Is She Going To Flex For Me Right Here?

I’m pleased to tell you that today, Sunday 6 July 2008, I finally have a story to share here, instead of just reading other people’s with my mouth hanging open. Here I go. I spent today at a Summer Carnival at a Community Centre on a fairly depressed council estate in the Northern English city where I live. I was there as a volunteer First Aider (this story has nothing to do with First Aid, the lady involved was not a casualty. Judging by the shape this lady is in, the casualty could have been ME, if I’d said the wrong thing. I would NOT like to be on the receiving end of a punch powered by this lady’s arm. Anyway, back to the story…)

The Carnival was a low key, dull event — do not get any ideas of dancing girls or marching bands. This was taking place on a pretty nasty estate. The only item of interest to us, dear Reader, was a boxing demonstration. Yes, in this community centre they run a boxing club, mostly for kids. Better than selling them knives I suppose, but the local shops may well do that too. I was patrolling the corridor when I caught sight of this incredible woman, one of the fittest creatures I’ve ever seen. She was wearing off-white jogging bottoms that hung off an amazing round arse. Her shape was so clear she could have been naked from the waist down. She had a black top on, hanging off perfect shoulders by tiny strings, not that there was much to notice about her top when all it did was reveal a set of superbly developed muscles. Her arms and shoulders were like a drawing from a medical manual that could be entitled “perfect female muscular definition”. She had a beautiful natural tan too, and dark hair and eyes, very much a Mediterranean look, but with something else — I’d say she looked like a mixture of all five continents, so something for everyone. If she doesn’t sound like your type, friend, well just concentrate on the hard body… which I what I pretty much couldn’t help doing. Trying hard not to stare, I tried to drink in the whole package with my eyes: under the black top I could make out solid, hard abs, bunched in around a tiny waist. Every move she made caused little flexes and ripples up and down her arms and across her shoulders. She turned and I gasped at the sight of her terrific back. Completely in keeping with the rest of her physique, her back was like a diagram of insanely well formed muscles, all in gorgeous proportion. The strength of the muscles in her back and shoulders made her look really broad compared to the lovely skinny little waist, but she was very well balanced out by those powerful legs I mentioned, which were far clearly from skinny. Her age, if you’re wondering, must have been about 30ish, like mine. This story would normally stop here, because I’m a real coward and I could never find the courage to go and talk to a woman like that. But today, from somewhere, I found that courage. Being in the same building as this fantastic muscular woman seemed like I’d been given a gift, and I realised that it would have been a crazy waste not to speak to her…

I walked towards the corridor that led to the boxing hall, as I felt fairly certain that she was something to do with the boxing, so she’s probably pass by that way soon. Almost immediately she appeared. “Hello” we said to each other, then I said “are you something to do with the boxing?” (Readers, my mouth is actually going bone dry at the memory of this, just as it was at the time. I did tell you I was a coward). “Well, not exactly” she said “I just do the training.” Great! I thought, she teaches other girls how to get stunningly good bodies just like hers, an admirable service to society, and extremely sexy. Honestly, if only every woman in the world had that body! “Oh,” I said, “you’re a fitness instructor then” I couldn’t believe my eyes or my luck at what happened next: “Of course” she said, “can’t you tell? Look at these muscles” — she giggled and she FLEXED her left bicep right in front of my face! The whole way she did it was so natural and sweet, with a little laugh, and the bicep was just as beautiful as you could possibly hope for. It looked mean and hard, with nicely defined separation between the triceps and the deltoid. She then flexed the left one, and it was over in a second. I was astonished (and possibly in love) and all I managed to say was “very nice”. She explained briefly about the fitness classes, and that she also teaches dance (would love to watch her dance), and some other stuff that I only half-heard, still being dazed by the delight of her flexing for me, without me even having to beg her to do so! What had I done to deserve this (admittedly brief) display of utter strength and perfect muscle?

She started to make off towards the gym again, but before saying ‘see you later’ I decided to ask for another look at that flexed bicep, and I had also decided to take a chance and get a squeeze of it (not that you can exactly ‘squeeze’ a muscle that seems to be chiselled out of solid marble). “How about another look?” I said, and to my amazement and pleasure she smiled a huge smile and flexed that strong right arm again (note for later and for the rest of my life: if a girl has a beautiful muscular body, she gets very happy when asked to flex!) I went in for the squeeze, without asking, and to my further pleasure she didn’t break my arm. The bicep was everything it looked, absolutely rock hard, and as I pressed it between my thumb and fingers she actually flexed harder, adding even more size and hardness to it! If anything it felt much bigger than it first looked. After another half a second, the time naturally arrived for me to let go. “Really nice” was the only thing that I could get out of my mouth without my voice trembling. “Keep up that good work!” I said (my usual eloquence had deserted me). She carried on smiling at me, probably aware of the effect she has on mere male mortals like me. Off she went.

I didn’t get her name, but I know where her fitness classes are if I decide that I could be in her presence for any length of time without collapsing. I wonder what you think of this story? It happened four and a half hours ago, and I can still feel her muscle against the skin of my hand. My lasting impression, I think, will be of an amazingly beautiful and strong woman with the confidence and presence that comes with such a powerful, muscular, and sexy physique.

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A nice story skillfully told. You need to go see her again so we can get another chapter!

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I am so jealous.

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