Girls will be Girls

Girls will be Girls
Warren Vehec

Acknowledgement: I want to give special thanks to the original authors of “Boys will be Boys”, Marknew and Helplesscase for giving me this idea of post sequel to the story. If you haven’t read “Boys will be Boys”, I strongly urge you to, to get an idea where this story is coming from. Otherwise, read on and enjoy.

His thin arms screamed with pain as Jason struggled to re-hang all of his sister’s clothes. He cursed at himself for being so tired that he took an afternoon nap. He wanted to spend the afternoon with his friend, Ricky and make plans to escape from their sisters. However, he knew they weren’t going to make it far due to the tracking beacon in his left butt cheek. The planning and hanging out with his friend was a nice diversion from their sisters.
The 23 year old man groaned as he climbed down the steps, knowing full well he’d have to climb back up again. His sister, Sophie, had tried on and discarded clothes and left it there for him to pick up. His mother had laid down the ground rules for him and his father. Since he had completed high school and opted not to continue to college, he would have to earn his keep around the house until he marries.
Jason scoffed at the idea of going to college. College for men only consisted Advance Housekeeping, Culinary Cooking and Gardening Skills. Ever since his sister changed the reality, there was no place for the men in the real world except home and exotic dancing.
For the umpteenth time, he cursed at his mother who thought it would be good practice for his younger sister to be in charge of him. Every day she was required to provide him a list of chores to be done when she got home from school. Upon her arrival, he would wait while she inspected his work. Often enough, her cruelty had no boundaries. His huge sister would find an imaginary dust or dirt and demand he’d start the process all over again. Often enough he’d give in to his anger and attack her. As big as women were, his sister was the biggest. She’d laugh at his punch and send him flying across the room with a lazy swat of her hand. He’d tried to going to his mother about it, but she’d tell him that he’d need to learn how to get along with his sister. After all, his position wasn’t going to change once he gets married.
Thought of marriage just made him madder. He knew he wasn’t mad at his mother. He was mad at his sister. It was her stupid wishing. What right did she have for messing things up? He was happy the way things were. Of course, though nobody remembered the way things were. Only four people did: Jason, Ricky, Sophie and Megan.
10 years ago, he tried to tell the world what Sophie did. Sadly that landed him a 48 hour psych ward evaluation. It was on the behalf of his sister who claimed that she got him to believe such a world existed. In front of their parents, she coddled and babied her older brother, but behind their back, she laughed as she tormented him.
Over the years, his sister and Megan grew at an alarming rate. Both of the girls were sought out by athletic corporations, and immediately they had sponsors before they were in high school. They had their own home gym and a life time membership at the local gym.
While the girls were growing up, Jason and Ricky stayed at an all-boy’s boarding school. There they learned housekeeping, cooking and social skills such as hosting a party, being a good husband and sewing clothes from scratch. Jason and Ricky were appalled by what they saw. Instead of boys being interested in sports, working out and computer games, they were more interested in fashion, how to keep a girl interested and cooking. Jason and Ricky tried to tell them the truth of things. They were immediately labeled as crackpots and weirdo. They were outcast for the 5-years they were there. To make things worse for them; every time they went home for the holidays and school breaks, they cringed in terror of their sisters who grew by leaps and bounds. The girls laughed as they toyed with their brothers. They were no match against their brawny strength.
Jason groaned as he picked up another article of clothing. The clock chimed, reminding him that Sophie would be home soon. Dinner still need to be made. He pondered what he could do to make dinner tasteless. No matter how many times Sophie punished him, Jason made sure any food he cooked for her would be a disaster. His dad normally took care of cooking, but since his Mom took dad on a six week cruise. So cooking was left up to him.
The 23 year old man quickly picked up the remaining clothes on the floor and tossed them in the back where Sophie couldn’t see. He ran through the checklist of chores and made sure they were all complete minus the dinner. Today was the 10 year anniversary of Sophie’s wish. He knew she’d want to do something to celebrate the day.
It wasn’t long before he heard the main door open and closed with a loud boom. The walls vibrated from the impact. He met his sister at the foyer. Before he could say anything, she casually threw the ‘small’ gym bag at him, which had an impact of someone tackling him. The bag knocked him to the ground.
Jason grunted as he pushed the bag off, while she looked down at him in disdain. With both of his thin arms, he struggled to pick it up. She watched his knees shake as he tried to stand up. She also noted that he barely came up to her thigh. She smirked, “Pick up the bag, Jason. It’s not that heavy! I only put my gym clothes in there, which by the way I want it washed and ready for tomorrow before you go to sleep.”
“B..B..But I wanted to go see Ricky tonight!” he stammered and whined, but she ignored him as she walked past him.
She sniffed the air when she entered the kitchen, “You didn’t cook anything.” It was statement than a question. “Just as well, I want you out of the house,” she turned and left the kitchen.
Wha- You can’t throw me out of the house. Only Mom can do that!”
She gave a short laugh, “I wasn’t talking about kicking you out. I only wanted you out of the house for tonight. I’m having a girl’s night here and no shrunken boys allowed. So get dressed. I have an errand for you.” Her huge stride left him in the hallway as she disappeared into the bathroom.
The small man groaned. His sister’s idea of him dressing meant for him to show off his package. When Sophie made the change to the world, she added bonus feature for the women that all little men would have extra large size cocks. When in the relaxed state, the shaft had to be stuffed down one of the pants leg and at minimal length, it would reach the knee. Some men’s cocks went past it, as did Jason’s. When it got hard, it was impossible to walk normally. Women could easily tell if a man was walking with an erection. While sometimes they would take advantage of it for sex, more often they just used it to make fun of the man, as further evidence of his physical inferiority. After all, the erection made him slower, awkward, needier and more vulnerable. What could be more obvious?
Jason has seen plenty of music videos, porn magazines and advertisement products on what women thought was sexy. The men were skinny, not buffed, and they all wore tight fitting pants which could easily see the length of the penis. The most perverted Jason saw was men wearing shorts and the tip of the head could be seen peeking out. Sophie had bought him several shorts which he flat out refused to wear. No way was he going to prance around for her and/or Megan’s entertainment.
Jason quickly showered and dressed. He donned a pair of nylon pants that his towering sister had bought him. He found out through a Men’s Health article that it was normal for sisters to buy their brothers clothing. Men were unable to make any kind of money; so therefore, it was the females of the household’s duty to obtain clothing for them. The small man frowned at the bulge his shaft created. He adjusted the leggings until he was able to walk comfortably.
