Sarahs Discovery Part 4

Sarah's discovery part 4

The following story takes place a few months after Sarah's discovery part 3

"I just don't get it why you?"
Sarah said as her and Claire walk back from grocery shopping to their small student house.

Sarah, Claire and Lisa had managed to get into the same college and thanks to Sarah's dad having a bit of pull thanks to his sizeable donation to the school. They had a small house all to theirselves.

Sarah opened the door to let Claire in. Sarah had made Claire carry all the bags. Claire didn't mind the bags what bothered her was Sarah was still arguing.

"Why not me? I mean what's wrong with all of this?" Sarah said gesturing towards her own body.
It was a good point, considering she was stunning brunette with golden skin and toned abs which thanks to her massive 32G chest lifting her small tank top up was revealed for everyone to see.

"What's wrong with me then?!" Claire jokingly barked back as she placed all 6 heavy bags effortlessly on the kitchen table. Lisa and Claire began to put the groceries away.
Sarah just stood in the doorway, continuing to argue her point.

"You're gay Claire! Why do you even care?!" Sarah asked.

"Ha ha, I don't care. I just like how having the cute guy from class staring at me all day and not you is making you crazy" Claire replied making Lisa and herself chuckle at Sarah's reaction.

"But look at these!" Sarah grabs her own huge chest and lifts them for emphasis.

"So what. Not all guys like busty girls" Lisa chimes in.

"OF COURSE THEY DO!!!" Sarah screamed back.
Now although is wasn't nessercarlly true but Sarah had always got her man. Whether through her unbealivble body or just through her cute personalty but she believed it to be amazing bust.

All three girls start laughing after Sarah's stereotypical outburst.

Sarah strolls sheepishly up to the kitchen table and looks at Claire.

"What's wrong with me then?..." Sarah asks in a soft voice looking at Claire in her best puppy dog eyes. She had done this on many a guy before all of which had melted like warm butter.

"Ah hush up will you, you're smoking hot and you know it" Claire tells Sarah able to see straight through Sarah's act.
Sarah steps back forgetting that it never worked with her best friends, they knew her too well.

"Argh, I can't figure it out! Im built like Jessica rabbit and you're built like, well you know. Like a superhero on steroids" Sarah joked.

"Maybe he likes a bit of meat on his bones" Claire said to Sarah although she was now looking at her bicep which she flexed to prove that she indeed had enough 'meat' to go around.

Sarah was caught in a daze staring at Claire's huge arm. Claire's t-shirt was fighting a losing battle. Her bicep started to grow as Claire poured on the power. Making her sleeve slowly fall towards her shoulder as muscle towered above the reach of the poor sleeves. Although she hadn't worked out in a while, she somehow managed to keep a lot of muscle. Claire wasn't even pumped but she still managed to flex a impressive 15.5" bicep.

Lisa was putting tins away in the high cupboard and turned to see what had made Sarah quiet all of a sudden.
She turned to see Claire's huge bicep pushing her sleeve to one side and then looked past it and saw Sarah's face, wide eyed and slack jawed. Lisa smiled and rolled her eyes she carried on packing things away knowing full well what was currently running through Sarah head.

"That girls got the muscle bug bad" Lisa muttered under her breath. Which brought another smile to her face.

Claire relaxed her flex and looked at Sarah who was still in a daze. Lisa thought she better help her friend out and cleared her throat loudly forcing Sarah to snap back into reality.

"God I love how that seems to shut you up" Claire said laughing.

"I'm going to hit the weights again...hard. I really put the muscle on quickly when I have the time to lift" Claire continued.

Sarah started to day dream of a sweaty Claire pumping iron. Until she caught a look from Lisa as if to tell her to stop acting weird.

"So who's this guy you're going on about?" Lisa said offering Sarah a social lifeline.

"Huh?...oh! The guy moved to town like last month he's called Ben" Sarah said somewhat thankful to her brain for working in time.

"Ben?! The really cute guy from Prof Smiths class? Sits at the back row centre?" Lisa blurts out.

Both girls turn to look at Lisa who's now bent over the table facing Sarah eagerly.

"Something you want to tell us blondie?" Claire asked, starting to slowly stroke Lisa's blonde locks.

"...ok fine I have a huge crush on the guy. Happy?" Lisa reveals.

"Aw I didn't know you liked him blondie" Sarah said as she moved around to Lisa and started rubbing her back gently.

Lisa dropped her head into her crossed arms which now lay on the table.
"Aww, what I'm I going to do I'm hopeless with guys" Lisa said barely audible through talking into her arms.

"Listen I was only playing I don't really like him that much, he's all yours blondie, so what's you're plan of attack?" Sarah asked.

Lisa lifted her head and turned slightly towards Sarah.

"Attack? I was thinking more of playing dead" Lisa said defeated.

"Why? Your gorgeous Lisa. I know you haven't been with a guy in years but we'll help you out. Want us to talk to him for you?" Claire suggested.

"What are we 12 years old?" Lisa said. Sending her friends in seemed desperate, but she was.

After bringing Sarah to countless orgasms with her secret workouts, it made her horny as hell to work her muscles with her friend. But she wasn't gay. It was fun playing with Sarah and all but Lisa needed... well to put it bluntly she needed a good fucking.

"Ok then, it's up too you. Do you want us to talk to him or not?" Claire asked again.

"...yes please" Lisa said softly.

"YAY! Girls on the prowl!" Sarah said jokingly.

