Dr. Stephanie Sexler had been a genius since she had been a little girl, but she was no sedentary nerd. She was a certified jock with a background in dance, gymnastics, and even track and field for a brief period in high school. As a senior, she became interested in bodybuilding. At 18 she was in her second year of biochemestry at Polytech U., and won her first bodybuilding contest as a middle weight. At 24 she had finished her masters degree, and won her professional bodybuilder's card. She went to work at a company that made bodybuilding supplements, and in two years came up with two ground-breaking supplements. In the world of bodybuilding, she was a star, and had won several big contests, but had yet to make it to the Big Oh!, which was the world's biggest women's bodybuilding contest. She was more interested in the scientific work she was doing. She was working secretly on her own on something that went far beyond winning the Big Oh!.


It was the sweetest setup that Dennis could have hoped for. He got to work out all day, take care of a few household chores, and make love to the most awesome woman he had ever dreamed of. Nobody really understood it. His friends all considered him an average amateur bodybuilder, and really a sort of near-do-well in general. He worked just enough to afford a pad and a gym membership. He always chased women who were far out of his league. Anyone who knew him just rolled their eyes when he tried to pick-up on Dr. Stephanie Sexler.

Now, Stephanie had slept with only two men, and one woman in her life. The two men were her steady boyfriends whom she dated, the first for two years. The woman was a classmate from P.U. who was her friend, then girlfriend, that became her fist sexual experience with a partner. She had a few close friends, but was mostly a loner. A lot of men, especially a lot of the macho bodybuilder types, were put off by her intellectual intensity. Her sex life was a mystery to just about everyone. Even so, nobody in the world expected her to go out with Dennis. Yet, she did.

As the days turned into weeks, Dennis stopped going to the gym much. Stephanie had converted her two car garage into a well equipped gym, and so he had less and less reason to go. He spent a lot of time on the phone with a few friends who had the patience to listen to him. After the novelty of his living in Dr. Sexler's house wore off, nobody wanted to hear him brag endlessly about his good fortune. The last time anybody at the gym saw him, he came in briefly to pay off the remainder of the money he owed on his membership. Everybody noticed how much more muscular he had become.


Stephanie let herself in the front door and went upstairs to her bedroom, where Dennis was already lying naked on his back. His big dick became erect as soon as she walked in. Without removing her clothes, and without a word, she knelt on the bed between his legs, and went down on him. He came with a massive amount of cum. The cum thing had started shortly after Stephanie started giving him the bodybuilding supplements that were making him stronger and more muscular. His libido was constantly amped now, and even with Stephanie's frequent ministrations, he still needed to masturbate several times a day to relieve his sexual tension. Whatever she was doing to him, he loved it.

She swallowed every drop, sat back on her haunches, and blew him a little kiss. “Sorry, I have to run. Got another meeting.”

“Honey, you do whatever you need to do.”

“Thanks. Did you take the number six before breakfast and the number seven half-hour before your workout?”

“You know it. I've almost got it memorized.”

“Well don't get too used to it. I'm going to be changing the regimen in a week or two.”

When Stephanie came home that night, she changed into her workout clothes and Dennis noticed that she was getting bigger.

“Wow! Honey, you're really growing.”

“Yep, and getting stronger, too.” She picked up two 45lbs weights and performed a set of ten slow, and controlled reps. “Ah... Yes!” she exclaimed as she re-racked the weights, and flexed her biceps. Watching her, Dennis felt a feeling in the pit of his stomach that he had never felt before. It annoyed him, so he ignored it. If he could have thought about it, he would have realized it to be a combination of fear, envy, and sexual arousal.

That night in bed, Stephanie was an animal. After 69, she let him mount her, which was rare—she usually preferred oral sex, and when she performed it on him, she always swallowed. She sucked him off one more time, then he fell into a deep slumber.

He was having a dream about lifting weights naked at the old gym, huge weights, and all the girls stood around admiring his physique, and his big, erect penis. He felt a moment of confusion, as his consciousness shifted—Stephanie was lying on her side next to him, her fingers gently gliding down his abs and up his erection.