Sophie was still locked in her room when he came out. He knew better than to intrude upon her while she was dressing. He went to the living room to watch some TV. Jason doesn’t even know why he even bothered watch TV since most of the shows disgusted him. The women dominated almost all of the shows and sports. The only shows the women didn’t have control were the cooking shows and a Mark Stewart show. Mark Stewart showed how to make the home beautiful and gave tips about improving the woman’s mood, which was supposedly the most important task for a man. He kept flipping the channel until he came to the Olympics. He watched massive Chinese women compete against massive American women in gymnastic events.
He was about to turn the TV off when the doorbell rang. The small man ran to the door with hopes that it was his long time friend, Ricky.
He hit the switch that automatically opened the door, since he didn’t have the height or strength to open the door on his own. His heart sank when it wasn’t his friend, but 3 of Sophie’s classmates from school.
He would have tried to close the door, but he stood no chance against them since they were already walking into the house before he could stop them.
“Hey! Wait!” he shouted as he ran after the giggling amazonic trio. The small thin man tried to weave through the girls, but only to get bumped by the first girl. Her hip sent him flying into the wall.
The girls stopped in time to see him slump to the floor. They giggled. The blonde of the group knelt down and pulled Jason to his feet, “Are you ok, little man? You shouldn’t have tried to run between us. You know how dangerous it is for a man!”
Jason had an angry retort on his lips, until he gazed up her beautiful face. Even when kneeling, he still had to look up into her face. He couldn’t help himself but gazed down at her massive mounts on her chest.
“There’s another one trapped by Brandy’s tits!” said one of the girls.
The small man jerked his attention to her face in fear that she might take offense. Instead she was smiling, “It’s ok little one. I don’t mind.” She gasped in shock, “Wow! Someone is packing it. Is this all real? Or did you stuff a sock in there?”
He jerked when he felt her fingers trace the outline of his member, making it even longer and harder. He whimpered, “Please don’t do that.”
“Don’t be shy. Hey guys! This one is carrying a loaded gun!”
The brunette pushed her way in, knocking over the blonde aside, “Whoa! Is it hard or soft?”
Brandy smiled, “Still part soft! What kind of girls do you like?” She tried to push back the brunette, but only nudged her aside, “How about a blonde tennis player? With lots to give?” She cupped the both of her monstrous boobs together and shoved them into his face. Jason tried to push her away, but only succeed in getting his hand caught in her shirt.
The 3rd teenager stepped to the muscular busty blonde, “Quit smothering him Brandy! He needs to breathe.”
Brandy giggled as she sat up, allowing him to get some air. Jason’s face was flushed and his knees wobbled as he tried to continue to stand.
The brunette shoved the blonde aside and swept the terrified little man in her strong beefy arms. She carried him like he weighed nothing and deposited Jason into the living room. “Hi, I’m Emily I play football. You don’t want no skinny tennis player.”
“Hey!” Brandy retorted.
Emily chortled, “You want someone big and strong!” She struck a double bicep pose. Her tank top looked too small for her upper body mass. Her thighs swelled almost double their size within the matching sweat pants. He was a little surprise that the seams didn’t split. Emily’s clothes fitted her body like a glove.
Jason had to ask, “What’s your position?”
“I play running back,” she smiled down at him, “You can’t go wrong with me.”
“Yeah, if you like the type that’s got the grace of an elephant,” said the 3rd girl who stepped in front of Emily. The Chinese woman barely came up to her large friend’s shoulder, but she was still far taller than Jason. Emily glared down at her.
“I’m Chui,” she introduced herself. Gracefully, the Chinese woman propelled herself backwards into a handstand. With slowness, she separated her powerful legs until she was doing a full front split while maintaining her stance.
Jason always had a fascination for well sculpted legs. He couldn’t help himself getting turned on. The shaft in his pants leg grew thicker and harder. He stared at Chui’s legs, marveling the strength and power in her limbs.
“O! M! G! He’s got a thing for Chui!” Brandi shouted as she moved next to the large and powerful Emily.
“Lucky bitch!”
The 23 year old man stood transfixed by her legs as she rotated until she was doing side splits. The Chinese girl chuckled at the pant stretching to sustain his raging hard on. With ease, she slowly lowered her powerful legs to the floor.
He was too busy staring at her thick shapely legs, to notice Chui’s hand grabbing his ankle. His ankle was yanked causing him to land on the flat of his back. Before he could move, Chui’s ass dropped on top of his raging hard on. Jason screamed in pain as she grinded her crotch into his leg. Jason knew it was futile to move her, but he desperately tried to push her off. He could feel her crotch slide up and down his leg. The girls laughed.
Suddenly a loud voice shouted, “What the fuck’s going on here?”
The three guests spun towards the voice. “Oh, hi Sophie,” Brandi giggled.
“What are you doing to my brother?”
“We’re just playing with him. Isn’t that right little man?” the little Asian girl sat up to look at him.
“He’s taken!” snapped Sophie.
“Who does he belong to?” Emily asked.
Brandi gasped, “Mega Megan?”
“That’s her,” she affirmed.
Chui jumped up as if she was stuck with a red hot iron. With care, she pulled him up to his feet. “Did I hurt you? “She brushed off imaginary dust off his pants.
“But I…” he started to say that he didn’t belong to Megan.
Sophie jerked him out of Chui’s grasp and said, “Go take a shower and put on clean clothes. You’re a mess little man,” she pushed him out of the room.
“But I…” he started to say.
“Go! You don’t have much time!” she snapped.
He turned and limped due to the massive stiff member in his pants leg. The girls laughed was they watched him limp away.
30 minutes later, after taking a shower with cold water and changing into clean clothes. Jason winced at the bruise that formed on his hips and ribs. He made a mental note to himself to apply a hot pack to his bruised body.
Then he heard his sister yelled, “Jason! What in the hell are you doing in there? Get yer ass out here now!”
“Sheesh! Don’t get your panties in a bunch! I’m com-“he stepped out of his room and suddenly a huge hand grabbed his throat and hoisted him off the ground.
Sophie’s eyes glared at him, “Don’t tell me to wait or whatever you just said. I am your sister and you do what I tell you. Got it?” She opened her hand and watched him fall to the floor.