"Yeah let's get blondie a cock!" Claire added.

"Jesus Claire! A bit blunt don't you think?!" Lisa asked.

"Well am I wrong?" Claire said with her eyebrows raised.

There was a short pause. Until Lisa stood up straight finally.

"Let's get him!"

The girls decided that they would have to talk to him straight after class in order to get him on his own.

The next day in class, they put the plan into action.

Sarah started slyly texting her friends asking if they knew anything about Ben.
Only Abby replied.
Sarah didn't really know Abby all that well. They had swapped numbers at a party months ago following a long drunken chat where they thought they had a lot in common, truth is they were just drunk.
Abby was a pretty big girl she was on the wrestling team but you wouldn't have thought it to look at her. Abby always tried to dress up very girly. And she was very sweet despite her coach trying to bulk her up.
Sarah read her phone under her desk quickly.

[Ben Adams? Yeah I know Ben...very well]

*shit, Is Abby seeing Ben?*
Sarah thought.

She quickly fired off a text asking Abby what she meant.

[We hooked up once, he wanted to keep it quiet. He had some pretty wild fetish that I won't bore you with right now]

Sarah thought what this 'wild fetish' might be. Abby's a pretty chunky girl maybe he's into fatties.
Sarah smiled to herself

*wow if he does like them fat the he is barking up the wrong tree with more ways then one*

"Ha!..." Sarah made herself laugh out loud causing the whole class to turn and face her.
Her pretty face turned a shade of red.

"Sorry...something err...tickled my leg..."
Sarah offered as an excuse. Everyone seemed to accept this and turned again to face Prof Smith who hadn't stopped talking. Sarah's phone quietly buzzed again. She read the text.

[...oh and just a heads up the guy is fucking huge. Like a pornstar and a donkey had a love child kinda big]

Sarah turned to look at Ben sure he was cute but she wouldn't have thought that he would be packing that much heat.

*Ben? Really?* she thought.

If Sarah hadn't already swore to Lisa that she'd back off him. She would've wanted to test drive that thing herself.

The very second Prof Smith dismissed the class Sarah hurried towards Ben while Lisa snuck out and headed home as planned. She didn't want to hang around and make it even more awkward.

Sarah was going to talk to him before he headed home and Lisa would hear what Sarah had to say back at the house.

"Hey Ben, can I talk to you a minute?" Sarah said, her boobs were still jiggling around from catching up to him. Strangely Ben didn't even seem to notice.

"Erm yeah sure what's up?" Ben questioned.
His eyes didn't really light up when saw Sarah. Which to her was unusual.
With all the students rushing around getting to lunch or to the next class made it impossible to get him alone.
Sarah scanned the hallway quickly and dragged him over to a janitors closet.

"In here!" Sarah said leading him by the hand.

She pushed Ben into the closet and followed closing the door behind her. It was a lot smaller than either of them had thought. But surprisingly well lit. Sarah's chest was practically pushing Ben up against the wall.

"Don't tell me you heard about it. Look I'm flattered but you're not my type" Ben started.

"What? Eww no I'm not here to kiss you in a gross janitors closet" Sarah said half offended.

"Oh sorry, just most girls they hear stories and want to see for themselves" Ben said surprising Sarah by not sounding like he was bragging.

"Well I'm not and hey why aren't I you're type?! What's wrong with me?" Sarah hadn't forgotten about Lisa but thought she might as well press him for info on herself too.

Ben was starting to shuffle around nervously.

"Nothing you're gorgeous, it's just that well I like a certain type" Ben stuttered out.

"I'm I not busty enough for you?"
Sarah said getting quite frustrated. She came closer to him causing her cleavage to swell with the pressure between them.

"I'm I not smart enough for you? Am I too busty? Not toned enough? Mmm? Answer me!"

Ben felt as if the walls were closing in on him.
"Calm down please. You're pretty, smart, and very busty ok?"

"Don't forget toned" Sarah added cheerily. Making Ben feel a little safer in his current predicament.

"No offence but you don't look that toned" Ben said
Then quickly tried to remove the foot from his mouth.
"I mean you look healthy and all just wouldn't have thought as some as busty as you to be toned, normally you top heavy girls are big all over"

Ben wanted to slap himself to stop rambling but feared that job might soon be undertaken by Sarah.

"You wanna see toned, ok then check this out"
Sarah tried to lift her shirt to show off her toned abs but couldn't move back far enough to stop her chest blocking his view. She tried something else. She flexed her arms as hard as she could. This caused her slim arms to produce 2 solid bumps.

"Not bad huh? 13" of toned goodness" She teased slightly.

"Wow that's erm pretty impressive" Ben stuttered seeming nervous again.
Sarah felt something gently hit her leg. Sarah flinched not expecting to be touched.

"What was that?" Sarah half screamed trying to scramble out of the small closet.

"Hey calm down, it was me it was just me" Ben explained

"Oh Jesus Christ i thought it was a rat. You scared the crap out of me..."

She stopped abruptly noticing that both of bens arms were in view. He had them above his head when he was cowering from Sarah screaming.

"What part of you exactly?" Sarah questioned.

"Erm I'm really sorry I just got a little excited but it's gone promise it was just a twitch" Ben rambled.

"You mean that was your..." Sarah started but stopped as she run her hands down to find Bens monster cock. Effortlessly filling both her cupped hands.

