Oh No! (Jedd and Johanna)

Jedd Stuart was the starting fullback for the University of Iowa varsity team for three years, and with his 6'5", 280 pound frame was as close to being Superman as an ordinary man could be. He'd score touchdown after touchdown, batting two and three defenders out of his way and clearing holes large enough for two quarterbacks to charge through. The national sportswriters knew he was responsible for Iowa's winning the national championship two years out of the three, and he could have written his ticket for pro football when he graduated.

But Jedd had other ideas and instead joined a local stock brokerage business. He knew how precarious a football career could be. He'd seen several teammates hobbled for life by a careless step or a cruel tackle. He liked his speed, his strength and his general physical dominance, and he didn't want to sacrifice it for a few years of glory in the pros. So he worked on his salesmanship and his contacts, studying a little business on the side. After two years he was ready for business school and very soon was tearing through Wharton with the same ease as he'd had on the gridiron, his combination of native intelligence, common sense and experience and the advantages his height and strength brought him in any encounter marking him as a natural leader. He took a summer internship at Morgan Stanley and quickly earned a full time job when he left business school.

Working as a young investment banker posed new challenges, but again Jedd found daylight where others ran into lines of defenders. The firm's clients wanted him on the team to sell business plans to their boards, their lawyers and their investors. He was not at the top of the numbers men, but he understood their conclusions better than they did. In four short years he was again marked for success, the partners congratulating themselves on acquiring him. And they loved to see him chew up the other bankers' football teams, comprised mostly of mere six footers.

Which is where our story begins: a summer night in New York City. Earlier that evening Morgan Stanley, for the third year running, trounced the other New York investment banking firms in football, a certain Vice President having scored each time he handled the ball. Jedd was completely in his element at the game. Victory, adulation, the combination of vigorous exercise and his body's easy dominance over other men. Someday he knew it would end. There would be another hot player who was also big and fast but was ten years younger than he and perhaps less mindful than he of keeping his tendons attached to all the right bones and muscles. When this came to mind, he once again thought about the real Superman who, so long as a dose of Kryptonite did not defeat him, knew that for all his life he would be superior to every other being on the planet, if not the Universe. Jedd tried to cast the thought out of his mind, but as usual he failed. He had been given so many gifts. Why could he have not had just that one more? He knew he had the strength to kill most men with a few blows of his fists, but what it must be like to have the power to crush a man's skull with his pinky. He had the strength to curl hundred pound weights, but what he would give to do curls with his Porsche. He had the intelligence to read a set of financial statements and know immediately what the company would sell for on the market, and the perceptiveness to know seconds after he met a company president whether to seduce him with appeals to his greed, his intelligence or his concern for the well-being of his employees, but what he would give to have a mind that could memorize the history of civilization, master a thousand languages, and hear the tremor in a man's heart that would reveal his mendacity, all in the blink of an eye.

For as long as he could remember, the desire to be Superman had driven Jedd. It was his best-kept secret. He knew he was achieving all a man could achieve. Yet he knew he would never attain what he most desired.

He looked up as one of his floor's night office girls, Johanna Mellon, stopped at his small office, turning a sullen face to him as usual, and dropped the new set of financial models on his desk, her golden blond hair streaming down her back, her large breasts springing out as the papers fell, bouncing slightly before they settled. She avoided his eyes, as usual, but made sure to let him indulge in a long, slow frustrating look at her body's amazing profile as she pretended to think about where her next stop was. Jedd was always amazed at the combination she presented. Gorgeous, thick hair, full, pouty lips and sparkling green eyes, even more attractive because of the hint of wildness and cruelty in her mouth and eyes. And, of course, breasts so large that it was hard to believe they could rise out of the same body that descended into such a tiny waist. Yet he knew, at first hand, that they were real.

What a stupid mistake he had made in a rare moment of weakness. Three months ago, in the middle of an unusually drawn-out breakup with a Brazilian model, he'd had a brief fling with her. With the office comments about the two of them having collectively the largest pecs in Manhattan it seemed they were fated to get together, and her full body seemed to be the perfect contrast to Maria's cold, bony perfection. He couldn't help but notice the way her breasts strained against the fabric of her blouses, inevitably producing a wide gap that yawned between the second and third buttons. She was careless about it. It was too obvious an opening, he would have thought. Yet it matched her personality and her reputation. She was a bit dim and very careless. No one trusted her with his work, but no one would fire her; the macho ethic that ruled the firm would never permit the loss of such an asset.

She'd stare at him, lingering by his office door, or from down the corridor of lesser cubicles, daring him to make the approach, but Jedd liked to keep his personal life separate from the office, and he usually had a number of other affairs going. Still, he did enjoy her flirting, and her body did have a rare ripeness to it that left him more than a little uncomfortable after each of her visits.

It was during a spell of hard work, which had temporarily cut down on his stable of nighttime playmates, that their relationship began. One late night at the office, just after he had just spent forty minutes on the phone arguing with Maria about whether he had been rude to leave a party at four in the morning to travel to a client presentation, Johanna turned up to deliver the dinner he had ordered. She could see he was upset, perhaps she had even been listening from outside while he tried with growing anger and failing logic to explain to Maria the differences in their work schedules, and she laid the dinner on his desk gently, bending over as she did to reveal more of her bounteous globes than ever before. She caught him staring and smiled, then turned to walk out, her round ass rotating irresistibly. Even though, as usual, she had brought up the wrong dinner Jedd couldn't help himself. On a whim, he cleared his throat.

"Um, Johanna, isn't it..."

She half turned, flaunting her profile. "Didja need something else?" She put her hand on her hip, waiting.

"No, I ... are you going to be here late?"

She shrugged. "My shift ends at two. Do you need me for overtime?"

"No, I ... I'll be done soon after. Why don't we have a drink after work?"

She colored, then gave a quick nervous smile. "Yeah, sure. OK."

He beeped her at one and they went out to a local twenty-four hour bar, then back up to his place where almost too quickly they shed their clothes and submerged into each other's bodies, Jedd luxuriating in the huge easiness of her bust and the roundness of her ass as he plunged deep inside her. She was soft like a huge pillow, mushily unresponsive, a silent, but willing receptacle for his hard passion. She asked for little, gave little, and Jedd soon realized there would be little reward for his efforts other than his own pleasure and freely shot his load. The deed done, they soon fell asleep.

The next morning was a little awkward. Jedd woke to his alarm while she sleepily turned over, refusing to be roused. Finally, Jedd left her alone in his apartment as he ran off for his late morning presentation. When she came in to work at six that evening, he quickly saw his mistake. She immediately greeted him with a very public kiss. Then, when he'd taken her into his office for a more private chat, she sat on his desk directly opposite his chair, playing with his tie and rearranging the papers on his desk into neat piles and "accidentally" knocking the picture of Maria over into the trash bin. She put her arms behind her back, thrusting her bust in his face and swayed her shoulders back and forth. He had to strain against the back of his chair to avoid the gentle pummeling of her breasts.

"Jedd, it's so nice to be able to see each other like this. Being at the same place all the time. It's like so cozy, almost like home."

He frowned. "Um, Johanna ---

"You can help me get a better job here. I really should be a secretary. Maybe your secretary. And you can teach me about the business, and then promote me. And then we'll both be a big success." She swiveled her shoulders at the end of each sentence for emphasis, smiling all the time. Jedd was about to cut her off when Mark Oldman, one of the managing directors, came in, raised his eyebrows at seeing Johanna perched on Jedd's desk and cleared his throat.

"Jedd, the Parker deal? Do you have those IRRs for me?"

"Yes, right here." He looked around his desk, trying to find the spreadsheet she had buried. He spotted it, half underneath her ass. "Uh, Johanna, would you ..." She looked at him blankly. "I need those papers."

"I don't have any papers for you. I came right here when I got to work."

"You're sitting on them."

"Jedd, it looks like I'm interrupting something more important to you," Mr. Oldman had said testily.

"No sir. Please. Just a moment." He gave Johanna a little shove and she jumped off the desk, sending two piles of papers to the floor and glaring at Jedd. He ignored her, found the report and handed it wordlessly to Oldman, who left, glaring at the two of them.

"That was so rude of him. He didn't even say thank you!"

Jedd couldn't believe her behavior. "Johanna, you're the one in the wrong here! And me too, I guess."

"But this is your office. He just barged in. Don't you get any privacy here? I can't believe you let them treat you like that!" she asked, her voice getting higher and louder.

"Johanna! You're out of line. Conversation over. Now get out of her so I can do my work!" He glared at her and raised his hand demonstratively. She quickly jumped away as if afraid he would hit her, but stared back defiantly from the doorway, then tossed her thick mane of hair and left.

It was another late night and he caught her spying on him from the other side of the floor a few times, but he ignored her, deliberately staying until after her shift ended, then took a cab home for a brief sleep. To his surprise she was in his apartment when he got home, laying across his bed sleeping, dressed only in a t-shirt three sizes too small for her exuberant bust.

"What are you doing here?" he asked crossly.

"Jedd. What time -- it's so late. We need to talk."

Jedd shook his head. "No. You have to leave. I'll call a cab."

She sat up, more alert. "Hey, but I thought we -- the way that you looked at me all the time, I knew you had a thing for me. What could I do? You're so important there and I'm just a. . ." She looked confused and looked down at the bed, then looked up at him more angrily. "And what about the promises you made me? You, uh, told me if I let you have sex with me you were going to help me get somewhere at work."

Jedd glared at her. "What are you talking about? Wait a minute!" He cocked his ear. "I hear something." He looked around the room and yanked her dress onto the floor from the chair where it was draped, exposing a small dictating machine. "What are you up to? You're recording this whole thing. You're trying to set me up!"

"Don't touch that. It's, it's --

Jedd shut it off and took the tiny cassette out, then ripped the tape out. "Just get out of my apartment." He advanced on her, holding her dress up, his massive arm tensed with anger. She shook, cowering on the bed, afraid of him, while he brandished the dress over her head. Then he took control of himself and instead ripped the dress into two pieces and threw it at her.

She grabbed it and tried to put it on over her t-shirt, but the bottom half fell to the floor. "Now what am I going to do? How am I going to get home? That dress cost me $80."

Jedd nodded grimly. "That's your problem. Now get out of here."

She whimpered. "I'm sorry, Jedd," she said quietly. "It's just -- my brother in law told me -- I didn't really want to do it but --

"I'm going to count to ten. Ten. Nine."

She got up, shaking. "OK, OK." She wrapped the dress around her and ran to the door. "But what about a cab? I'll never get one at this --

"Four. Three."

"OK. OK." She ran out into the hallway. Jedd glared at her angrily, then shook his head and laughed and closed the door. He methodically pulled all of the tape out of the cassette and threw it away, poured himself a double Scotch, and went to bed.

It didn't take long for Jedd to be back in Mr. Oldman's good graces. He landed two large deals for the firm and working the other side of a deal so impressed the CEO at Travelers that he came away with an offer to join them as an Executive Vice President. But he turned it down, believing better things were in store for him at Morgan Stanley. And now, enjoying the glow of his success at the football game, the whisperings that he would be up for a big promotion next week when new titles were announced, he felt a growing sense that all was very, very good in the world. Meanwhile, he had gotten Johanna transferred to a different position that kept her wandering all night delivering faxes and copies so she couldn't hang around his office. She hated that and glared at him every chance she had. But there was nothing she could do, except quit.