“Shh, it's OK, I couldn't sleep, I just wanted a little...” She sucked him off again. He groaned with pleasure, as he felt a wave of pure sleepy bliss wash over him.

Stephanie started to get out of bed. “Where are you going?” he asked woozily.

“I feel like working out a little before going back to bed.” He was asleep before she finished her sentence.

He had another dream. He was in the gym, working out naked. He felt like superman, his pumped muscles and massive erection displayed proudly. He was curling 60lbs weights, but nobody was around to admire him. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he saw over his shoulder, a crowd of beautiful, muscular men and women all around the bench-press bench. Angrily, he started marching over to them. “Who the hell's trying to steal my thunder?” he shouted at them. The crowd parted, and he could see a very muscular man benching a massive amount weight. But, as he approached, he realized that whoever it was, they were no man, and suddenly he felt fear in the pit of his stomach. Stephanie racked the weight, and sat up. She was wearing her work clothes—a white shirt, and a brown miniskirt, and heels. Her top was coming apart at the seems, and her massive thighs had pushed her skirt up over the bottom of her panties. His penis was rock hard, and when Stephanie tore her shirt from her power packed upper body, and flexed her chest, he shot his load all over her. “Mmm,” she purred, rubbing the goo into her skin like lotion, “you're making me stronger.”

“Oh my god! I am!” he cried, as he watched her muscles suddenly expand before his eyes.

“Your turn,” she said, getting up off the bench. He laid down on the bench and tried to lift the massive weight that Stephanie had been using for reps, but it wouldn't budge. The men and women gathered around her, and were all reaching over and past each other, trying to touch Stephanie's massive muscles. “By the way,” she said, flexing her bicep, “that was your shirt.” Her worshipers laughed at him, but quickly turned their attention back to Stephanie, their hands roaming all up and down her naked, superior physique.

One beautiful muscle goddess turned to him. His cock was rock hard. “Please!” he cried, gesturing to his penis. She just turned, knelt in front of Stephanie, and buried her face in her crotch. He started to sob. His sobbing woke him from his dream.

In spite of all the love making the night before, he woke with an intense erection. Stephanie was just getting out of the shower. She stepped into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around her amazing body. “Oh, I see you're both awake.” She gave him head, then got dressed and went off to work.

Dennis found his list of things to do, and a new bottle of some beige powder that Stephanie added to his supplement regimen. Although the regimen was complicated, he found it easy enough to follow since he had lots of time. She had even given him a watch which she programmed to remind him of when to eat, take supplements, and workout. He had always been pretty lazy at everything, but he wanted to do anything he could to please Stephanie, and keep living this newfound life of Riley, so he was highly motivated.

After his workout, he sorted Stephanie's laundry, and went down to the dry cleaners with her work clothes. He was surprised to find Celia, a young woman he knew from the gym, working there. A Latina in her early twenties, short, with black hair, and very fit and sexy. She had competed in several fitness competitions, and had done quite well. He had asked her out (like nearly every buff female at the gym), and she had rejected him (also, like nearly every buff female at the gym).

He puffed out his chest as he entered. “Hi, Celia!”

“Oh hi, Dennis.” She stood up and moved away from the counter, carrying a bag of clothes. She was wearing a tight, sleeveless blouse, and a very short, flouncy skirt, and heels. “My father owns a couple of these dry cleaners, and I help out sometimes, but usually at the other store,” she said over her shoulder as she walked into the back with the bag. She held the bag out away from her body, and her arm muscles popped into definition. Dennis had always admired Celia's muscular legs, and tight ass. He watched her as she sashayed away from him, and set the bag down by bending way over at the waist. Dennis failed in the battle of cool with Celia. She caught him staring at her as she returned, and his erection was clearly visible under his shorts.

“I'm three weeks out from the state championships. What do you think?” She hit a pose, and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Uh, nice.” He tried to recover his cool. “I've been working out a bit.” He pulled up his t-shirt and pulled down on the front of his shorts to reveal his hard abs.