"HOLY CRAP BEN!" Sarah squealed as she mentally measured it.

"Shut up, Jesus. Everyone will hear you. Look just don't tell anyone ok?" Ben begged

"Erm ok Sure. Mums the word. Why the secrecy? I thought you'd be telling the world" Sarah asked confused.

"Because all the girls will hear and I'll just be a freak show. I don't want girls chasing me to show it off or to fuck around. I want to meet someone who just likes me. I already have a hard enough time given my fetis..." Ben trailed off.

Sarah caught wind of it though.
"Your fetish?"

"Look forget I said anything" Ben pleaded.

"No way, either you tell me or I'll get it from Abby" Sarah said liking how easy it was for him to spill the beans thus far.

"Abby? Oh crap.. Look ,fine . Just don't tell anyone ok?"

Ben was stuck between a hard place and... Sarah's chest. Which was anything but hard, but right now may as well have been a brick wall.

"Scouts honour" Sarah said with her best smile.

Ben looked at the floor in shame but could only see Sarah's breasts he realised she might think he was staring so quickly looked her in the eyes.

"Let's just say I prefer my girls with a bit of meat on them" Ben said hoping she would get the message.

"Fat girls?" Sarah suggested.

Then Sarah's mind went back to Claire flexing in the kitchen yesterday.

"No I meant muscle idiot" Ben blurted a little too loudly he quickly hushed himself and repeated.

"I like muscular girls ok? That's why when you flexed I...well you were there" Ben said weakly.

"And that's why you have a crush on Claire!" Sarah said out loud but to no one in particular.

"Who told you that?" Ben said shocked yet another secret was out. His bag at this point was without a doubt cat-less.

"Oh please I've seen the way you look at her she's a friend of mine actually and sorry but she's gay" Sarah explained.

"Claire's gay? Really? Aw man aren't there any muscular girls at this place that aren't gay?" He said rhetorically.

Sarah smiled thinking of how much Lisa would blow his tiny mind.
"...I can think of one"


"Well what did he say?" Lisa asked impatiently. The second Sarah walked through the door.

"Calm down will you. I got you a date with him on Saturday at the fairground on the village green you got to met him at 7pm"Sarah said with a smile.

"Yes! Sarah you're amazing!" Lisa squealed.

Lisa flung her huge arms around Sarah and pulled her close effortlessly picking up and swinging her round. Sarah's huge cleavage was up to her chin with the pressure Lisa was exerting.

"Lisa put me down" Sarah managed to get out breathlessly.

Lisa released her friend instantly forgetting how strong she was for a moment.

"Sorry, are you ok?" Lisa asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine silly, don't you have to register all guns as deadly weapons?"
Sarah said as she caressed Lisa's once again covered biceps squeezing and stroking. Lisa flexed slightly, mostly out of surprise that Sarah had grabbed her. Lisa's arms expanded a couple of rock hard inches as she did so. Sarah eyes bulged a little when she felt this and squeezed even harder failing to make a dent. Sarah moved closer to Lisa he could feel her breath softly on her lips.

"I don't suppose you want me to help you work out do you?" Sarah asked gently.

Lisa instantly looked over her shoulder. Then snapped back to face Sarah.

"Keep it down will you?! What if Claire's in her room?" Lisa asked quietly.

"Relax, Claire texted me asking if she could use the gym at my house. That way she can work out and she doesn't have to bump into her stupid homo friends" Sarah explained.

Lisa settled down a little after hearing this.

"Oh ok, but no you cant help me work out. I thought I told you last month. Enough now. Claire nearly caught us last time. Besides I'm dating someone now" Lisa said with a smile.

"But I got you the date don't I deserve some sort of reward? Please just a flex or something. Anything!" Sarah pleaded.

Lisa laughed a little. While Sarah still had some desperation in her face.

"You really are a muscle slave aren't you?" Lisa joked.

Sarah smiled
"Well I'm off to pleasure myself" Sarah said with a playful nod of her head to lisa and walked towards her room. They both knew she wasn't joking either, but it didn't bother anyone.

Just as Sarah walked into her room she heard Lisa shout after her.

"Too much information, Sarah. Too much" Lisa said clearly joking.

After all the pair had been through a few months ago this wasn't exactly shocking news to the short blonde.
Sarah poked her head around the door frame of her room and looked at Lisa.

"Oh and I'm going to be thinking of you while I do it!"
Sarah said trying to wind her friend up. Lisa pulled a fake 'grossed out' face put playfully smiled straight after. Sarah retreated back in to her room leaving Lisa alone in the hallway wearing her baggy sweatshirt.

"Hey Sarah! Want a reward?" Lisa said in a playfully girly way.

Sarah's bedroom door swung open quickly as if she was already waiting to hear this. She just looked at Lisa smiling.

"Only this once ok? and just a flex no more muscle fucking for you!" Lisa said half seriously.

Sarah was too excited by the prospect of a huge flex to worry about Lisa potentially cutting her off.
Sarah didn't say anything instead she just started bouncing from one foot to the other in a happy dance. She would've looked like a kid at Christmas, if it wasn't for the fact that the act made Sarah's huge 32G chest bounce around as if they were trying to escape.

"Ok what do you want legs, abs or arms?" Lisa inquired with a eyebrow raised.

Sarah just stared at Lisa arms through her baggy sweatshirt. Lisa clocked on to this and slowly lifted her arm in a mock flex and watched Sarah's eyes which were following Lisa's arms closely her mouth open. Lisa started having fun by moving her arms around slowly. Sarah's eyes still following.

