Life is good

She was just talking on the phone when I first noticed, a twitch, nothing more, but there it was: a horseshoe on the back of my wife’s arm. My wife had always been fit, but I would never have described her as muscular – her arms look like a cheerleader’s – nice arms, but you certainly wouldn’t describe her as muscular. She never worked out; didn’t have time, busy with work, dedicated mom…but suddenly, inexplicably, there it was. I mulled over whether or not to mention it. I have always been an admirer of female muscle even though my wife was from far jacked, and it occurred to me that complimenting her on the change in her arms could draw the wrong sort of attention, so I did my best to soft shoe it.
“You been working out?”
“You kidding?”
I nodded at her arm. “You look like you’ve got a little muscle there.”
“Really?” She smiled and flexed.
Sure enough, there was not only a little triceps but a biceps to go with it. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but bigger than what was there before and enough to cause a touch of arousal downstairs. “You look good.”
“Ah, you’re sweet.”

And life went on. A few weeks passed more or less normally, busy with work and kids. It was just a normal work day and my wife and I were both in the bathroom getting ready. I had just gotten out on the shower and she was putting on her makeup when she said, “You want to see something amazing?” And she made a muscle in front of the mirror. And I mean a muscle – nice little ball of a biceps and arc of a triceps, and even forearm looked a little swollen. “Whoa.” My dick was in full salute.
“I’m glad you like it. I was going to go the doctor about it but I decided I kind of like it too. “ She threw up both arms in front of the mirror. “I’ve actually got little biceps now.”
“Honey, those are not little biceps. “
“You calling me a muscle girl?”
“You’ve got lats too.”
“You mean these things?” She flexed. “I do!” She giggled as I measured her upper arm.
“14 inch biceps, sweets. Those are not little muscles.”
“Well I’m glad you like them.” She grabbed my aching cock and gave it a little squeeze. “I think I’m growing a little down there too.” She touched herself.
That was about all I could take. I picked her up threw her on the bed and we went at it like ravenous beasts. By the time we were done, we were already a half hour late for work.

She started exercising. Nothing major – a little running and some push-ups and pull-ups in the morning before work. Suddenly, she started complaining of foot pain. She went to the doctor and found out it had nothing to do with her feet – her shoes were just too small. Her feet had grown a whole size.

I was just getting out of the shower one morning when I heard her calling me.
“Could you help me out for a minute?” She was sitting there on the rug, hair still wet from the shower. She liked doing push-ups before she got dressed so she wouldn’t get her clothes all sweaty. “Would you mind just sitting on my shoulders.” She got in push-up position and I sat down with my feet on either side of her head. She smiled. “Would you mind crossing your legs? You can just hold on to my shoulders.”
“Really?” I am not a small guy after all. I weigh 200 pounds.
She smiled. “Let me try.”
It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Her back and lats were like a topographical map, with swollen ridges and deep valleys. Her triceps were enormous veined pythons, still glistening from the little bit of water that hadn’t dried yet. Her movements were full - touching her chest to the ground, full extension- I moved my hands to her thick neck so that I wouldn’t roll off her back. My cock, which was resting along the ridge of her spine, was bigger and harder than it’s ever been, but against her back it looked inadequate. She did eight full push-ups before she finally collapsed.
“Thank you. That thing of yours is looking pretty good. I’m glad you like my muscles too.” As I stood there, examining her from head to toe, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of her transformation. She was absolutely huge and there were no weak spots. Her stomach was as thick and defined as anyone I had ever seen. Even her breasts, which were perfect round globes before she began to change, sat atop her powerful, thick veined chest like huge boulders at the edge of a cliff. Her lats had grown up around her neck, tall and thick. “I’m getting pretty big aren’t I?” She hit a double biceps pose and I nearly shot my wad. “What do you think? Why don’t you go get the measuring tape for these babies?” I didn’t really want to know but I did as I was told. She measured 18”. “Not bad huh? How ‘bout my chest.” 46”. “What do you think you are?”
“I don’t know.” Obviously, I was not even close and thankfully, she didn’t heighten the humiliation by measuring me.
Hey, I’m as tall as you are, aren’t I?” She closed the gap between us and I could feel the heat radiating off her body. When she wore 3 inch heels she could look me in the eye, but now she was in bare feet; and I was already feeling small to begin with. She smiled a sort of halfway smile, and in that moment, I think we both realized that something had shifted in our relationship. We were no longer equals. She was a goddess; I was whoever she wanted me to be.
“Can you do me a favor?” She pushed me to my knees, grabbed me back the back of the head and shoved me into her hot, engorged pussy. She was delicious; it was like eating in a four star restaurant, and I sucked her as long as she let me. When I stood up, she threw me on the bed, shoved her tit in my mouth, grabbed my ass with both hands and moved in me in and out and fucked me so hard she dented the mattress and left me completely exhausted. “That was good! I’m going to get ready for work. “ She gave my cock a friendly tug.

