Little Miss Muscle Beach part II

Amanda's freckled skin shone with sweat as she lifted the heavy weights with her bulging thigh muscles. Her breathing was fast and heavy, for she had been lifting weights for nearly two hours. The contest was a week away, and even through her diet had become very strict her mother pushed her harder and harder every day.

"9... good girl... 10!" Stacy said proudly as she helped her daughter off of the weight machine. While not a tall woman herself, Stacy towered over her daughter's 4'2" frame. Her daughter was fairly short for her age, but that just made the muscle she had been packing on all the more impressive. This was the first time in her young life that she had undergone conditioning for a contest, and Stacy was very please with the results.

Amanda went over to the mini fridge to have a precisely measured cup of Gatorade while her mother examined her progress. Her skin was getting tight as the water weight had really started to come off. The striations in her back legs were particularly visible, and her back was coming along excellently. The simple act of opening the little refrigerator door made the ten year old's back ripple with hard muscle.

"Mommy?" Amanda asked as she finished her drink and wiped off her face with a towel. "Are we done yet?"

"What kind of question is that? Do winners ask questions like that?"

"No. Sorry."

"Its fine. We still need to work your abs, so get over to the pull up bar."

Amanda walked slowly over to the bar. She was not used to this sort of workout with so few carbohydrates. Stacy grabbed her tiny, hard waist and helped her up to the bar.

"I want us to try for a new record this morning, okay? We can't start slowing down when we are this close." Amada closed her eyes and started lifting her legs even with her waist and then hanging down again. At twenty she was sweating again. At forty her breathing started getting raspy. She was approaching 52, her previous best.

"Don't slow down, winners don't quit!"

Her abs were burning, and her legs were not recovered from their workout either. Even her hands hurt from all the free weights she had done that morning. But she kept going, the thick abs sweating though the thin blue material of her leotard. Little blue veins worked into temples as Amanda worked through the pain.

"Good girl... 50!"

She was slowing down now, each lift making her want to cry. But her mother was be furious if she dropped now, so she made herself keep going.

"52. Come on, one more!"

Amanda tried, but her legs only got halfway up before her stomach hurt too much and they swung back down.

"Mom, it hurts."

"Of course it hurts, but I know you can do it. Now, up!"

A little squeak escaped her lips as Amanda crunched up as hard as she could, keeping her legs straight.

"53! Thats my girl." Amanda dropped down, exhausted, but Stacy caught her. "Good job, Amanda. Now go get washed up for school."

Stacy's husband Drew met her in the kitchen as Amanda was showering.

"You are getting her up even earlier nowadays. Doesn't she need more sleep this close to a competition? Drew was a former powerlifter of local fame, but was not a competitive man and left most of the child rearing to his wife. He worked as a foreman in a concrete construction company.

"She's fine. You know how tough she is."

"Yea, but she is so young..."

"We already talked about this. She is going to get all the help that I never got. She is going to be the best."

Drew scratched his short, fiery red beard.

"Alright, its your show. You know what your doing. See ya tonight honey." He gave her a kiss and went out the door to work.

When Amanda got home Stacy met her at the door. She told Amanda to follow her.

"This is a surprise, so close your eyes!" Amanda loved surprises, and shut them tight as Stacy led her through the house. From the sound of their footsteps on the floor, Amanda could tell they were in the bathroom.

"Open your eyes sweetie!" Before the young girl was the exact posing suit that they had talked about nearly a month ago. She had forgotten about it since, but it was everything that she hoped it to be. It was bright green, and matched her eyes. There was a butterfly design in the cups and in the bottoms that Amanda loved, etched in golden thread. She wanted to try it on immediately.

"Okay. Lets try it on then." She helped her daughter out of her clothes, and marveled again at how big she had gotten. She weighed 86 pounds that morning, and was getting very ripped. The taper from her shoulders to her little waist was extreme, and Amanda flexed her lats softly as she got out of her school shirt.

Her chest was not flat, but hard and swelled with strong pectoral muscle. She flexed her chest as well as Stacy helped her on with the top part of the suit. Amanda loved the little ripples she could make in her pecs when she moved her arms just right. They got the bottoms on and examined the effect in the full-length bathroom mirror.

It was perfectly cut to her body. Stacy almost teared up at how good her daughter looked. Her abs were really coming through now, hard little lumps pushing through her soft, pale stomach skin. Her legs were shredded, the quadriceps budging over her knees so much they made a little shadow from the overhead lighting. And everywhere blood coursed through thick veins clearly visible just under her fair, slightly freckled skin. Amanda also examined herself, with her soft, girlish features and button nose. Her green eyes ran over every inch of her own body, and liked what they saw. She would win for sure!

-end part 2-

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Wow, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this story, you have pretty good descriptive ability. I like the way you're going about telling it too, its like those little girl beauty pageants, with the mom pushing her daughter relentlessly while the daughter is almost unaware of why she is doing what she is doing. The way you describe her, I'm sure no other 10 year old girls could hope to be built like her, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing if there are any possible contenders. Love it, please continue soon!

Another great installment, I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes. Keep up the great work!

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