"Ha you really have got it bad haven't you? I'm not even flexing yet" Lisa said laughing.

"Lisa please stop teasing! Yes I've got it bad ok? Please" Sarah was getting desperate.

"Ok Tits McGee, relax" Lisa looked at her arm and started to flex but quickly stopped.

"I said no teasing. Please!!" Sarah yelped.

"I just don't want to ruin my sweatshirt" Lisa said as she took it off revealing her seriously buff body covered only by a slim white t-shirt.
Her abs although relaxed were still lightly visible through her shirt. Only her forearms were showing. Sarah could make out Lisa's body a lot more clearly without the sweater. If she was excited a moment ago she was really feeling it now.

Lisa pulled her tight sleeve up onto her solid shoulder revealing her completely buff looking arm. At that moment it looked as though it belonged on a off season body builder. Not a 18 year old blonde gymnast.
Lisa held her arms by her sides and looked at Sarah.

"I guess you'd like some 'inspiration' before you go and play with yourself huh?" She asked a dumbfounded Sarah.

Sarah just looked back blankly only able to nod slowly in reply.

Lisa smiled, looked around to see if the coast was clear. Then she started to flex her bicep with one arm while the other hand held her sleeve atop of her shoulder. Sarah gasped as she saw Lisa's arm explode with muscle, Sarah's knees became weak and she quickly held onto the door frame for support. It had been about a month since Sarah had seen Lisa flex on purpose, she'd forgotten how truly huge it was. Lisa's bicep seemed unnatural on a girl her size. If it had looked like a off season bicep before now it was defenatly in muscle season! It was pointless holding her own sleeve up. Lisa's shoulders had grown so much to support her own arm that it had made the shirt skin tight at the top. Lisa wasn't pumped but knew she could give her friend a little more of a show. She had got her a date with Ben so felt that she owed her that much. Lisa poured on a little more power making a sexy moan leave her lips. Her bicep seemed to visibly rise another inch, angry looking veins had now started to show. Small sounds of rips and tears seemed to fill the quiet hallway. Lisa looked to a dazed Sarah still clinging onto the doorway, her knuckles now white. She couldn't tear her eyes off Lisa's massive 19" bicep. Lisa smiled loving the reaction Sarah never failed to give her.

"Enough inspiration?" Lisa said with a cheeky wink.

When she heard this Sarah instantly slammed her door leaving Lisa alone in the hallway again. Lisa relaxed her flex and pulled her sleeve back down her arms. Knowing full well what her display had done to Sarah, Lisa started chuckling to herself. She stopped once she noticed her shoulders alone had ripped a small tear in her t-shirt.

"Ah again?" Lisa said to herself as she examined the small rip. She realised that her arms were exposed and quickly put her oversized sweatshirt back on before Claire walked in.
Lisa jumped when she heard a girl scream. Then beamed a wide smile when she realised it was just Sarah.


Lisa was glad that no one was around to her that. Trying to explain why Sarah was screaming Lisa's name at the point of orgasm, may have been a difficult sell.
The front door swung open.

"What the hell was that noise?!"

Claire had bounding in. Lisa looked at her for a moment terrified. Willing her brain to think of a plausible answer and hoping to god that Sarah didn't scream again.

"That was me, I erm stubbed my toe" Lisa offered.

"Ouch, painful I hate it when that happens" Claire said relieved that no one was on fire or being attacked.

Sarah opened the door with a gentle smile on her face. Clearly her recent 'activities' had the desired effect, she was relaxed and very happy despite being covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her slightly matted hair and worn out expression was noticed by Claire instantly. Mainly to her it was because she was looking incredibly sexy.

"Wow Sarah looking good. You been working out too?" Claire asked.

Lisa looked on nervously. Sarah took a little look at herself she was indeed looking stupidly sexy. Her thin tank top had stuck to her chest with the sweat making her nipples poke out. Her tight tanned abs were exposed once again thanks to her 32Gs bunching up most of the tank top had to offer.

"Working out? Erm yeah sure just a few sit ups" Sarah said weakly.

She looked quickly to Lisa eyes hoping her face would tell her if she was just heard cumming.
Lisa just shrugged not really knowing if her whole toe stubbing thing had actually worked.

"Yeah I did abs too" Claire said drifting off unable to take her eyes off Sarah.

Sarah had just cum in the last 30 seconds over Lisa's monster biceps but she was already getting worked up again thinking about Claire working her abs.

"Aren't they so hard?" Sarah said biting her bottom lip.

"...The exercises I mean!" Sarah continued.

She sexily run her hand to gently touch her own neck. Making her bust bulge slightly. Lisa felt the sexual tension in the room. Not only that but she felt like she was being a third wheel.

Claire chuckled a little bit. Not once breaking her gaze from Sarah.

"Yeah pretty hard I suppose. It's been a little while. Managed to crank out 500 crunches, it wont be long until I get my abs back!" Claire said as she lifted up her tight long sleeve workout hoodie revealing her pumped 6 pack.

Both Sarah and Lisa gasped.

"Wow, get your abs back? They look like they never left you!" Lisa told her.

Claire flashed a little smile to Lisa and then turned to Sarah who was still staring mouth open at Claire's amazing abs. Lisa knew exactly what Sarah was thinking.

