Domination at the Women’s Institute Part 2: Matron Crawford

**Part 2: Matron Crawford**
“Glenn!” Mum’s voice attracted my attention. Worryingly she has changed into one of those white silk kimono dresses that shimmer with every move. Coming down to about mid-thigh, a good deal more of her thick shapely legs, sheathed in sheer tan stockings, are on show than a mum ought to. “I..I er need the bathroom” I explained as I reached her. “No Glenn, I told you to stay out of trouble. Now you will just have to live with your shame until we go home” her soft voice had a stern edge. “Now come here and watch” she told me. “Er..Isn’t that a bit short for you?” I asked with trepidation not sure of how she would react. Luckily she didn’t seem to take offense. “What this? Don’t you think I’ve got rather good legs for my age?” she said brightly with a smile and with that she lifted up the hem to show her stocking tops. Oh God! I couldn’t stop looking. I was staring at my mum’s legs and thinking how great they were. I noticed dad was looking too. “Yes, I thought so too” she said with a chuckle lowering the hem and turning around to watch something. The high heels made sexy diamond shapes stand out on mum’s large shapely calves and I mentally kicked myself for perving on my mum.

Miss Primm and Proper addressed the watching women, her tailored white satin dress pinched her plump waist emphasising her ample bust “In the dojo you will only wear a short white satin kimono with stockings, suspenders and high heels. Nothing else” she said with her gaze travelling across the crowd then lingering on me as she added “A bra for the more endowed lady if you must”. Trigged by her words, my eyes went straight for her splendid cleavage. A satisfied pout appeared on her lips and her stern gaze moved on. “No knickers. You must be ready to dominate men sexually at all times. To remind them who is boss not just in combat but also in the bedroom”. I must have misheard because, phroar! I couldn’t keep my eyes off those big full boobs visible through the laced front of her satin outfit. The stuck up cow had a great pair on her, I’d give her that. “Outside you should wear skirts or dresses, never slacks or leggings” she told them. I fully agreed with that. “Stockings, suspenders and high heels but no panties; You must remain feminine and elegant at all times, ready to assert your dominance on any man or boy at any time in any place” she looked and sounded really snooty but I couldn’t believe the words coming from her tiny pouting mouth. “He may be the man who doesn’t give up his seat for you on the crowded train. He may be the boy with his headphones on too loud. You must be prepared at all times to impose your will and ridicule their sexual capabilities and miniscule fighting skills”.

WTF feminist claptrap was this? I thought this was the WI? She was looking at me again with her pinched expression, as if daring me to laugh or make some remark. I felt my dick reawaken under her wilting gaze and tried not to look at her boobs. Finally she turned towards the mat, giving me a view of those laced up big bouncers from the side. I spotted a fine silver necklace with a circular pendant of some busty Indian bird dancing with loads of arms and legs, nestling in her deep cleavage. “Matron Crawford will now demonstrate, with the help of her sons and husband, how being 58 is no impediment when maintaining disciple with patients and staff at the local hospital” she announced.

From a room at the far end of the hall emerge four men wearing full karate gi with high grade black belts. All are well over 6', muscular built and mean looking with shaven skinhead cuts. Three of them look like they are in their late 30’s and the more weather beaten crinkly one obviously the father. I recognise one of the sons as Steve whose face was in the local papers as a right viscous bastard who should have went to prison but somehow got off scot-free. He had the highest belt ranking and I was disgusted somebody had taught a thug like that Karate. The men formed 2 lines looking distinctly uncomfortable. A slim woman who looks about 5'4" tall walks down their middle towards where we are standing. The first thing that catches my attention is her figure which is very slim although not a pronounced hour glass as Mrs. Knight, yet pleasing on the eye. It tapers slightly from square shoulders to her waist then curves out to nice rounded hips. Her stomach looks flat and firm, though bust is disappointingly small. Her silk kimono is so short that it is barely covers his crotch and is cut high upon her hips exposing her best asset which is absolutely sensational legs. Although slender the way the muscles under her skin move as she walks suggests latent strength like dancer. Sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings with stocking tops high up upon the leg with black suspenders, they really are very sexy for someone her age. As she walks, her smooth legs swell with strong outer and inner thigh muscles and strong toned calves bringing back memories of my defeat with that young gymnast.

