My Weird Mother!

My mother was a lovely lady, then she started to get weird after dad left her and divorced her two years ago. My mother Linda is 39 yr.s old. She's a willowy 5'9" tall, nice personality, she had it all. Dad left mom in September of 2004. Why, I'm not sure, but when I visit dad every other weekend, his friend Cindy is there and spends time with us. When I'm home with mom who I live with most of the time, mom would start to spend more time with me after she came home from work, and every other weekend. Mom didn't date at all. Here is the weird part: Mom started to wear very tight shorts, very tight tee shirts, and changed the type of night gowns she wears to bed, now they are a lot shorter and tighter too. Mom started to crawl under the covers with me every night in my bed, and snuggle up to me while we had what mom would call our chats. During our chats, I would feel mom's hand under the blanket touching me on my crutch, between my legs. Mom would say that she just wanted to make sure I washed my shelf all over, but her warm hand under the blanket felt good, and gave me a hard rise. Mom also seemed to call me sweetie, sweetheart, darling, or honey, a lot more often also. On my 13th birthday mom said: Sweetheart, what could I get you for your birthday this year? Before I could answer her, mom asked me to flex my arm, felt my muscle. Mom said: Your muscles are small and soft, and your chest is small also, I'm going to by my little man a weight set to lift weights with, so my little man would become my big strong man! When mom said my big strong man, I didn't like the look on her face, it scared me a little bit! When I came home from school that day, mom was already home from work. Mom wanted me to go down in the basement with her, she had a surprise down there for me. When we got down there, mom had a whole 400lb weight set, with weight bench and mats all set up for me. Happy birthday, my soon to be muscle man!! Again for the second time that day, mom had creeped me out with that same look, like she gave me this morning, when she had said my big strong man. There was also a chair down there, when I asked mom why it was there, Mom said: I'm going to watch you lift the weights, so you don't hurt your shelf sweetheart. As mom said this, she ran her hand down my back very gently. Then mom said: Think of me as your personal trainer, I bought a book so I could show how to exercise right, without you hurting your shelf, and to help you develop some nice pecs darling! As mom said the last part, she had slid one of her hands under my tee shirt, and was caressing my chest. Mom had me start working out that night, I lifted weights while she sat in the chair and watched, with the work out book was in her lap and for some strange reason, mom turned up the heat to 85 degrees. I was sweating like a pig, lifting weights. About two months later, I started to develop some nice arms, a fairly nice chest, and sweating like a pig, from mom always turning up the heat, I also lost the rest of my baby fat, I was starting to look good. Mom now was always feeling my muscles, as well as my crutch between my legs and giving me a special little smile. Mom asked me one day what I thought about her arms, as I was working out. Mom flexed her arm, and I told her she had a nice little muscle on her arm. As mom was measuring my prograss with a tape measure which mom always did after one of my work outs, while I was still very sweaty from mom always turning up the heat. Mom said it was better to measure me while I was all sweaty, it gave her a more accurate measurement, but as mom measured me, she also love to towel off my sweat very slowly. Mom asked me what I thought about dad's girlfriend Cindy's arms? I told mom Cindy is a personal trainer, she has a little more muscle, not massive, but well toned and defined, where mom's wasn't. Mom didn't work out, Cindy did. Mom made a face I didn't like, then pulled out a magazine from uner her chair. It was a female muscle magazine mom showed to me. Mom turned to a page showing me a picture of a very muscular ripped female body builder. Then mom asked me: Would you like me better then Cindy, if I looked like this? I didn't know what to say, when mom asked me that question she had a strange look on her face, it was kind of creepy, plus the fact I liked Cindy, but I loved my mother, she gave birth to me. I didn't like the look or the tone mom's voice was in, when she asked me this! Mom said: WELL?, even worse tone in her voice. I tried to say the right thing, but something tells me its going to be the wrong thing in the end! I said: Yea mom, it would be cool to have a muscle mom! Mom looked at me with a very big smile, gave me a big kiss with her tongue in my mouth , something mom never did before, then a big hug with one hand in my shorts, and said:That's what I'd had hoped you were going to say, Momma gonna muscle up for you!! Just for you sweetheart!! By the way, did I ever tell you, you are getting to be more of a man, then you father ever was? As mom said that, both her hands were down my shorts now! That night when mom crawled under the cover to snuggle, while we had one of our chats. Mom said: It's funny your dad dates a personal trainer, when we first got married he didn't want me to touch weights, he was afraid I'd get too big and muscular. When I was in high school I used weights and I had some really nice arms!! My body reacts fast to weight training, mark my words sweetie, I could be a real Muscle Mom in no time! I started to think about what my mom would look like with muscles, and that started to turn me on!As Mom was cuddling and falling asleep, she said:I feel something expanding, and then giggled, then mom said: Please from now on, please call me Linda, good night sweetheart! Then she dropped off into a deep sleep. I had a troubled mind that night, what had I gotten my shelf into with Linda, I mean mom? How weird or crazy was she? I hardly slept that night, but mom/Linda slept like a baby. End of part 1

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Ok story I guess, but I just find it wrong for a son to be turned on by his mother. Other than that its an interesting story.

Hey man, I don't mind seeing incest in a story, because we all know its fantasy, and doesn't show your true feelings on the subject, to me anything is game as long as the fantasies are explained to be just that, unreal fiction.

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The way the characters think is the main interesting thing about this story, and the situation it creates is so surreal that the implied incest doesn’t bother me much. It actually makes sense with the mother seemingly so still emotionally attached to her ex-husband—when I read about the way she acts towards her son I see her ex-husband in everything she does. Everything seems to underline her pain: she compares her son to her ex, directs conversations to her ex, asks about him, thinks about his new friend (which obviously bothers her), and ask about what she is missing physically compared to her. The sexual play comes off only as a means for her to try and forget, or cope, or compensate (although I wish there wasn’t such as big age difference). The son is as much off put by his mom as we are in the story, when he keeps describing her actions and passes as weird or strange or uncomfortable. But—like I was (ignoring her age)—he's still turned on by the attention she gives him and the cuddling and touching, but I don’t see him turned on because she's his mom per se—and there’s the line I’m looking for.

Even if you will admit it or not we have our own weirdness that is residing in our system and sometimes we just don't want anyone to interfere with it so we just keep it on ourleves. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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