Orgasm Juice

Orgasm Juice
By Kaleb

I'm sorry, world. At least I can say that I changed the world. For the better? You must be the judge of that. Let me tell you my story.

First, you have to understand that Janet was awesome. A cute, petite, whip-smart brunette with a perky attitude and quick with a comeback, I fell in love with her the first time we met at a faculty function. It was a typical biotech department party, with old professors droning on and on about their research while us graduate students kept looking at our watches and trying to decide when it would be okay to slip out.

It was her laugh that made me notice her. In a room otherwise humming with hushed voices, her tinkling laugh cut through the murmur like crystal struck for attention. She had been cornered by an eighty-year-old professor emeritus and was doing her best to distract him so she could slip away. She was cute at five-five and a hundred and ten, with small pert breasts and long dark hair. I was immediately attracted to her.

I saved her that night by interrupting with some excuse or other, and we were able to slip out together before the speeches began. We spent that night at a local pub and talked about our work, mine with treatments for neuromuscular degenerative diseases and her as the computer tech for our department, trying to teach the dinosaurs how to use a mouse.

Well, one thing led to another, and we ended up at my apartment. I plied her with wine and music and so forth and we ended up on the couch, with me feeling her up, and her moaning. Soon, we went to my bed where I undressed her to expose her cute, tight little body, and she undressed me to expose my reasonably fit physique and - let me be frank - rather sizable penis.

She gasped when she saw it. I know other guys are envious, but I had always been slightly embarrassed with the size of my dick. All through high school I had to live with the stares of my classmates in the locker room. It didn't help that I could barely keep it under control. My first involuntary erections in school were also traumatic, since there was no place to hide the thing. It would bulge grotesquely from my groin, either snaking down my leg, or if I was wearing briefs, popping over my waistband under my shirt.

Oh sure, girls were curious, but when I actually got hot and heavy with a girl, she was usually freaked out by its size. The best I got in high school was a blowjob or two, awkward and inexpert.

So, now that I've built it up, let me describe it. When flaccid it's six inches long and circumcised, with big egg-sized testicles. When erect it grows to a twelve-inch monster, thick and veiny and looking like it's going to explode at any second. I should have gone into porn, I guess, but being smart and nerdy I opted for science.

Janet gasped at the size of it and eagerly started in licking and sucking and basically making my day. Before I could go off, Janet lay back and begged me to enter her.

"Please, please put that rod in me," she panted.

I positioned myself over her and slowly guided the head into her pussy.

"Oh god! It's so huge!" she cried, just like all the others.

Now, I expected that she'd give up pretty soon, as my rod is just too big for most girls, but she seemed a girl possessed. Janet grunted and pushed and rammed that thing into her like crazy, and it wasn't soon before she pushed me over the top. My dick shot a huge load into her as I rammed it as deep as I could into her sopping pussy.

"No, not yet! I haven't come yet! No!" she screamed angrily, pounding at my back as I filled her.

I pulled out and fell to the mattress beside her.

"Dammit!" she said. "I was hoping you could do it."

"What do you mean? That was great!"

"Oh yeah, great for you, but I didn't come!" she said, sadly. "I never come."

"What do you mean, you never come?"

"I don't have orgasms. I feel the buildup, but the payoff never comes for me," she said.

Janet told me her story. She grew up with three older sisters, all of them rather promiscuous. One was a cheerleader, another a gymnast, and the third extremely athletic and on the girl's softball, tennis, basketball and track teams. Growing up they would all discuss their various conquests, whether it be a football captain, the big-dicked star basketball player or even one of the other cheerleaders, and the highlight of their story's was always the orgasm. Single, multiple, long or short, easy or hard, whatever: their stories always ended with a bang. It sounded awesome.

So it was a cruel revelation when Janet went to high school, seduced her first boy and discovered she couldn't come. The pleasure would build and build, but she could never find release. She had built up this image in her head of the ultimate orgasm, just to realize that such pleasure was forever refused her.