Jason hacked and wheezed, trying to get the air flow to his lungs and brain. He heard one of the girls chuckled, “Way to go Sophie! Show him where his real place is at.” All the girls joined in laughing.
Sophie looked down at her weak little brother. She pulled a wrapped present from the table and thrust it at him, “Take this to Megan. You do remember how to get there, don’t you?”
He backed away from her as if the present was a virus. The small man cried, “No! Please don’t make me go there! She’s too rough! Please Sophie!”
“Jason, you get your little weak ass over to her house! You’re damn lucky you’re not any smaller; otherwise I’d kick your ass to Megan’s. You know what? I think I’ll give Megan a call and tell her to keep you for the night. That should teach you!”
He managed to stand on his feet, “No! C’mon Sophie!” The package was shoved into his stomach which slammed him against the wall. He managed to stay on his feet although his face paled. He weaved unsteadily on his feet, and he coughed, “She’s too rough!”
“Too rough?? Megan is not rough!” she grabbed her brother by the cuff and jerked him towards Emily, “She used to have 3 older brothers, one by one she put each of them into the hospital because she needed someone to practice football with. It’ll be some time before they can come home.” She shoved him towards Brandi, “Don’t let those boobs fool you! At 13 years old, she snapped her father’s neck and her mother’s live-in lover runs every time she comes home.” And she points to the Chinese girl, “And that one is the worst of them all. Chui loves putting her father and brothers in their places. You should see the bruises on their face and body. You want to spend time with any of these girls? Pick one out and I’ll let you spend the day with them. I’m sure Megan might get mad, but she’ll let you have your fun after you get out of the hospital,” she chuckled. “So which one do you want?”
Her small brother moved closer to his sister’s leg and in a small voice, “I’ll go to Megan’s.”
“Good! Get there. Make sure you give her a hug and kiss for me,” she guided him out the door using her foot. The massive door closed behind him with a boom.
Not given much of a choice but go to Megan’s. He thought about running away. Life on the road would surely be better than this. But his left ass cheek throbbed, reminding him of the tracker that’s embedded there. He doubts seriously he’d get 10 miles before he’d get picked up as a runaway. He’s heard nothing but horror stories that happened to men who had run away from their caretaker. But then again, the source of the stories came from women. The women gain more control when the men are kept in fear. Jason was sorely tempted to find out for himself.
The small man was lost in his thought before he realized that he was at the outskirts of Megan’s house. His best friend Ricky flew out the front door. He pumped his thin arms and legs, trying to get as much distance as he can from the house. He spotted Jason and yelled, “Run! Godzilla’s loose!”
Jason knew who he was talking about. Godzilla is Megan and Ricky’s baby sister. Her real name is Elizabeth. She got the nickname when she was a baby when she went into a tantrum. The ‘Godzilla’ reference was lost on everyone but their sisters, but they kept the reference to themselves.
“C’mon! We can still make a break for it,” Ricky grabbed his friend’s arm and tried to pull him along.
He pull his arm back, “I can’t. They embedded a tracker on me. We won’t get far!”
“Ricky! You little dick! Get back here, now!” said a stocky 10 year old girl with 2 ponytails as she stepped out of the garage at the far side of the house.
“Oh fuck!” he bolted. Although he was desperate to get away from his sister, his arms and legs were sluggish and uncoordinated. He looked as if he was running through mud.
“Get back here!” she screamed as she ran after him. Her long powerful legs ate up the distance before he could get off the property. Her huge hand grabbed the back of his neck, “Gotcha!” she jerked him backwards. His small thin body landed on his back.
“Going somewhere?” she sneered.
“Leave me alone!” he tried rolling over to get away from her.
She grabbed him and pulled him up to his feet. “Uh-huh! You gotta pay for what you said to me. You know it’s been awhile since you ate any worms!”
“Mom!” Ricky screamed.
His sister giggled, “Like she’s gonna help you little boy!”
He screamed again, “Mom!”
A muscular middle age woman stepped out, “What all the fuss about?”
“Elizabeth’s planning to make me eat worms!”
“He called me a monster!”
“Only because you broke my bed!”
“I told you it was an accident. Don’t be such a cry baby! You can sleep on the floor!”
“You sleep on the floor, you overgrown bitch!” Ricky tried to jerk his himself free, but his younger sister was too strong.
Her face twisted in anger. She desperately wanted to call him a dirty word, but her mother forbid to say any wash-your-mouth-with-soap words. Unable to find an outlet for her anger, she grabbed her brother and lifted him bodily over her head.
“Elizabeth! You put your brother down!”
The 10 year old girl slammed her brother to the ground. There was a sound of a crack. Ricky screamed.
“Elizabeth! What did I tell you about hurting your brother? You know we can’t afford to keep paying doctor bills! And not to mention the women from the anti-abuse and batter men association are going to be looking into this. If we can’t prove this was an accident, they will put you in jail where all the bad little girls are and they’ll take your brother away. We can’t cover this up. Ricky’s been in and out of hospital too many times. And we got a witness!” she pointed at Jason.
“Not my fault he’s so weak! I’ve seen my friend do it to their boy toys. Besides nobody is going to believe a word they say,” she turned her attention to Ricky’s friend, Jason, and stepped towards him, “Who are you little man?”
He stared at her beefy arms and broad chest. He knew he didn’t stand a chance against this girl. He couldn’t possibly run from her after he’d seen how fast she could catch Ricky. “I’m... ‘m... ‘m Jason. I’m here to see Megan,” he stammered.
“I’m... ‘m... ‘m Jason,” she mocked him. “You aint seeing no one! Least of all my sister!”
Ricky’s mom crossed the yard in a flash and cuffed her youngest daughter at the back of the head, “I think you’ve done enough damage for one day young lady!”
“Ow! Mom! They’re just stupid little boys! Ow!”
Her mother cuffed her again, “They may be little men, but they are your father, brothers, husband and friends. You’re going to start treating them better. Your sister’s example should have shown you that! Now you’re gonna pick up your brother and put him in the car. And I better not find that you were rough with him. You and I are going to the hospital.”
She turned her attention to Jason, “Jason, dear, go ahead inside to the exercise room. Megan’s expecting you.”
“Thank you Ma’am,” he went inside towards the back of the house. Unlike his sister, who likes to workout at a local gym, Meg likes to workout at home without all the distraction.
