The Good Wife


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Struck a cord with me my wife is 6'1" and has always been a hard body but I begged her to start lifting and build some big amazon muscle well careful what ya ask for cause that's just what she did and I love it. Except I'm 6'2" 225 and had always out weighed her by 50 lbs now she out weighs me by 35 lbs and can kick my ass arm wrestling..LOL Her arms are 18" to my 15.5" has taken some getting used too but love it:) I know you do too;) :woohoo:Nothing better then the love of a big strong women ;)

Sounds like you have a story to tell.

I've seen a movie which is based on a true story too who's story was about a wife who was so devoted to her family and to her husband. - Feed the Children

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