The old man and Denise

A hot summer night. It is one of those nights in which Warren usually has some difficulty to get asleep. Last week he celebrated his sixtieth birthday and the passing of time has not been too kind to him. Old age has become the better of him, and all kinds of symptoms and little afflictions have entered his daily life. His once youthful appearance has languished into a bald-headed and lumping old man. And now he lies awake, brooding over this encounter with Maria last week, a rather attractive elderly woman also living in the old people's home. It all started with a nice conversation last month, a spark of affection that set in motion a courteous and platonic relationship lasting till today. His old heart has found its youthful and joyful beating again...

Suddenly he hears a sound at the door. The sound of someone slowly pushing the door ajar. His heart leaps. Could that be Maria, secretly entering his room, wanting to see him again and enjoy the earthly pleasures? Could that be it? How romantic. His face brightens. His eyes cheer up, regaining their youthful expression.

– Maria? Is that you?

A dark silhouette silently enters the room and cautiously closes the door, turning the key in the lock. Like a cat, this figure elegantly steals through the room and takes place on the bed next to the excited old man. A soft hushing sound escapes from its pouted lips. Sensual, full red lips. Lips you would want to kiss. Lips you would want to kiss you. In the dim moonshine Warren catches a glimpse of a pair of magnificent breasts, hardly covered by a one-piece latex costume unzipped to the abs. He gasps as his eyes stay fixed on the impressive cleavage, the lush curves of an athletic feminine body. His awe increases when the woman brings her torso closer and he notices that her lush curves are formed of awesome muscles, trained to perfection, well-defined, vascular as hell, pumped-up... Removing the sheets, stripping him naked, she seductively purs into his ear:

– Hush, baby. I'm Denise. I'm going to fucking kill you. But not just kill you. I'm going to make it slow and painful. Very painful. You'll eventually beg me to finish you off, if you're still able to beg of course.

She pauses for a moment to let the words seep through. Sexy Denise catches his eye with a sly grin, checking him out, looking him up and down. He looks disconcerted, confused, embarrassed. He does not know what to think... Could she mean that? Why? Why would she want to kill him? He did not do anything wrong... His musings are interrupted when she arrogantly pushes her huge breasts in his face. He smells Denise's delicate perfume, he smells her husky bodily scent, the scent of a woman who breathes sex and passion. She gets up and puts on the light at his desk. When his innocent eyes are accustomed to the light, Warren gazes in absolute awe at a spectacular appearance. An apparition really.

He looks at a gorgeous female bodybuilder dressed in a black latex suit, fitting her muscular physique like a second skin, wearing latex gloves and leather ankle boots with towering spiked stiletto heels. Her face resembles the face of a supermodel's. This is a real and dripping hot muscle diva! Denise flexes her mighty arms and sensually licks her glorious biceps: 24 inches of raw female power! Totally in love with her own body, carressing herown brawny arms, she approaches the old man. Denise just loves the desparate look in his eyes. She is very aware of the kind of effect her pumped-up body has on men.

– Let's get to business, old man.

Warren is completely surprised when Denise's fingers slide under his chin in a loving carress. She lovingly lifts up his chin with the long nail of her index finger, making her awesome biceps swell with muscular motion. A grin crosses her as she watches how this vascular muscle transforms into a spectacular mound of raw power. The old man looks straight into her beautiful predatory eyes, her eyelids slightly lowered. Her smoldering glare makes him wince in terror. He opens his mouth without uttering a sound, gasping for breath... He is getting overmastered by panic, overpowered by terror. Warren has never seen a such a ravishing woman with a lavishly feminine, yet immensely muscular physique like this. When the super sexy muscle babe cups his crotch in her hand, he starts flailing his arms in panic, trying to push Denise away. The old man shoves and punches at her wildly, but Warren's hands only encounter huge, rock-hard muscle, trained to kill. His fingers accidentally rip open the latex suit that has a very difficult time restraining her wonderful, voluptuous breasts. And then he sees what lies beneath: a spectacular body bulging with muscles, muscles he has never dreamed feasible on any man, let alone on a gorgeous babe like this! His futile struggles make her wet. Her pussy tingles in anticipation and aches for action...

