How my wife Ellen became super muscular

I have been married to Ellen for 25 years and enjoyed every moment. Though, it didn't become out of this world fantastic until the last few years. Let me explain myself, when we were first dating I was impressed with her petite 4'10 95lb. physique which was pretty muscular since she had been a gymnist in high school and liked to work out. Little did I know she had been taking a weightlifting course in college. I was dropping her off at her parents house when she asked if I would like to see her muscles?

I casually said "sure" not expecting much when she rolled up her sleeve and up popped a tennis ball size bicep! I had never experienced such an instant erection in my life and asked if I could touch her arm. She said "of course you can" and I felt a very hard muscle that I had never seen on a female before.
She had 14 inch biceps and 14 inch calves she informed me, at which point I was speechless. I had never realized what a turn on muscles on a girl did to me before that night!

Well, the next 25 years were wonderful and exciting to say the least. She still worked out, but as time takes its' toll and adds a little weight to all of us, she went up to 145 pounds. She was still proportional and looked good to me, but she was always obsessively working out to lose the weight. She didn't enjoy sex because she felt fat and had no confidence.

Last summer she had gotten down to 135 and looked very good but complained she can't get the rest of the weight off. I convinced her that weightlifting is the best way to increase her metabolism to help burn fat off even at rest. She began a bodypump class and worked out with the machines in between, while still doing her aerobics. Ellen then called me up from the gym and begged me to let her hire a personal trainer. I pretended like it would be a waste of money, but I secretly loved the ideal of her increasing the size of her already larger than normal muscles. She finally went to the doctor about her low libido and hot flashes whereas he prescribed testosterone. A few weeks after she began taking the hormone she ran out of muscle milk and she asked if she could use my whey protein drink. I said "no problem" and didn't think much else about it.

About 5 weeks later I noticed how tight her sleeve was at the dinner table when she brought up her arm to take a bite of food,(which she was eating in very large quantities) and thought to myself what is causing her to grow so fast. It quickly occurred to me that I had mixed my creatine in the large container of protein mix to save some time in the morning and forgot to tell her. "Uh oh, she is going to kill me when she finds out" I quietly said to myself. But the long term possibilities were very exciting!

The next night after dinner I heard a scream from the bathroom. As I ran in to see what had happened, Ellen was standing on the scale and screaming "I weigh 158 pounds, how did this happen?" I gently told her about the creatine, along with her hormone treatment, and the easy ability to add muscle to her body probably put her into a state of accelerated growth. I told her to flex her arm, which she slowly did, not knowing what to expect.

I was simply amazed, she stood there staring at her massive new bicep and went totally quiet for about a minute. A glow emitted from her face, one of complete acceptance. She then raised the other arm and clinched the other fist with a double biceps pose. Then she gave this brief look of pleasure and said, " I really like this, I feel so confident, and strong,... and sexy!" I asked if I could measure it and she excitedly said "I'm dying to know how big they are!" I pulled out the tape measure and wrapped it slowly around her right arm and it stretched to 15.5 inches! "My God!, you've grown over an inch in just 5 weeks and you're not even pumped up!! "Measure my chest" she said. As I wrapped around under her armpits and noticed I could barely put my arms around her torso as it read 45 inches! "Oh My God!!This is awesome" I said. Where I thought she was going to kill me for my little indiscretion, she was actually quiet pleased!. "I hope you don't mind, but I think I have a new hobby from now on. The trainer kept commenting on how impressed he was with my rapid muscle growth...and that he had never seen a girl grow that quick. I thought he was just fishing for some extra lessons, but I see now he wasn't bullshitting. Look at me!" Ellen screamed. I was as excited as a 6 year old on Christmas eve! Ellen proceeded to grab my crotch and asked if I was up to a little extracurricular activity. Boy, was I...this could really be great!

As happens in life, I lost my job and had to take a consulting gig out of town for three months. This company provided a condo to save the expense of a hotel. Ellen insisted I not waste any more money on airfare coming home every other week, but I think she was trying to really surprise me with my muscle lust dreams of what she could become. After three months I came home and she picked me up at the airport wearing very large sweats. I was so excited and curious that I couldn't wait to get home. When we got there Ellen left me in the bedroom for a long time as I listened to weights clanging in the workout room that she had stocked with all kinds of weights during my absence. I knew she was pumping up for me and when she arrived I was flabbergasted! She was HUGE!!! "Do you want to know how big I've gotten since you've been away?" she asked. "Well, hold on, because I now weigh 176 pounds and my biceps are 17.25 inches!"

I was awestruck and speechless. "How did you do it in such a short time?, you've gained almost two more inches and 18 pounds of muscle in just three months!" Ellen responded "I worked out 2 hours every evening and absolutely loved it. The sensation and power is unbelievable, and I am now much bigger than I've ever been, which for some reason makes me have spontaneous orgasms. I also decided to send off for some anabolic steroids which should be coming in next week. I just absolutely live to work out. It consumes my every thought.I don't know if the hormones are doing it, or the mental thought of growing all the time, but it makes me so horny I have orgasms on the last couple of reps after a good pump... which I just absolutely love! I want to get as big as my body will allow over the next few years. I hope you don't mind?" She then asked if I wanted to touch them, and as I reached up and saw her kneeling over me, I put my hands over her softball size biceps with massive tracks of veins bulging all over, and had the most overwhelming orgasm I have ever had in my life. I don't know what the future holds, but life is as good as it can get for now! I'll keep you apprised of any further changes in the future.

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This is such a great story! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting this up. I hope I could read more of your stories. - Aldo Disorbo

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