Domination at the Women’s Institute Part 4: Mum

**Part 4: Mum**
CLAP! CLAP! Miss Primm & Proper clapped for everybody’s attention. “Ladies, that concludes our demonstrations for this evening. The time is now all yours” the buxom stuck up looking woman said. Great the sooner I get out of here the better. I looked around for the exit. “Remember these fine young men are available if you exhaust or break your own” she added. Those 3 women that gave the demonstrations were crazy. Although it was a veritable wank-fest, all these men doing it in public was deeply disturbing.

“Come here Glenn” Mum called. I gasp as her hand feels the front of my trousers. A wide smile appears pushing up her cheeks, her eyes twinkling as her blonde hair surrounds her face. “You can’t walk around with that in front of all these ladies” she says. “What are you on about? Most of the men had their dicks out wanking not long ago” I replied. “Enough of that kind of language, young man” she scolded but her face was still smiling causing the wrinkles to show around the sides of her eyes. “Can we go now?” I asked. “Do you know what happens next?” her smile became slightly predatory which unnerved me. “No. What?” She brought her face right up close so that we were almost touching noses. Although she is quite pretty, she is still my mum and the intimacy made me uncomfortable. “Now I kick your arse and your Dad’s” she said in a soft almost sensual voice that made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

KERSLAM! The sound of a body hitting the mat made me look around in time to see the wrinkly old crone I saw earlier with one son on the mat, slamming the other. KERSLAM! KERSLAM! All over the hall, women in satin kimonos resembling sexy gi jackets were slamming their husbands and sons around like they were confetti. I was shocked by how good most of them were. “Arghh arghh!” the little white haired old lady was now on the mat, with each of her son’s arms locked beneath hers and a skinny black nylon sheathed leg draped over his face. Jeese! I wouldn’t like to meet her in a dark alley.

I brought my attention back to my Mother. Mum’s such a kidder. She’s not into exercise and only strict verbally, she never gets physical. I laughed uneasily remembering the demonstrations I witnessed and how 3 unassuming women completely kicked the arses of men who were black belts, including myself. “How’re you going to do that?” I chuckled. Mum didn’t stop smiling and lifted up the hem of her white satin kimono to reveal her legs clad in sheer tan coloured stockings and suspenders. While not possessing the corset-enhanced hour glass figure of Miss P&P, Mum is less plump and her thick legs are shapely and good looking. “With these” she says indicating her legs. “And this” She turned around showing her bare bottom which disturbingly reminded me of how she relieved me earlier on. Trying not to look at that big creamy peach, my eyes fell to her calves. The high heels she wore really gave them a great shape and the diamond shaped muscle was quite visible. Actually they were quite hot. Had she been exercising? Not with this bunch of loonies, I hope.

“Argh!” A cry drew my attention. Matron Crawford had applied a wrist lock to her husband and was making him dance in pain. Her sons were watching, all with boners. She turned her back against him stretching his arm across her side and forced him to his knees. Boy does she have great legs. Steve moved in to deliver a chop which she caught then twisted his wrist making him whimper. Wow! The scary woman now had two men under her control at the same time. She shoved their twisted hands between her sexy strong thighs as Paul and Simon came at her from either side. The scary looking woman grabbed an arm each and whipped them down in an arc flipping both head over heels in a double spinning wrist throw while her husband and other son were on their knees in painful armlocks applied by her hot legs. Wow! The scary woman was dominating 4 guys at once.

Dad’s voice interrupted “Sandy, go easy on the bo..” WHUMP “Orrrrgh” he groaned as to my complete amazement Mum swung her heeled foot into his balls. “Did I tell you to talk?” she asked with a tight smile. Her foot was still stuck between his legs and I couldn’t help noticing the patch of bare skin above the dark brown band of stocking top. “ dear sorry dear” he gasped. WTF? He actually sounded scared of her. What a wimp! Mum is such a placid nice friendly woman, just like a mother should be. Lowering her foot, to Dad’s relief, she turned her blonde head towards me with a wide toothy smile. “It’s alright dear” she told me in a warm reassuring voice. “I’ll go easy on you for your first time”.