Despite a hot body her face is startling. Although not outright ugly, neither did I find her attractive and thought her face mannish. It looked quite big compared with her slim body and was rather long with a high forehead and a prominent chin. Her eyes were long narrow blue eyes made feminine with thick eyelashes and mascara but above this sat very thick black eyebrows which I thought repulsive. A long broad nose sits between those eyes and leads to a wide mouth with thick lips covered in a smear of red lipstick. She showed her age too with deep crease lines curving from the sides of her lower nose around the corners of her mouth highlighting her broad flat cheeks and wrinkles lining her high forehead. Thick wavy hair, dyed red, swept back from her forehead into a high wave on top of her head and continued down to her small ears.

“I have worked for the National Health Service for over 40 years and for many of them as Matron” her voice was loud, strident and stern with a slight rasp. Being surrounded by a bunch of toughs in full gi didn’t seem to bother her. “Frankly I am fed up with the namby-pamby liberal attitudes of interfering politicians and businessmen sticking their politically correct opinions where they are not welcome” She stood ramrod straight with her hands on hips with her head slowly turning to make eye contact with each and every one of her audience. “Patients and staff alike should be dealt with a strong hand and discipline” she said. “Bert” she said quietly and her husband stepped towards her. His wife stood absolutely still as he came up behind her then struck like a viper. In the blink of an eye, she had seized his hand and twisted his arm under her armpit while applying a double wrist lock. “Ouch!” Bert cried as his wife leant back bending his arm the wrong way against her side and forcing him to his knees. It was quite exciting watching a small woman overpowering a much bigger man, although it uncomfortably reminded me of how Mrs. Knight overpowered me. “Ouch!” her face remained stony as she let her husband, who was a mean looking bastard, suffer in humiliation in front of all these women. “That is how easy it is to subdue an unruly patient who won’t take his medicine” she explained while Bert grimaced in pain.

Releasing her husband, she addressed the women while Bert returned to his place in line. “On the ward, Matron rules supreme. She is Queen; the absolutely authority. Nowadays youngsters seem to think they have freedom of speech to question my will. This is how I assert my authority” She explained. “Simon” she said quietly nodding to one of her sons. Simon stepped forward, looking mean, and for a moment they faced each other off holding each other’s sleeves. The lean muscles of her thighs flexed and waned as she opposed him. Suddenly she spun around and whipped him over her hip in a devastatingly fast O Goshi. WHAM! His big heavy body slammed loudly against the mat. That was beautifully executed, she was good. His mum gave a throaty chuckle “That’s how to put your staff in their rightful place”. Simon got to his feet looking slightly flushed and looking down at the floor and returned to the line.

“Some men hide behind knives, but they are fools if they think that will get the better of Matron” her strident voice said. She nodded to another son “Paul”. Another tough stepped forward and pulled out a thick stick that had been tucked into his belt. He came at her with his arm raised, plunging the stick downwards like a dagger. Showing no emotion and reacting fast, the slim mature woman crossed her arms vertically stopping the weapon before it struck. Quickly, one hand seized his wrist as she wrapped up his upper arm with her own. Pushing forwards towards his side, her rounded hip pressed against his buttock as nylon clad leg hooked around his near leg from behind. Her outer thigh bulged with strength as it swept his leg forwards while she bent forwards. In the blink of an eye, he was riding backwards over his mother’s hip as she threw him. WHAM! His back slammed into the mat at her feet. I was impressed by how she controlled his fall, turning so that his body described a high arc causing my groin to tighten.

“As Matron you have to deal with yobs trying to steal drugs. But a single woman is more than capable of totally dominating several men at once with the training we give you” the scary looking old woman told the watching women. All four men stepped towards her and she turned to face them, looking stony calm. Simon came at her with a punch. “Hai!” his fist was a blur but she was incredibly fast nimbly twisting out of the way. As his fist shot past, she turned her back on her son, seized his forearm and pulled it over her shoulder giving it a twist then savagely pulling down. “Argh!” he cried as his mother bent his arm the wrong way. Shoving her nice small backside into his groin, she quickly leant forward. KERSLAM! The next instant his back was hitting the mat as she whipped him over her shoulder while retaining his arm. Wow! The old woman was good and so fast. Her body was so slim and the way she moved so supple that it was easy to mistake it for that of a young woman. If only her scary face didn’t betray her age. Applying a wristlock she pulled his arm vertical then placed a foot on her son’s mouth and ground it with a stern look of superiority. That act of domination by a mother over her son had reawakened my ardour.

Paul like what she was doing to his brother and rushed at her rather than waiting his turn. He was almost upon her when, to my excitement, the old woman fell back lifting her son up in the air on the end of a gorgeous nylon clad leg which was painfully positioned in his groin. Ooh I winced at the thought as her hefty son flew head over heels over his mother’s lithe body. So rapid was her throw that he landed on his back several feet away. Wow! What an amazing Tomoe Nage! The stiffness was spreading to my dick. Just as Mrs. Knight had done, the scary faced woman bent her legs, placed her feet on the floor then pressed herself back onto her shoulders before throwing herself forwards to her feet. My dick hardened fast at that awesome display of flexibility; wow I bet she was great in bed.