She had become obsessed. She became the sluttiest slut in her high school, sleeping with a new boy every night searching for that high, but it never came. Oh, she faked her orgasms, sure, but she had never experienced the real thing. Then, when she had seen the size of my member, she thought it might work. Maybe it was just size that was missing! Apparently not.

I felt bad for her, and promised that I would do what I could for her that night, and I meant it! I mean, in the previous four hours I had basically fallen for this girl. Hard. As I said, she was cute, smart and fun, and everything I was looking for in a girl, so when I said I would do everything in my power to bring her an orgasm, I meant it.

That night I tried everything (or everything she would let me do.) Me on top. Her on top. Cunnilingus. Fingerbangs. Nothing worked. I railed her from midnight to sunup the next day, and all I got was ruined sheets and a bored girlfriend.

We said our farewells, and I asked her out the next night, but she didn't seem interested in me after she saw I couldn't give her what she wanted. I was crushed! I had to impress her somehow! I determined there and then that I would somehow give her an orgasm if that were what was necessary for her to be with me.

Now, like I said, I worked at one of the biology labs on campus, and we were working on experimental treatments for muscular dystrophy. I worked in the animal lab, administering several of the more advanced treatments to our test animals to check their effects.

It was a couple weeks after my night with Janet, when I noticed that one of the drugs had an odd effect on the mice. After ingestion, the mice would, for lack of a better word, start humping everything in their cage until they had a little mousy orgasm, then they'd rest a little and start all over again. This would continue until the drug wore off, usually about three or four hours after administration.

Damn, I thought, this stuff may not work against muscular dystrophy, but it does a job on the mammalian libido!

Now, I didn't run off and take this stuff home right away, I'm not crazy. The compound would have to be thoroughly tested before I would even think of using it on Janet. But I did do two things: I started a wider test of the drug on the various animals in my care, to insure it wasn't going to kill anyone, and I carefully looked up the instructions on how to make more of it, just in case.

After another week, none of my animals were showing any negative signs to repeated use of the drug. All were healthy, and extremely happy, given their nightly orgasmic spree. All that was left was a human trial. And since I wasn't going to endanger my love, that left one person to test it out on: myself.

After screwing up my courage that night, I took a sample of the drug home for testing. I carefully prepared my home, putting everything breakable away, laying plastic under my sheets, and placing porn around my bed in case I needed a kick-start. I finally disrobed, lay on the bed, and took a carefully measured dose of the drug. Two drops, under the tongue.

Holy fuck! The stuff only took a minute to get into my system, but then it hit me like a freight train. My dick was longer and harder than it had ever been: rock hard and sensitive. I grabbed it when the first wave hit, and it took only ten seconds of frantic pumping before I was spewing semen over my chest like a fountain. I couldn't stop, either. After the first orgasm, my dick stayed hard and I had one after another for at least an hour. It was unbelievable!

I awoke the next morning sticky but invigorated. After cleaning up, I checked myself out to make sure that I was none the worse for wear, but I seemed to be okay. After another week of monitoring my health status, I decided that the stuff was safe for human consumption.

It took some convincing, but I was able to get Janet to go out on another date with me. I promised that I had something awesome to show her. She seemed curious, and wary, but finally agreed.

That night I told her my secret.

"So, I've been thinking about your problem. You know, about the, um, 'Big O'," I said, quietly as we sat at the pub.

"What do you mean, you've been thinking about it?" she said.

"I mean, I think I may have a cure."

"Oh, yeah. Sure," she said, skeptically.

"No really!" and I explained about my drug. It makes sense, really. The drug is supposed to treat muscular dystrophy through the nervous system, creating nerve activity that activates the affected muscles and promotes growth. Apparently this stuff is tuned to the nerves in the pleasure center of the mammalian brain. I described my adventures with the stuff the previous week, and she looked intrigued.

"Well, if this stuff works, I want to try it. Is it safe?"

"I've tested it on hundreds of animals, with no ill effects seen. I took it myself, and look at me! I'm fine!"

She looked up with an impish smile. "Let's do it!"

