Jackie’s Revenge part 1

Jackie’s Revenge
By Jimp
Jackie punishes her older brother while her friends take care of his
(c) JIM P 2012

Having finished with my morning clean and brush up, I opened the bathroom door to find my blocked by a sight that sent chills down my spine. Jackie blocked my way with her hands behind her back and a hard look on her face. She didn’t say a word but just stood there glaring at me as she had been doing for the last few days.

She wore a very short red sleeveless halter that showed off her toned sculpted midriff and her slender yet rippling arms. Her shoulders were pushed back and her chest expanded to make herself look bigger. Unfortunately it also stretched her top so that it clung tightly to her small developing breasts and jutting nipples. That make me very uncomfortably aware that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I tried not to stare. After all she is my little sister and I was a growing young man with developing hormones. So tensed was her upper body that it made my little sister look ripped and muscular. The sight of thick corded muscle in her shoulders and arms made me nervous. Her normally slim neck had all but disappeared into her thick traps with two thick cords running down her throat to the hollow at the base of her throat. Either side her traps were thick triangles sloping across wide shoulders to striated shoulder caps. Even the top of her chest had little ridges running across. It just wasn’t fair that a girl so young had so much more muscle than me. In any other girl I might have found it quite sexy but in my younger sister it was disturbing and made me feel weird.

Where had she learnt that pose? It made her upper body look really wide and ripped. Beneath the halter, her stomach was a deeply cut wall of living muscle that moved slowly in and out as she breathed. She didn’t say a word but just blocked my way and glared at me as if challenging me to try and move her out of the way. I didn’t want to touch that body. It made me feel nervous and, to be honest, inadequate. Two years younger than me, Jackie is a competitive gymnast always working out whereas I'm not athletic at all. Although she was only 5'1", 7 inches shorter than me, her body was broad and packed with well developed mass. She seemed like a ferocious pit bull terrier blocking my way. Jackie was not slim or a size zero like other girls her age aspired to but short and built like a brick outhouse.

I tried to put on some bluster. “Out of my way you little brat, I haven’t got all day” I said trying to push past her. It was like walking into a brick wall; my body pressed against her but she didn’t move. BAM! Suddenly her hand was on my chest slamming my back up against the door frame. She looked up into my eyes and just said two words but they were enough “Make me”. She spoke in a soft breathy voice that sent goose pimples up my spine. One hand held me in place; that’s all it took. I could feel the strength of her arm flowing through her hand as she pinned me against the door frame. I tried not to look at the prominent blue bicep vein and the taut latent muscle.

Long golden hair framed a small heart shaped face with a cute slender nose and a small mouth. Her deep blue eyes bore into me making me uncomfortable. There was no doubt that Jackie was quite pretty. In fact it felt odd walking with her down the street on the way to and from school and noticing grown men driving past in their cars, turn their heads to stare at her. Strangely that made me feel protective because she was my younger sister yet at the same time jealous because women never looked at me like that.

The short blonde block of vaguely girl shaped mass glared at me as she held me in place. “Please Jackie, I keep telling you. I had nothing to do with Judo Boy attacking you” I hated the way my voice sounded whiney and pleading. The memories of how my little sister had completely destroyed a much older young man who was a black belt in Judo [JACKIE#3] still gave me nightmares. Those dreams had another embarrassing side effect that shamed me as I recalled the unstoppable power of a girl in school uniform totally dominating the much larger Judo expert. I hoped and prayed to God that Mum hadn’t noticed the stains on the sheets. “Don’t lie to me Bobby, I know that you are lying” she told me sternly.

I could look her in the eye, so I lowered my gaze to her wide square midriff. She flexed her abs on purpose. “You can’t do that, can you, Bobby jelly belly” she teased. Wow her abs were amazing, six thick irregular shaped slabs deeply etched with oblique’s running off at a tangent up her sides and a pair of deep lines in a wide V at the bottom of her abdomen drawing the eye towards her skimpy black shorts. I quickly averted my gaze. “Please I’m sorry, Jackie” oh God I was wimping out to my little sister, but she seemed so tough. “You will be sorry alright Bobby” she said with menace. She then tensed her arms in front with the elbows bent so her fists were pointing inwards. Her arms became a mass of writhing vein like creepers. “Are you scared Bobby?” she asked sweetly. Yes I was scared, her chest was striated, as were her big shoulder caps. Her biceps were beginning to swell thickening her upper arms and her abs were a dense pack of ribbed muscle as she did a ‘most muscular’ pose. Faced with so much well defined female muscle, my dick had an unwelcome reaction.