I placed my hand on Mum’s shoulder, the silk felt good under my hand. “Come on Mum, let’s go home. It’s no good acting all tough, we know what you’re really like” I told her. “You’ve been spending too much time with thes..” BLAM! “BERLORPH!” Mum’s knee appeared out of nowhere hammering right into my gut. The cramp was so bad that I began to crease up. “Don’t you talk to me like that” Mum scolded. BLAM! “.....” Orrrr she did it again. It really hurt but I was too winded for any noise to come out of my mouth which dangled open uselessly. I was devastated unable to draw breath. Mum had never hit me before and I was really surprised that she could lift her knee that high and that fast. “Don’t you ever talk like that about the WI again” she hissed with her plump arms around my neck while her knee pressed my diaphragm flat. Oh God! I couldn’t breathe. I felt weird, dizzy. Dear God! My Mum had destroyed me within seconds. Strangely my cock began to get stiff again. “Otherwise I’ll feed you to Mrs. Knight” Mum added. I followed the direction of her eyes and saw the manic wide-eyed woman with a young Karate student flat on his back while she applied a cross-body armbar, moaning with pleasure as he shrieked and writhed in agony. Her eyes opened and saw me then flew wide as she licked her lips hungrily. Oh God! She sent shivers down my spine and I looked away quickly.

Orrrh I couldn’t inflate my lungs Orrr. Holding my shoulders and facing me Mum stepped to my side. With shock I realised what she was trying to do but I was paralysed in my winded state to do anything but stand there and let my own sweet mother reap my leg away and lean forward. I couldn’t believe it as I went backwards over Mum’s broad hip. BLAM! My back hit the mat and I found myself floored, winded and looking at the seams at the back of Mum’s stockings. God! She threw me! My mum actually threw me! I gawped at her strong looking calve muscles, her lower legs pushed into a sexy shape by her high heels and felt an unhealthy attraction. Mum looked back at me over her shoulder. “You’re not the only who knows a bit of Judo” she told me.

She looked down at me with a condescending smile as if I were some mere white belt. That really pissed me off. How could I be so stupid to be caught out so easily by an untrained woman? Especially my Mum. So the WI had taught her some moves and she thought she was an expert. Well I was ready to give her a taste of real Judo. Orrr once these damn cramps stopped. From this angle, her stocking clad legs seemed to go on forever and were very sexy. “What’s wrong Judo Boy? Has Mummy knocked the wind out of your sails?” she sneered. “Sandy, go easy” my Dad interrupted. I watched in disbelief as in a heartbeat, Mum pulled his arm over her shoulder and leant forward whipping him over her shoulder. BERLAM! I heard him hit the mat hard. Wow! That was a well executed Seoi-nage but I was stunned that she had actually used it and so skilfully. My Mum knew Judo, she really knew Judo! To my disgust my dick got stiffer and I couldn’t stop looking at her backside and thinking what a great arse she had and no wonder it had brought me off so easily.

My Mum’s new skill aroused me and I got to my feet wanting to grapple with her. I grabbed the front of her silk Kimono but even before I had a chance to turn to throw her, her long leg pushed between my legs and hooked around my right leg. Pressing forward she lifted my foot from the mat. Oh crap not again! BAM! My back hit the mat. My Mum looked down at me with a smug smile. “That’s right dear you keep trying and one day you might be as good as me”. My ears burned at the insult. I’d been doing Judo since I was 11; she must have only just begun. “Beginner’s luck” I mumbled. “You keep telling yourself that, Glenn, as I kick your sorry arse” Mum replied.

“Sandy, please” Dad was on his feet again. But Mum looked excited. “Hai!” BAM! Jeese! Mum shouted unexpectedly and punched Dad right in the face. I couldn’t believe my eyes; she had just punched Dad right in the mouth. “Did I ask for your opinion?” Mum’s voice was hard. “Hai!” BAM! She shouted again making my dick lurch smashing Dad in the face again. From his expression and the sound of it, I knew it hurt. “Hai!” Another punch to his face left him staggering back with a trickle of blood from the side of his mouth. Good God! Mum was beating up Dad! This was just so unreal and from the wide smile upon her face, she was enjoying it.

