The Five Stages of Female Superiority

So I was watching an episode of Scrubs on TV. It was an episode about the 5 stages of grief people feel when they learn someone is going to die. I thought it was a pretty good episode, and it gave me a pretty good idea for a story. What if I changed around the 5 stages a little bit and made them the 5 stages a man goes through when he finds out that he's no longer the strongest person in the relationship.

Anyhow, I was so inspired from that idea, that I just had to put pen to paper, or at least, fingers to keyboard, and knock out the first chapter. And so without any further ado, here's my newest story, which will eventually have several more parts, The Five Stages of Female Superiority:

Stage 1: Shock!

Derek Hammer was on top of the world. Just two weeks ago he signed a 5-year, 50 million-dollar contract with the San Diego Chargers, making him the highest paid linebacker in the NFL. Not bad for a 25 year old, and miles better than his rookie deal.

Derek wasn’t the greatest football player coming out of college. He had great instincts and at 6’5, 235lbs, he was very quick for his size. But he wasn’t the best tackler and tended to get run over by some of the bigger backs in the league. He got drafted in the 4th round, and wound up with a 3-year deal making the rookie minimum. Not an inconsiderable amount of money, but Derek had always known he was capable of more.

His only glaring weakness was his power. So he dedicated the 3 years of his rookie contract to getting as strong as he could. As it turned out, that was pretty strong. With a fierce determination and an amazing work ethic, Derek gained 30lbs of solid muscle and added over a hundred pounds to his bench press. Now, weighing in at a rock solid 265lbs, Derek is considered the hardest hitting linebacker in the NFL, earning the nickname Derek “Sledge” Hammer.

Derek was proud of his strength. He was the strongest linebacker in the NFL. Very few players at any position could out muscle him, save some of the huge 300+ pounders that played in the trenches. Just today he set his own personal best of 485lbs on the bench press. His strength coaches were so impressed; they gave him an unusual afternoon off to relax. Derek decided to take the free time to take his girlfriend out for lunch. She wouldn’t be expecting him and he thought it would be a nice surprise.

Brandy Dawson was working at Hooters of all places when Derek met her more than 2 years ago. She was 5’6 and 115lbs of perfectly formed woman. She had a 36-25-36, hourglass figure, topped by the most luscious DD tits that Derek had ever seen. On top of that, she was gorgeous. Wavy brown hair fell to her back and framed an angelic face. Her dark brown, hypnotic eyes were offset by her gleaming white smile. She had perfect skin and a flirty attitude that few men could resist.

Derek wasn’t too bad looking himself, plus he had a big, buff body. That alone was usually enough to get any woman, but Brandy was a huge football fan, and when she found out that it was a San Diego Charger about to start his second year flirting with her, she was all over him in a heartbeat. She went home with him that night where he found out on top of being a smoking hot chick; she was dynamite in the sack. The two had been together ever since. In fact, the first thing Derek did after getting his new contract was to go to the jewelry store and pick out a ring for Brandy. They were working on it now. In a few weeks, he was hoping she would agree to be the new Mrs. Derek Hammer.

The street was quiet as he pulled up to Brandy’s townhouse. It was the middle of the day; most people were working. Brandy worked nights and went to school during the day. The 22-year-old babe was on the final semester of a psych degree. Luckily for her she was marrying rich, what the hell could you do with a psych degree anyway? But he knew she didn’t have classes scheduled for today and was probably home studying. Sure enough, her light blue Mini Cooper was parked out front. He pulled his Hummer in behind her car and hoped out, in a great mood.

He knocked on the door a couple times, but Brandy wasn’t answering. He was sure she wasn’t sleeping, it was pretty late in the day; maybe she was in the shower. He fished a key to her place out of his pocket (he’d gotten that 6 months ago) and let himself in. Brandy had a pretty nice place. She made great money. Guys were always willing to throw loads of cash at beautiful women, especially when that women filled out a Hooters outfit the way Brandy did.