We went back to my place and she eagerly started kissing and groping me, and my little buddy got erect very quickly, cockhead popping above my waistband, which she took as an invitation to lick.

We quickly undressed and moved to my bed.

"So, how do I take this stuff?"

"Just two drops under the tongue should do it," I said, pulling the eyedropper from the bottle. I quickly applied the two drops and watched her close her eyes in anticipation.

After a minute, she opened her eyes and said, "I don't feel any different."

"Well, let's start and maybe the stuff will kick in."

I fucked her for an hour, and while she felt pleasure, I could see the frustration in her face as the orgasm never came. At last, I came, and lay by her side.

"I'm so sorry!" I said. "I don't know why it didn't work. It worked on all the animals! It worked on me!"

"Maybe I need more."

"I don't know," I said warily. "We don't know the effects of the stuff at higher dosages, and I'm not sure I could get it up again so quickly."

"So, you take some, and I'll take a double dose! You don't know what it's like to be so close and yet be completely unable to come! Please?"

She batted her eyes fetchingly and my concerns vanished.

"Okay, just a double dose."

I put four drops under her tongue and two under mine and lay back. Just as before, my dick took only a minute to get rock hard. Janet crawled on top of me and lustily shoved the head into her little box.

It was heaven! Sex on this drug was like nothing I could imagine. It was like each pump was an ordinary orgasm, and when I came, oh fuck! It was incredible, like ten orgasms going off at once for what seemed forever!

I was lost in a haze of sex, pumping and coming and spewing and not paying much attention to my surroundings or my partner. When it was over, though, Janet lay on top of me, crying.

"Why can't I come!" she cried. "What is wrong with me? I'm some sort of freak!"

I patted her back as she sobbed, trying to reassure her that we'd figure it out together. It was then that she sat up, grabbed the bottle and ripped off the top.

"I'm going to have a fucking orgasm if it fucking kills me!" she cried, and before I could stop her, she had downed the bottle: at least a hundred doses, all at once. I couldn't imagine what that would do to her. It was nothing I had tested for!

Almost immediately there was an effect. She started to pump at my flagging member with her pulsing pussy, panting with her eyes rolled back. She flopped down onto me, her little nipples erect like little nails poking into my chest, and kissed me. I could taste the bitter drug on her lips, and immediately became erect again.

This time, my orgasmic releases were matched threefold by hers! Janet would scream and arch her back with every thrust of my pelvis. Her pussy pulsed with power, pussy muscles contracting with each orgasm and squeezing the sperm from my enormous dong.

We tore my place apart fucking, first on the bed, then on the floor when we rolled off in a particularly huge orgasm. Soon we were in my kitchenette eating popsicles while she sat on the counter and I railed her mercilessly. I pushed her up against the wall, mashing her perfect petite boobs against my chest, as she eagerly pulled my dick into her by wrapping her legs around my ass. We had shower sex, her orgasmic screams echoing off the tile. We fucked until the sun came up. It was the most amazing experience of my life, up till then.

My alarm clock went off at 8:00 as I dozed next to my newly satisfied girlfriend. Janet would jerk with a little aftershock periodically in her sleep. I got up and got dressed for work, made her a little breakfast plate of fruits and cereal and left her a note asking her to stay and sleep as long as she liked and that I loved her and wanted to be with her forever.

Despite having barely slept, I had a pretty damn good day. Unbelievable nookie will do that for you, I guess. I called Janet from work, and left a message saying how much I enjoyed the previous night, and how much I looked forward to seeing her again. Maybe tonight? But, disappointed, I didn't hear back from her all day.

It wasn't until that afternoon that I was able to start a new batch of the drug. I knew that it took a few hours to mature after taking it off the burner, so I put it in the drug locker to cool and headed home.

The door to my apartment was unlocked, and the room was dark when I entered. I walked in and groped for the light switch, only to suddenly feel a feminine presence rush up and push me against the door, kissing me deeply.

"Did you miss me?" Janet said, when we came up for air.

"Oh Janet! God yes! Did you get my calls?"