Thankfully Jackie stopped. “You will do all of my chores” she stated. “Do them yourself” I said in nervous defiance. She didn’t answer instead she raised both arms. Her fists clenched as her forearms bent upwards. A low brawny slab thickened and swelled along the top of each upper arm, growing steadily becoming larger and more pronounced. These soon became unmistakably large rugged biceps with veins running over them making them look even more intimidating. I looked down at my sister frozen with fear at the sight of such big thick dense biceps counterpointed by large triceps swelling on the underside and rippling forearms that stood like a triangular shaped mast. Oh God, she could give some fitness competitors a run for their money! “Come on then Bobby” she said with a smile. She still looked like a young girl but the biceps she held up were more powerful than most boys her age. Hell, they were stronger than most boys, period. She smiled; it was a smile that made me feel nervous. “Anytime you want, Bobby” she said. Oh God, I felt ill and so weak at the sight of such big biceps on a little girl’s arm. I looked down away from that sight which was a mistake. Jackie's legs were very thick especially for her height, very thick because they were solid muscle. Even relaxed it was obvious that my kid sister had powerful legs with large quads, hamstrings and calves. They were even more terrifying than her arms and the principal reason that she destroyed Judo Boy.

Thankfully she lowered those menacing biceps but what she did next was much worse. She pressed her chest against me and looked up into my eyes. “Remember this Bobby?” she whispered. Her small mouth pouted with her lips forming an O shape. The tip of her tongue poked through the middle and began to slowly circle her mouth over and over again. That aroused the shameful memory of how my own kid sister had ‘enslaved’ me after kicking my arse at wrestling, twice [BOBP#1]. However, I am mesmerised by the sight and can’t look away. I feel the sweat on my brow as my body reacts naturally to the memory; my dick stiffening rapidly. Oh God no, she can’t still be having this effect on me, it’s wrong. But my mouth is dry and I can’t seem to force the words out. “Soon Bobby, soon” she whispered then pulls my cheek. “Cluck cluck” then she turned and entered the bathroom closing the door behind her. I ran back to my room with a raging boner that won’t go down for the next half an hour.
The tension was palpable but I tried to avoid the little brat for the rest of the day. That evening my parents had gone out and I was sitting on the carpet in front of the sofa watching telly. Jackie came into the room wearing a short black halter with a fringe of white lace at the bottom; she also wore tiny black shorts and white ankle socks. I pointedly ignored her and continued to watch the programme. “The bins need putting out” she said. “That’s your job, squirt” I replied. I continued to ignore her as she climbed on to the sofa behind me assuming that she is going to lounge across it like usual and watch TV. I’m determined not going to look at her; that is just what she wants. She’s only wearing that outfit so she can intimate me with her fit toned body but I’m not going to give her the satisfaction. Suddenly small hands grab my chin and pull the back of my head against her crotch. On either side thick meaty bare legs stretch out in a wide V shape with little white socks at the far end and they are closing in. Starting to panic, I tried to pull away but the brat held me by the roots of my hair as her thick gymnasts’ legs closed like a pair of scissors around my neck.

Really panicking now, my neck and the lower half of the sides of my face were swallowed up by the warm thick pillars of steel reinforced flesh. Somewhere out in front of me in the distance I saw the little white socks come together as she crossed her feet. Ohhhargh! I was determined not to cry out like a woose but her legs felt absolutely huge as they clamped down upon my neck and head so hard that my eyes immediately went out of focus. Ohhhargh God! They’re so strong, squeezing so tight and expanding so big that it felt like my head was being prised off my neck. It felt like I was being swallowed alive by some monster, some monster that was my kid sister. “Garr!” a groan of misery escaped my clenched teeth. Grabbing the lower limbs that stretched out tight against each other in front of my face like railway tracks, I tried to prise them apart. “Garrgh!” they wouldn’t budge but the little bitch lifted and folded her big meaty thighs almost pulling my head off and stretching my neck as she brought it closer to her seated body. Then she snapped them back out straight again in a dizzying painful blast of power. “Argh!” I cried out as a powerful wave of pain lanced through my head and nearly knocked me out.