Celia did not like Stephanie Sexler. She was jealous of her popularity. Before Stephanie started at the gym, she was the most popular girl there. Celia had never taken anything stronger than creatine. She helped propound the rumor that Sexler was nothing but a steroid freak. And, even though she new people who swore by the supplements that Sexler created, and had results to support it, she found ways to ignore or dismiss them.

She had always thought of Dennis as inferior, and now his dramatically improved physique was pissing her off. She decided that nothing would prove better than getting Dennis to take his pants off for her, then snubbing him. Thereby getting back at Sexler as well.

She easily lured him into the back of the store, and pushed him into a corner. She lifted a muscular thigh into his crotch and massaged his, now raging, erection. She unbuttoned his pants, and pulled the waistband of his underwear down. His mighty, pulsing member popped out. Without warning, Dennis ejaculated a massive amount of cum. It shot up so high that it hit her in the face and chest. She got a load in her mouth, which she swallowed involuntarily. His cum was like no other she had ever tasted or touched. It tasted good. Nevertheless, she slapped him across the cheek. “Get the fuck out of here!”

Dennis practically ran out of the dry cleaners, too embarrassed to even ask for a ticket. He even forgot to zip up his pants, and nearly tripped when they started to slide down. He got into the car, breathing heavily. He had never lost control like that before, and he felt a little unnerved in spite of the usual post-orgasmic bliss that he was also feeling.

That evening, Celia had the best workout of her life.

When Stephanie got home, she didn't even bother changing into some workout clothes before starting her workout. Dennis was up in the bedroom napping, and was barely aware that Stephanie was home. Down in the gym, still in her blouse and tight skirt, Dr. Stephanie Sexler was working out like a woman possessed. She liked the feeling as her muscles pumped up and her clothes got tighter.

After a few sets, she decided she needed some sex. She went up to the bedroom. “Wake up, sleepy. I need to fuck. Right now!”

When his eyes came into focus, he was startled to see Stephanie kneeling over his midsection. Her hands were resting on her hips, and her chest thrust out dramatically. She still had her work clothes on, and her sweat-soaked blouse and skirt were stretched so tight over her pumped muscles that her clothes were torn in several places. When she flexed harder, he could hear the fabric tearing.

His penis became hard and erect, its tip tickling the small of Stephanie's back. She smiled broadly, and planted herself on his pole. Before she could get much pleasure out of it though, Dennis let loose with an orgasmic flood of cum. Stephanie stared at him, surprised. “That was unlike you,” she said.

“That's funny,” he said, “that's the same thing--” that happened with Celia! What the fuck?

“The same thing as what?”


This explanation seemed to satisfy Stephanie. In fact, she just wanted to get the whole matter out of the way. “No problem—I need you to suck me while I perform the heaviest bench presses you've ever seen.” She flexed her massive chest, and Dennis felt himself grow hard again.

Dennis waited for Stephanie downstairs. She walked slowly down the stairs wearing a tight pink sweatshirt, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. He watched her legs, mesmerized by the dance of her muscles as she descended. She loaded the bar with 150 lbs and warmed up with 20 reps. Dennis was down at the end of the bench with his head between Stephanie's mighty thighs. He was starting slow, and Stephanie was making intense moaning noises as she pumped her mighty muscles.

Dennis helped her get the next set of weights on: 375 lbs. He began his ministrations as she lifted the heavy weight off the rack. He went a little faster, and Stephanie performed a set of 12 reps. The next set was 400 lbs. for 10 reps. Finally, they loaded the bar with 420 lbs. She sat down astride the bench, and began limbering up for the next set. Dennis helped rub her massive chest muscles to get the blood flowing. He was dizzy with lust, and his shorts were wet with cum, and the outline of his erection showed clearly through the fabric. Dennis's tongue was getting sore, but he increased his pace again. Her breathing was heavy, and she moaned loudly through each of her eight reps with the 420 lbs. She racked the weight, and let her arms hang down at her sides. Dennis started to look up.