Mum stood before him with her arms on her hips. She gave such an impression of self-confidence and strength that my dick was still getting stiff. Where had she learnt to punch like that? The answer was obvious – from these crazy WI women. Poor Dad was practically shaking in his boots. “S-sorry, d..Mistress” he whimpered. WTF! Surely Dad wasn’t that much of a wimp? Mum just smiled and raised her hand. “Hai!” Jeese that made me jump. The side of her hand slashed down and chopped the side of Dad’s neck. His body jerked as though he’d just been tazered. Jeese I never knew she could do that.

Dad might have wimped out, but I wasn’t going to. I had already had my Judo skills thrashed by one of these crazy women and I certainly wasn’t going to let it happen again, especially to my own Mum. I began to get to my feet. “Do you want Mummy to Karate chop you senseless?” she said with a sparkle in her eyes and a wide smile. “Like this. Hai!” she chopped my Dad’s neck again and he jerked like a puppet on a string then collapsed against her body with his face in her ample cleavage then slid down to her waist. “Do you want to stop Mummy beating up Daddy? Come on then” she called in a sing-song siren’s call. Mum raised her hand. “Mum no!” I protested. “Hai!” Mum’s hand flashed, Dad’s body jerked and he collapsed to the floor. “Mum, stop this” I told her. This was madness, why was she acting like some kind of superwoman? “That’s right, come to Mummy” she sang, her eyes sparkling and her smile wide showing her white teeth.

Remembering my mistake with Mrs. Knight when I rushed her, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. Approaching Mum cautiously, I was going to go for a sacrifice throw of my own. Wary that she might try to chop me, I grabbed the front of her kimono intending to get this done quickly. I tried to suppress the disquiet when she likewise grabbed the front of my T-shirt. Quickly I shoved her away intending to pull her back quickly and throw her. But to my horror, she pulled me forwards and fell back. No! A Tomoe Nage, Mum’s leg came up into my groin as she used my own momentum to roll me over the top of her. Woah! Everything went topsy turvy as she whipped past beneath me in a devastatingly fast stomach throw. KERSLAM! My back hit the mat hard. My God! What a great throw. Before my brain stopped spinning, Mom had pulled me to my feet and fell backwards again. Woah! This was even faster than before and I barely saw her whizz past below me before I whipped head over heels and slammed into the mat once more. KERSLAM! Oh God! She was good. Please no, this can’t be happening. She can’t be better than me, it wasn’t fair.

Orrrrh! That throw was so quick that I almost blacked out. My head was spinning and I felt nauseous. I was vaguely aware of a great looking pair of long legs standing over me wearing stockings and suspenders. “Is Mummy beating you with her Judo? Is she too much for you to handle?” she teased. From this angle I could see right up under her short silk kimono style dress and, ulp, her bare muff. Shaking the daze from my head, I went to sit up but suddenly found my Mum’s crotch in my face pressing me back to the mat. “Mmmmm!” I moaned until with horror as I felt her pussy lips on my mouth. I looked up over Mum’s belly and had another shock. Our short grapple must have pulled the top of her kimono loose and the edges had been peeled back from her big boobs as far as her big aureoles and nipples. That really made me uncomfortable, but I couldn’t stop looking. “Mummy likes sitting on your face” she said with a saucy smile. “I will do it more often from now on”. I was very conscious of her pussy pressing against my lips. Although I knew that it wrong, I couldn’t help the way my body reacted. My dick went rigid as I felt subjugated in such a sexy manner by my own Mother.

Pinned under my Mum I could really see how her short satin kimono resembled a sexy gi jacket with her big boobs poking out. Oh God this was really turning me on, I was a real sick puppy. She looked down at me pinned helplessly between her big thighs. “You better get used to it son because this is how it’s going to be from now on” she told me. That wasn’t what you wanted to hear from your Mum, no matter how attractive she was. “Mmmm mmmm” I protested as she bore her weight down on my face and moved around mashing her pussy in my face. It felt gross yet at the same time exhilarating and highly sexual. “That’s right. Mum’s in charge now” I heard her say. In this embarrassing position there was no where I could look but up at my Mother. I saw her look back then smile. “Mmmm!” a hand touched my groin feeling my stiffy through my trousers. “Good. You like Mummy on your face and are responding to my superiority in the correct manner” her words were like hammer blows to my dignity.

