episode 12 Power Granny vs nature

Power Granny Episode 12
By lilguy [email protected]
Power Granny stops national disasters and make a big decision

Bettie Aka Power Granny was shopping in the Village. She in her less amazonish form but she still looked pretty sexy although a bit short then her Amazon height. Her breast now didn’t defy gravity. And she just looked on the HOT Gmilf stage instead of her normal unbelievable hotness she has as Power Granny. She wore wire brim glasses and had a bag full of Candles. She was wearing a tight little pink dress.

“Wow those a lot of Candles” The Clerk said

“Well you know us little old ladies. We like to have scented Candles to read and knit at night” She said

“Good for you. Nice your getting excise” The Clerk said

Bettie made sure nobody was watching her. She went behind the Alley and flew through the sky. She went to her HQ and grew to her regular height and size. Her gigantic breast and biceps ripped through her clothes. Her boobs were like two giant beach balls sticking out like walking cartoons. Her nipples were 4 inches and rock hard.

She walked over to her Love toy Timmy who was tied up to a torture rack. She smiled licking her lips. She still had her wire brims glasses. She loved to play games, and she despite his protest he loved it to. After all telepathic powers were one of the powers she now had. She lit the candles.

“Sorry for running out a Wax honey. But luckily brought enough Candles to last ALLLLL night” She said

She poured the Wax on his balls. Her moaned through the ball gag.

“No talking with your mouth filled sweetie” Power Granny laughed

The distress signal rang

“You’re not getting out that easy, not this time” She said

The Phone rang some more just as she was pouring two candles

“Dammit” She said

She grabbed the Phone.

“Uh Hu…Yes”

She grabbed his ball gag off

“Boy what you know about national disasters. They said several are breaking out”

“Ummm” He said “Oooo”

She was pour wax as he spoke

“Come on child, spit It out”

“Due to high meta Villains activity the earth had been getting shaken up. Scientist say that where due to a Day of Disaster, where the Earth itself will go out of wack, should last mmmm a mmmmmmm day. But that day could kill millions” He said

She untied him

“Find boy” She said putting on her suit “Be back, and don’t even THINK about taking that dildo out your ass

She Flew off

She heard him in her ear intercom

“Satellite said Earth Quake in Tokyo”

Power Granny flew across the Globe at amazing speed. She flew catching people falling through building. Pictures flash and people scream the name of Power Granny. She put a man down on his feet and gave him a playful pinch on the ass

“Don’t worry, everything will be ok” She said in the native language

She punches through the ground and went through the Earth. Earth Quakes were popping on over. She entered the center of the earth. The lava washes over her like hot water soothing her skin. Her clothes burn. She really needed to sew some indestructible fabric sooner or later, not. With amazing strength she grabbed the earth planets and put them back in line.

She rocked out like a drills through the ground of Tokyo. People watch her and snapped pictures as the lights of the city flashed off her perfect body. Drips of Lava dripped down her naked body making her body glisten. Her abs was like steal, nice and six packs. Her legs were long and tick. Her pussy was dripping wet with cum. using her power always got her excited. Her hair was dripping down over her breast showing peak of nipples she was surrounded by 100’s erection

“Mmmm love to play with your boys but right now, I got work to do”

She fingers her cunt and wiped her stick finger across the lips of one smaller balding man. He tasted her sweet cum making his faint with a big smiled. Power Granny laughed and flew. She looked up and saw a gigantic wave. With a force of the mighty winds she flew up and blew. Every muscles tense as the waters blew back.

She Flew passed Yellow Stone putting out a fire but twisting around like a Tornadoes and sending it in the sky. Fires were popping over the world and she spun them all out.

“Tornadoes in The South Power Granny” Timmy said

“Sigh a woman’s work never done”

She flew through the sky shooting laser out of her eyes, to knock out Medicine balls size hail. The skis seem to light up like fireworks as she went faster then she ever went before. She dive through the hurricanes disbanding the winds, using are her knowledge of science she got from the mad scientist she drained.

The hurricanes were split into mini ones and she cut through them. The forces of the winds were like a 1000 bullets trains but barely budge her. She cut through each one. Her red hair blowing in the wind she made them smaller until they were gone.

She wipes some ice chips off her

Hour Later

“Volcanoes erupting on the Islands across the coast. Better stop them” Timmy said

“Love it when you TAKE charge” Power Granny tease

She flew


People ran for their dear’s lives, screaming for help

“Not worry boys, mama here” Power Granny said

She held giant bolder she got from avalanche, and landslide. There were over 100 feet tall. She held them with ease, like an ant lifting a giant rock. She stuffed it in the volcanoes. The people cheered.

4 Hours later

She was stopped one my Avalanche in Antarctica.

“That takes care of that” She said

“That seem to be all the disasters” Timmy said

“Honey bear keep that Dildo and go to the sleep chambers and take a nap. You need your rest”

“Where you going”

“To get some Japanese food” Power Granny said


She was in the middle of the business district. She flew down and whistled. Men and women came out. Her pussy was dripping wet down and she stood there in a triumph pose.

“COME AND GET IT” She said

2 days later

Bodies lay across the city like a gas bomb just been dropped there, naked bodies. Men dicks were flaccid and they were knocked out with a big smile on their face. Women were knocked out, their pussies dripping. Some people mouths overflowed with breast milk or pussy juice.

Power Granny stood covered head to toe in cum. She licked her finger and sucked the cum out of a man’s penis by holding him by his legs. She slurped it greededly dropping him down. Power Granny gargled as cum came out of her mouth before swallowing it

She wiped her lips.

“That what I call find eating” She said

She flew off. It was every week you save the world. She felt good. Life was short, and she decided today she was going to make a best of it. She dived into the ocean cleaning her off and flew out into the sun. She let the sun bathe her naked body. The weather was perfect, after the storms

Her HQ

She dialed on the sleep chamber waking him up. His body was refreshed and healed from the fucking he gave her. She laugh seeing her still had a dildo in his ass.

“Baby sit on my lap” she said

He sat down. She lifted his chin up with her finger.

“You know despite all the teasing, it’s only that, I love you. You’re my little darling”

“Yes Power Granny” He smiled happily “Love you to”

“Close your eyes” She said

He did as told. She slipped something on his finger.

“Open them” She said

It was a ring

He smiled and cried into her arms hugging her

“Guess that a Yes to marriage” Power Granny said

“Yes…Yes” He said

She held him

“Now where were we” She asked

He smiled

“I will get the candles” He said

Interactive version of Power Granny adventures can be found here


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