As he walked down the long hallway, he could hear the rise and fall of the weights click-banging with each repetition. Jason entered the gym. It wasn’t hard to find her among the exercise machines. Megan was doing cable flies on an incline bench. He couldn’t believe she was using the whole stack of weights. With ease, she completed a full repetition. Megan made it look effortless as she did the set. She was massive. Sophie’s friends were right to nickname her as ‘Mega’.
“Jason!” she dropped the weights with a bang. The 17 year old girl sat up grinning, “I’m so happy to see you stud! It’s like I hardly ever see you any more little man.”
“Yeah,” Jason looked at the ground sheepishly, “well, Sophie keeps me busy with house chores. So I don’t have time to visit Rick. You could have come over to visit.”
“Not really. Sophie has a whole bunch of new friends. I don’t care all that much for them. They think they’re all that because they’re a year older. I don’t mind. It gives me more time to work out. It wouldn’t have matter if you had time to visit Ricky. Not with Elizabeth running things around here. I gave up trying to be a good role model for her. After she learned that she was going to be bigger and stronger than me, she decided on how things were going to be run. Poor Ricky’s tried to run away several times. Each time he was brought back, she had his punishment waiting for him. I swear she has it out for him. Lately, her punishment’s been landing him in the hospital,” she frowned.
“Well, I just heard from your mom saying something about cleaning up her act. Oh by the way, Sophie asked me to bring you a present. If I’m not mistaken, it’s our 10 year anniversary,” he showed her the box.
“Oh damn! I forgot about that. Just put the box over there,” she pointed to the table that had her protein drinks and nutrimental bars, “And Jason, would you be a dear and bring me a town that’s next to the table?”
Jason couldn’t help feeling that Megan’s sister was waiting around the corner to pounce him if he dared to refuse Megan’s request. He dropped off the box and picked up the towel. Although the stack of towels was next to the doorway, he took a peek into the empty hallway. He sighed a relief.
He walked back to Megan who was in the process of lowering the incline bench all the way down. She beamed him a smile, “Climb up here baby!” She patted the vacant spot next to her.
He approached the chest high bench. It took him some effort, but he succeeded pulling himself up. Megan made no offer to assist him, because she knew boys would rather die than admit that they needed help.
Jason stood on the bench and found himself facing a pair of the biggest breasts he’s ever seen, encased by a sweat soaked tank top. The sides, top, and bottom was protruded with tit flesh. Her areola was easily defined by the fabric stretching tight over the area. He felt threatened by the mass was waiting to rip and tear the fabric.
His concentration was broken when the huge girl giggled, “You’re cute! I can just squeeze you to bits! You’re acting like you’ve never seen a pair of boobs?”
He didn’t want to mention his encounter with Brandy. He swallowed, “I’ve seen them, but just not as big as yours.”
Mega squealed with laughter, “I’m nothing but BIG!” She thrust her chest out, causing the little man to take a half a step back, nearly falling off the bench.
For some reason that was funny to her, she giggled, “Aw! Does my boobs scare you? You shouldn’t be scared of them. Here!” With a fluid movement, she took off her tank top and tossed it to the floor. The shirt hit the floor with a splat. The massive teenage girl smiled as she cupped her tits, each one bigger than her hand. Her biceps swelled as she balanced each of them. She smiled, “See? But let’s get them cleaned up.”
He couldn’t take his eyes off the mass of flesh. He had forgotten that he was holding a towel in his hands. She grabbed his hands and the towel and guided to her chest, “Wanna help me clean them or do you think you can do the job yourself?”
Jason could only stare at her naked boobs in disbelief. He was torn between dislike for his sister’s childhood friend and his fascination of her chest. Even with the cushion of the towel, he could feel how firm her boobs were.
As he wiped her skin, he found himself playing with her thick nipple, through the towel. Megan shuddered with ecstasy, “Oooh! I like that Jason. It’s make me sooo HOT!”
Before the small man could understand what it meant, the Amazonic girl wrapped her powerful arms around him and hugged him to her massive tits. He struggled in vain against her. “Aaaugh! You’re crushing me!” His thin arms couldn’t even begin to force her muscular arms apart.
“Gee, Jason, ya think after 10 years, ya learned it would be us girls who’d be on top. You canna stop us, unless we want to. Now behave!” Her hands slid down and tore his shirt and pants off. He screamed as she dropped the tatter bits of his clothing until she got what she wanted.
Three hours later, Jason opened his eyes. A groan escaped his lips when he tried to sit up. There were bruises on his thighs and stomach. “Fuck!” he muttered. He could hear Megan singing down the hallway. He grumbled, “She certainly sounds cheerful. Probably because she got laid: At my expense!”
Just the thought of what she did, made him re double his efforts to move. The small 23 year old man managed to get down from the bench. He was naked save for the shoes and socks. As quiet as he could he hobbled to the stack of towels. If he was going to escape, he’s going to wear something. Damn the tracking beacon in his left butt cheek.
Megan’s voice got louder which made Jason move faster despite his bruises. He whipped the towel around his waist. A gush of air blew the card off the package. It fluttered to his feet. The card read:
“Happy 10th anniversary Megan! What do we do with our 10th year if not crushing our brothers? I tried to think of what to give you as a gift. I know I did all the wishing and you help me shape the world as it is now. But then I realize you never had a wish. So I enclosed in this box my last wish. So be careful, make sure Jason isn’t around you.
Hug & Kisses!
P.S. Let me know what your wish was! Call me!”
He couldn’t believe what he read. He wondered if Sophie put some sort of gag gift in the box. Megan was getting closer. If there was a chance that this was real and he could undo the damages his sister created. His mind surged with hundreds of possibilities but he only had 1 wish to do this. Most of all, he wanted his sister to pay dearly for making his life a hell for the past 10 years. He closed his eyes as he tried to focus on a single wish that he wanted. He pictured in his mind how Sophie and Megan would be reverted back to their old bodies. And the both of them dropped to their knees begging for mercy. Of course, though he would keep Megan way she is minus the muscles. It wouldn’t be good for his image if he had a fat girl chasing after him. Most of all, everyone would know the full truth what his sister had done and she would be punished. He grabbed the box and tore off the wrapping paper. There was a loud rip as he tore into the box.
“Jason? What are you doing?” she called down the hall. He quickly ripped the remaining paper from the box. He tried opening the lid, but it was taped down. He swore at himself. His fingers felt around the edge of the box, ripped each tape, one by one.