"Oh, I slept most of the day, but I feel great! Oh I can't believe that this is what orgasms are like! I mean, I was prepared for disappointment, having built it up in my head for so long, how could the reality possibly compare? But it was amazing! How does anyone get anything done?"

"Oh, we get by," I said, before she smothered me with another kiss.

I could tell she was naked as I ran my hands down her back. Fuck, she felt awesome with her slim fit body pressed up against my own, her breasts mashed against my chest.

Wait, breasts? Mashed? I broke off the kiss and tried to hold her out at arms length, but she started grabbing at my rapidly inflating penis through my pants.

"I want you right now!" she said.

"Wait, are you okay?"

"Better than ever! Come on, give it to me!"

She unzipped my pants and pulled me over to the bed by my cock, where she threw me down and quickly mounted me, me fully dressed with my dick pulled through my fly. She plunged my dick into her deep pussy and groaned in pleasure, but I noticed something different from last night. Where then she would spasm in orgasm with nearly any touch of my dong, here she was straining to get release.

Much like our first night together, we fucked like bunnies, but she was completely unable to come. After an hour of trying, she fell to the mattress in frustration, curled into a ball, and began to cry.

I turned on the light, and tried to comfort her.

"I'm so sorry, darling. I would help you if I could."

"You could give me more of that drug."

"I'm making a batch right now at the lab, but I'm not sure it's safe for you to take such a high dose like last time. I mean, you took one hundred times the normal dosage, and I just don't know what that could do to you."

"I don't care. You don't know what it's been like. For the last ten years I've been trying to have an orgasm, with no luck. I've had sex with every man who'd have me. I've bought every sex toy out there. Nothing worked. Then, last night, you give me what I've always wanted. You gave me release, and I love you for it! Can't you please give me the drug? For me?"

I wavered. "Well, I'll tell you what. I made a batch of the stuff this afternoon, and it's probably ready in the lab. If you'll agree to take it slow, and we ramp up the dosages in a methodical fashion, I'll go over there and get it."

"Really?" She said brightening, and sat up.

Woah! Her breasts had really grown. While she had been an A before, she must be a solid C now!

"Look at your breasts!" I said. "What happened?"

"Mmmm...well I think they're just happy to have met you! Maybe the orgasms jogged something loose and my hormones went into overdrive. Why, don't you like 'em?"

"They're awesome!" I said, reaching up to cup one. Janet squealed in joy.

"I'm so glad I met you. You are, by far, the best boyfriend a girl could ask for," said Janet as she stroked my chest with her nipples.

As she rose, the sheet fell from her body to reveal it in the light. Was she that athletic before? I mean, she was always fit, but now she looked cut, like a fitness competitor or something. She must still be pumped from all the acrobatic sex they'd had the prior night.

"Why don't you go get that orgasm juice so we can have a little fun?"

I didn't need much more prompting that that. I went to the lab and grabbed another stoppered bottle of the drug and nearly sprinted back.

When I returned, the light was still on, but the place seemed empty. As I locked the door and stepped into the room though, the closet burst open and Janet tackled me to the bed.

"Welcome home, lover! Where's my treat?" She began to paw through my jacket pockets as I lay there, arms pinned to my sides by her legs. They felt like steel. I could barely move a finger.

"Janet, what are you doing?" I cried.

"Oh, honey, I can't wait. I need more of your magic juice. A small dose just won't do, I need another bottle - Ah! Here it is!" She pulled the stoppered bottle from my jacket.

"Don't do it, Janet, really! We don't know what the long-term effects of this stuff are!"

"It's not the long-term effects I'm interested in!" she said, laughing.

She gripped the stopper, ripped it off and downed the entire bottle.

Again, it was like a fire had been ignited on top of me, as the drug went to work on her libido. She ground her naked pussy into my crotch, arching her back and bucking as the first shot of joy bolted to her pleasure centers. Sitting up, she tore my jacket and shirt from my body, and when I say tore, I'm not speaking figuratively. I mean, she ripped the clothes from my body.

There was little I could do. It was like her body was made of coiled steel. I tried to throw her off, but her grip was impossible to break. Anyway, frustrated with my reticence, she fixed the problem soon enough by giving me a great big deep kiss, shoving her tongue into my mouth and into my throat.

I could feel the lingering traces of the drug on her tongue and I was immediately aroused. Once again, we spent the night fucking. My dick was unflagging as it pounded her now-cut body into untold orgasms, her body spasming in pleasure at the slightest touch. Eventually, I fell to the bed unconscious, her body still humping at mine.

The next morning I awoke to the alarm feeling bruised and rubbed raw, but nevertheless full of energy. The apartment was empty with no sign of Janet. Where could she have gone? I fixed myself a bowl of cereal and considered.

She hadn't been to her apartment for a day or so, so maybe she was there? Maybe she went out for bagels. Then it dawned on me; maybe she was addicted to the orgasm juice and had broken into the lab! I checked the pockets of my shredded jacket and found that my keys were gone, and I knew where she had gone.

I dressed and rushed over to the lab. It was Saturday, so the place was deserted. I found the door unlocked.

"Janet, are you in here?" I called out.

"We need to talk," she said. I turned to see her standing at my workbench clothed in only one of my lab coats.

Jesus, what a sight! Something with that drug was changing her, because there she stood, six-foot tall with big muscles straining at the sleeves of my jacket. The front barely contained her big round DD breasts, with only the bottom two buttons able to close. Her legs were like a bodybuilder's, pulling the lab coat apart at the bottom so that I could see her hairless pussy glistening in the early morning light. Her clit stood out of her pussy lips like the tip of her little finger.

"Holy shit, Janet! What happened to you?"

"Isn't it obvious? Your drug is even more effective than you expected! You designed this stuff to stimulate the nerves and muscle growth. Well, the nerves we know about, but the muscles! Look at them! These would put my sister's to shame!"

"Janet, we have to get you to a doctor! You could be giving yourself cancer or something."

"Oh, I doubt that. I've never felt better - except maybe last night. Which reminds me, will you make me more of the orgasm juice? I need another orgasm right now!"

"What? NO! There's no way I'm going to make more of that stuff for you!"

"That's what I thought you'd say."

Janet sprung on me faster than I could see. She was like a cat, standing at the bench one second and then leaping ten feet to the door in the next. She slammed the door shut and stabbed my arm with a syringe.

"Nighty night, sweet prince!" she said, as I lost consciousness.

It was dark out when I awoke again. I was sitting on the floor, naked, against the wall with a weight on my legs. Opening my eyes, I saw Janet, also naked, straddling my lap and grinning at me.

"Waky, waky sleepy head!" she said.

She had grown since that morning. I would guess that she was six-three now, and without the lab coat on she looked immense! Her breasts were huge, F cups at least as her nipples grazed my chest. Arms that wouldn't look out of place on a bodybuilder framed her breasts; biceps huge and bulging like footballs. In her hands she held two test tubes. One was obviously the orgasm juice. The other was green and bubbly.

"What are you doing Janet!" I cried.

"Well, when you wouldn't make me some more of the drug, I had to take matters into my own hands. I hacked into your computer and found the formula and whipped up a batch while you were asleep."

"W-what is that other stuff?" I said, nodding to the green tube.

"Ooo, that's something of my own concoction. Looking through your professor's research, I saw that the orgasm drug could be modified to affect tissues other than muscular or skeletal tissue. I changed a few of the ingredients and added a genetic tag that would affect only a single tissue on men."

"What?" I said stupidly.

"I made a drug to make your cock grow! Well, your cock and your balls. Don't want to have you running dry, do we?"

"H-how did you create such a thing? I mean, you're no scientist! You're a computer geek!"

"Oh, don't be so dismissive. I've always been smart - smartest in my class in high school! But you're right. I wouldn't have been able to do this before our adventures of the last couple nights. It seems your orgasm juice does more than just stimulate the nerves in the sexual centers of the brain, and give me these fabulous muscles; it also stimulates the growth of new nerve fibers. I would estimate that I'm ten-times more intelligent than I was two days ago! Isn't that neat?"