– What's the matter, pops? You don't like what you see? Hahaha! Has old age made you blind? Any normal man would get wild with lust. Some even cum at the sight of my heavenly physique... And then I don't even touch their penis.

Her touch is indeed heavenly. His cock slowly starts to rise to its full erect size. Lust now intermingles with fear. He hasn't been touched like this since... In fact, he has never been touched like this before. Warren's heart is pounding madly, aroused as he is. Denise moves her sexy round ass over his legs and sits on top of him. Her fingers continue to move up and down his erect shaft, turning him on incredibly. The beautiful bodybuilder thrusts her gravity defying tits forward, clearly showing who is in control. She controls his body, his lust, his cock, his life... She hisses:

– Even your cock is old and wrinkled, you pathetic fuck!

She disdainfully squeezes his genitalia a bit harder. Her fingers could easily crush his manhood to a bloody pulp, but she wants him to suffer. This old fuck deserves to be tortured to a gruesome death. He starts to cry. Tears roll over his wrinkled face. He knows that he is in serious trouble. His eyes look for an escape, but where could he go? Denise loves every moment of this. Her victim starts to realize that this muscular body will be the last thing he will ever behold. Denise rubs her crotch over his legs, pushing the old man hard on the mattress. Warren feels her round hard glutes on his knees, nearly crushing them.

The sexy Musculatrix stops jacking him off. She does not want him to cum. Not yet. Absorbed by the the beauty of her own gorgeous body, Denise absent-mindedly – not even listening to the agonizing pleas of the terrified old man – runs her fingers along the silky smooth skin of her throat and neck.Warren is desparate and aroused. Aroused as a young stud. She obscenely massages her huge bust in front of his eyes wide with lust and terror. With eyes closed, her one hand continues to rub her voluptuous assets while the other slowly travels all the way down her steel-hard abdomen towards her dripping pussy.

– Yeaaahh. I'm going to destroy you. It'll be so fucking painful, baby. I'll make it so painful that you'll beg me to finish you off. Maybe I will listen to you. Maybe I won't...

Her huge physique involuntarily relaxes, the muscles on her awesome body receding slightly, her full weight pressing on the man's knees. Her fingernails glide up and down her hard extended clit. The nipples on her huge bosom become hard as nails. He feels how his legs give in to the force of superior female on top of him. Denise is seething hot and dripping wet by now, grinding her moist pussy over his frail knees.

– Oh please, Denise. Don't kill me. What have I done wrong? Let me go, please... I beg you...

Totally overpowered by this muscled-up bimbo, he can do nothing but to submit to her brutal sexual fury. Her glorious body outmatches his in every possible aspect. His pleadings only make her grin in sadistic satisfaction. Denise slowly moves her body upwards, skin rubbing over skin, until she is able to lower her juicy pussy over Warren's still hard cock. The mighty muscles in her arched back, traps and delts expand to huge proportions, veins pop out... Her brawny arms flex and relax... An incredible sight to behold! The sexy bodybuilder stretches his arms above his head and dreadfully slow she lowers her slit over his rod. In and out. Up and down. Slowly. Thoughtfully. Keeping absolute control. Warren sighs. She kisses the lips of his open mouth – open in astonishment and sheer arousal. His heart races. She savors his fear and terror, but also his sexual arousal. Warren's excitement only increases when
Denise playfully pushes her perfect tits in his face, rubbing her pierced nipples over his wet lips. She wiggles her fit ass, pressing his cock harder into her seething vagina.

– How does that feel, horny motherfucker?

Warren moans softly, close to an unbelievable orgasm. Her pussy simply milks his dick. A loud shriek of ecstasy parts from his mouth as he violently thrusts his cock upward reaching a powerful orgasm, erupting his creamy seed into her dripping slit. Warren's body shakes, one spasm after another, heaving heavily.

– Oooooaaahhh! ...

– This is not funny, old man. You cum before the lady cums... Don't you have any manners? I'll teach you manners, baby...