Jedd looked at the piles of paper on his desk. He had to finish his valuation project. He was happy with the cascading set of models he had constructed, showing how each of the company's divisions inter-related and including enough "what-if" scenarios to satisfy the client that the public offering would work, regardless of the international situation. The problem was there was a flaw in the assumptions somewhere. Not an important one, but he didn't want some low level analyst showing him up at the meeting. He had to reconstruct his assumptions to find the error.

He sighed. It was impossible to find what he needed on his chaotic desk. He had to spread out. So he gathered up his work papers and carried them to one of the empty boardrooms around the corner. They were all free at this hour. In fact, his whole floor was nearly empty after the football game and party, and he would be able to work in there for hours, scattering papers as he pleased. It was nicer there anyway. Unlike the one small window in his office, these windows opened, and he could enjoy the slight breeze, look out of the line of windows and see the lit up skyline of New York City, his city now. Refreshed, he buried himself in his papers and had settled into the tedious task of checking his equations when out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure outside coming toward him through the window.

He startled. "Superman!"

Superman slowly opened the window and fell inside. "Kryptonite. Poisoned. Dying."

"No! NO! You can't die, Superman! I'll help you. Get you something lead or something."

"No. Too late. Super-potent rays. Already too late. Luthor."

"What can I do, Superman? Please, tell me. Anything."

"Earth needs champion. Must find successor." He looked at Jedd with his green, poisoned eyes. "Watched you . . . play football. Good mind . . . brave." He seized Jedd with the last of his ebbing strength, looking into his eyes. "Do you believe . . . in Truth, Justice and the American Way?"

"Sir!" Jedd responded proudly. "I grew up in the heartland of America: Iowa City, Iowa! I played All American football. And I'm a rising Vice President with the greatest investment banking firm in the world."

"And justice? Would you fight for justice?"

Jedd didn't miss a beat. "I believe in justice and opportunity sir. Not welfare. Those with talent, intelligence and drive deserve to succeed, and all people should have the same chance." His heart pounded. He knew his ideas were old-fashioned. What would Superman think? Had he blown it?

The Man of Steel smiled weakly. "You're a true American. Worthy of --- must begin. Must not be disturbed. Difficult."

Superman put his hands on Jedd's shoulders in deep concentration. Jedd felt nothing at first, then noticed a surge of alertness, a tenfold increase in his perception, as if the entire world was waking up around him. His mind too seemed sharper; as the number of sensations increased, so did his power to process them. Already he was following a thousand different conversations going on around him, including a few formerly confidential ones at a competing investment bank across town, and the number was growing exponentially with each second. Suddenly he was perceiving radio waves, heartbeats, CB and airline communications, even digital pulses traveling through the internet. He could see through walls, as far as he chose to focus. And how strong was he? There was no way to check, so long as he was in close contact with Superman. His heart pounded with excitement.

"You will be . . . more powerful than I . . . your natural genetic makeup . . . impressive," Superman said, barely audibly. "I was . . . 98lb. weakling on Krypton," he smiled, joking. "With powers ... made myself ... real man .... You can

"Superman! There's no time for joking. What will happen to you? What can I do?"

Superman grimaced. He was rapidly shrinking down to his original size. "Ssh. Not much time. Critical moment. Unstable. Must --

Jedd jumped up. "A 747 is about to crash into London! Thousands could die!"

Superman opened his eyes and spoke to Jedd, his voice barely audible even to Jedd's enhanced hearing. "Must wait. Final . . . matrix transfer . . . or else . . . you will . . . lose . . . ." His eyes closed; his head dropped. He was barely alive, his heart beating more and more slowly. Jedd dwarfed him in power, yet he couldn't revive him. What should he do? He looked up, his super-vision telling him he had only seconds left. He had to act. The first priority was to save lives! He put Superman down gently and roared out the window at super-speed, crossing the ocean in a blink, lifting the ailing jet from its crash path into London's Docklands and setting it down at its intended destination at Heathrow. He did it! He let out a loud "whoopee!!" and turned around to streak back to New York, but could not resist using his new powers and instead soared higher, into space, stopping halfway to the moon and marveling at the sight of Planet Earth, the precious globe. He was now its most powerful being. He would be its Protector. His powers were astounding. He could do anything. He studied the planet, its infinite diversity of activity, now discernible to him at a glance. What good he could accomplish. What a hero to them he would be. He would cleanse the Earth of pollution and overthrow the despots who ruled for their own pleasure. He would destroy weapons of mass destruction. He would teach the dependent masses self-reliance, respect for the individual, as well as practical business skills so that they could improve their own lot, free from control of government or the nanny-like assistance of world organizations. He would advance science, technology to better the lot of man. He would cure all loathsome diseases: leprosy, blindness. AIDS too! Even from one hundred thousand miles above the earth he could study the literature on the AIDS virus in an instant, focus his super-vision on its chemical structure. Within minutes, he knew how to create a substance that would cure the disease, even reversing its effects.

There was no limit on the good that he could do. That he WOULD do. His mind whirled with other possibilities.

Suddenly, he recalled that Superman was still waiting for him. He hurtled back down to New York, plunging through the atmosphere at super-speed, and arrived to see Johanna bent over Superman, her bust dwarfing the former hero's shrunken torso. She turned to look at Jedd's naked, magnificently muscled body, his clothes now just shards of scorched cloth that left bits of dye along the windward side of his body, his blond hair blown back on his head.