"Thanks,I'm just trying to tone these back up. I seem to put muscle on really easily, good genes I guess. What do you think Sarah? Not bad huh?" Claire asked genuinely interested in what Sarah had to say.

Sarah said nothing. Instead she had the same glazed over look in her eyes which moments ago was reserved for Lisa's bulging arms.

"Sarah?" Claire asked again still presenting her abs.

"" Sarah said so quietly that she was unsure herself if the word had been said out loud. It was just loud enough for the girls to hear.

Claire seemed to develop a devious grin and tensed her abs hard. She could tense even harder if she wanted to, but not without the effort being very evident to Lisa. She didn't want to make it seem obvious that she was trying as hard as she was.

Sarah forgot to breathe for a few seconds as Claire's already impressive abs seemed to expand ever so slightly, causing more definition. Sarah was getting horny again, very horny. She had a huge fetish for muscular girls and here were the 2 biggest girls she knew showing her just that. Sarah felt herself losing control. She couldn't hide in her room again Claire would follow her in to tell her about her day as normal. Thinking on her feet, she ran to the bathroom knowing she could lock herself in.

"Excuse me...I've erm... Got to use the girls room" Sarah said weakly as she was halfway past her friends.

"Sarah?... What's wrong with her?" Claire asked Lisa after getting no response from Sarah.

"I don't think she's been feeling too well recently" Lisa said secretly quite pleased at herself for thinking of yet another great lie so quickly. Then instantly felt bad for lying to her close friend.

"Oh poor baby, is she ok?" Claire asked not really expecting an answer as she strode towards the locked bathroom door.

Sarah was sat on the corner of the the bath pleasuring herself yet again this time picturing rubbing herself up and down Claire's surprising defined midsection.

"Are you ok in there?" Claire voiced seemed to boom through the door echoing around the small bathroom. Sarah stopped what she was doing quickly. Unsure what Claire had been told.

"Yeah...erm fine thanks. I'll met you in the lounge" Sarah said hoping it would satisfy Claire.

Realising that she might be panting a little loudly she grabbed a small towel and bit down on it. She began right back where she left off, and came hard a short moment later. She muffled a scream into the towel, which thankfully dialled down the noise just enough.

Sarah sheepishly walked back into the lounge after popping to her bedroom to get changed into some pyjamas. If the first orgasm had made her tank top a little transparent due to the sweat she worked up then the second orgasm made her look practically x rated.

Lisa and Claire both looked up from the tv to see Sarah wander in. Sarah shot Claire a comforting smile to reassure her that she was in fact alright and Claire seemed to accept it not pressing the issue.

"So how'd it go in there?" Claire asked

Sarah's eyes shot open with panic

"I wasn't doing anything in there!" Sarah blurted followed by a nervous laugh.

Claire just look at her friend confused.

"I think she meant with Ben" Lisa added

"Ha, honestly you are all boobs and no brains" Claire laughed.

Sarah sat down on the arm chair across from the girls, and started to watch the tv. Both Claire and Lisa looked at each other and laughed.

"Well?" Claire asked.

Sarah looked around confused as to why everyone was laughing at her.

"What?" Sarah said.

"What happened with Ben?!" Claire said finally.

"Oh! Ben. Didn't Lisa tell you? I got her a hot date" Sarah said with a smile.

Claire looked pleased about this and turned to Lisa who was already smiling after hearing the news again.

"Way to go blondie!" Claire said patting Lisa's firm shoulder.

"And your so meant for each other he likes muscle girls too!" Sarah said happy for her body conscious friend.

Lisa's eyes shot to Sarah paired with an expression of horror. Only at that point did she remember that Lisa didn't want anyone else to know about her incredibly strong body. Sarah looked at Lisa with her best 'sorry' face.

"Oh so that's why he keep staring at me. He really did like a bit of beef" Claire said, gently laughing at how ironic it was. She continued.

"I don't get it why does that mean you 2 are meant for each other? I'm the one with muscle round here" She said sounding confused.

Lisa was still looking at Sarah. Her face however had dropped. The game was up she was going to have to tell her everything she didn't want too.

"That's not strictly true" Sarah said shyly.

"Sarah!" Lisa barked hoping she would back down.

"Well it's true Lisa. It's really nothing to be ashamed of. Besides I'm sick of all the secrecy" Sarah barked back.

Lisa looked defeated.

"Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" Claire demanded.

Lisa and Sarah looked at each other. This was really it. Claire was going to know everything.

"Lisa has muscles, like amazing earth shattering muscles" Sarah told Claire she started to day dream upon remembering seeing them.

"Yeah right, you 2 had me going for a minute then" Claire said relieved that it was just a poor joke.

"It's true..." Lisa finally said sadly.

"Lisa, Im sure you have muscles you've been doing gymnastics for years but i have 16" arms all of which are pure muscle. They're bigger than a lot of female bodybuilders. Not to mention I'm only 19 years old" Claire stated matter of factly.

Lisa didn't really know what to say.

"Show her. It's the only way she'll believe you" Sarah said.

Lisa finally nodded then stood up and looked down at the still sat Claire. Claire wasn't offended or anything just indifferent about this wild lie the pair seemed to be convinced of. Lisa looked across to Sarah then back at Claire. Just like before she took her sweatshirt off standing there in her baggy tracksuit bottoms and her white t-shirt.

"Ok I'm so sorry that I kept this from you don't hate me ok?" Lisa said weakly.