“Keep going!” she said in a loud, insistent whisper. Dennis got back to work, and soon Stephanie came on with an immense orgasm. She raised her beefy arms above her, and flexed her powerful chest. The flexing seemed to intensify and extend her orgasm. Dennis had already stopped, pulling his head out when he feared that his super girlfriend would crush his skull between her strong thighs.

“Yes!” yelled Dr. Stephanie, as her orgasm finally concluded. She lay back on the weight bench, exhausted, her eyes closed. She marveled at the fantastic feelings that swirled in her ever more muscular and powerful body. Suddenly she felt something warm and wet land on her chest. She opened her eyes and tilted her head to see Dennis at the end of the bench, pulling his waistband down with one hand, and stroking his huge, erect penis with the other. He was staring down at her exquisite body. Just before he started ejaculating he was thinking that he could actually see Stephanie's muscles growing. There was a lot of cum and it landed on her chest, abs and thighs. She wiped it on her skin, feeling the warm cum disappear under her hand. “Odd,” she murmured, but didn't have much time to think about it, as she suddenly felt a rush of physical power, like a jolt of adrenaline, hit her.

She sat up, and watched as Dennis stumbled around a little, then collapsed into a chair. He had a goofy grin on his face as he closed his eyes. He could have been asleep, for all Stephanie could tell. She was absentmindedly rubbing his cum into her abs, and felt another rush of power come over her. She stood up, ignoring Dennis, and grabbed a 45 lbs. weight on her way to the sit-up bench. She set it to a nearly vertical position, and began doing sit-ups while hugging the weight to her chest. After a set of 30 sit-ups, she got a 25 lbs. weight, and did a set of 105. She recovered quickly from the intense exercise, and stood in front of the mirror, flexing her hard abs. They made her feel practically invulnerable.

She looked over at Dennis. He was knocked out, snoring. “Useless,” Stephanie muttered to herself. Then an idea hit her—She pulled Dennis's cum soaked posing trunks off, and wiped her legs up and down. Then she rubbed it between her legs, all over her vagina, and around her clitoris.

She loaded a bar with 550 lbs, and squatted it for twenty reps. She felt her legs burning with white-hot sexual power. She knew she could do more. She did one more set at 600 lbs for fifteen reps. Her legs went from rubbery to spring steel, and suddenly she felt even stronger. She put 700 lbs on the bar and did a set of fifteen reps. Afterwards, the feeling of muscle growth in her legs set off an orgasm that finally ended her insane workout. Then she slept for sixteen hours.

Part 2

The next day Stephanie called her boss to tell him that she was taking a couple months vacation. For the first week, Stephanie barely left the house. Her transformation into a superwoman, and her super sexuality nearly put Dennis into the hospital.

That Saturday Stephanie went out in the morning, and didn't come back until late at night. She only left a brief voice mail telling him to take it easy until she got back. When Dennis regained consciousness, he had the first regrets about his whole situation. There was no doubt that Stephanie had become multiple times as strong as himself. Her stamina, as well, was unbelievable. She had sexual strength and stamina to match, and that is what nearly killed him. Sometime on Friday night, he experienced, for the first time, the odd sensation of being dead-on-his-feet exhausted while having a raging hard-on. He also dimly remembered waking up to find himself on his back being ridden by Stephanie, only to fall asleep again.

Stephanie was being as nice as she could, but she was addicted to the muscle growth she was experiencing. When she had first designed her new super muscle growth formula, she had initially worried that she would not be able to get a male's metabolism to make enough active ingredient, she compensated by diverting some of the active ingredient back into the male's body so he could grow stronger, too. She had not anticipated her own rapidly increasing need for more power—super power.

That night when she got back, she had two people with her. One was a well muscled young man (younger than Dennis), and the other was (surprisingly to Dennis) a fat, though pretty, teenaged girl.

“Honey,” said Stephanie, gesturing to the man, “this is Ace. Ace, this is Dennis.”

“Hello,” said Ace, politely, reaching out his hand.

“Uh, hi,” mumbled Dennis, already feeling a knot in his stomach.

“I'm sorry, Dennis, but you just can't keep up. I need someone younger.”

“What?! You can't just—” Dennis started, angrily.