"What? Jedd?!! You're Superman? You're totally naked!! And what about this guy down here? He looks like Superman but he's --

"Superman's dying. He transferred his powers to me, to continue his great work, but he wasn't finished. I had to leave to stop an airplane from crashing. Now he'll finish the job and --

"Oh yeah? Well, nice of you to come back, but he's totally gone now. I tried to help him, give him mouth-to-mouth or something. I thought it was working, but then, like five minutes ago, he just started shaking. I gave him a hug, you know, to keep him warm, but it was no good. He gave me a little kiss and then I got a shock and he passed. Not like I knew what I was doing or anything, but he was Superman so I figured I'd --

Jedd rushed over and pushed her aside, his attention focused only on Superman's lifeless eyes. Unconscious of his great strength his careless shove sent Johanna across the room, sending her sliding on her stomach along the polished floor, knocking several chairs over and crashing into the wall. She moaned, clutching her shoulder and grabbing her arm where he touched her, like she'd been burned.

"Ouch! What did you do that for, you big ape?" she cried. "And why do I keep getting shocks! Jeez, I hate winter."

Jedd ignored her, burying his head on Superman's chest. "I can't believe you're gone, before you could tell me anything about being a superhero. About your responsibilities, about the enemies of mankind, the secrets of a lifetime of experience. And I just missed you!"

Johanna lay still, touching the spot where Todd touched her gingerly. "Yeah, it's a shame, I'm sure." she said. "Jeez! That really stung! You really gave me some kind of shock, you know!"

"Is that all you can say about Superman?"

"Well, it's not like he ever did anything for me."

Todd shook his head sadly. "You are such a selfish girl, so limited in your perspective. You -- all of us -- have benefited from the nobility, the vision, the selflessness of this great man. This is a historic moment. The death of the greatest hero man has ever known. The passing of the torch. He was . . . oh, what's the point of talking to you -- a mere copy girl. I have more important things to worry about."

"Yeah right. You gotta go save the world! Well, I got problems too, like keeping this stupid job. Thanks to you, I hafta check in every fifteen minutes. I'm already late from sitting with a dead Superman and getting pushed around by you." Johanna stood up slowly, brushing the dust from the floor off her blouse and rearranging it over her gargantuan bosom. "Damn, it's too tight. You must of messed me all up when you pushed me." She tried to pull it back down over her breasts, but a key button popped off and her blouse opened, revealing her massive brassiere, while the see-through fabric remained draped precariously over the outsized cones that thrust forward, the two buttons below straining under the pressure, threatening to surrender at any moment. "Shit! These cheap buttons!" she cried in frustration.

Jedd looked her over appraisingly and felt his large penis spring to life. It was pointing menacingly at Johanna. He laughed at the thought that it now had the power to thrust its way through steel and then laughed more loudly when he saw her startled and then frightened reaction to his throbbing member, pulsing with each beat of his supercharged heart. He found he could make it still larger. Slowly it swelled to ten inches. He flexed his mighty muscles, reveling in his new power, and watched her struggle futilely with her blouse, trying to arrange it to cover herself without making the situation still worse, but managing only to pull the fabric more tightly against her enticing profile as she backed against the wall. He pondered the difference in their destinies: his, to have immense power and ability and to watch over the Earth and all of its inhabitants; Joanna's, to go about her petty job, her only hope of escape to find a man sufficiently mesmerized by her endowments that he would overlook her smallness of spirit. Perhaps she herself is a danger to humanity, one he should neutralize in some more permanent way than merely getting her demoted. Her breasts made her a danger, in a way, to all of the honest men who might be led astray by her superficial allurements. He would think about that. It was a threat by no means worthy of any great effort, but at the very least, he could put her in her place.

A touch of heat vision on the fraying thread of her buttons might just do the trick, he mused mischievously, while giving him a little practice in his new power. He wouldn't actually harm her, but her discomfort would serve her right, and would put her on notice that he would make sure she behaved. A short burst of radiation from his eyes and: Pop! There went two other buttons! Another burst and her brassiere strap snapped and flew upwards, dangling around her neck while her massive breasts poured outwards, billowing until her the cups of her bra sat on top of them, supported by them, the massive apparatus now looking more like a set of deflated balloons. She looked down with horror and crossed her arms across her chest, her thin forearms barely large enough to hide her huge nipples.

She looked up, glared at him. "Y-y-ou! You did that! What kind of Superman are you!" She looked down at his crotch and almost jumped. His member had grown another 50% and seemed to glisten, like a steel rod, a cannon, and it was pointed directly at her! "No! No!! That thing of yours . . . it's enormous!!! You wouldn't!!!"

He smiled at her, a little cruelly. Of course he wouldn't. But his eyes still swept across her body irresistibly, the evident fear in her somehow heightening her appeal for him, his consciousness of his own power overflowing within him. His whole body tingled, poised to explode. The office was deathly quiet. He could hear the closest worker three floors away, noisily applying a buffing machine to the marble entrance lobby. No one would hear, and anyway, what could they do to him? He leaned toward her, floating across the narrowing space between them as she backed away, cornered. He'd frighten her ... a little, and then be on his way.

Then he stopped in mid-air, his brow furrowed. He cocked his head. "The sounds. Getting quieter."

She looked up, still cowering in the corner, whimpering. "What? You hearing things? Oh please Jedd! Please!!" She peered at his member, suddenly slightly smaller, less erect and less frightening.

"No, it's just that --

Johanna had a bewildered expression. "You're not gonna --?" She looked around, confused, then put her hand on her bosom and tried to calm herself, taking a deep breath. Her chest expanded outwards at him, then dropped back.