“Grrr!” I felt my face heat up and heard the pounding of blood in my ears as I struggled in vain to free myself from my sister’s big bad legs. My hands clutched at the thighs trying to bust my neck and skull with python like power. “Argh!” I cried as wave after wave of terrible relentless pressure tried to squash me to pulp. “Arghh!” I groaned in misery as I felt the expanse of lovely smooth warm skin bulging massively over what felt like huge rocks but knew with dismay were enormous rock hard muscle. It was no use; the feel of such powerful legs made me give up hope. My little sister’s legs were too insanely strong. I admitted defeat, there was nothing that I could do except suffer in agony as she completely dominated me with her fearsome gymnast’s legs. Shamefully the feeling of submission caused my dick to stiffen ramrod straight.

“Nnnnnugh!” I clenched my eyes and gritted my teeth as the thick muscular thighs swelled up the sides of my face, chewing me up like some terrible sinuous creature. “Nnnnngh!” I could feel my face burn as the young girls’ legs pressed against my cheeks so painfully that I feared they would shatter at any moment and crack my jaw apart in the process. “Garrhh!” I was determined not to cry but the pain was intense. “Arghhh!” the pain was brutal; it felt like she was going to crack my skull like an eggshell. The massive bare legs swell so large under my palms that I can barely comprehend their sheer size. As I grabbed in desperation I swear I could feel every muscle in her quads bulging and standing out like a mountain ridge. “Arghhh!” Oh God the pain. My eyes are screwed tight with watery tears pooling beneath the lids as the stabbing pain lances through my head. Jesus! I can no longer cry out; my lower face is compressed so tightly that I can’t move my jaw. Arghh! My ears! The slabs of teenage female muscle are pressing my ears painfully into my skull. Arghh! It’s just too much. My body seems to have given up. I don’t have the energy to hold onto her insanely swelling thighs and my hands flop to the floor. Slowly a grey fugg envelops my mind easing the terrible pain and tuning out my frantic loud heartbeat pounding in my ears as I begin to float away.
I dreamt that I was crossing a railway track when I stumbled and fell. My head lay against a steel rail and I could hear a train coming but I couldn’t move. With horror I realised that I was lying between the points and the other rail was swinging across to trap my head. I tried to raise my head but I couldn’t, my head was trapped between two rails and I was being crushed alive. Suddenly I awoke in a fevered sweat only to find that it was almost true. I couldn’t move my head as it was wedged at the neck by warm thick flesh coloured columns that stretch into the distance before me. Large slabs of thick hard calve muscle lay in the near distance and beyond this little white socks are crossed. Oh God No! With mounting dread I realise where I am.

Automatically I raised my hands to the legs around my head and that triggered the squeezing. “No!” I groaned as it began all over again. My head was levered up as I sensed Jackie press herself up using her arms on the sofa behind me, stretching out her big legs and raising them onto her toes. “Nooo!” her hamstrings felt like huge encroaching walls as they swelled and crept up the sides of my head like quick drying concrete. I felt like a mouse being swallowed by a snake. “No please!” I felt a wimp for begging to my younger sister but her large toned legs were clamping hard with an awful irresistible pressure that bit into my neck and compressed my cheeks and jaw.

In front of me I see her shiny hard calves burst into dense slabs of steel with beautifully defined thick hard edged diamonds at the lower edge. Close up they look sensational but Arghh I’m really in no state to appreciate them. “Arghh!” Oh God no, I slap in vain on her bulging hamstrings which from my position seem absolutely huge. SLAP SLAP my palm stings as it beats against hard muscle. “Ouch Ouch Ouch!” the strong legged brat bent back her thighs slightly then snapped them back out straight over and over. Each move battered my tightly squashed head in a wave of muscular legged power as her huge hams pounded against my head. “Smack my legs again and I’ll rip off your head!” I heard Jackie’s voice over the hammering of hard swelling muscle against my burning ears.
“Nnnnnnnnargh!” an anguished wail escaped my tightly compressed mouth as the gymnast brat finally snapped her legs straight and began to squeeze down with even stronger pressure. Oh God I don’t want to die like this, “Boy killed by kid sister’s legs” I can see the headlines now. I’d die a laughing stock.