Claire didn't know what was going on she knew Lisa for a long time but not once had she seen her like this. She seemed to be truly troubled by some sort of burden. Claire nearly laughed just to break the awkward tension in the room but decided against it, instead she thought to comfort her troubled looking friend.

"Lisa it's ok I'd never hate you" Claire said making sure to look into Lisa's eyes.

Claire was taking in Lisa's body. She hadn't seen her without a sweatshirt on in ages. Her body looked buff, really buff. Not nesercaily jacked just big like a typical jock. She thought she could make out a hint of a six pack. But figured it made sense. After all when have you seen a gymnast without abs. She noticed Lisa's arms were big but not very toned. It just seemed like it was covered in a little layer of baby fat.

"Ok here goes" Lisa said.

She took a deep breath in making her chest expand lifting her shirt slightly. From where Sarah was sitting she could just see the very bottom of Lisa's untensed but still unbelievable abs. Lisa looked at the floor and slowly lifted her arms up straight. Claire looked at Sarah quickly wondering why she was gripping the chair arms so tightly. She looked back to Lisa who had now started to flex painfully slowly. Her arms had jumped to attention imedatily, causing definition to show itself with the effort. Claire's jaw was beginning to drop. Sarah had crossed her legs hard in a bid to keep her impending orgasm at bay. Lisa was starting to moan, her face starting to show the effort required to perform such a godly flex. Her biceps had grown to slowly met the top of her sleeves. Lisa arms started shaking gently. Her biceps were now showing veins and continued to grow which was making them start to fight her sleeves. One sleeve was starting to move aside gently to make way for Lisa's huge bicep. It only went as far as her equally impressive shoulder. Causing it to bunch up. The other sleeve wasn't so lucky, arrogantly refusing to budge. Lisa's muscle was not going to be stopped by thin cotton. It had already been stretched beyond it limits and was now starting to tear revealing the full 19" rock solid bicep
Lisa was satisfied that she had proved her point and let her arms fall to her sides.

"Ok you can hate me now..." Lisa said it was meant for Claire but found she couldn't yet look her in the eye instead keeping her gaze on the floor.

Claire was gobsmacked.

"Lisa, you are incredible! I'm sorry I ever doubted you!" Claire said still not quite believing it.

"You don't hate me then?" Lisa asked.

"Hate you? Hell no. I'm very jealous now though" Claire replied smiling.

Lisa smiled back very relieved that she still had a friend.
Sarah was curled up in a ball on the lounge chair biting the cushion, face red and a drop of sweat running down her beautiful face.

"Sarah?" Claire asked concerned.

Sarah didn't move in fact just didn't seem to notice that Claire had just called her.

"She's erm... Having a little special time" Lisa said trying to be delicate.

"What? Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Claire asked.

Just then Sarah made a sexy little groan still unaware of Lisa an Claire talking.

"Erm yeah she's recently discovered a huge fetish about muscle girls and well she gets a little ...excited at times" Lisa said cringing a tiny bit.

"So you're saying you flexing just made her cum?!" Claire said not quite believing it.

"Well I wouldn't put it quite so bluntly but yeah she's pretty out of it right now"

"Why don't you seem surprised? How do you know all this?" Claire asked.

"......I'll let her explain" Lisa said nodding towards Sarah. Lisa then looked away and sat down on the sofa. She felt her face turning red through embarrassment.

Sarah managed to compose herself again, Her heaving chest acomperkned with her now slightly damp pyjamas was enough to make any man lose control at the sight of her. Claire was defenatly having a spot of trouble trying to focus on what she was meant to be asking her friend about.

"Oh Jesus Christ..." Sarah whispered after her third orgasm in the last 10 minutes.

"Sarah what's this about your huge fetish?" Claire asked smiling she was almost singing it playfully.

Sarah snapped back into reality sitting up right anknlolging Claire's question.

"You know about that then huh?" She said softly.

"Well to recap. Lisa just ripped her sleeve by flexing biceps bigger than my head! And you've just cum in front of us by the sheer sight of it" Claire reeled.

"I'm sorry we didn't tell you it just kind of happened. Are you mad?" Sarah asked.

"Is it just Lisa's? Are you gay now? How long have you known?" Claire was starting to ramble.

Sarah and Lisa moved around and sat either side and told her everything about their little relationship. From Sarah watching Claire flex at the park to being muscle fucked by Lisa in Sarah's basement.
After a few minutes Claire slumped back into the sofa.

"Wow that's a lot to take it in" Claire sighed.

"That's what I said to Lisa in the basement" Sarah said laughing at her own joke. Hoping it would break the silence following their story.

"Sorry was that in poor taste?" Sarah said in a childish voice hoping it would defuse any anger they felt towards her.

Claire looked at Sarah for a moment

"So every time I flexed and you stayed quiet it was because you were getting turned on by me?" Claire asked.

She had always found Sarah very sexy. As her friend and that fact that Sarah wasn't gay she didn't think she had much of a chance, until now.

"Erm...well...yes. It's just female muscle for some reason" Sarah's face began to instantly blush.

"So if I do this?..." Claire was still looking at Sarah's face to gauge her reaction. Claire started to slowly pull her hoodie up making sure to show her remarkable abs once more. Sarah locked on straight away, her eyes looking like she was a deer caught in headlights.

"Claire don't...please?" Sarah pleaded.
Sarah was getting horny again amazed that her new fetish made her libedo recover so quickly.