The breathtaking wonderwoman gets off him and hits him in the face. She savagely turns him round exposing his white ass, an inferior specimen compared to her round, sculpted glutes. Denise massages his shriveled ass cheeks, her tanned, thickly corded forearms exploding with muscular activity. His limp and useless penis hangs between his legs, but he slowly feels the blood rush again. The ultra-hot muscle Goddess amusedly rubs her talented fingernails between the crack of his ass, making him relaxed and aroused. Suddenly Denise giggles and savagely sticks her index finger in his exposed asshole. Before he realizes what is happening, a second, third and fourth finger enter his ass. She grins as she opens up her hand, wiggling her fingers, squashing his intestines, slowly but surely ripping apart his virgin asshole. Sloshy, crunchy and mashing sounds escape from his ass. Blood dribbles down. Her pumped arm muscles bristle with awesome power. She gloriously flexes her biceps.

– You see these muscles? Oh boy, how beautiful my muscles are! Watch these

But Warren does not watch. He only screams, wails and swears like a beast. The pain is simply excruciating. His eyes widen in panic now. Absolute horror is written in them. He tries to move away but Denise is too strong.

– Does that feel good? Yeeeaaah. I like the sound this makes! Yeeeaah... I think I'm gonna cum...

She pulls out her hand and moves two fingers over her drenched labia. Her swollen clit yearns for her touch. Warren is still crying and screaming his lungs out, struggling against the pain. Peering down through half-lidded eyes she enjoys every moment of his futile struggle... Then she closes her eyes and starts cumming, a deep sensation of orgasmic ecstacy, surge after surge... Precious minutes of sheer pleasure... Denise is so caught up in her own private musings that she did not notice that – despite his awkward situation – the old man managed to get a dagger from under his pillow. Realizing that this is his only chance, he puts all his strength old age still allows him to draw on, into a fierce and furious attack. His hand however, is caught in midair. He tries hard and struggles for all he is worth. A smile appears on Denise's beautiful face.

– Oooh, you naughty boy... Think you can fight me? Don't try, old man.

And then...

– Fuck, you broke my nail! You broke my fucking nail!

In his struggle for life Warren unfortunately has broken one of her perfectly manicured long nails. In a mocking appreciative tone she cooes seductively:

– Oh look... Hahaha! Your tiny prick is stiff again. Let's see...

Indeed, despite his pain, the sight of the most sensual woman on earth has made him horny again. Unable to do something, his voice drawn in a mask of terror, Warren is about to scream again. Quick as lightning, Denise thrusts her sensual lips unto his and probes her strong tongue deep into his mouth, muffling the impendent scream. With a sharp snap, she bites off his tongue. Blood first seeps and then flows from his mouth. Using the dagger – her biceps swelling to humongous proportions – Denise totally mutilates his larynx, boring and turning the knife deep into his mouth, cutting out muscle and flesh, even crushing bones! She is careful not to hit anything vital. Otherwise he would miss all the fun... He starts heaving up, especially blood. Gurgling sounds escape from his mouth, mute air trying to produce noise...

Denise looks down on him, arrogantly and defyingly, her curvaceous body shining in the dim light of the nightlamp. His frightened eyes turn her on. Her pussy craves for her touch again... Any touch. The bleeding mouth and the gurgling sounds are music to her delicate ears... She leans towards him, spitting his blood back in his face. His old body spasms... His arms flail. She hushes him like you would a child.

– Sssshhh, baby. You're doing all right... Hush... Ever tasted your own mashed balls in cockskin, baby? I just wonder, because now you'll get the chance... A pity your tongue is gone... Hahaha!

The horny muscle babe crawls on top of him again, her gorgeous ass all over his bleeding face, takes the knife and starts skinning his cock. First she very slowly removes the foreskin from his stiff penis. The frantic movements of his head against her ass turn her on immensely. His hot breath close to her crotch wets her sizzling pussy. Then the gorgeous female predator continues peeling off the skin, slowly, her talented fingers delicately ripping off more and more skin.

– I own a couple of exclusive lampshades... Exclusively made of cockskin. The less cocks you need, the more exclusive they are. I own one only made of two cocks... With the likes of your dick, you'd need twenty! Hahaha!

Warren only gurgles some more, his nervous system simply overwhelmed by registering pain. The sound coming from his mouth is out of this world: a ghastly, howling, shrieking noise muffled against her glorious glutes... Psycho-bitch Denise carves some more, enjoying every moment of his agony, his cock transformed into a bloody rod... With a childish delight the magnificently titted bodybuilder continues ripping off skin, carving into his scrotum, opening up his bag. Blood gushes from the gash... Her eager fingers take one ball and slowly crush it to pulp. Hot cum oozes from her pussy as orgasm strikes her time and again. Her fabulous d-cup elegantly jiggles as she roars of laughter.