Jedd was too distraught to look at her; his penis was wilting rapidly, despite the awesome display in front of him. He put his hand on the conference table, bracing himself as he drifted downwards. "What's happening? I can't . . . I'm losing my powers." He stretched his arms out in front of him, desperately trying to invoke his flying power. His legs floated into the air and he hovered unsteadily above the table, then settled softly down on top of it. He looked horrified. He slammed his fist against the table, which survived the blow with a loud noise -- Jedd's howl of pain. "They're gone! They're all gone!"

Johanna looked at him, puzzled. "What?! Who?! You mean -- you're not 'Superman' anymore?"

Jedd shook his head, unable to speak. Johanna looked at him, looking at him intently, her arms still crossed in front of her bared breasts. Jedd propped himself up on his hands and knees and went on, haltingly. "He said something about the transfer being unstable, that I should have waited and not tried to stop the airplane crash. But I didn't listen. I couldn't just let them die! And then -- damn -- then I was sitting up there, flying above the Earth, enjoying being Superman, thinking about what I'd do. How I'd use my powers ... help the world. But now, now I've lost them and I can't do any of what I'd planned. I had superpowers, like I'd always dreamed. I was Superman! And now I've lost my powers -- after just twenty minutes!" Johanna grinned slightly. "What are you smiling about! Don't you know what this means? I would have made a difference for all mankind! I had all the answers but now ... now I don't. I don't understand how to cure AIDS anymore! It's all gone. Earth is helpless. There's no one to protect us from the Lex Luthors of this world or from evil aliens who want to attack and enslave us."

Johanna still smiled. "Yeah, I guess not," she said, chuckling a little. "Too bad, Jedd," she added in a singsong voice.

He stared at her. "I can't believe you think this is funny! This is very serious. A disaster."

She smiled more broadly. "Sorry. I'm sure you're right about the aliens, and I hear the AIDS thing is like really bad, but I still think it's funny. You're such a fuckin' big shot. And you were going to be even more of a big shot, being Superman, running around and saving everybody, telling us all what to do. And look at what you were doing. You were even gonna use your power to RAPE me! And instead, for once in your life, you're the loser. You did a dumb thing, trying to be a big hero and leaving Superman when he was dying and trying to give you his powers. You blew it! And I got to see it. This just totally makes my day, my week even. Especially since it was because of you that they moved me to this crummy job." She started laughing, taking one hand off her breasts and perching it on her hip, her breasts bouncing and swinging with the movement of her body as she mocked him. "And besides, you don't have any clothes!" she added. "My blouse is ripped, but at least I got a sweater downstairs in my cubby. You're totally naked. How're you even gonna get back to your office?!" She laughed harder.

Jedd couldn't believe she could so cruelly enjoy his misfortune. He was paralyzed with anger, then shaking with anger, so enraged that he picked himself up and threw himself off the table and charged her. She stopped laughing, and alarmed at the rush of the former fullback put up her arms in a helpless gesture to protect herself as she tumbled backwards, with Jedd landing on top of her. He grabbed her breasts roughly, and, his penis hard again, pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and planted himself on her.

"No! No! Stop it! Jedd!!!" She covered her eyes. "DON'T, PLEASE!!"

Jedd just growled. He positioned himself and tried to enter her. She looked up at his bulging biceps, his broad chest and powerful legs and waited helplessly for the inevitable pain of Jedd's large member forcing its way inside her. But it wasn't to be. He pushed hard against her, but he repeatedly glanced off.

He angrily rolled to his feet and stared down at her voluptuous, womanly body, until, feeling doubly humiliated, he averted his eyes to look out the picture window. "Just get out of here!" he cried. "This never happened. None of it!!"

She stood up slowly, touching the shoulder she had fallen on, and looked around the room, confused about what had just happened. She pulled her clothes together and stared blankly. Then she started laughing again, more loudly this time, both hands on her hips, her breasts thrust out, jiggling wildly as her chest heaved.

Jedd turned back to her. His face tightened again and he clenched his fists, his muscles fully pumped. "Stop that laughing! I told you it's not funny. Shut up already and leave me alone!"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! You pathetic thing! Omnipotent to impotent! Ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Jedd looked as though he could have breathed fire, but of course he couldn't. "Just ... get ... out of ... here!" he bellowed.

"Why? 'Cause for once you get what you deserve?"

"Leave me or I'll kill you, I swear!"

"Why don't you, big shot!" She put her hands on her hips and walked back to him with her hips swiveling, taunting him. "You're such a big talker!" She stuck her wrist out limply and ran her pinky lightly along his thickly muscled chest and over to his right arm, tracing it along his twenty-two inch biceps. "Oh they're just so BIG Jedd. You are so strong! So threatening! But you couldn't DO me!" She looked down at his still large tool, which was rising again in response to her touch. "Oh my! What am I going to do about that big thing! Look! It's growing! What if it tries to attack me?" She put her small hand on it and wiggled it around. "But maybe it's just not strong enough."

"What the fuck is the matter with you, you crazy bitch!" Jedd exploded. "You'll shut up if you know what's good for you or I won't be responsible for what happens! I've never hit a girl, but keep pushing me and I'll make an exception for you. I'm warning you. I may have just lost my super-strength, but I'm still strong enough to rip you in two!" he roared.

"Oh, I'm sure you are!" she said with mock seriousness, letting go of him and putting her hand on her chest. She stared at him but her eyes seemed focused elsewhere. Then she burst out laughing again. "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! It's just too funny. I'm gonna die laughing!" She placed her small hands on his biceps. "Come on, former Superman. Show me your big muscles. I wanna see how strong you are. Let's see how big and hard you can make 'em! Or maybe you can't make THEM hard either," she taunted.

"You've fucking lost your mind. You want to see muscle? I'll show you muscle! Then I'll show you what a man's muscle can do to you, you pathetic slut!" He tightened his fists and his biceps expanded and hardened to their full size, gathering into solid balls three times the size of Johanna's small fists. "Now that's power, power you for one are going to learn to respect!"