"Or this?..."
Claire started to flex her bicep making the sleeves on her old hoodie very tight as soon as she did so.

Sarah gasped out loud and held her hand over her mouth.

"I've got to go!" Sarah screamed as she ran back to her room slamming the door behind her.

"Well that was a little cruel" Lisa said to Claire clearly not having the same level of understanding as she did.

"Oh come on that was fun, so little miss muscles, tell me about this date"...

The world moved at the same pace and life moved on normally to everyone apart from Lisa. Saturday night wasn't rolling around quick enough. She was briefly starting to entertain the idea that the universe was slowing time to play a trick on her.

When Saturday finally arrived lisa found herself surrounded by Claire and Sarah asking her questions about what she was going to wear or how she was feeling.

"I don't know ok?...I haven't been in a date in years. Ive only got tracksuits to wear. I really don't want to scare him off" Lisa interrupted.

Claire sat Sarah down and took Lisa by the hand.

"Ok here's what we're going to do. I have some girly dresses in XL. If Sarah's telling the truth and this guy really does like muscular girls, then you won't have to worry about scaring him off. Sarah you stay there, you like muscles too. Lisa and I are going to play dress up and if you like it he'll like it right?" Claire said not really asking.

Lisa gave Sarah a quick 'save me' glance. Sarah just shrugged.

"To be fair that does make some kind of twisted sense" Sarah said in reply to Lisa's look.

Claire ran towards her room dragging Lisa behind her. Her door closed and Sarah sat alone on the sofa. She was giddy that her cute muscle girl was about to give her a fashion show. The door swung open minutes later to abjections from Lisa.

"I'm not sure about this"

"Oh hush you look amazing"

Claire ran in the lounge ahead of her blonde friend to announce her entrance to Sarah.

"Ladies and lesbians, I give you Lisa!"

Nothing happened as Lisa just stood in the doorway making Claire rush over and drag her into the centre of the room in front of Sarah.
She was wearing a almost skin tight low cut Lycra white top with short sleeves that stopped halfway down Lisa's biceps. The dress tapered to a tight black pencil skirt that stop at her knees. Her legs bulged with every step Lisa made, her thighs definition was just visible if you looked hard enough. Lisa's calfs were looking enormous thanks to Claire's black high heels. They were threatening to rip the nude colour tights the Claire had made her wear. Lisa looked amazing.
Sarah and Claire were both getting hot just at the sight of her. Sarah could make out her six pack with no problem thanks to the figure hugging top. Meanwhile Claire was fixated on her thin waist and her (check bra size) bust which was made even bigger by Claire's ill fitting wonder bra.
Claire was very proud of her creation

"Ben is one lucky bastard, do you have to go? I want you all to myself" Sarah said through deep breaths. She meant it.

"Mmm me too" Claire chimed in. This time her playful flirting directed at Lisa for once.

Lisa beamed a huge smile.

"Really you like it? Thanks girls" Lisa said smiling. She looked across the room down at the hallway to the front door.

"Did you hear that?" Lisa asked.

The girls just looked at each other, apparently they hadn't.
They were all quiet listening for this mysterious noise. Time time a clear car horn sounded from outside. All 3 girls rushed to the window. Lisa lacked behind due to her heels. They saw a big red classic convertible car parked just outside of her house, Ben sat in the driving seat.

"Shit he's here? And he's early" Lisa panicked.

Claire spoke up.
"Ah my bad"

"What?!" Lisa snapped she was starting to wonder what was going on.

"Sorry, but he asked me where you lived at college yesterday. I figured he was picking you up and forgotten the address. I didn't know he wasn't meant to come here. Neither did you I presume. Must be why he's early, to catch you at home. Good thing you're ready" Claire explained.

"What do I do?!"

Sarah looked at Lisa and patted her on her firm ass.

"Go get him!" She encouraged.

Lisa looked at the 2 and took a deep breath making her breasts rise to popoursations she hadn't seen her chest do before. She nodded to her friends before nervously walking out of the house towards the car.

Ben had just moved to town and wanted to impress. So he borrowed his dads big classic car. He had the intention of taking Lisa to the fair in style but as soon as he saw her legs bulging through her tight skirt as she strolled up to the car he had another idea.
Lisa opened the heavy car door and Ben got a closer look at her breathtaking legs as she slowly stepped in.

*holy shit, Sarah wasn't lying her calfs are massive*

"Nice car" Lisa said with a smile.

"Nice dress" Ben retorted.

"Thanks" Lisa made a mental note to thank Claire.

She couldn't really hide her incredible legs but she was trying her best not to bunch up her abs as they were clearly noticeable through the white Lycra.
She thought Ben may be a fan of muscles like Sarah told her, but she didn't want to scare him off if he wasn't.

Ben revved up the engine and they shot off down the empty road. It wasn't long before Ben missed the turning for the fair.

"Erm I think you missed the turning, the fairs back there" Lisa said gently.

"I'm new here I thought we could go to the fair after you showed me round a little bit?" Ben said hoping he could get her alone somewhere.

"Yeah ok, there's not too much to see around this sleepy town though" Lisa said she was a little excited that they had briefly broke from dates plans.

Lisa showed him all the small areas of the town, shops, parks etc. where she could, she would try and tell a little about it and things she thought were worth a 19 year old knowing.

Ben showed interest but he wanted to get to the real issue.

"Where's the drive thru cinema then?" Ben asked.