She was in the front room, running on a treadmill. She was listening to her Ipod, which explained why she didn’t hear him. She was wearing bright blue pants, stretched tight across her legs down to the calf and a white sports bra that highlighted her bronzed skin quite nicely.

When Derek first met Brandy, she wasn’t much of an athlete at all. Oh, she kept a slim figure, but she was all skin and bones. After spending a better part of the last 15 years at the gym, Derek had developed an appreciation for a woman with a little meat on her bones. For months he pestered her about joining a gym and getting in better shape, sure she was smoking hot, but Derek thought she’d look even better with a little muscle on her bones. Brandy resisted. She just wasn’t interested; at least at first. Eventually she became tired of his constant nagging and agreed to go to the gym with him, just to get him off her back.

Well surprise, surprise, Brandy actually loved working out, and boy did working out love Brandy. She added size and strength at a rate that stunned Derek. Within six months she added over 20lbs of muscle to her frame, bringing her up to a healthy, very sexy 137lbs. Her thighs filled up with sexy muscle, as did her arms and torso. If she was beautiful before, she was simply stunning now. Brandy was not interested in the bodybuilder look; which was fine with Derek, he wasn’t either. Some of those bigger women looked too masculine for his taste. When Brandy’s biceps peaked at 13”, she decided she was as big as she wanted to get, and quit the gym. Derek bought her some equipment to use around the house, so she could maintain her shape, and it seemed to be working perfectly. In Derek’s mind, Brandy’s 5’6 137lb body was the perfect blend of muscle and beauty. Best of all, she maintained her DD breasts! All and all, she looked like a goddess.

Derek stood there for a moment, watching his girlfriend run. Damn her legs were moving fast! The treadmill below her feet whirled loudly as Brandy moved her legs so quickly they were almost a blur. Brandy went running with Derek from time to time. She never had any problems keeping up with him. He never realized how fast her shorter legs had to move to keep up with his longer stride. Damn she looked fine. Maybe she’d give him a quickie before lunch.

Derek crept up behind her; she was totally oblivious to his presence. He slowly moved his arms up to either side of her head, and then with a quick movement, snatched the headphones from her head. “BOO!”

Brandy was so surprised she let out a loud scream and nearly jumped out of her skin. She whipped around so fast her arm smashed into Derek’s chest. He was stunned to feel his body leave his feet and fall down to the ground on his butt, skidding across the floor away from her. Damn! She must have caught him off balance or something. Maybe she was a little juiced from the adrenaline that came with fright. Derek was not the kind of guy to be thrown around so easily. It must have been one of those freak things.

Brandy was standing with her hand on her chest, taking a deep breath. “Derek! Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.”

He started to get up from the ground. “I just wanted to surprise you. Next time I do, remind me to wear my pads.”

Brandy hopped over to him and helped him up. “I’m sorry babe, did I hurt you?”

“No don’t be silly. I think you might have startled me as much as I startled you though.” Derek wrapped his arms around his little girlfriend. She felt so good, nestled next to his body.

Brandy returned the hug, then pushed herself up on her tiptoes to give him a kiss. “What are you doing here, I thought you had practice today?”

Derek puffed his chest out with pride. He loved every opportunity he could get to brag about his strength. “Well, I did, but this morning, I set a new personal record on the bench press.”

Brandy looked up at him, excited by the news. He loved telling her how much he was lifting. She always seemed so impressed by the heavy weights he was able to handle at the gym. “Really, how much?”

“485lbs!” Derek flexed his thick, muscular chest. His pecs bulged out of the front of his tank top.

“Wow babe! That’s awesome!” She reached out and ran her hand across his rock hard chest. “Mmmmmm, I just love my big, strong man.”

Derek bounced his pecs up and down a couple times, then scooped Brandy up into his arms. “And your big strong man loves his gorgeous little girl.” He brought her up to his lips, and they shared a long passionate kiss. “I thought I’d celebrate by taking you out to lunch.”