– Oh God, how beautiful I am!

The second is quickly mangled in her grip, squashed like an overripe grape. Blood, cum, tissue, ... all squeezed into a bloody bruised mess. As Denise lifts her beautiful butt from his head, his face is drawn in a death mask. Warren is coughing up blood, convulsing and spasming like a madman. But sexy Denise is used to this kind of situation. She has seen and done it all before...

– Sit still, old fuck! And taste this!

Denise brutally shoves his crushed nuts into his deformed mouth and forces him to swallow. The feeling of his own mutilated genitals in his mouth sends electric shocks through all of his nerves. He starts gagging terribly. His body reacts repulsive and rejects the absurd objects in his mouth.

– Swallow, baby. Yeeeaaahh... Swallow... Hahaha! You're fucking eating your own cock, asshole! Hahaha!

He nearly chokes. His eyes widen in cataleptic shock, the remains of his tongue lolling out. Still Denise is not satisfied with the sorry state her defenseless victim is in. Her glorious muscles crave for more. More slaughtering, more carnage. The fabulous muscle babe takes the old, defenceless man into her unstoppable hands, her mighty arms swelling to humongous proportions. Her vascular biceps are ready to break some more. There is only thought passing through his delirious brain: 'Oh God, help me! Please God, help!'. Denise grabs a handful of Warren's hair and savagely pushes him onto the table in the middle of the room, his white wrinkled ass fully exposed. The gory wounds in his scrotum and abdomen leave terrible blood clots in his asscrack... He does not even feel how her perfectly manicured fingernails draw deep cuts in his ass cheeks. The pain he experiences is so ghastly, so out of this world...

– You realize what you're facing, aren't you old fuck?

Suddenly he feels a hard object entering his ass. It feels huge inside him! She watches amusedly how the strap-on dildo stretches his ass wider than humanely possible. The muscular beauty is simply fucking him in the ass, transforming it into a bleeding, gaping hole! The terrible friction makes his agony complete. His ass is about to explode. The movement of her sexy wide hips becomes more brutal, holding his frail hips for support. Warren now enters a new level of pain, a level that isn't supposed to exist. A level that Denise loves! She is now actually using force that would mangle steel. Her thrusts break his pelvis, crushing bones, mangling his body.

– Look who's here, Warren. You know her?

And then, just before he is about to faint from the severe punishment, Maria enters the room. She is obediently followed by a good-looking young man, a real muscle stud.

– Denise, you are worth every dollar! Great idea to tape everything. I enjoyed every moment of it. I came four times! What a woman you are! Warren, old bastard. You thought I loved you, or cared for you? Hahaha! Worthless piece of old shit. My money can afford other things...

She playfully winks at the young man, who's really intimidated by both women. Maria spits in Warren's deformed face and grabs the young man's crotch.

– That's a cock, Warren! Let's play, baby! Dispose of this old fuck Denise. I know you like this. I'm gonna fuck this gentleman here.

Sexy Denise licks her sensual lips, looking straight into the terrified face of the young man, who immediately averts his eyes.

– Yeah, Maria. Have fun! We're going to play some more, aren't we, Warren...

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These descriptions of genital mutilation and of the creation of lampshades with human penile skin (with it's implicit homage to the Nazi's) is not only grotesque but offensive and disturbing. Even in the realm of fantasy I think such images are harmful and should be discouraged. Moderators..what do you think?

Thanks for your comments, zeaker. It surprises me that I have to add that this story is a pure fantasy and as such the product of an overwrought imagination--as a fellow writer would say. The content of these fantasies in no way expresses my personal views or opinions on events, things, etc. in real life. Thank God!

mlcred1111's picture

It surprises me that in a fantasy that includes gore such as ripping a man's intestines out through his anus anyone would find anything "inappropriate".
How about this: comments like zeaker's have no business on a board such as Brawna. Moderators?
Zeaker: if ya can't handle it, don't read it.
Hero: write on.

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