She licked her lips and closed her fingers around the tops of his upper arms. "They're SO big and hard. I bet I couldn't push them in even a little bit!" She tightened her grip. "Wow! What power and strength!" But then she wrinkled her nose. "But," she added in a mocking sigh, "not super-strong, not super-powerful! Just super-ordinary."

"Why you --" Jedd's face instantly darkened to deep purple. "Arghh! What did you --

"I just squeezed 'em a teeny tiny bit more, Jedd." Her hands were still on his arms, her thin arms as relaxed as could be, while Jedd's face was contorted with pain. "And now a little more."

"Aagghh, let go! You're crushing my arms!" He clutched at her hands and tried to pull them away from his arm, but he couldn't. Finally she let go and stepped back a few inches, enjoying his discomfort. His hand shook as he stared at the deep purple marks on his biceps, then looked at her in horror. She looked back at him, pursed her lips in a kiss and winked.

"What's the MATTER, Jedd-sey darling? Did I SQUEEZE'em too hard?" She held up her fingers and wiggled them in the air. "You're not saying I hurt your BIG, MEAN muscles with these ITTY BITTY little fing-ee wing-ees?" She fluttered her hands, then put one on her hip and swiveled it. She lightly grazed the fingers of the other hand along his hard flat stomach, her fingertips caressing it, tracing little circles around his hairy chest and washboard stomach, occasionally touching Todd's erect penis. "Hey, Jedd," she sang. "He's up again. Don't you wanna TRY and DO me again? Or are ya getting SHY or something?"

"Now Johanna --

"Don't you 'Now Johanna' me!" She pushed her pinky into his stomach, and Jedd stumbled backwards, doubled over, groaning. She took his arm to stop him and force him to stand upright and looked into his eyes cockily. "Hey, Jedd-sey, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe it's worse than just losing than your superpowers? Maybe you lost all your strength and you're just a total weakling now," she jeered. "Or maybe . . . just maybe ... something else happened." She pulled him closer and spread her hand across his stomach and then, pushing upward, lifted him in the air over her head like she was a waitress balancing a cocktail tray.

"Y-y-you -- OH, NO!"

"Oh, yes Jedd! Yes, yes, YES!!!!" she cried, her thin arm pumping his 280 lbs. up and down with ease. She let him slide off her hand, back onto the floor in front of her, and looked up at him, thrusting her breasts out proudly through the open spaces in her blouse. "Yeah, that's right, Jedd. I GOT what YOU lost! I'm the one with the superpowers now."

"YOU??!! Not YOU!! It can't BE!" he said in dismay, staring at her.

"Wanna bet?" she replied smugly. "I've got ALL of Superman's power now, and there's NOTHING YOU or your 'manly' muscles can do about it. Like, watch this." She took Jedd's gold fountain pen off the table and placed it between her thumb and index finger and squashed it into a pancake. "That's so easy!" She held it in her palm and focused on it. Brilliant red rays shone from her eyes, burning off the ink, plastic and other metals and turning the remainder into a pool of gold. She swirled it around between her hands and blew on it, producing a shiny gold marble. "Oooh, cute! This is fun. Take it Jedd. A souvenir." She flicked it at Jedd with her thumb. The marble bounced off Jedd's chest and fell to the floor with a thud. He groaned in pain and covered his chest.

Just then Johanna's beeper went off. She looked down at her belt where it was fastened and slapped it like it was a mosquito, crushing it against her hip. "Fuck that. I don't need this job anymore." She grinned at Jedd. "But YOU, Jedd-sey. You better get back to work, hmmm? NORMAL people like you need a job so you can eat and sleep, unlike SUPER ones like me who can do whatever we want."

Jedd turned red and bit his lip to control himself. "That's not the point! You should --

"Ohh. So now you wanna tell me what to do with my life, Jedd?" She stood closer to him. "Are you the expert or something on having superpowers? Lemme think. You had 'em for twenty minutes, right? So, yeah, you have like twice as much experience as me. W-O-W. You better tell me quick though," she said, tapping him on the chest with her finger, "like in ten minutes, 'cause then I'll of had 'em as long as you. And then ... for the rest of my life!"

Jedd grabbed her finger. "Just keep your hands off me --

"You still think you can push me around?" she responded and pushed his hand back against his chest. "I don't hafta listen to you anymore." She lifted him in the air and then pressed him flat onto the table with her hand on his chest. "Come on, Jedd. What're you gonna do?". Jedd flailed helplessly on the table, his powerful muscles unable to move her hand a fraction of an inch. She let him go and laughed. "Big tough man can't do a thing to Superwoman."

Jedd coughed from the pressure of her hand. "This ... this is a disgrace," Jedd said. "A tragedy. You don't deserve to use the word 'super.'

"Awwwww. Jedd-sey's jealous. I bet the big man wishes he could be super-duper like me." She bumped him with her hip and he tumbled against the table, banging his thigh on it before tripping on a chair leg and falling. "Ooops! 'Scuse me Jedd," she sang, putting her hand on her hip and twisting it femininely. "Silly me. I'm just SUPER clumsy today. I must not know my own strength!"

He looked up at her. "You may have superpowers, but inside you're still a pathetic little tramp." He pulled himself up. "And although I may have lost Superman's powers, I still have the spirit he that he recognized and that led him to choose me as his successor."

Johanna's nostrils flared. "You're going too far Jedd. You're forgetting WHO I am and WHAT I can do. Maybe I need to remind you." She rose onto her toes like a ballerina, then floated off the ground, slowly rising to the level of his head so that they looked at each other eye-to-eye. "I don't think you have any special spirit. I think you're just a big shot who's totally full of himself." She bared her teeth and threw him onto the table, where she held him face down, with her hand resting on the small of his back. Suddenly she raised her hand and slapped his bare ass.