“Mmmmmm, that sounds nice. Then maybe afterwards, I’ll give my He-man, a special desert.” Derek felt a stirring in his loins at the thought of sex with his awesome girlfriend. “So let me down, you big brute, and let me shower; then we can go eat. I’m starving.”

Derek lowered her back to her feet, and gave her a quick pat on the ass toward the bathroom. She looked at him over her shoulder with a sultry look on her face. God, she could get him so damned hard with just a look. He was tempted to jump her bones on the spot, but instead he asked her, “So where would you like to eat sweetie?”

“Oooo, can we go to Humphreys? I just love their pan-roasted scallops.”

“Whatever my baby desires.”

She smiled at him, god she was beautiful. “Well, make yourself at home while I get ready.” And she disappeared into the bathroom.

He almost followed her into the bathroom for a little pre-lunch sex, but Derek actually was hungry, and it would take Brandy forever to get ready without him distracting her. He was perfectly content to wait until after lunch for sex.

He plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. It was the middle of the afternoon, there was nothing on. Just soap operas, infomercials, sappy talk shows, and bad movie reruns. How the hell do you get 200 channels and have nothing good on TV? Even HBO sucked during the day.

He flipped off the TV, and jumped up off the couch. If he couldn’t watch TV, he might as well workout a little. He got onto Brandy’s treadmill and glanced over the controls. It was completely different from what the Chargers had at their training facility, and he had no idea how to work it. He couldn’t remember Brandy turning anything on or off, maybe the track didn’t move on it’s own. He tried to start walking on it, but the track wouldn’t budge. He pushed against it hard with his foot; still nothing. She must have locked it somehow. He pushed a couple of the buttons on the console, but nothing seemed to have any effect, how the hell did this thing work?

Before he could find an answer to his question, the doorbell rang. The shower was still running, so Derek went to open the door. Outside was a pretty hefty guy, though smaller than Derek, wearing a FedEx Freight shirt. “Hey I got some packages here for… a Brandy Dawson.”

“She’s here, but she’s in the shower, can I take them?”

“Knock yourself out champ. She’ll probably need your help carrying them anyway. They’re heavier than shit!”

Derek signed for the boxes and then followed the guy out to his truck to see if he needed any help. There was another, equally burly guy in the truck, rolling out a pair of long, rectangular wooden boxes. Both were clearly stamped HEAVY, and both bore a red sticker reading 190lbs. What the hell was she getting that weighed 190lbs? That’s heavy! Derek reached into the truck and grabbed one of the crates. 190lbs wasn’t exactly light, but it was a weight that he could manage. The muscles in his arms, chest and shoulders bulged as he lifted the heavy box. The two other men looked at him with admiration at the feat of physical strength. It took both the other guys combined to heave the other crate off the truck and onto a hand truck.

Derek smiled to himself. He liked being strong. He liked being able to lift and carry things normal guys couldn’t. He put a lot of hard work and effort into being so strong; it was nice to be able to show off every once in awhile.

He led the guys back to the house. Unfortunately, there were a couple steps leading up to Brandy’s front door and there was no way the FedEx guys were getting the crate up there, so Derek carried his crate inside and went back out to pick up the other one. Both guys seemed impressed with Derek’s strength, and Derek was eating it up. He was a professional athlete, he was used to being admired. Derek went back out and flipped each guy a twenty before heading back into the house.

Derek was burning with curiosity. What the hell did she buy that was so damned heavy? He looked at the crate for any sign of what it might be. The shipping label said it was from Atlantis Fitness. Workout equipment? Derek knew it was illegal to open up someone else’s mail, not to mention an invasion of privacy, but his curiosity was killing him.

He found Brandy’s toolkit; it was right where he left it, no doubt because he was the only one who used it. A flathead screwdriver and a hammer were all it took to pop the top of one of the crates off. He scooped out some of the packing material, and sure enough, there in the crate were weight discs. Lots of weight discs. He tried to pull them out, but they seemed to all be attached to something. He searched around further, and his hand felt a bar. He reached his hand around the bar and lifted. The damn thing barely moved an inch. He grabbed it with his other hand as well and gave the thing a heave.