His heart skipped a beat when the huge women stepped into the room, naked save for a sport thong. He had to blink his eyes. He couldn’t believe this ravishing Amazonic big tit chick was once a fat little girl who made ga-ga eyes at him. Like his sister, she was tall. He couldn’t help feeling like a baby in comparison to this woman.
“Jason! That’s my present, you jerk!” clearly she was upset as she took a step towards him. He ripped the box’s top off. He was a little surprised when an eerie glow drifted out of the box. It slowly enveloped his body. He shivered as it seeped into the pores of his skin.
Meg tried to grab the glow, but her hand passed through it. She sought to rip it from him. The last of the glow disappear into his skin.
In rage, the muscular teen grabbed Jason and hoisted him up to her face, “That wish was meant for me, you little jerk!”
Jason sneered, “Well, I’m about to put everything right back where it belongs! Sophie had no right messing with the natural order of things. I’m gonna put everything back the way it was.”
“What’s wrong with the things they are now? Don’t you like me the way I am? Things are a little rough with the woman being bigger and in charge. You get to stay home and take care of the house. And I can take care of you and support you.”
“A little rough? I’ll tell you what’s a little rough. Your little sister got a little rough with your brother, Ricky! She didn’t care if she killed him when she introduced him to the ground. She knew full well what she was doing! Your mom was screaming at her to leave Ricky alone. But instead, she put him in the hospital. What’s it going to be like when the next generation comes around? You know, I wish I could go back in time to stop Sophie’s wish, but I’d keep you the same. Granted, you’re hot. But this reality goes beyond the boundaries of what’s fair. In the old world, women had a fighting chance. This world we have no fighting chance what-so-ever!”
“Really?” her frown changed into a smile. “You really like me? I can’t believe all this time,” she shifted her hold until she had him wedged between her massive chest.
Suddenly there was a pop and the sound of air escaping. Meg looked up and saw a hole forming at the center of the room. The air slowly gather velocity as it was being sucked into the hole. The hiss eventually became a roar. The hole grew as the gravity towards the hole became more noticeable. Towels and wrapping paper were sucked into it, and then benches and loose weights were sliding. Meg grabbed one of the machines as she noticed her feet loosing traction.
“Shit! Your wish came true!” she yelled over the roar.
“I know! But it’s not exactly what I was going to wish for!” Jason held on to her.
The hole grew large and the wind velocity jumped, taking the stacked weights and machine. The 17 year old girl screamed as they were sucked into it. Jason felt her strong arms trying to hold on to him but then it was gone. He had no idea how long he was tumbling through space. His senses became dull and his mind lulled into sleep.
It was morning when he opened his eyes. He was back in his room. He paused for a moment. His body didn’t feel the usual fatigue. In fact, he felt alive and full of energy. It’s been years since he felt that way. He jumped out of bed. To his surprise, when he looked in the mirror, the face and body of a 13 year old boy looked back at him. He wasn’t expecting this.
“Shit! I don’t need to go through high school again!” he kicked the football to vent his frustration. “Now, I gotta do something about Sophie and her wishing!” he stared out his window. He thought to himself, “I need to stop Sophie from making that wish. If I can get away from her. She can’t get mad. Yeah! That’s it!”
Immediately Jason dressed. He climbed out the window, but as soon as he put his foot on the ground, he found himself back in his room again. “What the...” he muttered. His clothes were still on him. He tried again and again he was back in his room.
He growled and walked out through his door. The 13 year old boy avoided the kitchen where she was eating her breakfast. . He could see that she was wearing her Hello Kitty top and shorts, just as she did 10 years ago. He sneaked out the front door, but he found himself back in his room again.
His temper flared up as he picked up a book and threw it across the room. He didn’t want to spend the day hiding in his room. He desperately wanted to get out and as far away from his sister as he could. He paced about trying to come up with a solution. However, the more he paced, the more he felt like a caged animal. He hated the feeling of being locked up.
There was a 3rd option that he thought of. He could march right past his sister in the kitchen and go out the back door. He didn’t like it. He grunted and stomped his way to the kitchen.
Sophie ignored him as he walked by. Just as he was about to step outside, “Mom said for you to stay inside!”
“Fuck you!” he said over his shoulder as he continued out the door.
She ran after him, screaming, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get back here!”
Jason stopped in his tracks. All thoughts of keeping away from his sister left his mind. He snarled, “If you think you’re gonna boss me around. You’re full of shit!” He reached out and grabbed her before she could get away. He spun her around hard enough that she fell on the grass. He quickly mounted her small body, effectively pinning her to the ground with his larger mass.
Sophie screamed, “Get off of me!! I’m telling Mom!”
He lightly swatted her face, “You think you’re gonna threaten me. I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” He scanned around and found a rock within reach and pulled thick worm from under it.
His sister twisted and thrashed with all her might. Her eyes squeezed shut tight. “Mom!” she hollered, hopping her mom might rescue her from her brother.
Jason held her face still with one hand as he pressed the wriggly worm to her lips. He sneered, “Let’s see you wish your way out of this one with a worm in your mouth, Sophie!”
Suddenly, the world around him blurred. Jason felt the pit of his stomach sink. He felt a sense of regret wash over him, knowing that he should have ignored her and kept on going.
As soon as the blur faded away, Jason’s sister was nowhere to be found. He found himself sitting in field of pink fabric. Further out, he could see the thick hedges that seem to stretch out for hundreds of yards until it touched the base of a forest. Jason couldn’t get an idea where he was at. It seems like he was stuck in some Alice in Wonderland bizarre dream. There were several huge boulders nearby. He could see several snakes squirming about. It was strange. They didn’t move in a normal way that the snakes move.
“What the fuck?” he wondered aloud, “Where in the hell am I?”
The 13 year old boy glanced around, trying to get a sense of things. He couldn’t make sense of the strange landscape. He noticed a pair of pink mounds slowly rising. The fabric began to stretch tight over the hills and between. The spongy ground slowly hardens. He tried to stand up, but the ground under the pink garment shifted about and he fell. The mounds became large hills and it slowly shifted to opposite ends from each other.
“What’s the matter little worm? Having trouble standing?” his sister laughed. The ground quaked with her laugher. Her voice sounded so deep and loud.
“Screw you! I don’t see you trying to stand up!”