I gaped at her. This boggled the mind! That a person could grow from a petite, smart little fireplug into a genius amazon with our drug was impossible! How did we miss this in testing?

Janet took my open mouth as an invitation and quickly drank the orgasm drug, and then forced the green compound down my throat, sealing my mouth and nose so I would have no choice but to swallow.

Almost immediately, my dick began to swell. Oh fuck, how do I describe this? It was like a thousand angels giving me head at once! It was like a three-minute orgasm, but better! My dick sprung erect, slapping Janet's cobbled abs as it pulsed to life. Then, in fits and starts, it began to grow longer, first to thirteen inches, then fourteen then fifteen. Soon the head of my cock had pushed through Janet's titanic breasts, thick as a soda can!

Meanwhile, Janet had begun to moan and grind her naked dripping pussy on the base of my member. Between my legs, I could feel my balls grow larger and larger, pushing my thighs apart. I groaned for release.

When my cockhead had grown to her chin, Janet opened her mouth and tried to suck as much as possible in, while gripping her boobs and rubbing them up and down my shaft.

I exploded. If the growth of my dick was heaven, this was Valhalla. Where the growth was ecstatic and gentle, this was like the release of battle. A violent orgasm quickly built and I could feel a burning fire rise in my dick when, with a spasm that nearly threw Janet off me, I shot an enormous load of cum into her sucking throat.

Janet was able to swallow the first load, but then arched her back in her first orgasm of the evening, allowing spurt after spurt of my semen to shoot to the ceiling and rain back down upon us.

Once again, we fucked for hours. Her increase in size was apparently sufficient for her to take in my eighteen inches. I came more that night than I ever had before. By three in the morning, I had been fucked dry, and I collapsed unconscious on the hard lab floor.

Sunday morning, I awoke to laughter as I sat on one of the lab stools.

"Good morning, sunshine!" said Janet.

I opened my eyes to see a transformed Janet smiling from the lab bench. Naked and seven-feet tall, with giant basketball-sized breasts, she seemed completely at ease with her perfect ass perched on the bench, feet flat on the floor.

"My god, Janet, you have to stop!"

I started to walk over to her and felt a slap of flesh against my thigh. I looked down to see my flaccid ten-inch dick flop halfway down to my knee, while my softball-sized testicles protruded uncomfortably from my groin.

Janet giggled, "you're going to have to get some kind of special underwear for that!"

"Janet, please listen. You don't know what you're doing."

"Oh, I know what I'm doing. I'm becoming a goddess, don't you see? For years, whatever power rules this universe was punishing me by preventing my orgasms, but you fixed that! Now it's payback time!"

Ding! The centrifuge indicated that it had finished its cycle, and I looked to Janet.

"That's right, I'm making another batch!"

"No! You can't!" I said, and lunged for the centrifuge door.

It was futile. Janet grabbed my arms nearly before I started moving and walked back to the lab wall. Grasping the lab stool, she pinned me to the floor beneath her foot and calmly ripped the legs from the stool like they were twist-ties. Then she reached down and bound my arms and legs using the solid steel stool legs.

"There! We can't have you interfering with my ascension, can we?"

Janet went back to the bench and put the finishing touches on her new batch.

"Do you know what this is?" she said, turning to me. "This is a new batch of my own device. I modified the old formula, just a bit, and added some new DNA tags so that it's tailored to my genetic makeup. By my estimate, this stuff is ten to twenty times more effective than the original drug."

She walked with the test tube over to the other corner, where a sheet was covering a bulky object. She removed the sheet to reveal what I can only describe as a saddle, with an enormous twenty-four inch dildo where the pommel should be.

"I also built this while you were asleep. It's kind of like one of the sex toys I bought during my long dry spell, a Sybian, except this is solid steel and a little - um - bigger than my old toy," she said with a giggle.

"Janet, please reconsider. Just think of what you might be doing to yourself!"

"That's exactly what I'm thinking of, my boy!"