A humongous dumbbell lifted from the crate. Jesus, no wonder he was having trouble lifting it, the thing was huge! The bar itself must have been more than two feet long, and there were 8 large plates and one thinner one on each side. Derek set the monstrosity down on the floor and gave it a once over. Holy shit! Stenciled on the side was 180lbs! What the hell did Brandy need with a 180lb dumbbell?

He quickly opened the other crate. Sure enough, there was another 180lb dumbbell inside. What the hell was she doing with two 180lb dumbbells? Neither of the weights were adjustable, the last plate on each side of each bar was welded on. They were two 180lb dumbbells, and that’s all they would ever be.

Derek couldn’t even fathom what they could possibly be for. He usually curled 180lbs when he was doing heavy lifting, but that was using two hands. There wasn’t any exercise that he would use such a heavy weight for. Hell, the training facility he worked out at didn’t even have 180lb dumbbells! The only person he could think of that could even use such a weight was Tony Hefner. Tony, a defensive tackle, was the biggest and strongest guy on the team, weighing in at a whopping 340lbs! (some of the guys called him Heffer, but never where he could hear) The guy could bench over 700lbs and was the envy of almost everyone in the NFL aspiring to be the strength king of the league.

But Brandy was a 137lb girl. Derek would be impressed if she could get one of the weights an inch off the ground using her hands, legs and a forklift. She couldn’t have possibly bought the weights for herself. Maybe she bought them for someone else? Maybe they were a gift. They wouldn’t be for him. Derek never missed an opportunity to tell Brandy how much he was lifting. It was almost a daily ritual where he’d get home from the gym and wow her with stories about his strength. And she had spent enough time in the gym herself to know that he’d never be able to lift such a weight.

Then it had to be for someone else, but who? Tony would be the only person either of them knew who would get any use out of it. But why would she buy a set of dumbbells, what must have been very expensive dumbbells at that, for Tony Hefner?

The answer hit him like a ton of bricks; and like a ton of bricks, he felt his world crumble down around him. She was cheating on him! That little bitch was cheating on him! With Tony Hefner! I mean, sure he was a big strong guy, and sure he was an All Pro for the past 3 years, but he wasn’t all that much to look at in Derek’s opinion, certainly not as good looking, or as buff as Derek was. He wasn’t called Heffer for nothing. How could she be cheating on him with that fat ass! How could she be cheating on him with anyone? He treated her well; he was a catch. What the hell was the bitch thinking?

Derek was working himself up into a rage. He was buying her a ring! He was going to propose! And she was going to make a fool out of him?

“Hey babe, you about ready to go?” Derek was so worked up; he didn’t notice Brandy had walked into the room. She had on a pair of khaki capris and a tight, white tank top with a plunging neckline showing plenty of amazing cleavage. She hadn’t put on much makeup, but it didn’t matter, she looked breathtaking nonetheless.

Derek didn’t even notice. He was blinded with rage. He was an NFL linebacker, and he was furious. His impulse was to hit, smash, destroy. It took all of his self-control to keep from barreling into Brandy right there and knocking her flat on her whore ass. Instead he took several deep breaths, and then pointed to the dumbbells. “What are those?”

Brandy hadn’t even noticed the weights on the ground. When she saw them laying there, her face got that look of shock combined with guilt, like she just got caught doing something wrong. It was all the conformation Derek needed.

Derek Hammer hit guys for a living, but he did not hit women, that was not the way he was raised. But he needed to hit something. He picked up a lamp from the end table and hurled it with all his might into a wall. The lamp shattered into hundreds of pieces. Derek didn’t even see it. He whirled back around to face Brandy with a look of pure hatred on his face. “You fucking bitch! You’re cheating on me! With Tony fucking Heffer!” He felt like a blood vessel on his forehead was going to burst.