No sooner was she on her feet than her husband was upon her trying to hook his leg around hers to set her up for a sweeping throw. But instead of his wife being slammed to the mat, she countered by hooking her own leg around his and raising it forward off the floor while leaning forward. KERSLAM! He went over backwards. This amazing old woman with the scary face and firm slim body was throwing her sons and husband around like confetti. “Ouch!” Bert squealed as his wife went down on one knee close to his shoulder, tucked his forearm beneath her arm then applied an armlock stressing his elbow. “Arghh! No Jo No Argh!” he cried as she brutally punished his arm.

Steve rushed his mother, looking angry, his hands raised open palmed. She whirled to face him and I was excited to see her adopt a fight stance. Surely she didn’t know Karate as well? “Hai!” they both yelled in unison. He was fast but his scary mother was faster. Barely had he raised his leg when there was a blur of shear black nylon and the sole of her shoe smashed her son right in the mouth. BLAM! Wow what speed and what flexibility for her age. Her kimono shimmered as she folded back her foot with the knee still raised level with her small bust. The grimace on her son’s face showed that the kick had been real and had really hurt yet her face was stony hard. “Hai!” she shouted and the next second her shoe snapped right back into his mouth. Showing no concern for the damage she was inflicting upon her own son, the strict fierce looking old woman lowered her foot to the mat and adopted a wide legged fighting stance with her hands raised. Steve clutched his mouth and wiped away a trickle of blood with a look of pure malice.

But the attack came from another direction. Bert came in fast from the side and was almost upon his wife when she turned at the last second, grabbed his gi jacket and instantly dropped to the floor. Rolling on her back in a lighting fast double legged stomach throw, her husband was hurled high into the air and sent clean across the mat. “Hai!” Steve’s foot struck the mat hard barely missing his mother who had rapidly rolled aside. The stern frightening looking woman quickly flipped to her feet to face her son. “Hai!” Steve snapped a lightning fast kick at his mother but she was amazingly quick and his rising foot collided with her raised shin. Her knee had shot up as high as her chest so fast that it was just a blur. “Hai!” her raised leg snapped straight blasting the sole of her shoe into her son’s face. BLAM! Wow! Her sleekly defined calves wobbled on impact with his face. They were really going for it, hammer and tongs. “Hai!” “Hai!” their shouts came one after the other as both snapped high side kicks towards each other. BLAM! The long slender leg of the stony faced woman out reached her son and hammered the toe of her shoe against his cheek. The hem of her ultra short kimono had risen to show off a fantastic sexy bare backside as it had rotated to deliver the kick. Steve clutched the side of his face wincing in pain as his mother’s foot returned to the floor. Still she showed no emotion, like her face was set in concrete. She adopted wide legged fighting stance with her open hands ready for more action. God she was amazing, such dominant power, she had my pecker up.

The other brothers came to Steve’s aid closing in on their mother from either side. My dick grew with anticipation as she stood prepared for combat with a chilly emotionless face. Her form fitting satin kimono jacket shimmered in the light as did the sheen of the stockings covering her sexy slender but strong legs. The old woman moved so deadly fast that it caught both of them unprepared. “Hai!” “Hai!” her leg flashed catching Paul on the side of his neck then spun and hammered hard across Simon’s gut. THUD! WHUMP! Paul looked dazed while Simon began to crumple forwards. “Hai! Hai!” a blaze of black nylon and shimmering satin marked the path of her lightning fast leg as it shot up vertically in an axekick then dropped down upon the back of her son’s neck like a guillotine. Pounded to his knees, his mother followed up with a brutal stomp to the side of his neck that sent him sprawling to the mat. My cock was absolutely rigid; the stony faced old woman was tearing them apart.