With that, she drank the concoction in the test tube and worked her way onto the dildo. With a moan she reached over to switch it on 'max'.

Oddly, for a drug that was supposed to be more powerful than the original, her orgasm started out slow this time. She deliberately pumped her pussy on the giant metal dong as the machine hummed and pulsed and vibrated. She let out a little 'yelp' each time she descended onto the giant dildo.

Soon though, I could see that the pleasure was mounting. Then, suddenly, Janet arched her back with a long moan and clenched every muscle in her body and screamed, "Yes! More, More!"

It was an unbelievable spectacle. From that point on it was pretty much a constant orgasm for Janet, her pussy pumping the steel dick as if it could give her the come she so deserved. Within minutes, my dick became erect in sympathetic arousal, pointing to the roof and wishing that it were the one that could be embedded in the perfect woman's sex. I came many times that morning, but was dry long before Janet had finished.

I could see Janet begin to grow as the orgasms continued! Her breasts grew first, with arousal I suppose, but then they seemed to inflate! Her hands clutched her growing tits, muscles flexing in her forearms, but barely able to put a dent in their perfection.

Her muscles followed, pulsing and growing, her biceps tensing, growing larger with each flex. Her abs became deeply cut with unstoppable muscle, contracting with each orgasm seemingly stronger than the last. Her legs thickened around the steel saddle.

Each time Janet would arch her back in bliss, her skeleton seemed to stretch. The effect was subtle, at first, but soon became obvious. In the first hour of orgasm, she must have grown to eight feet, then to nine in the next half hour. Soon, her head approached the ceiling as her knees grew closer and closer to the floor.

Her screams grew louder and louder as she gave herself over to the seemingly unlimited pleasure. Things were falling off the shelves from the vibration. After the first couple of pieces of shattered glassware, however, I noticed something odd. Glass was flying off the shelves, but not falling, just sort of whizzing around the room! Soon instruments of all kinds are orbiting Janet's orgasmic form.

After a another hour of this, I heard a bang from outside the room.

"Campus police! What's going on in there?!"

The door burst opened and the two cops rushed into the room with their guns drawn.

Janet opened her eyes. They had gone entirely white, no iris or pupil marred their pearly perfection. With a gesture the policemen flew to the other side of the lab and through the wall into the neighboring lab, where they lay unconscious.

Janet returned to her bliss for several minutes, now grown so large that nearly the entire machine was buried in her steaming snatch. The machine had become deformed by her clutching legs and growing muscles, and her legs now lay nearly parallel with the floor as Janet tried to keep full contact between herself and the machine. Finally, it gave up with a spark of shorting wires.

Janet opened her clear white eyes, and I could tell that she was seeing me with something other than light.


The words formed in my head without her moving her lips.


Janet rose from her crouch without apparent effort and gestured toward the wreckage of my lab. Chemicals and compounds flew from the shelves and emptied themselves in mid air. I watched as globules merged and separated in mesmerizing patterns, more complicated than I could follow. Periodically, a beam of light or some other radiation would shoot from Janet's eyes to modify the solution in some arcane way. At last, there was only one orb of chemical left floating in the air.


With that, I felt a force grab me as the outside wall of my little lab disintegrated into a million pieces. We both floated out into the sunlit quad, the ball of goddess serum following us. When we got to the middle of the field of grass, a modest gathering of perhaps fifty students surrounded us. Janet lowered me to the ground and held out her arms. The ball of goddess serum floated between her hands like the Earth in God's hands.


With that, Janet spread her arms wide, as the serum seemed to break into a mist and be absorbed by her perfect body. Immediately, her body went into convulsions as inconceivable pleasure coursed through her. Her spasming form grew taller, and taller, more muscular and unbelievably sexy. Her body began to glow to rival the sun.

Soon she was fifty feet tall and glowing with a pure golden light. The audience and I were driven mad with pleasure, as our connection with the goddess allowed a small fraction of her pleasure to flow to us. The entire world thrashed in orgasm that day. I'm sure you remember it. It will never be the same.

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