Brandy looked stunned at the accusation. She probably didn’t think a big, dumb jock would be able to figure it out. “No I’m no…”

“Don’t lie to me! Do you think I’m a fucking idiot?” It wasn’t just rage, there was grief there too. He loved her; he was going to marry her. Why did she have to do this to him? “You’re buying Tony Heffer presents!”

“I’m not!”

“Are you fucking him too?” The very thought made steam come out of his ears.

The bitch had the gall to look indignant. “I’m not fucking Tony Hefner!”

“Then who are you fucking? What man out there is giving you something you clearly aren’t getting from me?”

“I’m not seeing anyone else, I’m not fucking anyone else. I love you! You’re the only man in my life.” She was starting to cry. Probably trying to get him to pity her. Well that wasn’t going to work, not today.

“Fuck you! Then what did you buy the weights for, huh. You know I can’t use them. What you wanted some decorations for your fucking house?” He crossed his arms under his barrel chest and waited to hear her try to lie herself out of this mess.

Brandy looked at him hesitantly, like she was afraid to tell him the truth. What the hell could possibly be worse than fucking Tony Hefner, unless maybe she was fucking more than one guy. That fucking whore! Finally she let out a big sigh. “I bought them for me.”

“Oh really, for what?” This ought to be good.

She looked up at him sheepishly. “I was going to use them for my workouts.”

Derek looked at her in amazement. “That’s it! That’s your lie? You’re using them to workout? What, do you think I’m stupid? Do you really think I’m just a big, dumb jock that will believe anything cause I’m an idiot?”

“No sweetie, it’s the truth.” She was pleading with him now, anything to cover her own ass. “I didn’t want to tell you, I thought you might get upset. One of the reasons I stopped going to the gym is that I was getting strong, really strong, too strong. I know how proud you are of your strength, and I thought you’d be upset if you found out I was stronger than you.”

Derek raised his eyebrows in disbelief. How exactly did she think this was going to turn out? What in God’s name made her believe that Derek would ever believe a word of this! “Brandy, stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Look at me; I’m twice your size. I’ve been working out for 15 years. I’ve had personal trainers and strength coaches. I’ve been using state of the art equipment. It’s totally ridiculous to think you’re anywhere near as strong as me. So stop lying to me and tell me the god damned truth!”

“I swear to you, it is the truth. Every time I went to the gym, I could lift heavier and heavier weights. At first I thought it was really cool, to be able to get strong so fast, but then I realized that I was getting stronger than most of the guys at the gym. People were looking at me weird when I lifted weights. I realized that I wasn’t normal. So I stopped going. But I loved the way I felt after I lifted. So I started working out from home. I didn’t want to get bigger, so I’d just do light aerobics, and stuff like that, but I just kept getting stronger and stronger.”

The funny thing was, she actually sounded like she believed the bullshit she was spewing. Maybe she had dated some dumb jocks in the past that would fall for such a bullshit story, or maybe she had learned something in one of her psych classes that she was trying on him. Whatever it was, it wasn’t working. There was no way she was going to talk herself out of this.

Derek took a seat on her couch, his arms still crossed in front of him. “All right, Wonder Woman, let’s see it. Show me how you work out with 180lb dumbbells.”

She just stared at him for a few moments, as if trying to decide something. Maybe she was thinking her crazy lie wasn’t working and it was time to tell him the truth. Finally she let out a deep sigh. Here it comes. “All right, fine.”

He was expecting a confession, but instead she turned away from him and walked over to her stereo. She pulled out a CD and put it in the CD player. She turned around and looked at him. She looked almost sad. “I’m so sorry, Derek.” What the hell was going on? Then she hit play.

Some kind of fast beat dance music came on. Derek had no idea what it was, he was a rock and roll fan himself, and didn’t really care for it. Then she started moving her hips. She shook them back and forth to the beat of the music. It was pretty damned sexy.

Ahhhh, this was her plan, seduce him and have sex with him. Maybe that’s the way pretty girls think, that they can do whatever they want as long as they give you sex. Well she had simply gone to far. There was no amount of sex that would make up for what she had done to him.

