Haley's Heavy Bench Press

Haley was more than nervous waiting for the door. She turned to the neighborhood as she waited and surveyed across the street: a straight row of near indentical homes each with its own perfect, white, numbered mailbox. She turned back to the door and stepped back a little to count the small holes and chips in the door’s white-washed wood. Suddenly, she heard a sound coming through the door, a distinct sound, riding on familiar. She knew she had heard it somewhere before, maybe at a gym, maybe, but for some reason just couldn't place it. She went quiet and as quietly as she could she loosened her hand from her bag’s strap and placed it onto the door. The door rumbled her young hand in pulses with the metallic clanking that was dull in the air. She pushed the button and heard the doorbell ring somewhere inside.

The clanking stopped and the lock clicked and the door was opened by a tall, muscular woman glistening with sweat. The woman could have lifted fifteen men if she wanted, Haley thought as she rudely looked over her body, or with a downward gesture of her finger could make them submit to her feet. Her eyes, she had to admit, were captivating and complimented by long, red hair flowing down her back. With one look she could have fulfill a man’s desires, in her green tank top hardly covering the cleavage of her over-developed breasts. It shaded her abs from the sun like a canopy, and behind her breasts barreled striated pecs ran to shoulders as if one muscle. Her shoulders were cut like bell peppers she saw her mom with in the kitchen. Her obliques bulged from her frame and they bent under her abs. Haley stood half dumbfounded as she could hardly believe the woman she was seeing even with her own two eyes.

“How… how did you get so big?” She asked in a tone of awe.

“You want to be this big?” the woman questioned back. She was matter-of-fact in her reply.

“Yes!” Haley replied, wasting no time.

“Really? You really want to be this big?”

“Yes I do! More than anything!”

“Now why would you want to do that, little girl?” The woman questioned again, folding her arms to herself.

Haley didn’t reply, half not able to speak. She reached a hand into her girl-scout bag and pulled out the edge-worn Muscle and Fitness Hers she had been secretly hiding from her tribe and family, handing it over. The woman looked at the magazine then back to the girl then turned to the house, her back to Haley, and brushed her hair to her front before flexig her back hard and in full display. Haley knew it was a preview of things to come, even bigger than the women in her magazine. "Come inside," the woman said, before disappearing into the house and leaving the door open behind her.

* * *

The room was full of gym equipment soon to be used: machines and weights off different sized angled this way and that, dumbbells were stacked up on racks in ascending or descending order. Haley walked around the floor and through all the equipment. She remembered some of them from her magazine, but others she had never seen before and couldn't wait to use. She turned left and saw that the left wall was a mirror that reflected the entire room back, doubling it. She saw in the mirror the woman was walking towards her, looking even bigger in comparison with the small glass of liquid she held in her hands.

“Here, drink this. My name is Rosaline, or ‘Rose’ I'd prefer.”

Haley handed back the glass empty, thinking that the dark-green liquid didn’t taste that bad at all.

“Thank you, Ms. Rose," she said at length, "Mines is—”

“Haley. Haley Morrison.” Rose smiled. “It’s on your uniform, dear.”

Haley looked sheepish. “It’s okay,” she said, walking. Her muscles rippled as she moved. “So, Ms. Morrison, what body part should we train first?”

* * *

“Are you ready?” Rose asked down to Haley, her strong, vein-filled arms bending to grip her hands on the barbell. Haley looked up to her. “Just know before you start that this won’t be quite like anything you’ve ever experienced before.”

Haley nodded, gripping the barbell tighter.

“Okay then, Haley, we’ll begin light,” said Rose, as the barbell began to glow. The barbell became warm and shone in a bright blue and then stopped. Haley used her chests and held it up above her. She brought it down. “Good, Haley! …9… 10… 11… 12… 13… That’s it…14…” Haley squeezed hard. By twenty-one, her chests and triceps were burning, but still she continued pushing. “Come on, keep going,” Rose said . “Another set, let’s go.” Haley squeezed her chests even harder and felt her girl-scout uniform rip somewhere, but her reps began to slow. Her uniform was getting tighter and tighter and she was taking longer and longer to reach the top of her reps each time. She squeezed her arms more and fought her way to the top. Her arms shook the barbell as it lifted and lowered, and she clenched her teeth hard in pain, in effort.

“Next level,” Rose said, as the barbell became warm again in Haley’s fingers. It shone again then stopped, and immediately Haley felt an enormous weight that drove down the barbell onto her chests. Pain filled her, and she yelled out from it. She tried hard to push the barbell from her. Rose shot to the barbell.

“No, Rose!” Haley protested through a strained voice and clenched teeth. “Let me do it!”

Haley planted her feet and pushed even harder until the barbell began to shake, until finally it slowly began to rise. “That’s it, Haley!”

Haley inhaled a deep breath. Her chests were pure fire. She forced the weight upwards, her teeth glaring through her young, red face, her neck lined with veins.

“Next level,” Rose said, and the barbell became warm again. The bar stopped its ascent midair and shook again in place. Haley’s face distorted in desperation as she thought that she had nothing left to give. Heat radiated from her, but was nothing compared to the fire in her chests and triceps. Her blonde hair was plastered to her forehead. The force was too much, she thought, and both women watched as the barbell arched under the enormous weight. It began to lower again despite Haley’s fight; Rose began to reach for the barbell.

“No!” Haley protested again, barely able get it out. “Let... me... do... it...!”

The barbell continued its decent. Haley pushed hard with everything in her and the weight hovered just above her. It began to descend again and bent into the bones of her chest cavity and causing her excruciating pain so that she couldn’t breathe. Her arms weakened by the second. Still she pushed on, harder, harder, and forced her hands into the barbell. She used her abs; she used her shoulders; she used every muscle she could throw at it... and felt strength coming back to her, her eyes turning as green as the liquid Rose had given her. She felt monstrous. Slowly the barbell began to rise until it reached the top and her arms were straight. Haley gave a deep, huffing breath and slowly lowered it back down. This time she forced the barbell back up immediately; this time she was in control. She brought it back down, and exhaled as she forced it back up. She continued to rep out the weight that only seconds ago had nearly killed her.

Satisfied at her 100th rep, Haley racked the weight and got up.

“Look in the mirror.” Rose, smiling, proud, nodded her head towards it.

At the mirror, when she reached to touch her Girl Scout uniform a button jettisoned itself, piercing through the corner of the wall mirror as if shot from a cannon, then suddenly all of the buttons, one by one, down her shirt, flew off in scattering directions and Haley's shirt fell open on her arms. Behind her smaller developing breasts, two rippling pectoral slabs were sprikled with powerful, pulsing veins. She poked them with her fingers and saw how they didn't move. She flexed them and saw how they were eager to grow even bigger, rippling with size and definition. Haley looked back at Rose, who nodded. She raised her hands behind her young head and began to pec-bounce, first quickly so she could see them work, and then more slowly so she could ejoy them, just as the boys at her high school did.

Rose slid her hands to her waist and admired the young girl's body. Her triceps were bulging behind her arms, ripped through her sleeves.

“I like this,” the young bodybuilder said before long with a kind of smile.

Rose smiled. “I never expected you to respond this much to it. You really are a remarkable perso, Ms. Haley Morrison.”

Haley smiled and fought back a blush, moving her hands to her waist like Rose. “Of course I do, Rose, I know your secret.”

Rose laughed. “You do? So then tell me, how many repetitions will you have to do to get the body you want?”

The young bodybuilder turned to the mirror and flexed her chests hard again. They bounced for her and she tensed them until they fully squeezed and rippled. “As many as it takes, Ms. Rose. As many as it takes.”

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