Chapter 2 - Sakura and Ino learn the forbidden technique

It was the night after her "new awakening". Just a few hours ago, Hinata had shown her love Naruto the fruits of the Kinniku no Jutsu. Through not only flexing right out of her usually loose clothing, but by proving her love through defeating her over-criticising cousin Neji, she had established for herself a deep place in Naruto's heart.

"Naruto-kun...Likes it!" Hinata exclaimed to herself as she lay on her futon mattress, her chakra spent for the day, after walking, talking, lifting, flexing, and over-all pleasing Naruto with her new technique. "Naruto-kun...Likes ME!" she said a bit louder, quickly blushing and burying her face into her pillow..."I hope that he feels the same way about me tomorrow!" Hinata said in conclusion, just before she fell asleep.

"Ah, Hinata's asleep! Now's my chance!" Sakura, the pink-haired beauty whispered to herself as she sat outside of Hinata's open window. She wasn't dressed in her usual red garb, but instead, she had robed herself in black clothing, even around her head, so that Hinata, if woken up, would not be able to tell that it was somebody she knew...

Sakura quietly and carefully slipped through Hinata's window, and carefully tip-toe'd, with chakra carefully molded around her feet to keep her just above the ground, enough to not make a sound, towards the sacred scroll which held the Kinniku no Jutsu technique inside of it...

"Here Hinata, hold on to this scroll, most likely there's a bunch of different muscle techniques in here, but the only one you'll need to worry about is KnJ. Just give it back to me when you're done!" Anko flashed back into Hinata's dreams while Sakura was sneaking around in her room. "Ok..." Hinata whispered to herself as she turned underneath her covers.

Sakura paused as Hinata suddenly shifted. "Shit! Is she awake?" Sakura thought to herself...She kept still long enough to check, and then continued to pick up the rather large scroll, and jump right out of the window, and over Hinata, in one leap...

"Phew! I thought that was the end of it...Just imagine, if she had woken up, she could have used whatever that muscle technique is, and then beat me silly with it!" Sakura ran through her mind as she stood outside of Hinata's window for a bit more, trying to recatch her breath from the adrenaline rush...

Just as soon as she did, Sakura jumped from building top to building top, quietly through the night, and slipped in through her own window, flinging her black stealth clothing off of her as she sat the scroll down on the floor, brushing her long, pink hair out of the way of her view as she leaned closer to it.

"Alright, what's this thing have to tell me?" Sakura asked with rather perverted looking face, a wild blush spreading from cheek to cheek, as she rolled open the scroll.

"Dog...Monkey...Ox...Dragon: Kinniku no Jutsu" Sakura said to herself quietly, so that she wouldn't wake anybody up..."Well that's simple! Only 4 handseals! And according to the scroll, you can beef up where ever you want by channeling chakra to that area. Pretty much however you think of yourself, is how your body will take shape...That sounds a lot like Hokage Tsunade...And she does have that monstrous strength...maybe she knows this "Kinniku no Jutsu" as well?" Sakura asked herself as she memorized the four handseals, and began to roll the scroll back up...

"I'd better get this back to Hinata so that no suspicions arise..." Sakura said to her herself as she touched the scroll, to roll it back up...

"Not so fast Sakura! Shintenshin no Jutsu! (Mind-Body switch technique)" Ino whispered as she pulled executed her own family-secret technique, putting her mind inside of Sakura's body, while essentially putting Sakura to sleep in the meantime.

" family's own secret technique, always coming in handy! And this time, Sakura doesn't have that strange "Will" of hers to kick me out of her head!" Ino said to herself as she looked at the scroll that was about to be closed...

"Dog...Monkey...Ox...Dragon: Kinniku no Jutsu! Got it!" Ino said to herself in Sakura's body, as she snickered a bit "That big forehead of yours can help other people, after all!" She said to herself as she left the scroll untouched, and transferred herself back into her own body, Sakura coming back to consciousness once again...