She turned around, still shaking her hips. The sadness in her face was gone. Her eyes were closed. She was totally lost in the music. She ran her hands up her hips, all the way up to her breasts. Damn she was hot. Maybe he would pound her one more time before he kicked her to the curb.

She moved forward, toward him, in perfect time to the fast paced music, her hips still shaking in perfect rhythm. He was getting hard in spite of himself. Yes, he’d definitely fuck her one last time, and then walk out without saying a word, like she was a whore, which she was.

But then he realized she wasn’t walking toward him, she was walking toward the dumbbells. What the hell was she doing? She got to where the two enormous weights were resting on the floor and crouched down between them. She reached out and grabbed one dumbbell in each hand. Was she crazy! Each of those things weighed more than she did! What the hell was she doing? Then she stood up.

Derek’s jaw nearly came unhinged. As she rose back to her feet, she brought the two huge weights with her! That’s impossible! That was 360lbs! Derek would have a hard time lifting both of those monstrosities at once. But not only did she do it, she didn’t seem to have any trouble doing it. Her face wasn’t contorted with strain, her arms weren’t bulging with effort, she still had her eyes closed, she was still shaking her hips back and forth, totally at one with the music.

Then her shoulders started moving up and down, again in perfect time to the beat. It was kind of a modified shrug maneuver. Again, the 360lbs dangling from her arms didn’t seem to be causing her any trouble as she moved smoothly to the quick beat.

Suddenly a realization hit Derek. She was telling the truth! He had just ripped her head off for cheating, when she wasn’t cheating at all. The weights really were for her! As impossible as it seemed, Brandy actually was stronger than she looked. Derek was filled with a horrible sense of guilt. He had wronged her. He owed her an apology and then some. He got up from the couch and was about to go over to her and tell her he was sorry, when suddenly the music changed, it got faster. Then Brandy blew his mind!

With a burst of energy, Brandy exploded from her subtle hip and shoulder shaking into huge movements. Her arms flew threw the air at a frantic pace, still holding the 180lb weights. Derek’s jaw dropped anew. Picking 360lbs up off the ground and holding it was one thing, but this was something else entirely. Her arms were thrust out in front of her, then to her side, then over her head, all in a rapid sequence, all while holding the impossibly heavy dumbbells. Her seductive dance had turned into a form of high impact aerobics.

The beat of the music was now lightning fast, yet Brandy still moved in perfect time, flowing seamlessly from one pose to the other. Each pose was some kind of modified version of a weightlifting technique that Derek was very familiar with. A few bicep curls flowed into lateral raises, which then flowed into rows, which became lunges, followed by squats, which then turned into overhead presses, which transformed into tricep extensions, and on and on, and over and over. She flowed smoothly from one exercise to the next, each seemingly chosen at random, each performed with perfect balance and grace, all together creating the most amazing, impossible aerobic dance he had ever seen.

Derek was stunned! There were no words to describe what he was seeing now. The music was so fast; several beats per second, and on every single beat Brandy would perform some kind of lift, sometimes with one arm, sometimes with both. She must have done hundreds of lifts, hundreds upon hundreds. Every one was done with absolute ease, like her hands were empty, not each holding 180lbs of solid steel.

Finally, after what must have been 5 minutes and nearly a thousand reps of various exercises, the song ended. Brandy thrust her arms up so they formed a wide V, and shook the ginormous dumbbells like they were pompoms. She wasn’t even breathing hard. There wasn’t even so much as a drop of sweat anywhere he could see on her body! She looked just as fresh as when she started! Holy Fuck!

A new song started to play, but Brandy seemed done for the moment. She walked back over to the stereo, switched the dumbbells so that she was holding both in one hand, and used her free hand to turn the stereo off. She was holding 360lbs with one fucking hand! And her arm wasn’t even flexed! Sure her muscles weren’t that big, but she did have muscles, and they certainly would be clearly evident if she was having to strain in the slightest, yet her arm was just as relaxed as he empty one. It was as if all she was holding was a couple of pencils.