"Aaaii!" he cried. She spanked him again, and again, her small hand loudly and methodically hitting each section of his ass. "No, no, stop please! Owwww!" he sobbed.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Does that hurt Jedd? How's that spirit now? I think I MAY have gotten just a LITTLE bit stronger today!" She pinched his reddened cheeks, then grabbed him by the ankle, suspending him upside down, his head three feet from the floor as she flew higher, next to the ceiling. She started flying around the room, circling the conference table, Jedd's head whizzing by the chairs faster and faster.

"Ahhh, stop! Let go of me! I'm gonna be sick!"

"What a weak stomach you have. Not strong at all! I always get sick in cars, but this doesn't bother me in the slightest." She increased her speed until Jedd was nearly horizontal, trailing behind her and twisting painfully through each tight turn until she altered her course and flew through the open window, stopping ten feet outside the building, 63 stories in the air.

"There, I stopped. Now, did you say something about letting go?" She let go of one ankle.

"No! No! Don't let go! Please. I'll fall. I'll die!"

"You will? Can't you even fly?! But it's so easy! Let's see you try!" She let go and watched from above while he plummeted through the air, then zipped down and caught him five stories above the street. "Wow! Falling 500 feet feels just like rolling out of bed. But oh, just LOOK at how you're shaking and shivering! Just twenty minutes ago you were the one flying around the world and I was a nobody! And now I, Johanna Mellon, am Super-Johanna! And you, Jeddidiah Stuart, are dependent on me for your life. So how's that spirit now?" She pulled him up, shifting her hands up his legs and his hips then tossing him up ten feet to flip him over and catch him, her hands under his arms as she stretched her legs out away from him, her chest thrust out like the bust of a mermaid at the prow of a Viking ship, but ever so more impressive. Johanna lifted them slowly higher. "Hee-hee," she giggled. "I can do anything! Absolutely anything! And there's nothing you or anyone else can do to me! Nobody can tell ME what to do. Ever again!"

She looked down at his thick, muscular, naked body dangling helplessly from her little hands, his weight supported by her pale thin arms, as the two of them hung in mid-air supported by her miraculous flying power. She noticed a few haggard faces around the office buildings staring at them. "Perverts! I hate that!" She aimed a narrow beam of her heat vision at each of them in turn, the glowing red streams of light blinding them, their screams audible even to Jedd, then focused her X-ray vision to their cameras, destroying the pictures they'd snapped. "Ha! Well, my tits are the last thing they'll ever see. Hope it was worth it!"

Jedd had seen the rays leaving her eyes, and now his own eyes opened wide. "Y-y-you blinded them? For looking at you?!! W-w-what kind of superhero are you? And how can you blame them for staring? I mean--

She smiled at him condescendingly. "Superhero? What's this superhero SHIT? You may have gone for that, but not me. I'm Super-Johanna!"

"But Superman wanted a successor. Someone to--

"Superman picked YOU to be his successor. He didn't pick me. So be my guest. Save the world. Spend your time protecting the weak. You can even become a cop, or a social worker if you want. Who's stopping you? Yeah, like you would! And why should I dedicate myself to make the world a better place? What's the world ever done for me? I'm going to have fun!"

Jedd struggled to reply. This was so unfair! He didn't want to be a policeman. He had wanted to be all-powerful. And Johanna -- she was even more horrible than he had ever imagined. Being superpowerful had made her even worse. "OK, OK. If you're not going to help humanity. But you hurt those people. They didn't mean to do anything to you, how could they have helped themselves? You're so . . . ." His voice trailed off.

"So beautiful? So powerful? So . . . selfish? I'm ALL of those things. So what! Compared to me, you and they are NOTHING! I don't care about any of you!" She looked down at her large round breasts, bobbing slightly in the fresh wind. "They ARE beautiful, and now they'll never sag -- not even an inch! They're perfect. Ha-ha! Caught you looking!" Jedd looked alarmed and tried to turn away to protect his eyes. She turned his head back toward her with her forefinger and stared into his eyes, then laughed, "Aww, did I scare you? Ha-ha-ha-ha. You're so helpless! Completely at my mercy." Her eyes flashed at him. "Hmmm. You do have a point. Not that I'm real modest or anything, but flying around naked won't do." She flew them back inside the conference room to where Superman's lifeless body lay. She dropped Jedd roughly onto the floor and pulled Superman's suit off the former hero. His body was already stiffening and turning gray, Superman's now ordinary flesh decomposing rapidly. "Phew!! That Kryptonian corpse sure stinks!" She looked down and flashed her heat vision at him, cremating him instantly, then blew his ashes out the window, dispersing them into the night. "There! That's better!"

"What? Is that all he deserves? After all he's done for us?"

Johanna glared at him. "You're REALLY annoying me Jedd! You still think you're in charge, that you can tell me what to do. I can burn you to a crisp too or crush your body down to the size of a pea. Don't you understand how pathetically weak you are compared to me? Look at those bruises on your arms. All that took was a little pinch with a couple of fingers." She put her hands on his shoulders, forcing him to kneel in front of her, his face directly in front of her breasts. She flexed one of her pectoral muscles suddenly, swinging her bosom into the side of his head, and knocked him tumbling into the corner of the room, her nipple leaving a welt along his cheek. He stood up shakily, running his finger slowly down his face. "Ha-ha! You can't even defend yourself against my tits!" He staggered toward her, half-conscious. She pointed at the floor once, twice. He shook his head groggily and she took a breath and blew, forcing him backwards against the wall, then pinning him with a hurricane gale. She pointed at the ground. "I want to see you CRAWL, Jeddidiah Stuart! Or next time you are going through that wall, and you know it's a long way down." He stared back at her, then swallowed, got on his hands and knees and crawled across the room to her feet. "That's more like it," she said satisfied. "Now stay there until I tell you to get up."

She then turned to Superman's costume and unraveled the impermeable material, then at super-speed recombined the blue and red threads into purple and knitted them with her fingers into a skin-tight halter top and short pants barely covering her bottom, with a yellow diamond on each breast, the right one with a red "S" and the left with a red "J". She pulled the top over her breasts and pulled on her shorts leaving her rock-hard abdomen and almost all of her gorgeous legs exposed. She quickly prepared three other costumes.

"Yes, I like it! What a bod! Super-Johanna!" She looked down at Jedd, still on the floor, looking like a sick dog. "Oh, get up." He stood up tentatively and she flew a foot off the ground, so that she could look at him directly in the eye. "What a feeling! I feel like the sexiest girl in the world now." Jedd grunted, and Johanna looked offended and put her hands on her hips. "What is it?"

"Nothing," he replied sullenly.

"You will ANSWER me when I talk to you!" She stared at him. "You're laughing! I can tell! You're not showing it, but with my super-senses I can tell you're holding it back!" She grabbed his nose and twisted it. "Tell me, or I'll break it!" Jedd tried to push her hand off, but her arm was immovable. He couldn't believe the strength she had, the power he had had less than an hour ago, now turned against him. Oh it was so unfair!

"OK, OK. It's just --

"Don't lie! You're about to lie. I can tell better than any lie detector, you know."

He glared at her. "Um, you're still a nobody, in my book! And you may have a great body, but you were the worst lay I've ever had."

Her eyes flashed with anger. "Why, you!" Her jaw clenched. Her muscles tensed to crush him, but then she closed her eyes and concentrated. Her scent filled the room. Jedd started shaking irresistibly. His penis snapped to life. He rushed at her, but she held him off, effortlessly, at arm's length.

"Joanna," he moaned. "I must . . . have you. I've . . . never felt so --

"Oh really? But Jedd, I'm right here. You just need to come a little closer." He pushed against her arms while she expanded her chest, pulling her costume down to expose her breasts, her flying power lifting them into two immense pillows, almost within his reach. "But you're not strong enough to take me, are you, not even strong enough to touch my wonderful breasts?" She breathed out at his crotch, enveloping his penis in a warm humid wind. Jedd's whole body shook with desire. From the street, the groans of thousands of men could be heard. "Listen to them! They all want me, all men within a miles of this room here can sense me, but only you, Jedd, feel the full force of my pheromone scent; only you can see my perfect body, my round, beautiful, full, pink breasts. Look at you shudder with desire. You could almost come right now, without even touching me. Can't you? Just look at you strain, your pathetic strength is nothing to me! You will never have me, Jedd. Never!" She pursed her lips and sent a blast of frigid air at him. In an instant, his penis shrunk in withdrawal, leaving him aching, unsatisfied. He collapsed on the floor, his trembling body straining against it, seeking release.

"Yes, the carpet is good enough for you, Jedd. I doubt any woman will ever satisfy you again. Not after what you've inhaled tonight."

He shuddered and came, spilling his semen copiously into the rich, ermine-colored fabric, and withdrew, embarrassed, from the sticky spot of cum. He lay next to it, sprawled, exhausted, looking up at her standing confidently, her hands on her hips.

"Well, Jedd, thanks a lot for the super powers! I hope you never forget how it felt, how all this could have been yours."

"I never will," he said quietly, feeling completely defeated.

"Oh I'm sure! Well, it's time for me to try out all my powers, see how they work. I can't wait to see what kind of orgasms I can have with this super-body. I have a few other scores to settle too. And, see the world, meet new people, see Venus and Mars, take a hot bath in the Sun. There's just so much for a super-girl to do! But I'll be sure to keep a watch on you Jedd." She looked at his computer, still displaying the spreadsheet he was working on just an eternal hour ago. She floated over to it. She fiddled with the keys, her fingers moving so rapidly they were nearly invisible. "So that's what you do with these things! There's a mistake in cell D:473 on your Data page, you know."

"Oh there is? Thanks," he said quietly.

"Oh don't thank me. I've put eleven other errors in the spreadsheet too. You'll never find them all." He stared at her, open-mouthed. "Poor Jedd. What do you think will happen to your career now? You know, all your spreadsheets are gonna have errors, all your confidential reports'll get disclosed to the other side and your emails go around the company with dirty jokes? I'd say you have about three days left before the new appointments are made. Too bad. You would have been a partner." She burst out laughing, disappeared for five seconds and returned. "Hee-hee! By the way, Jedd, your Beemer won't start. It seems the engine has just melted, and there's a small fire in your stereo too. It'll probably spread to the rest of your apartment in a matter of seconds. And, uh-oh, you've just transferred all your assets to Fidel Castro! You're poor now, Jedd, and you'll have a lot to explain to the FBI, won't you? My forgery of your signature is very, very good."

"What! Is this what you --

She advanced on him, her finger on his chest pushing him backwards a foot at a time. "You could go back to football, Jedd, but you'd never catch a pass." She blew a gust of wind at him. "Tricky air currents, you know." She laughed. "And I wouldn't try going home just yet. Your Dad might not be too happy about the money you stole from his business -- shouldn't have left that little confession in your old diary. It's sitting on his night table right now. Oh I won't let up, Jedd-sey, not ever. Not until I see you working as ... a copy boy! Yes! In my old job, Jedd, at Morgan, Stanley. Let's see how well YOU do. Payback time! Fun time! And now, up, up and out of my way!"

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