Our Wive's Muscles-Part 1

My wife Pam and I were over our friends, Tom and lisa's house last Saturday for a BBQ. The women were in the kitchen getting everything ready, while Tom and I were setting things up out side in the back yard for the BBQ. Both our wives are very pretty women, Pam is 5'7" tall, not heavy, but a little stocky, Lisa is 5'6" tall with about the same body type. Neither wife works out, or goes to a gym, they both just at right to stay healthy. At the table, with thw wives, and Tom and I having one too many beers, we started to talk about our wives arms. I asked Pam to flex hers, Tom asked Lisa to do the same. Both wives had nice little bulges on their arms. Lisa had an idea, she went into the house to get a tape measure, to see which one of them had the bigger bicep. Lisa's bicep was a 1/4 of an inch bigger then Pam's was. Pam wasn't too happy about this, so Pam suggested that both women should arm wrestle to see who was stronger. The wives did, and Lisa won again. I thought at the time it was a joke, when Lisa said: Now we know who the real woman here is! Flexing her guns and smiling as she said that. Driving home from Tom's and Lisa' house, Pam was very silent in the car. I asked her what was wrong, Pam said she was just a little tired from being out all day, but it was the judging of her muscles, against her soon to be ex-friend that got Pam thinking how to get even with Lisa, for what she said about being the better woman. What did Tom and I start? Monday morning, while I was at the office, Pam went to Sears at the mall, where she ran into Lisa in the sports department. Both our wives were looking at weight sets and weight benches. Lisa said to Pam, I don't think you should by one of these weight sets, you may hurt your shelf with it Pam. Pam replied: I know I could do it and out muscle you in no time. Lisa replied: Is that a challenge Pam? Pam said yes it was! Both our wives shook hands on this, and made a bet, that in six months, they both would not only be in buff rock hard female body builder shape, but will have a boxing match at the lake in the park, at that time, to see who really was the better woman. Both wives shook on it, bought the weight equipment, both had the equipment deleivered to their homes. and went off in different directions to buy work out clothes, and books on boxing. End of Part 1

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