Lisa held in a little chuckle.

"This place is pretty small and it's in the middle of nowhere. We don't have a drive thru" Lisa said lightheartedly.

"No drive thru? Where does everyone go to make out then?" Ben enquired seriously but tried to pass it off as a joke.

Lisa looked at Ben who had his eyes firmly on the road.

*god he looks cute*

She decided to go for it and broke into a smile.

"That's easy, hilllock woods. All the kids call it lip lock woods...want me to show you how to get there?" Lisa said in her sexiest voice possible.

Ben quickly turned to Lisa and smiled back.

"Let's go" he said trying to act cool.

They followed a small gravel path and quickly arrived at the small clearing in the dark empty woods. Ben turned the engine off and looked at Lisa.

"Actually do you mind if we keep the engine on? I'd like the heater on a little?" Lisa asked sweetly.

Ben preferred it off as this car was very thirsty. But he was as his dad raised him, a gentleman.
He smiled at Lisa and turned it back on forgetting he left it in gear stalling the car and making it jolt forward by a foot. The car slid a little on the wet mud.

"Oops sorry, you are ok? I'll just move it back a bit"

Ben was hoping it would smoothly reverse back onto the small Tarmac path providing better traction. The last thing he want was get his dads car stuck. He hadn't asked to borrow it after all as his dad was out of town.
Bens worst fears came to fruition. He revved the car angrily. Nothing but noise. The heavy car was indeed stuck in the wet mud.

"Shit!" Ben yelp as he banged his head lightly against the steering wheel.

"It's ok we can push it back" Lisa offered.

"One of us would have to steer, this cars tracking is all off it'd prob swerve and hit a tree the moment we start moving it. Besides this cars really heavy" Ben explained clearly upset.

"My dad is going to kill me. We're going to have to get a cab back into town and a tow truck tomorrow" Ben continued saying his plan of action to himself.

"Mind if I give it a try?" Lisa asked in a soft voice.

"If you're looking for me to humour you, then sure. But this car is all chrome and steel its must weight more than a ton. I don't think you could move it. Even with those legs" Ben said smiling as he looked at Lisa's legs, even sitting down and relaxed they looked ready for action.

Lisa smiled and took her shoes off. She opened the door seeming to accept his challenge. Bens smiled disappeared.

"Don't be silly Lisa you'll get wet out there" Ben shouted to her.

Lisa had already walked to the front of the car. Resting her hands on the huge bonnet, she found a large tree trunk rooted to the ground firmly. Lisa propped both feet on the trunk forcing her to bend her legs to get in front of the car.

"Just start revving!" Lisa shouted to the ground.

Ben only just heard her demand. He knew the car was stuck fast. It was never going to roll forwards and definalty not backwards. He thought he might as well try. If anything to make her feel like she was being helpful. He put the car into reverse and started revving. The front wheels just span going nowhere. Lisa heard the car and took it as her cue, she started pushing hard. So hard in fact that she could hear the tree groan with the weight pushing against it. Lisa's thighs started to fight each other for space, they were swelling so much. Lisa needed to get her legs locked once she did that she knew that nothing could push back against her and win. Her face went tight and she was completely unaware of any noises she was making. Moans and groans of sheer effort and will power were pouring out of mouth. Ben nearly stopped revving until he noticed the car was moving backwards!

*no fucking way!* Ben was in a state of shock.

Lisa's keep heaping on the power her quads had seemed to inflate to deal with pushing over a ton of steel. She growled to herself and she could feel her legs starting to straighten out. Once it was moving it seemed easier but by no means easy. Lisa realised at that point she loved feeling her muscles burn. She needed more she doubled her efforts and the car jerked back 6 inches then suddenly stopped.

She was too into the moment to notice that Ben had turned off the engine and put on the handbrake, since the car was already safely on the gravel path. A amazed Ben had jumped out of the car and ran to speak to Lisa. What he saw rendered him speechless. Lisa was still trying to push the car. Her legs were massive, Ben figured that each of her thighs were as big as his waist. The huge amount of weight she was trying to push was supporting her off the floor. She looked like she was performing a horizontal squat lift with a car! She was starting to roar as she kept pushing, forcing the car to move a few inches. Just then the tree supporting her feet cracked loudly causing her to lose her footing. She fell into the mud making her snap out of her little trance. Lisa became completely embarrassed. She felt Bens hands around her helping her up.

"Ben, I'm so sorry I'll walk from here" Lisa said sadly thinking she blew the first date in years.

She started to walk off, Ben rushed towards her and grabbed her waist spinning her round to face him.

"What are you talking about? That was incredible! You just saved me from being killed by my dad! Besides that was the hottest thing I've ever seen!"
Ben was rambling on still in a state of shock.

"Really?" Lisa asked. Trying to crack a smile despite being covered in mud.

"I thought Sarah would've told you. I have a crazy thing for muscular girls, and you just blew my mind" Ben said happily.

Lisa was smiling uncontrollably now.

"So erm how big do you like them?" Lisa asked hoping she wasn't coming across like she was making fun of him.

"The bigger the better. Now come on, let's get you washed up" Ben said as they both got into the car.

Ben drove back to his dads mansion glad that they had it themselves for tonight.

"Wow you live here?!" Lisa said surprised at the size of bens house.

"Yeah just me and my dad but he's out of town until tomorrow night" Ben said happily.

He lead her into the empty house.


Continued in Sarahs Discovery part 5

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