My friends think I am the most clueless guy on earth not to have noticed the transformation while it was happening but it wasn’t that I didn’t notice. I explain it like this. Have you ever had a puppy? It’s growing every day, but one day you turn around and you realize your dog is huge. My wife wouldn’t appreciate the comparison, but that’s what it’s like.
Suddenly, I became the ballast in her workout. What did she need weights for when she had a willing 200 pound slave at her beck and call. One day I came home from work and found her attaching a swing to a weight belt. “What’s that for?”
“You’ll see.” She took her clothes off, put it on and got up on the pull-up bar. “Sit”. She pointed to the swing hanging down from her waist.
“Are you kidding?”
“Come on, I’ll make it up to you. “The view I had was unlike anything I had ever seen before, she was so huge that I couldn’t even see her face. Her movements were slow and smooth too – it was like riding an elevator. “What do you think?”
“Are you kidding? You’re a beast.”
“Thank you!. Oh my god, would you look at these things. She nodded as she flexed her enormous veined forearms, which dwarfed my upper arms. My cock was burning a hole in my jeans.
“Honestly, you are the most awesome thing I had ever seen.”
“Thank you honey.” She tore my jeans off, grabbed my ass and lifted me to her mouth like she was wiping her face with a napkin, and she took my 8” cock down her throat like it was a strand of spaghetti. I blew, and when I slumped onto her shoulders she threw me on the bed. “Rest up.” She started getting dressed.
“Really, you’re not going to fuck me.”
“Oh honey, I’ve got a couple errands I need to run. “ She blew me a kiss and took off.
A couple days later, she came home from work with a present for me. I took it out the box and had no idea what it was. Hanging down from what looked like a piece of wetsuit was a chain and some sort of weight. “What is it?”
“It’s for your cock honey. I thought you could wear it around and get that baby to grow for me. Make gravity your friend, right? “
“You’re kidding right?” She didn’t smile. There was no question from either of us that she was in charge.
“How am I going to do that?” She pulled off my pants and zipped it on my cock.
“You’re going to quit your job and just not wear any pants when you’re alone at the house during the day.”
“But how are we going to get by without my salary?”
“I just go a raise. Don’t ask me how.” She made a most muscular pose. Her traps and pecs were so ridiculous I couldn’t see her big breasts. Her arms looked as big and strong as the pylons that hold up houses. The weight slowly lifted off the ground as my cock stood rapt at the huge, sexual beast standing in front of me. “See that, you’re going to get thicker too. What guy doesn’t want, a bigger dick right? I’ve tried a lot of cocks lately and I’ve come to the realization that I like yours the best. It just needs to be a little bigger is all. I’m still growing you know. I don’t want to get carried way and tear it off by accident.”
“You’re fucking other guys?”
“Of course I am honey. If I fucked you whenever I needed a little cock, you’d shrivel up like a prune. Don’t worry, I’ll always like yours the best. I think it’s even better than the porn star that I just fucked yesterday. Tell me if you ever want to watch and I”ll bring them home. Watch this.” She tore her clothes off, lifted me by the hips and stuck my dick into her wetness. She lifted me into her with one hand and flexed her bicep with the other. I blew in about 10 seconds.

Do you feel sorry for me? Don’t. Life is full of random little humiliations anyway but what I got in exchange for mine was life with a powerful amazon goddess who fucked me silly. And I will tell you that there is nothing better.

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I really liked your muscle, strength and sexual description here. I am not a big fan of height growth when it comes to muscle growth, but you kept the height growth description to a minimum and made up for it with the muscle and strength description, which are a focal point of what I like to see in stories. This was a really well written story and I hope to see more soon!

cwmoss's picture

Great story, I like the height growth too though. :)

Liked the muscle growth, the shift in dynamic, the height growth, everything. :)

Pugugly001's picture

I found it odd -- it went by rather fast for a story that did a very good job of implying rather slow growth (Which I like -- slow growth always feels more realistic to me). I'm not so much into the humiliation aspects, but it general I'd just like to see it done with a bit more detail and length to it.


iowabeefpackers's picture

Great story and an auspicious start to the rest of your excellent chapters on this one. Unlike some of the other commenters here I am DEFINITELY a fan of height growth and domination, so bring it on.

gravitaserum's picture

I love it. Well done.

Except for I had just gotten out on the shower and she was putting on her makeup when she said, “You want to see something amazing?”

How about:
I had just stepped out of the shower. She was putting on her makeup and said, "you want to see something amazing?"

I know. Anal. Sorry. lol.

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