These were tough brawlers used to a fight and sporting a bloody mouth, Steve shoved aside his brothers and father in his rage to get to his mother. “Yah!” he yelled pumping his large fists in a barrage of punches and kicks but none made contact as the chilly woman blocked them all. Suddenly she made her move. As he drove a fast punch towards her face, instead of blocking she moved like a sleek satin clad panther, nimbly ducking to the side catching his wrist and slammed her palm against his elbow. “Hai!” She cried. “Arghh!” he screamed in terrible pain. Jeese she could have broken it! How could a mother do that to her own son? “Argh!” he screamed again as she whipped the damaged arm into a hammer lock behind his back then stomped the back of his right knee. Have driven her son to his knees before her but facing away, the scary woman pulled his poor arm between her strong sexy stocking clad legs. Reaching behind her small backside she seized the wrist while at the front she held his upper arm. Suddenly her outer thighs swelled with power, her stockings stretching over the smooth rocky shapes as she scissored against his elbow joint. “Arghh! Arghh! No!” he cried. God she was so cold blooded and ruthless torturing her son’s damaged arm with her strong legs. Her legs weren’t as muscular as that gymnast’s but they looked strong enough to make me feel uncomfortable. She only stopped when her husband and the remaining two sons came at her at once. Steve fell to the mat clutching his elbow, grimacing in agony with a red face.

With mounting tension I watched as three gi clad black belts moved in on the stone calm woman from all sides. Suddenly she was a whirlwind of action amidst a frantic frenzy of high speed punches and kicks which she blocked with seeming ease. Striking suddenly like a cobra, her hand snapped out and seized her husband’s wrist in a lock forcing him to bend while her foot blasted sideways deep into Simon’s gut. “Hai!” “Borph!” he spilt his breath explosively and doubled over. “Hai!” a spinning kick sent her stocking clad legs head height hammering Paul’s jaw. With her armlock still forcing Bert to bend forwards, she flipped her body forwards, bending double at the waist while her leg snapped backwards blasting her husband’s face. “Hai!” BLAM! His head whipped back, his face bloodied. “Hai!” springing upright, the fierce woman drove a back kick deep into his gut. “Orpph!” he lost his breath and crumpled. On his feet again and with a visibly damaged arm, Steve shot a kick towards his mother but she was too fast, too unstoppable. “Hai! Hai!” a black stocking clad leg shot up sideswiping his kick followed by a devastatingly fast axekick that snapped her son’s head back in a spray of blood while the top of her thigh bounced of her small chest as she did the vertical splits. The leggy tornado tore her way through 4 black belts. “Hai!” She leapt into the air and fired a powerful kick that nearly ripped Simon’s head off and sent him sprawling to the mat. “Hai! Hai!” a satin clad whirlwind of destruction pushed through Paul’s defences to chop his groin and throat in rapid succession, dropping him to the floor. Bert tried to get up, but his deadly wife quickly crouched low in a spinning kick that scythed both legs from under him. As he landed on his backside, she grabbed both hands and pulled his arms straight then bent double hammering a brutal back kick into his throat. Her husband collapsed in a horrible coughing fit.

Simon was on his knees trying to get up. With a strange look of cold excitement his mother took a long stride across the mat towards him, her sheathed leg kicking through. “Hai!” THOWK! She kicked him so hard in the head that his body flew backwards several feet then lay still.

Within probably 20 seconds, the old woman had completely battered and floored 4 high ranking black belts. My dick was throbbing so hard that I began rubbing the front of my trousers. “Oorrr!” I gasped as my mother’s elbow hammered me in the side of my ribs. “Stop it!” she hissed.

A terribly battered Steve rose from the mat, his face red with anger and his lips snarling. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” with a series of desperate shouts, he came at his mother in a flurry of kicks that drove her back defensively up against the bed in the middle of the floor. Thinking he had her cornered, he came at her with an evil smirk. “Hai!” BLAM! Her leg flashed up in the narrow space between their bodies, the sole of her shoe punching his jaw solidly. “Hai!” within a second her foot had bent back at the knee then snapped out towards his jaw. The big thug managed to catch her foot and tried to hold on as she tried to wriggle it free. The nylon sheen on her firm calve muscles as they flexed into prominent hard diamonds as she tried to free her foot was sexy. Suddenly it broke from his grip and immediately fired back, the sole striking the base of his throat. BAM! Steve broke into a coughing fit but his stern faced mother showed no mercy. “Hai!” a sexy stocking clad leg kicked high clubbing his son across his chest like a crowbar. BLAM! The sound it made was so loud there was no doubt about the power of her kick and little surprise that the big man dropped to his knees. His mother stood over him in a fight stance with an impassionate expression while he coughed and groaned. The shimmering lustre of her short satin kimono just emphasised her femininity.