"Hmm...what happened? Did I doze off?" Sakura asked herself as she looked at the scroll..."Oh well, like I said, back to returning this to Hinata!" She said as she rolled the scroll back up, and hopped right out of her window, on the way back to Hinata's room...Ino sat right beside Sakura's window, watching her hop right out of it.

"Hehe, mission accomplished!" Ino said to herself as she took off her similarly stealthy black hood, shaking her head to let her long, light blonde ponytail free.

"Sasuke will be mine...tomorrow!" both of the girls said in unison, as they continued on with their nights, and eventually went to sleep, even through the excitement.

--------The next morning--------

Hinata woke up with a loud yawn, stretching and rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she looked to the side of her futon.

"Ah! Great, the scroll is still there, last night wasn't a dream!" Hinata expressed to herself happily as she then looked out the window, the sunlight trickling through her window. "Funny, I thought I closed it last night...Oh well!" the white-eyed cutey said dismissively, as she quickly and excitedly moved around her room, gathering another pair of stretchy black leotards, which cut off with short sleeves and ended about at her knees, and headed to the female Hyuuga bathroom, which was never too incredibly full or anything of that such, because the Hyuuga family seemed to have many more men than women. "I'd better be squeaky clean for Naruto, no telling how these tights will hold up!"

At that exact moment, Sakura and Ino both began to leave their respective homes, explaining to their mothers that even with their being no present threat to the village, and no major ninja events upcoming, that they needed to "train". Crossing each other's paths, neither one seemed to have any visible fact, they seemed almost ecstatic to see each other.

"Good morning, Forehead." Ino greeted as she continued to walk on, heading towards one end of Konoha's grand forest.

"Back 'atcha, Ms. Piggy." Sakura replied with a smile, heading towards the other end. Neither one of the beautiful kunoichi had suspected in the least that the other had even as much as looked at the scroll.

Just at the point that each girl could no longer see each other, they hopped to the rooftops once more and took off, avoiding the usual "civilian" traffic on the village streets, somehow making it to their secluded portions of the forest at the same time as well. Sakura and Ino had always been rivals, it made sense that in speed and skill, they were, for the most part, equal. Natural strength, stamina, and chakra amounts, however, were extremely different for each lass.

After looking around, checking to make sure that the area was clear, Sakura went on to begin doing the handseals. Ending on Dragon, with her hands of course held in dragon formation, Sakura exclaimed "Kinniku no Jutsu!"

As soon as she finished uttering "su", The pink haired maiden began to push chakra into all the areas of her body. Sakura was well known to be extremely efficient with chakra and controlling it. Although she may have not had the most expansive reserves, she could utilize her chakra with as much control as even the jounins, and with her being a mere genin, two levels lower, that was incredible, able to walk up trees and stand upside down on their branches with little or no effort, just after her first lesson in "tree climbing" too!

With her hands still held together in the dragon seal, her chest automatically responded first, her formerly rather unimpressive bust began to quiver, then bursted with mounds of muscular flesh underneath her about AA cup breasts, thickening to the point that she had two small breasts laying atop mighty pectorals, 5 inches thick. As much as Sakura was impressed, and wanted to stop and explore her new chest right there, she kept herself focused, letting go of the dragon seal to stop the "automatic" growth of her chest.

Sakura held her hands in front of her loin, with balled fists, similar to a Karate beginning stance, her forearms responding this time with thickening all along her slender wrist. As she began to clench and unclench her wrist, as if squeezing a stress ball, her forearm packed on more and more might, her forearm akin in shape and girth to two lead pipes running parallel to each other, softly twisting around each other at the ends of her arm, each muscle about 4 inches in diameter. She had a "Popeye" like appearance to her now.

Wanting to keep things in perspective, Sakura tensed further up her arm, tightening all of her upper arm into slim firmness, her already somewhat defined biceps, triceps, and delts popping into attention. As she held this tensing, her biceps swelled, growing into two softball sized mounds, even without actually flexing her biceps, with triceps as this as children’s footballs flexed as she held her arms slightly bent, but more extended than bicep flexed. Her delts also responded to her tension, the overall size comparable to a honeydew melon, with a shape more like that of hot air balloon, exaggeratedly wide near the top, tapering down gently to mold to the shape of her triceps and biceps.

With the increasing weight of her chest, and now her beefy arms, her back began to respond to help support her. with her slab-like arms hanging to her sides, her neck began to flex, causing her traps to thicken and build upwards, like two suspension bridges meeting at her neck. Her back also had to play catch up, as her small breasts began to balloon as well, almost as if by magic, jiggling to an immense DD cup in moments. Kinniku no Jutsu may have, in name, only been meant to increase one's body size, but it seemed that it also most tended to amplify the genetic endowments that were found attractive in women, big, firm breasts, large, round buns, and more of a curve to the body as a whole, for women, kicking up that delicious hourglass shape with traps forming under the woman's colossal arms, like two gently sloping domes hanging out to her sides, threatening to burst from her skin to form wings. The rest of Sakura's backside humongified itself to keep her from snapping herself in two backwards, dozens upon dozens of thick, meaty striations rippled under her skin, as she slowly brought her arms backwards, flexing even moreso. If her massive traps looked like wings ready to burst from her back, all of her back muscles were the feathers, dense and striated.

As Sakura felt her back expand, and consequently tighten due to her substantial muscle gain, she crunched forward to help lessen the strain, and stretch her back a bit. Inevitably, bearing down on her abs with such force flexed muscles that never visibly existed on Sakura to come to form, the main line of her abs crunching into a vicious 8 pack, with dozens of oblique muscles to each side, starting wide at the top, just below her thick pectorals, and in front of her incredibly expansive lats, then tapering down in a smooth curve, at it’s tightest just at her belly button, only to curve outwards once again, continuing on to form her hips.

Speaking of hips, in an effort to keep the massive, rose haired maiden balanced, her lower body also involuntarily flexed itself immensely. With the occasional standing on of her tippy toes, Sakura pushed more and more might into her thighs and calves, pumping her once relatively slender thighs into four beefy cylinders of might, each one at least five inches wide, and 4 inches thick from the bone to the surface. Her calves were no slouches either, calves as big, thick, and round as melons jutted from her shin, from the front, looking like two domes swallowing the sides of her shins, and from the back, looking like cantaloupes with smooth, triangular striations, crevicing and getting deeper and wider the closer to her ankles they went. As she stretched backwards again, her glutes even began to take action, flexing into two soccer ball shaped spheres, with a few fissure-like striations here and there.

At this moment, Sakura was beyond huge, significantly larger than any male body builder, and with out even the slightest doubt even more muscle packed than any female body builder. However, Sakura was “missing” something. As Sakura looked over her body, still perfectly fine and covered by her normal attire, her thighs bulging under her stretchy capris, her back and tummy swelling in unison with her breathing underneath her red one piece suit, even with all of this incredibly colossal mass, she felt a little “light weight” as she looked at her thick and striated –pectorals-, noting her small, unimpressive breasts

“Oh come on, even Hinata had a pair of these.” She said to herself with a smirk. Sakura playfully, with her tongue peeking out just so from her lips, brought her arms together in front of her, her already hulking body expanding in every direction, as well as pouring some of that power into her breasts, turning them from the small, unassuming AA cups, to large, and growing DD cups, which pulsed with power, but were still as soft and squeeze-easy as natural boobs.

“That’s better, that’s –a lot- better!” Sakura exclaimed happily, rubbing her fingers over her thick, separated abdominals, savoring each hill and valley. As she let her fingers travel.

“Wait until Sasuke sees this!”

Meanwhile, at the complete opposite side of the forest, Ino stood for a while, contemplating the mysterious technique. “Is it permanent?...I didn’t get to see Hinata last night, I let Sakura do all the dirty work…” She thought to herself, wondering just how far she wanted or needed to take Kinniku no Jutsu to impress Sasuke.

“I love my body.” Ino said to herself confidently “I’m slender, I have a nice curve about me, and I might not be the bustiest, but I’m certainly at least as endowed as Sakura. My hair has grown back beautifully long, back to booty length, and my skin is clear! How in the world is Sasuke not already going crazy over me!? Who would’ve ever pegged him with a muscle fetish!?” She asked herself in conclusion, before remembering just who Sasuke was, and who he was to her.