“Normally I’ll go a lot longer, it usually takes about an hour before I start to get tired.” She turned around and stopped speaking as she noticed the totally stunned expression on Derek’s face.

Stunned didn’t even begin to describe how Derek was feeling. He tried to say something, but his mouth wouldn’t work. How was this possible! It would have been impossible if she were using 18lb dumbbells, let alone 180lb dumbbells. And she normally did that for an hour? That would be thousands and thousands of lifts? The strength needed to perform such a feat was incalculable. Derek’s mind raced, trying to find some purchase on reality, something he could hold on to.

Brandy looked at him with pity. “I’m so sorry you had to find out this way sweetie. I swear I never meant to hurt you. I just didn’t know what to say, I can hardly believe it myself.” Not only was she still holding 360lbs of weight with her one hand, but Brandy was a hand talker. As she spoke, she moved her hands around to emphasize her words. The hand holding the weights didn’t seem to be moving any different than the empty hand. It was almost as though the 360lbs was weightless to her.

It was all more than Derek’s mind could process. He jumped up off the couch, and then sat back down again, then he got back up. He paced up and down the room. God, his hands were shaking, he could feel sweat pouring from his brow. “I got… I go… I…” But his mind couldn’t even come up with a complete thought. What the hell was going on?

All he knew is that he had to get out of here. He looked back over at Brandy. She was still holding the twin 180lb weights with one hand. Her arm was bent at 90 degrees with her hand over her chest. Even in this position, there was no flexing of her arm. She looked… patient, as if she was content to wait for him to make the next move.

His move was getting the hell out of there. He stumbled to the door; even his damn feet weren’t working. He fumbled with the doorknob for what seemed like hours before his hands could finally get it to work. He nearly tripped going through the doorway.

“I’ll see you later, Derek.” Brandy called after him. How could she sound so calm? His entire damned body was shaking.

He got into his car, fumbling with his keys for several minutes before getting that door to work. Once he was in, he just sat still. He looked at Brandy’s house, her yard, her Mini Cooper. It all looked so real, but it couldn’t be, none of it could be real. He had to be dreaming. He grabbed the steering wheel with a death grip, trying to steady his shaking hands. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

After what seemed like forever, he finally felt in control enough to drive. He turned on the car, and sped away from Brandy’s house. His mind was still reeling, still trying to process the impossible. What the hell just happened? How did his life turn upside down so damned quickly!

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Hey, there are going to be other chapters forth coming, but I can't figure out how to set it up properly for that. There's supposed to be something that says "add child page" but I can't find that anywhere.

If anyone can give me some help, that would be appreciated.

Very interesting story, plenty of fairly standard themes (ie big tough American footballer finding out he is weaker than his little waitress girlfriend), but at the same time avoiding some of the stereotypes common in this sort of story (such as Derek actually loving and respecting Brandy rather than just wanting her for sex).

The one thing I hope that you continue with this sort of theme and that this story doesn’t end up going the same way as most do (Derek turning into a brutal Neanderthal and Brandy ending up brutalizing him). That’s not the sort of thing that interests me at all.

j2001's picture

Nice. This one was something new, actually.
Because characters don't go berserk for sex (and Brandy doesn't become extremely horny while performing her strenght feat).
But also because of the gap between her size and her actual strenght. On we usually read stories featuring impossibly huge muscles providing extreme strenght (that's what the community likes), while here we can read about extreme strenght provided by underdeveloped (for what they actually do) muscles. You could go mainstream :D

I agree with j2001, you're an awesome writer when it comes to strength feats done by regular looking women. I've seen some of your stories on other places, and I hope that you post them here to give people here a chance to read them. I also hope you continue this story soon!

rodman's picture

Great begining. Love your stories. Are you familiar w/ DTM's stories. This is similiar to a story called 'Dirk's Dilemma'. It is one of my favorite's This could develop in a great continuation of the theme of being a macho guy caught in a world populated by muscular superwomen. Please continue it.

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