The guy just didn’t know when to give up and shakily pulled himself to his feet even though one arm hung useless at his side and he looked totally beat. Shockingly Steve pulled a knife from his sleeve. “Hai!” the short slim woman struck like a viper, the edge of her hand striking the side of his neck. “Argh!” he cried. “Hai!” the very next second she chopped in the same place. “Argh!” the knife fell from his hand, his eyes rolled up and he flopped to the mat. The scary mannish faced old woman was the picture of female dominance as she posed over her fallen son with her open hands raised ready for action and her strong sexy sheathed legs askance. I was rubbing the front of my trousers before I realised it. “Borrph!” I gasped as my mother’s sharp elbow drove back into my gut. “I told you to stop that!” she hissed with her face looking back over her shoulder. Jeese, I never expected that. I tried to ignore my aching manhood and watched to see what would happen next.

Her husband and the other two sons came at her punching and kicking. Again she calmly blocked all of their blows then suddenly stepped close to her husband, slipped an arm around his waist, turned and flipped him over her hip. Simon and Paul managed to land a few blows on their mother but Matron Crawford was tireless in dominating her men folk. “Hai!” a blur of black nylon and her shin clubbed against Simon’s neck, the kick lifted the back of her satin kimono revealing a bare and beautiful small backside. “Hai!” a spinning kick took Paul in the side of the cheek. “Hai!” she followed up with a ruthless high side kick to her son’s throat sending him coughing and spluttering to the mat. Spinning back to Simon, She jumped into the air and kicked Simon straight in the face causing him to stumble and fall to his knees. “Hai!” her slinky stocking clad leg kicked again, a brutal front kick that caught him under the jaw and whipped his head back so fast that his body crashed backwards into the mat and lay motionless.

Surprisingly Steve had recovered and looking completely crazed attacked his mother once more, no doubt unable to accept that he was being beaten by his own mum. There was a flurry of punches and kicks; Steve was looking frantic as each blow was successfully blocked by his stony faced mother. She just stood there calmly blocking each of her son’s blows. When she made her move, it came fast and hard. “Hai!” a sexy leg shot forwards striking her son right on the heart. THUD! “Orgh!”. “Hai!” She pivoted on one heel and blasted a side kick against the top of his chest. “Hai!” her loud shouts echoed around the hall as she leapt up and smashed his face with a brutal high kick. My God! Her kicks really rocked his body hard; the tough looked like he could hardly stand. “Hai!” the scary old woman’s sexy slender leg was as blur as it hammered into the side of his face, causing his knees to wobble unsteadily. This high ranking karate expert was being totally thrashed by his own mother.

“Hai!” BLAM! She was as quick as lightning, he never had a chance, the top of her shoe hammered into the side of his neck and he went down. Steve was on his knees, panting, looking up at his mother with a strange expression that I couldn’t make out was loathing or awe. The old woman didn’t say a word or show any sign of emption on her severe face. She stood in front of him, the shimmery kimono jacket hugging her slender body, cut high to show off her hot legs all the way from suspender belts to her feet. The diamond shaped slabs in her calves bulged as she swung a leg forwards. BLAM! Straight in the face, the force of the blow hurled him to one side.

“Discipline must be enforced at all times” the ruthless Matron addressed the watching woman in her strident voice. Steve slowly forced himself to his knees, a grim look of determination on his bloodied and battered face. Suddenly the knife was back in his hand. He was tough but his mother was tougher. As he lunged unsteadily from his kneeling position, she skipped out of the way and the side of her hand slashed his neck. “Hai!” she shouted so loud it made me jump. The knife fell to the mat as the thug faced the floor with screwed up eyes and his bloody mouth hanging open. Looking like a vanishing Amazon, his brutal mother came up behind him and raised both hands formed like knives. “Hai!” her loud shout made me jump again as her hands slashed down either side of his head and chopped him hard on both sides of his neck.

Her husband scrambled across the mat on hands and knees and tried to revive Steve. The hard faced woman stood on the mat seemingly oblivious to four big male black belts on the floor around her clearly unable or unwilling to carry. She was magnificent, so utterly dominant in her martial arts skills and her legs so hot in those nylons. “Finally, males must be trained to show proper respect” she said. Placing her hands upon her hips she glared down at the beaten Karate experts at her feet with a hard stern look of superiority. To my amazement, her husband and sons crowded around her feet, reaching up to feel her stocking clad thighs that seemed to swell with strength and feeling her calves. The stony faced victor basked in the adoration. The men worshipped her legs with increasing passion and in horror I saw them whip out fully erect dicks from their gi pants and begin wanking themselves off with one hand while feeling her legs with the other. Oh my God! That was so revolting but I couldn’t stop watching as they worked themselves into frenzy. She is so magnificent and I was so aroused that I wanted to do that as well and started rubbing the bulge in the front of my trousers.

Suddenly mum is in my face, her green eyes staring into mine along her sleek prominent nose. