrestling, any time any where she choose.

It was several months after her delaration before she was ready - we had gone out for the evening and as we retuned home, she went over to the little table we used for arm wrestling. "Now you will see the results of a woman's real strength." With that she slipped off her jacket and decalred "Try these arms - you wuss, I can take you any time".

As she sat there I was across from a woman with the most muscular arms I had ever wittnesssed up close. Slowly she flexed her bicep, the muscle swelled to over 15" of hard muscle. I reached across the table and touched her flexed bicep and she controlled it's every movement. "I bet my bicep is harder than your erection - you better not loose control - I am ready to be pleased tonight - long and hard."

We grasped hands and I realized just how strong she had become - her control of the match was immediate. Allowing me to pull her down and then easily bringing our hands vertical with so little effort. As she tired of displaying her total control she delighted in taking my arm straight down to the table - defeated.

I was defeated, no doubt. My wife stood up and laughing at my feeble effort continued to flex, taunt and totally arose me beyond my wildest dream.
She slipped out of her dress and clad only in a thong she challenged me make it right - bring her to an orgasim she would never forget. I quickly was down to my shorts as she proudly flexed and purred ... as I began to embrace her, she pushed me back, she wanted a slow beautiful experience - I needed to remove her thong and dutifuly rewward her with verbal and tender caressing.

I have not been an expert at pleasing a woman with my tounge, but tonight I was going to bring her to the greatest climax she had ever had. As I knelt in front of her I was able to remove the thong, and working my way around her G spots I could feel her emotions rise. What a thrill I had as she responded to my attentions, her new found body swelled and flexed with each soaring emotion. I wanted to complete the act, when she let me know that she was in charge and it was her time.

She experienced several orgasims as I worked to please her, but I had to keep control. Finally, she was peaked and as I moved towards her, she simply had me take command of my hard on and release all that tension. Laughing as she watched me wain, she demanded that I clean her excitment - I was instructed to provide addiitonal oral sex until she was totally satisfyed. "Now don't forget to turn off the lights when you are done" she exclaimed as she stode off to the bedroom.

"Don't forget, any time, any where,I choose!"

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