“I can't what?” Stephanie asked threateningly. She flexed her arm right under his nose.

Dennis backed down quickly. “Well, what about me?” he asked indignantly.

“Well, that's the good news—my niece, Kendra, here, is looking for a boyfriend, and I told her you'd be in the market for a girlfriend. She told me that she's real good at giving head.”

“That's true,” said Kendra, giggling self consciously, “my ex boyfriend said I was the best he ever had.”

Dennis didn't say a word. Then his dream came back to him. “Is... Is my... cuh?...” He stopped himself from asking. It suddenly seemed too ridiculous, it was just a dream. But, look at her, she's huge! Almost like a comic book character come to life.

After the first month, Kendra came home from school and shouted, “I made the cheerleading squad!” She bounded up the stairs in her new cheerleader outfit. She still had some fat on her, but it was just enough to give her a more rounded, nubile appearance. Her athletic shape was clear though, especially her legs and butt. That night Kendra and Dennis had their first intercourse. Up until then, their sexual encounters had been strictly oral, and Dennis resigned himself to imagining other women. But, Kendra was training with Stephanie, and had shed enough weight to join the cheerleading squad in just one month.

She started adding more workouts, and continued becoming stronger and more muscular. Her libido exploded as well, and she and Dennis were having sex five or six times a day. At the end of the second month, Kendra came home from school and shouted, “I made the gymnastics team!” She charged up the stairs wearing tiny cotton shorts over her new gymnastics leotard that stretched tight over her sexy, muscular body.

Now that Kendra was morphing into a younger, and in some ways sexier, version of Stephanie, Ace and Dennis were actually forging a friendship. Dennis told Ace about how he and Stephanie met, and then Ace told Dennis his story.

Dennis was surprised to learn that Ace was only 17 years old.

“We met at work.”

“You work with Stephanie?”

“I'm the IT whiz kid. It's 40 hours a week, which is kinda heavy with my class load, but it's swing shift work, it's related to my major, and there's down time when I can do homework. I was just a fat computer nerd until I met Stephanie.

I'll be honest with you: I was in awe of Stephanie from the moment I met her. I was obsessed with female bodybuilders since I was first interested in women.”

Kendra walked in wearing tight cotton shorts, and a simple tank top t-shirt. Her large, overly designed, sneakers had thick soles, and laced up to just under her massive calves, bringing attention to them. Her shorts and top were stretched tight over her nubile muscle-body. Her pretty, young face belied her curvy, pumped-up sex pot body.

“Hi, boys.” she said nonchalantly, as she strode into the room. She casually picked up a pair of 35lbs dumbbells, and began warming up her biceps with a series of quick and controlled curls. After fifteen curls, she set the dumbbells down, and flexed her biceps in the mirror. “Mmmm,” she purred, licking her lips. “Feels good.”

She turned to the two super studs, Dennis and Ace. They were both watching her with lust in their hearts, and erections in their pants.

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Well I certainly like this story so far - it moves pretty quick, it's interesting, and it's got plenty of female muscle. Definitely looking forward to future chapters!

SuperBuff's picture

If you read my other stories, you'll see that I don't finish anything. It's just a fact. I used to worry over it, but now I just accept it. (Didn't want you to get your hopes up.)

Anyone can feel free to write their own endings to my stories. I just write them to get my dick hard, I have no illusions about their artistic merit.

I like the story, but I would really like some more descriptions of her physique. To ease imagination, as you may know...

SuperBuff's picture

In my old work (not published anywhere), I used to write multi-paragraph descriptions of my heroines. I've taken the course now of not providing too detailed descriptions. When I'm reading other people's stories, I sometimes find it distracting when I'm enjoying the situation in the story, but the description of the heroine is not to my liking (like derigible size tits, or overwrought vascularity). I understand though, sometimes one likes to have some guide.

Sometimes, I'll use the shorthand of saying that a character looks like a particular female bodybuilder (usually one that I'm currently fixated on at the time of the writing). So, if you prefer to know how I picture Dr. Stephanie Sexler, I would say think of Isabelle Turell, maybe a little bigger. :-)

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