“Now lick it and show how much you love Mummy” I couldn’t believe my ears. That was so disgusting and degrading for any man, and so wrong for a son to do to his own mother. “Mmmm mmmm!” I groaned as she mashed down and squirmed all over my face. Oh God I was so hard I nearly came then and there! “Do as you’re told, Glenn” she commanded. She was so domineering. It was like something off one of those naughty web sites, you know the ones with some old bird dressed in sexy PVC or leather getting some poor sod to eat her. Er...or so I’ve heard. Oh God I really wanted to. She was turning me on so much but every time I went to stick out my tongue I baulked at doing it to my own mother.

I felt her weight lift from my face as she rose. “I see I need to explain how it is to you” she said looking stern. With shock I saw Dad standing there. How long had he been there watching Mum sitting on my face! I felt myself flush with shame. Shockingly he just stood there trying to avoid eye contact and with a stiff bulge in his trousers. I recalled the strange noises from their room last night and suddenly had an insight of what had been going on. Just as I thought Mum couldn’t shock me any further, she opened the top of her kimono exposing her large full formed breasts. “Come and get it, Bert” she demanded. “Ohh Sandy” he moaned at the sight of those beauties, but he seemed to be scared of her. “If you hope to have any during the next week, you’d better do it now” she snapped.

Dad stepped forward as if to grab her. Her hand flashed so fast that all I saw was a blur. “Hai!” she chopped him on the side of the neck. His body jerked once more then stood stone stiff. Oh Jeese, it looked like he was paralysed! No, she can’t be that good! The thought of such scary power in my mother’s hand had my dick absolutely rigid. Mum’s face turned to me with a smile. “You see, Glenn. You don’t stand a chance against me. I’m much better than you at unarmed combat and the sooner you get used to it the better” she said while Dad just stood there looking petrified. Ohhhhh my dick was so stiff that I thought it couldn’t get any harder but it did at the implications of Mum’s words. She had turned from a caring motherly figure into a fearsome dominatrix to be worshipped. Mum turned her side towards Dad. Pulling up the hem of her kimono dress to expose her stocking tops, she rubbed her hip against the front of his trousers. “Nnnnnnn!” a moan of release escaped his lips and the tent in his pants deflated as a damp patch spread. “Hai!” Mum screamed making me jump as she drove her elbow into his gut. WHUMP! His upper body snapped forward around his stomach as if he had been made of cardboard, an expression of agony on his face and his mouth wide open as a hiss of air rushed out from his body. “Hai!” Her fist drove hard slamming deep into his ruined stomach. WHAM! The features of his face melted into abject misery and his body tried to bend further forwards but Mum cruelly pulled his head up by a clump of his thinning hair.

I couldn’t just watch while Mum beat the crap out of Dad. I hurled myself at her to stop her. “Hai!” BLAM! “Oooooooh!” She moved like lightning, despite her size. I found her knee buried deep in the pit of my stomach with such force that my feet were lifted clean off the mat. Badly winded again, I began to crease forwards. “Hai!” a blur of sheer black nylon sped towards me. BLAM “Orrrrrrgh!” I moaned as her knee hammered my sternum while the top of her thick thigh slammed lengthwise along my chest. Too immobilised to stop her, I found my head tucked beneath her arm looking down the back of her silk kimono. “Hai!” I nearly wet myself. BLAM! Her knee hammered into my already ruined gut. Jeese she was beating the crap out of me! BLAM! Argh! Her knee slammed into the top of my thigh giving me a dead leg. I felt her leg move again. BLAM! Ouch! Her knee slammed into the top of my thigh again but this time her whole leg kicked through lifting my leg backwards off the mat. Suddenly I was falling forward with my head tucked under Mum’s arm. I felt Mum’s back hit the mat then her feet were in my groin and in the blink of an eye my entire backend was being lifted high as she straightened her legs. Woahh! I felt the power of her legs as she released my head and hurled me high in a really strong double-legged sacrifice throw. KERSLAM! My back hit the mat very hard.

I was having a hard time getting to grip with the idea that my Mum was some kind of superwoman. “Oh dear poor Judo boy’s being beaten up by his mummy” she taunted as I lay on my back gasping. Strangely the thought of getting to grips with my mother became so uncontrollably desirable that my dick began to throb. I quickly got to my feet to face her again eager to see what else she had. Mum hitched up the hem of her dress. Wow! Her slightly plump legs looked great in stockings. “Glad you like my legs. You’re always looking at them” she said. That wasn’t true, but now I was gawping openly at my mother’s legs before I realised my mistake. “Hai!” BLAM her leg was a blur as it kicked so high and blasted my face. I clutched my aching face in shock at how incredibly flexible she was. “Bet you never thought mummy could kick as high as that did you?” she said with a strange smile. No, I certainly didn’t, shocked that Mum had turned into some kind of super fighting machine that made my dick ache all the more.

In a fraction of a second, she fell to the floor swinging her leg around low to ground scything my legs from under me. BAM! I hit the floor in an instant. Oh God! She was amazing; she was completely whipping my arse. My dick was absolutely beating away driving me to my feet wanting to be dominated again by my Mum. “Hai!” BLAM my head whipped under a powerful high kick that was so fast that I barely saw it. “Hai!” WHUMP Orrrrrgh a long stocking clad drove a heeled shoe right into my still aching gut. Super dominant Mum didn’t stop. She turned her back into me and pulled my arm over her shoulder then lent forward. I was so worked up in anticipation of being thrown again by my mother that time seemed to slow down. Orrr the feel of her ample backside pressing into my groin was electric. I could remember how my dick felt between those lovely bare buttocks. As she loaded me, I could feel my aching erection sliding up her arse then I was tumbling head over heels through the air. KERSLAM! By the time I hit the mat, I had totally creamed myself.

Shagged, I just lay there. I saw Miss P&P sitting on the mat with Grandmaster Kevin locked in a figure 4 headscissors. The back of his head was resting on the inner thigh of one leg while his neck was caught in the crook of her leg and it looked like her sexy stocking clad legs were squeezing him helpless. “Look at how weak you are” I heard her tell him. His hands were on the raised leg bent over his neck, one on top of her thigh, the other on her long sloping shin. But rather than trying to free himself he was feeling her legs and was sporting a boner. She turned his face towards her crotch and pulled it right against it. “Mmmmm!” he moaned but I don’t think it entirely in pain, his tentpole was twitching. “In your rightful place at last” she told him. She looked incredibly dominant as she scissored his face into her pussy. “Now do it” she demanded. The tent in his gi pants twitched wildly as Miss P&P closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. “Mmmm!” he moaned. “Faster” she demanded, her slightly plump thighs squeezing hard. The Grandmaster took his erection out of his gi pants and started wanking. He stood no chance. “Arrghh Yess Yess Arghhh!” she moaned throwing back her head in ecstasy squeezing down hard while the Grandmaster shot white spurts into the air. “Arghhh arghhh oh yes” she sighed and opened her legs to let the limp unconscious man flop onto the mat.

Most of the other men around the hall are now humping away desperately at their wives but increasingly more are masturbating while their partners or mothers look on pouring scorn on their inabilities to satisfy them.

BLAM! The sound of a body hitting the mat very close by made me look around. Mum had just thrown Dad again. She had retained his arm which was now vertical between her legs which looked hot with the sheen of her stockings reflecting the light as she stressed his elbow. “Argh argh no please!” he yelped writhing at her feet. Maintaining the punishing armbar, Mum stood astride his head. “Aren’t you playing anymore? Is Judo Boy all worn out” Mum asked me. I looked away from her face and had to gulp as my eyes became glued to her bare breasts sticking out from the top of her kimono. Ulp! I looked away when she chuckled “It’s alright dear. It’s only natural”. “Argh Argh!” Dad yelped as she lowered herself into a crouch above his face. A stiff bulge rose in his trousers as her bare pussy hovered above his face. “Watch and learn, Glenn” she told me. “Mmm mmmm!” Dad almost sounded ecstatic as Mum’s muff covered his nose and lips. “Do a good job, Bert, or I’ll break your face” she demanded then reached back to pull his dick from his trousers. “Mmmm mmmm!” he sounded delirious. “Arghh yes, Bert” she moaned closing her eyes and looked up as she stroked his rod with one hand. It was disgusting but I couldn’t look aware. “Ohhh!” she moaned softly, pumping away at his rod while he licked her from below. “Come here, Glenn. I can do you with my other hand” she gasped breathlessly bucking her hips while she worked Dad. “Or take you in my mouth”. Oh God! I was disgusted by this wild orgy breaking out all around me; yet I was really tempted to stick my dick in her wide luscious mouth and hump it but somehow the offer of a blowjob from my Mum grated against my morals. “Ohhh ohhhh yessss!” she moaned as jizz flew about from between her closed hand on Dad’s cock.