“Oooh…Sasuke…” She moaned, the thought of the raven haired, dark eyed, uncannily handsome young man making her weak in the knees…”He’s so cute, sexy, mysterious, and even strong! Barely any of the other genin can touch him when it comes to skill! I would do anything for him!” She explained to herself ecstatically.

“That’s it!” Ino came to a mental conclusion as she pounded one fist into an open palm “Maybe Sasuke loves buff women, but not nearly as huge as Hinata! He just went a little girl crazy because that’s the closest, if not a bit over, to what he’s wanted all along! I betcha Sakura’s already gone out of her way to try and match Hinata’s size, but somebody as classy as Sasuke could never love something –that- huge!...” She rambled

“I guess a woman with some massive biceps, and all sorts of different curves could be attractive though, right? I bet he wants something a bit…no, a –lot- more human!” Ino continued on as she imagined herself with female bodybuilder like proportions. “Yeah, that’s it, Sasuke loves muscle, but not that huge probably! Who would!? Heck, I don’t even think Naruto really does!”

As Ino came to the conclusion that bigger wasn’t in this case better, she nodded affirmatively to herself, and executed the handseals. “Kinniku no Jutsu!” She shouted rather giddily.

Unlike Sakura, who let things happen more or less on accident, striving for more control, Ino simply initiated the technique, and didn’t form her chakra until she flexed the given group of muscles. Starting with her tummy, she held her slender, fair skinned arms behind her head, and crunched down on her belly, which was covered by “fashion bandages”, for decoration, and for emphasis on that tight tummy that she was proud of. As she bore down, her abdominals and obliques pushed to the surface, thickening her waist by at least 2 inches all around, and deepening it by half an inch, her stomach lined and packed with 6 focal abs, which were surrounded and danced around by a dozen obliques on each side. The blue eyed beauty chuckled lightly as the valleys of her ridged abs rippled in such a way that they gripped onto her bandages tightly, each and every bit of her thick and defined tummy shown through the bandages as they were spread thinly across her delicious midsection. As amused as she was, the blonde bombshell leaned from side to side, determine to shape her body into the epitome of “curvaceous”, flexing each side of her thin belly, attempting to tighten the muscle’s hold on her stomach, and just as she willed, it happened, her obliques strengthened so much that they literally grasped on to her overly-toned abs, sucking her stomach in just so, to the point that she now had even more of a luscious curve to her midsection, which would only be increased with time. Her Konoha leaf village head protector, which she usually wore loosely around her midsection, was pulled tightly, just below her belly button, clinging to every curve.

Looking to her biceps, she brought her two slim arms perpendicular to her body, and then slowly flexed inwards, as she did so, her arms, expectedly but surprisingly, developed instantly. As she pulled in, her bicep swelled, from the standard “separation” to an increasingly larger ball, about baseball sized, with it’s ends gently sloping towards her shoulders and forearm. Balling her fist as she held her pump, her forearm seemed to inflate, as if being blown into like a balloon, but with power as opposed to air, starting thin at the wrist, then gradually sloping immensely as it traveled to her upper arm, which then pinched in amazingly at that point as well. Her forearm as a whole was like a foam American football with the pointy ends pinched at each side, one side more pinched than the other to show the steady curve of growth.

With a sense of awe, and amazingly, a sense of “naturalness” with this technique, Ino slowly and comfortably brought her arms straight to her sides, flexing her triceps into incredibly pumped horseshoes, which were melted at the ends to beautifully mold and match with the rest of her arm, while still keeping an incredible sense of isolation. Her deltoids, although not directly initiated, also adapted with the growth spurt, bulging off of her bony shoulders, and meanwhile forming three, meaty separations, her arms were already full of incredible definition, and she wasn’t even half the size that Sakura was, nor did she plan to be.

Looking down at her tummy once again, with her peripheral vision, she caught sight of her legs, still slender and waif, waiting to be packed on with muscle. Happy to oblige, Ino squatted as deep as possible, her thighs quivering, then quickly swelling with every rise all around with bunches of massive muscle, her frontal quads sweeping over and across each other like mighty waves, and her hamstrings thickening and bulging as well, packing even more of a curve onto her thigh. At the end of every rise with her squat, Ino pleasurably did a calf raise, her calves bursting with might as she held it for five seconds each. By the end of her tenth repetition, Ino’s calves were massive, at least 2 1/2” thick, with the appearance of a jutting, upside down heart. With glee, Ino joyously flexed her tight buns and held it, slowly, her ass inflated to the size of a soccer ball, fully pumped, but cut in half in a fashion that let it jut out believably from the edges of her hamstrings and lower back, so full, thick, and strong that a simple squeeze would do next to nothing in terms leaving an impression.

Feeling her buns tug at her lower back, the long haired lass leaned backwards, as if at the easy beginnings of a game of limbo, and cocked her arms backwards, flexing her entire back into a muscular frenzy, thickening and bulging into view and definition, each of the uncountable separations and striations at least an inch and a half thick. Any area of her back that was covered with her decorational bandages also clenched and tugged onto them, tightening their grip on her thick, yet taut and limber body even further. As she felt satisfied with the feeling of her muscles rubbing against each other, she planted her arms on her sides in the oh-so-famous superheroine position, spreading her once small and curve supportive lats outwards, which now were so massive that they gave the appearance of again, soccerballs cut in half, hanging from her back and under and behind her arms. She was definitely among the most femininely curvy things on this planet, from the waist down. However, just like Sakura, Ino concluded that what she had on top just wasn’t near enough, and she hadn’t even started on that portion of her body yet.

Again, with the familiarity of a female body builder, Ino brought her newly massive arms in front of her, flexing her chest and traps, as well as tensing her arms, which were giving off an odd stretching sound, her usually loose “arm warmers” were stretched to their limits, ready to burst open. With this attention to her pectorals and neck muscles, they grew in immediate reply, her chest thickened noticeably within moments, her pecs alone gaining 2 inches of depth, and her traps at least 2 and a half inches thick as well underneath her loose, violet “over shirt”. Finally, her stretched tight decorative bandages, which in reality ran all the way from her neck to about mid-thigh, began to cause problems. With it being pulled so tightly across her back, midsection, and even her buns and thighs, her blossoming chest had no room left to grow as it stopped the muscle growth, and began to fill out her modest breasts with more and more flesh, which would have been a more or less natural E cup, much bigger than the now oversized Sakura, but was constrained by her bandages.


Just as her breasts reached the climax of their growth, her entire torso ripped out of her formerly loose over-shirt, and the heaviness of her bosom simply tore apart at her cleavage, forming a gaping hole for one to see through, from more than just a simple view of the ample breastage, but into the territory of her pectorals, which effortlessly held up her breasts. Although that was the most flesh one could see on Ino if looking at her torso, the obscene tightness of which her bandages clung to her body left incredibly little to the imagination, every single crack and crevice of muscular mountains could be seen clearly, even the occasional vein or two. Amidst the flexing of her torso, Ino’s arm warmers also gave way to even more increasing arm muscle, thickened forearms, and upper arm dimensions of more than 17 inches were just too much for the fabric to handle.

Ino sighed softly, gripping onto her bandaged breasts, “Ooh…I feel so…powerful! I feel so…beautiful! This feels much differently than I thought it would!” she said as she a hand and ran it over her body, admiring the incredibly rock-hardness and sensual curves that her body now had.

“Sasuke’s gonna –love- me!”

After Ino's transformation, and a bit more of touchy-feely upon herself from Sakura, the two gargantuan girls simply said, again at another coincidentally exact same moment, the two girls shouted with excitement

"Now, to find Sasuke!"

And so the two determined mini-amazons dash off with much heavier footsteps than before, in search of the black haired, black eyed young man…

------just a bit later------

*crr……CRACK! POW!*

“YEEEEWHAAAAHAHAHAHA! Hinata-chan, HInata-chan! Again again, this time between your boobs!” the familiarly obnoxious voice cried out with glee, sitting atop a boulder, clapping and shouting as he watched the shy, utterly massive young girl perform for him.

“O-ok…Anything for you, Naruto-kun!” Hinata exclaimed softly, yet excitedly as she watched the granite rubble fall from between her massive bicep and her immense forearm. “Sh-should I use a bigger rock too? That one was only about 500 pounds I’d guess…”

Naruto chuckled “Hehe, go for it! This is so incredible, Hinata-chan, you’re incredible!” He cheered happily

“Th-thank you, Naruto-kun!”

And with that, Hinata wandered over to the nearest boulder, which was about the size of a basketball, but was dark colored “Another of the third hokage’s boulders, it’s probably pretty dense!” She thought to herself as she calmly gripped it and tugged it easily right from the ground.

“Oooh, Hinata-chan, that one had a lot hidden under the ground! It has to be really heavy!” Naruto observed.

“Uh huh, this is a rock the third made with one of his jutsu!” She explained as she placed the now two basketball-sized boulder between her outflexed cleavage. Even though this rock had to weigh something like half a ton due to it’s density, Hinata felt like she was lifting a very hard and rocky pillow, although her body bulged extremely due to the strain, with biceps and triceps each as big as watermelons, legs as thicker than the thickest of Grecian columns, and a torso as wide thick, muscular, and strong as a bull’s.

Letting go of her flexing out, her Watermelon and a half breasts quickly and firmly slammed inwards onto the boulder, the incredibly dense rock crackling at the sides just from the mighty pressure.

“O-ok, h-here I go, Naruto-kun!” Hinata said as she slowly flexed her massive breasts, which were in reality boob-shaped pectorals, inwards, crushing the rock steadily, without any give in her mighty cleavage.

“Wowwww!” Naruto cried out giddily as he watched Hinata do this incredible feat – which he’s had Hinata doing continuously for the past half hour, but it was still an incredible sight!

“Hinata-chan…is outright massive!” Sasuke thought to himself as he hid in the bushes, stealthily watching on as she continued to crush the boulder between her mammoth pecs. “She could crush that thing in an instant, she’s just doing it slowly to build up the excitement! So huge, so powerful…and so attractive, in more ways than just physically! Hinata is a dream come true…just not for me…Lucky you, Naruto, for once!” Sasuke concluded.


As Hinata held the crumbling boulder between her enormous, two other rather huge figures appeared in front of her, obstructing Naruto’s view.

“Ehh!? Hey move it, I’m watching Hinata-chan do her crushy thi—“ Naruto began to say…but as he looked up to see the who the two figures were…

Standing side by side were the other two hugest humans in Konoha, Sakura, with a body akin to that of a heavyweight male bodybuilder, With arms as big around as basketballs when unflexed, powerful thighs, and melonous calves, and Ino, with something a bit more massive than a female bodybuilder, sporting meaty, softball sized biceps, incredibly soft and bouncy looking breasts, and a terrifically delicious abdomen rippling with abs and obliques.

“Naruto, have you seen Sasuke!? He has –got- to be around here somewhere!” The two said in unnerving unison once again, then turning to look at each other for the first time since earlier that morning

“Hey, stop copying m—Holy crap, you got huge!” The massive maidens again said together as they examined each other.

“Sa..Sakura-chan! Ino! You both buffed up!” Naruto clammered about as he slid sacredly towards the back of the boulder he was sitting upon.

“Holy cow! Those two got enormous!” Sasuke squealed as well, falling from his stealthy tree limb perch, the sudden and unusual clumsiness due to the shock, falling into plain view.

“Ahh!” Hinata simply gasped, and crushed the boulder with her mighty chest, as she brought her hands up to hold her cheeks.

As Sasuke quickly got up and attempted to retreat, the two newly built brickhouses caught sight of him.

“Ohhhh~ -There- you are, Sasuke-kun~! I’ve been looking all over for you~!” The colossal kunoichis said together once again, as Hinata, Naruto, and Sasuke all with their eyes glued to the new powerhouses.


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