“Nnnaarrgh!” I cry as the bulging swelling mass around me presses my ears into the side of my head and compresses my cheeks and jaw so hard that they ache badly and make my teeth hurt. My blood pounds loudly in my ears as she tries to push them deep inside my head. Orrrrrr! The pressure is terrible, my cheeks and jaw are pressed so hard that my mouth is forced into a painful pout. I clench my eyes against the pain, tears welling up under the lids and flowing down my cheek. Arghh! I want to shriek but my teeth are locked together. Arghh arghhh this nightmare goes on forever as my brat sister punches wave after wave of skull breaking muscular assault that chews up my neck and the sides of my face. Orrrhhhh I can feel her inner thighs like thick steel cables slicing deep into my neck. My heartbeat throbs at the sides of my neck and I start to feel faint. Oh God she’s going to cut my neck in two orrrrrrr.....
“Arrhgh!” I groaned as I came around. My neck hurt like buggery and my face felt broken, my cheeks and jaw sore with a throbbing ache in my teeth. “The bins need putting out, Bobby” I jumped in fright at the voice. Ouch ouch I quickly turned around and wish I hadn’t, each movement sent blinding waves of pain through my head. My brat sister was lounging on the sofa behind, her chunky midriff right in front of my face with its moving writhing washboard. I instantly cower then scrambled to my feet in fright, rushing out to obey. Every step lanced pure agony in my badly aching head.

For the next few days I sheepishly did all of Jackie’s chores at her command. I was terrified that if I disobeyed that she’d put me between those short power-packed legs again. My stiff jaw and aching cheeks were a constant embarrassing reminder of how once more had totally wiped me out. She took every opportunity to remind me of my humiliation. After school and at weekends she would wear sleeveless tops to intimidate me with the sight of her well developed arms. “Clean the rabbit hutch” she would demand; a subtle clasping of her hands against her chest causing her biceps to thicken was all it took to have me scampering to obey.

It was so humiliating being frightened of my own kid sister. I was becoming a bag of nerves every time she was near but the sight of those toned arms or thick legs had me obeying her every whim. “Go to the shops and get my gymnastics magazine” she would order. Any thought of dissent was quashed by Jackie stretching out a short thick leg then making the quads thicken reminding me of their terrible power. But as the days went by and the physical pain receded and the nightmares eased, I became more ashamed of my weakness. This couldn’t go on; I couldn’t let my little sister bully me. But every time I tried to stand up to her, refusing to do her chores she would smile and give me a subtle reminder such as pretending to adjust her hair which would cause her slim arms to thicken with hard dense cords of muscle. Or she would press her arm by her side folding the forearm across her belly and tense causing her triceps to flare into a horseshoe shaped mound on the back of her arm while her biceps bulged like a small hill at her side. That would be enough to quell any argument and cause me to shake like a leaf.

I felt sick to the pit of my stomach that I was being bullied by the young brat. I couldn’t tell my parents, they wouldn’t understand how a grown boy could be bullied by a pretty sweet looking little girl like Jackie. It wasn’t even as though she was one of those ugly butch looking girls with short hair and grossly overweight. As time went on I felt more and more like a real woose. I even stopped having friends over in case my little sister started bullying me and embarrassing me in front of them.

“Clean my room” she ordered one day. “No” I mumbled. Jackie just smiled and rolled up her sleeves then flexed both arms. Gulp, I gawped as her biceps grew from thick cords along the tops of her arms. Slowly becoming thicker hard looking small hills that became more defined as the peaks grew taller and rockier until they looked undeniably big and powerful. The sight of such big peaked biceps on my sweetly smiling sister made me go weak at the knees. With my head down in embarrassment I went off to obey hoping that she hadn’t noticed the big boner in my trousers. Not that I could help it. Ever since my leggy encounter with Lady Helen Windthorpe [JIMP#6] I found myself turned on by muscular women and women with devastating combat skills. That my younger sister had a powerfully built body, insane strength and was terribly good at wrestling just made matters worse. I felt a real sick puppy for getting turned on by my sister’s body.

Things couldn’t go on this way and in retrospect I think Jackie knew this. I only wish I’d recognised the warning signs.

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Hey Jimp, I really liked this story, your description of Jackie's muscles was great. I liked her dominance over her brother, though with the amount of upper body description you did, I thought that should've played some part in his destruction, I've said it time and again, that I'm not a leg man, for me to see him being beaten between her legs, while it didn't quite turn me off, it didn't turn me on as it would've if she used her upper body. Jackie certainly would have the power to dominate, judging by her arm muscles. But she used her legs instead, I don't know, that disappointed me a little. But overall, it was a great read!

Jeremy-Wilson, Thanks for the feedback. You've made a good point. Jackie used her legs to wipe out Bobby in this part, I'll have to re-think what she does in the next part. Watch this space.... (hate these captcha's)

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