Sighing in contentment, Mum stood up. “I’m so glad you’re here, Glenn” she told me. “Daddy just can’t handle my demands anymore. The more I train, the stronger and more demanding I become” she said looking at my groin smiling. I suddenly realised that I had a boner from watching Dad pleasure Mum. To my horror Mum tried to undo my fly. “Mum, no!” I gasped trying to stop her. “Hai!” BAM! the side of her hand slashed down on the side of my neck. My body twitched wildly, temporarily not in my control. To my alarm I found her warm hand enclosing my stiff dick and she used it to lead me over the bed in the middle of the hall. Dad followed sheepishly close behind.

Mum sat before me on the edge of the bed with her legs astride. I tried not to look at her muff. She looked up at me as I stood between her open legs which pressed against my thighs. “Now do you understand who is boss in the house?” she asked sternly. “Yes. You Mum” I felt like a naughty child being reprimanded. A sexy stocking clad leg lifted up and stretched out, with surprising nimbleness, a shapely calve backed shin to the side of my neck. “And if I have any more nonsense from you I will hurt you bad” she said with a wide smile then pressed her shin hard against my neck. “Very bad” she added. “I will use you and your father to practice on wherever, whenever and however I like. Do you understand?” The feel of her shin pressing against my neck reminded me of the dominant martial arts Goddess that she had become and my dick grew rigid. “Yes” I gasped. “Good” she said then returned her leg to the floor.

“You will also share with your father the responsibility for worshipping me and satisfying my pleasure” Mum said. My ears burned but I couldn’t look away from her steely gaze. I felt her calves move against the inside of mine then with a sudden surge of unexpected strength they began to pull my feet apart. “Mum, you’re pulling my legs apart!” I exclaimed in shock at how easy she did it. I had to lean forward to place my hands on the bed for support. “Strong aren’t they?” Mum smiled and began to lean back on the bed. I was stunned as my feet were lifted from the mat while my legs were stretched apart like a wishbone. I was rising into the air with my legs pulled wide apart in some weird sort of grapevine press, tilting over my mother’s body. The feeling of total helplessness; of being completely physically dominated by my mother and the unexpected strength in her legs had my exposed erection absolutely rigid. Mum lay back on the bed and continued to lift me with her legs, my hands scrambling on the bed sheet to maintain balance until I was poised over her. That’s when she unhooked her calves and let me slid down between her nylon clad legs. I felt my erect dick slid against her bare pussy. “Do it” she demanded. I just couldn’t help myself and plunged right in banging away at this Goddess like a horny dog. Ohhh it felt so good, I just kept on going enjoying her moans of pleasure until I could keep it in no more and exploded inside her in a burst of ecstasy. I collapsed exhausted on the bed. Then the shame of what I had just done in front of a hall full of people hit me like a mallet to the face. My Mum’s voice was soft and soothing as a finger stroked my cheek. “Things are going to be a lot different from now on, Glenn” she said. “You’ll just have to get used to it, like your Dad did”. I watched as Mum got up and started to slam Dad around the mat once more. Yes things were going to be different all right. I now had a superwoman Mother to physically dominate me and to worship all night long. The thought made me smile and I felt my groin begin to stir.

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I loved this chapter, if for nothing more than the forced incest, the mom overpowering both the father and the son, pretty much at the same time, into pleasuring her. Of making her son cum in shame, staring at her incredible body, knowing that she is his mother, but not being able to control his impulses of worship to her strength and sensuality. I have very much liked this series JIMP, you did really well putting out 4 equally sexy and stimulating stories, tying them all together. I wonder where this is going next, it's obvious the women of this dojo are superior to their men, is the same thing happening all over the country, maybe all over the World?

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