“Ok, but you’ll wish you hadn’t said that! But first, get off!” Something slammed into him sending him over the edge to the green pastures. He landed in the shrubberies. Surprisingly he wasn’t hurt. The large leaves held his weight with no effort.
He turned around to see the pink platform levered itself up. Hi sister’s face came into view. She leaned over him, smiling at his tiny form. He hadn’t realized that he’d been sitting on his sister’s abs the whole time. She stood up and up and up. He stumbled and fell on his ass trying to look up at her.
“Well, look at my little wormy brother!” she laughed, “You’ve been a bad boy! Haven’t you?” Her massive figure knelt on her knees. She giggled watching him trying to scramble back from her. Sophie could see that he was a little taller than the length of her hand.
Jason rolled over to his feet and ran as fast as he could from his Godzilla-size sister. She laughed, watching him try to wade through the knee high grass. He tripped and stumbled every few steps.
“Where do you think you’re going wormy?” she watched him frantically try to run faster to gain distance from his sister, but he fell down more frequently. She giggled as she lean down and pinched one of his legs between her thumb and fingers. He screamed as she lifted him up to look at his face upside down.
“Hello worm,” she giggled louder. He swung his arms, but he failed to connect with anything. Then the tiny boy began shouting obscenities at her. The busty muscular girl sat back as if she was hurt by his colorful language. She chortled, “Naughty, little wormy shouldn’t say bad words. You’re lucky that your mouth’s too small for me to wash with soap. So I’m gonna do this in a different way,” she flicked her finger at his crotch.
Immediately the profanity stopped, her tiny brother yelped in pain. “I’m gonna tell mom and dad on you! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll change me back!” he managed to wheezed.
She chuckled, “See these?” Sophie bounced her brother on each of her massive breast, “Ever see these on an 8 year old little girl?”
Sophie watched her brother struggle as she dragged him width of her boobs and down between the cleavage and over the next hump, “Kinda big huh?” She dropped him on the grass. A smile formed on her lips, “You know that wasn’t nice of you when you tried to force a worm into my mouth when I was 8 years old. But then again, anything you did to me wasn’t nice of you!”
He struggled to his feet and again he was taken back how huge she looked to him. Her monstrous tits dominated most of the view but her ripped biceps looked like she could crush his body into paste, “Why in the hell, did you make me so small if you were gonna be so big?”
“I didn’t. Or rather, the 8 year old me did it to you when you were going to force a worm down our throat,” she gave him a poke in the chest which knocked him down. She laughed, “And she made you the size of a worm! Here, catch!” her finger dropped a worm which looked like a boa constrictor to him. He gave a short scream. Almost instantly the worm coiled about his thin arm. In revulsion, Jason tried to drop it, but it only wrapped its coil tighter on his arm. He winced in pain. He tried to push it off, but he was in no match against the worm. The head of the worm tried to burrow into his chest. With both hands, he tried grabbing the thick worm, but it’s oily skin kept sliding through his fingers. The more he tried to grab the snake-size worm, the more it tried to drill its way into his chest. He screamed in pain as he tried to dislodge it.
Sophie giggled, “Looks like the worm’s too much for you, Jason! Would you like a little sisterly help?”
He wasted no time giving his answer, “Yes! Yes! Get it off of me!” on his back, he held his arm up. Within seconds, she pulled it off and deposited back under the rock.
“See, I can be a good big OLDER sister to you…”
“Say what? No way! I’m older than you by 5 years!”
“Not this time baby bro, “she giggled, “You came back when you were 13 to stop me from making that wish, which you partly failed and passed. But you said nothing about changing your age, which I did for Megan and I.”
“Megan? Why did you bring her?” he demanded.
She snapped, “I’ll bring anyone I want, little bro! What you going to do about it?” her finger poked him like a battering ram, which knocked him back down to the grass, “I also brought your little buddy, Ricky,” the 18 year old Sophie chuckled, “Boy, HE IS MAD! I brought him back as the same age as you, but Megan wanted to be 15 year old.”
“15? Why 15?”
“Not sure really, but she says she had more fun being 15 than she did any other age. I think she didn’t want to be too old for you. Whatever that means.”
“I still can’t believe you brought her! I thought she wasn’t your friend anymore. Why didn’t you bring Chui, Brandi or Emily?” he stood back up, but a wave of vertigo washed over him when he looked up at his sister.
“Aaah, I see you got a hard spot for them. Tell me which one turns you on the most?” she smiled as she lean closer.
He gulped nervously, “Wha- You crazy Sophie! Why would I feel anything for your loser friends?” He tried to take a step back from her, but her finger shot up between his legs and catching him at his crotch. “Augh!” he crumbled to a fetal position on the grass.
“Liar! I saw that huge bulge in your pants when Chui was playing with you. Now tell me the truth, wormy!” she toyed with her brother. Her finger prodded him at will and every time he tried to make a run for it, her finger swept his legs, knocking him down. She’d play with him, letting him get so far before knocking him down and dragging him back for more fun. She knew it was frustrating as hell for him. She reminded him that he was nothing but a toy for her to play with. It was a useless battle against her.

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“Hey Sophie! I thought you were gonna be ready for some b-ball! You’re not even ready!”
Sophie turned to see her chesty friend, Brandi walk through the back gate. “Brandi!” she squealed and ran over to her friend to give her the customary greetings which consist of hugs and kisses. They laughed as they hugged each other.
“Where’s Chui and Emily?” Sophie asked.
“We’ll meet them at the court. What in the hell are you doing still in your jammies? You said you were going to be ready.”
“Nyah, just torturing my tiny baby brother. Seems, that he’s been having hot fantasies about a girl. So far, I’ve got it narrowed down to between Chui, Emily and you,” the muscular teen girl snickered.
“Oh really? Maybe I can speed up the process?” she thrust her massive boobs.
Jason felt his spine grow cold as he watched his giant sister and her girlfriend giggle, as they looked down at him. His sister still in her pink Hello Kitty jammies but it was stretched across her muscles. She didn’t mind that it was close to ripping. If anything it made her look bigger. And her friend, Brandi was in her abbreviated shorts and tank top that was threatening to spill her bodacious tits.
He fell on his back when the two titanic size teenagers dropped down on their knees, surrounding him. “Lemme alone!” he said with his whiny little voice as he screamed while crawling backwards. The girls laughed at his pitiful defense.
“Wow Sophie! You didn’t tell me your brother’s so small. He’s cute! I could have a lot of fun with him!” she leaned forwards, her monstrous tits almost falling out over the top hem, but it was restrained by a pair of thin straps of her top. Her hand reached out and grabbed the 13 year old boy and pressed him into her fleshy bosom. “So what do you say little boy? Is it me? We can have a lot more fun!” she leaned down more, letting the full weight of her breast bear down on his small frame.
Jason struggled and cried, “You’re crushing me!”
“Oh, it’s not so bad. C’mon! Tell me that I’m in your dreams and you can’t wait to get your hands on me. I’ve got a lot to offer” she jiggled her chest which pushed him deeper between her cleavage.
He struggled, although he was in the body of a 13 year old, but his mind retain that of a 23 year old. He sought for any means that he could use as leverage, but so far they all remain ineffective against these muscular giant girls. He grunted, “Let go of me!”
“Aw poor baby. Maybe I should just take you away for the day. I’ll give you something to remember me by!”
“No! Let me go!”
“I’m sure you’re sister would be willing…”
“Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing with MY Jason?” a new voice growled.
The two girls turned to the intruder. The 15 year old Megan stood at the gate. She massive and powerful just as Jason last seen her before being sucked into the vortex with the exception of being 2 years younger.
The busty muscular girl gulped nervously, “I was just having some fun. Who knows the little boy might actually enjoy it. After all, isn’t this what we use boys for?”
“Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time, so I’ll repeat myself. Let go of MY Jason! NOW!”
Brandi held on to him as she stood up. She defiantly looked at the 15 year old girl, who towered over her by 4 inches. Her nostrils flared as she appeared to be weighing her options.
Sophie took her by the arm and whispered, “Don’t mess with her. She’s strong as she looks. Trust me, she can kick Emily’s ass without breaking a sweat. Face it; they don’t call her ‘Mega Megan’ for nothing. My brother’s not worth it to get a beating from her.”
Brandi bit her lower lip, wrestling with the options. She scowled and handed the tiny boy to Megan, “If you get tired of him, send him my way.” She forced a smile and walked away.
The 15 year old powerhouse girl watched Sophie chase after her friend through the gate. She dropped Jason next to her brother. “Stay here!” she commanded and disappeared through the gate.
He looked up at his towering friend who was twice his height. Ricky’s face was a mask of anger. He swung his fist and knocked shorter friend down. “I was in that fucking ER for 6 hours in pain! Then you fucked up by restarting the whole thing AGAIN! Now I have to go through Elizabeth’s growing up and abusing me. And this time, she’ll be even bigger and stronger than before!” he savagely kicked Jason.
“It was an accident, I swear!”
“Bullshit! You had a single wish, right?”
“Yeah, what about it?”
“Why in the hell would you make a wish about going back in time to stop your sister making that wish? You could have said ‘I wish everything was back to normal before Sophie made those wishes.’ There! How hard was that? You’re a fucking joke!”
As soon as Jason got back on his feet, Ricky swung his fist at his face. It spun him around as he fell back to the grass.
“Get up you little piece of shit so I can knock you down again!”
“You mean like this?” Meg’s voice surprised him as he turned to face her. He met another surprise as her hand slammed into his chest. The power of the blow flipped him head over heels; he landed face down into the grass.
She stooped down to grab her brother by the cuff and hauled him to his feet. She smiled, “Don’t blame him Ricky. He didn’t have much of choice. Isn’t that right Sophie?”
“Yeah!” Sophie giggled, “The present was really for Megan, but as a precautionary step, I put a booby trap wish for my brother, in case he did open the box. Unlike my wish when I can just think about it and it happens. For Jason, he had to verbally say the words, ‘I wish dot dot dot’ for it to be activated. Then 2nd part of the wish, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t avoid the 8 year old me. Then the 3rd part, is when he gets angry, he can’t cool down. His temper will only escalate until he explodes like he did about 1 hour ago.”
“Ya, he didn’t have much of a choice, “she turned her attention to her friend, “So Sophie, what are we gonna do about these two little boys?” She smiled down at them.
“This world’s different from the last one we were in. The boys here are little better than pets. Basically, they have no saying in what happens to them. They’re bought and sold like pets here. They depend on us to protect them, feed and shelter them. If we wanted to, we could give them away,” she chuckled at the last statement.
“Really? That gives me an idea!” Megan smiled as she bit her lower lips as if pursuing a thought. The 15 year old girl called out, “Hey Brandi! Wait!”
Her brother, Ricky, got suspicious, “What are you thinking?”
Brandi came through the gate, “Yeah?”
“Hey I just found out that I’m going to be super busy for a few days. Do ya think you and the other girls would be interested in taking care of my brother?”
The huge busty amazon’s face lit up with a smile, “Reeeally? You’re serious, right? O! M! G! I can’t speak for my friends, but I would definitely love to! When do you want him to be picked up?”
“You’re not passing me off!” he snapped, trying to interject to his older bigger sister.
She tapped his face with her index finger which knocked him down on his butt, “Hush little brother, big girls are talking now.” Her strong arms picked him up as if he weighed nothing and handed him to Brandi. Rick’s face paled as he tried to free himself. She smiled, “You can take him now. I’ll send his belongings to you later on today.”
Brandi squealed with delight and snatched him from his sister’s hands. Instantly, she had muscular arms wrapped around him and his face imbedded into her cleavage. Try as he might, he couldn’t push himself out.
“Easy Brandi,” Megan said, “He needs to breathe. Now, he needs to be cared for, such as food and water. And if you don’t want him getting fat, you will need to moderate some exercises for him. On how much, is up to you. But make sure you don’t over do it, cuz the little guy’s heart aren’t that strong. And make sure you let him know who’s in charge. Don’t let him try t boss you around. Um…” she tapped her chin in thought and turned her attention to Sophie, “Did I forget anything else Sophie?”
“Not much, just give her a call if there’s any a problem or questions.”
“Word! Ok Brandi?”
“We’re gonna have so much fun!” she lifted the little boy up and gave him a kiss. “I’ll call you in a couple of days. I can’t wait to show him off to Chui and Emily. They’re gonna be so excited.” Her hand squeezed his ass which Ricky screamed. She giggled, “Ooh! Nice butt little boy. Looks like you need some exercise. I like a nice firm little boy. “ She laughed as she walked out the gate with the struggling Ricky.
Both of the huge girls giggled imaging what Brandi, Chui and Emily going to do to Jason’s friend. They looked down at Jason who stared in shock in what just happened. Megan knelt down, stroked his hair lightly with her finger.
As tall as he was, he could barely see over her massive thighs. He tried to back away, but her hand easily snatched his arm and pulled him closer, “Naughty little boy! I can’t believe how tiny you are!” Both of her hands swooped him up by the waist and she lifted him up for a kiss. “You’re so scrumptious! I can’t wait until I get you home!”
The huge muscular girl sat down on the grass and deposited her little boy between her legs. Her thighs were so huge in comparison to the tiny boy. If she closed her legs, Jason’s chance of survival were nil. She could imagine him screaming, trying to climb out between her legs but continue to slide back down. She giggled, “Look at you, Jason! You couldn’t hope to survive my thighs if you wanted to show me a little bit of pleasure!” She started to laugh but then she realized something was missing.
“Wha- the fuck? Sophie, where’s his dick?”
“Seems that he was too rough on the 8 year old me. So I turned him into a toy for us to play with,” she giggled, “He’ll never be a threat to us again.”
“Yeah, but I liked him when he had that extra long scratcher. That was so nice to have!” she sighed.
“What? You actually did my brother? How was he?”
“He struggled a lot, but in the end I won him over.”
“You mean he passed out?”
“Yeah, those little muscles of his were no match against me. Didn’t your first do the same?”
“Who? Jimmy Decker? Yeah, he put up a fight, but in the end, he couldn’t cope with the fact I was taking advantage of him.”
“Jimmy Decker? I thought you didn’t like him. Why would you consider him?”
“That was before I wished the changes. Before the changes, he was as bad as my brother. Afterwards, he was so timid around me. Why did you take Jason so soon? I thought you were going to wait until after high school?”
“I was, but with me working out, my hormones were getting so charged up at the thought of me getting bigger and stronger. And then I saw Jason in his outfit. I got so turned on and I couldn’t hold back,“ She sighed looking down at the tiny boy between her legs. She rubbed her crotch, pulling the stretchy fabric tight over her mound.
Jason stared up at the two massive girls towering above him. He couldn’t believe they were discussing sex. Before the change, he and Ricky were discrete about the topic. He watched Mega Megan purse her lips and blew a kiss at him.
Her nose flared as she felt the passion swell up inside her. She wanted her little man again. She widens her legs. With ease, she reached out and pulled Jason closer to her crotch, “Jason, be a dear and give me a nice rub.” The small boy tried to dig in his heels but it was a useless attempt on his part. He was slammed into her crotch as her hand continued to grind him there. His arms tried to attain leverage. Megan leaned back as she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation.
“Megan!” Sophie was in shock, “Couldn’t you wait until you got my brother to a more private location?”
“Mmmm! No, you have no idea how much I really enjoyed it when I did it with Jason! It was so delicious!”
He managed to yell out, “Megan! You’re crushing me!” His small arms thrashed about.
“Aww, poor little Jason! Want to be somewhere more comfortable?” she chuckled as she lifted him up to her massive chest, “How’s this little boy?”
Her powerful arms hugged his tiny body to her blossoming chest. “Aagh! Megan! You’re crushing me!” he beat on her chest in vain.
Suddenly a man burst out through the men’s door, screaming, “You put my son down young lady. Put him down now! Can’t you see you’re hurting him?” Jason’s dad ran right up to Megan wielding a stick. He wasn’t small like Jason. He easily came up to Megan’s chest when she’s kneeling. With a hard swing with the stick, he struck the 15 year old girl. The stick snapped upon impact.
She barely felt the blow, but she was startled, “Hey!” She was in shock that someone that small would attack her.
Jason felt a surge of relief that someone was coming to his aid. Maybe there was some sense of justice in this world. He continued to struggle, but she held on to him tightly.
“Dad!” snapped his sister, Sophie, “You’re embarrassing me! You’re being a bad little man!” She leaned down and grabbed her father by the arm and dragged him towards the porch steps. With ease, she hauled him over her lap, “You don’t hit my friends. I hope you’ll remember this lesson!”
“Don’t you dare spank me!” he struggled, but she held him down and her hand came down. They were light taps compare to what she could have given him. Soon her father was crying like a child.
She sat him up and said, “Beside Mom gave Jason to me as part of my graduation gift. So he’s Megan’s now.”
The backdoor opened and Sophie’s mom came out, “What’s going on here? Why is my little man crying?” She was a muscular woman dressed in tight fitting clothes, which showed despite her age, carried her age well and possessed a great deal of strength. Her husband stepped up, “Your daughter spanked me, because I was trying to save our son from her friend.”
“I see. Well dear, I neglected to tell you that I did give Jason to Sophie as a graduation gift. She’s stepping up in the world of women. And if she gives your son away, then you need to deal with it. After all it is a woman’s world and he needs to learn how to deal with it. You need to understand that girls will be girls. It’s best that from now on, you stay out of their way.”
She turned to Sophie, “I’m sorry about that dear. But I’m please you handled the matter rather well. But do give your father time to adjust. He’s not use to seeing his little girl all grown up to be a woman. And rather a beautiful and strong woman you have grown into. “
Her mom reached down and scooped her husband up in her arms, “With that out of the way, your father and I will be going on a cruise. So you will have run of the house while I’m gone.
Sophie stood up and kissed her mother on the cheek and kissed her dad, “Thanks mom. Have a great trip!” and she lean down to her dad, “You better be have dad! I’ll be waiting for you when you get home.”
Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He kept repeating, “You can’t do that!”
The girls laughed.

Really nice. Although i would have preferred for them not being that small, i must admit that story is a big turn on!!

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Great job, beautiful storyline and vivid descriptions (even if muscles could have deserved longer ones).
I really love stories regarding the change of the whole human species.

It reminded me of the awesome story Matt and Emma: (by the same writer of Boys will be boys).

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Actually, I was thinking of doing a continuation of Matt and Emma but the story kept stalling. I like the idea but I wanted to do more interaction with Emma's friends and have Matt get smaller and weaker and continued to be abused. Just too many expressibilities to be all condensed into 1 story. So I had to put it on a shelf when I can devote more time to make it a complete story.

Interesting, though could you give me a link to this Boys will be Boys story. Having some trouble finding it.

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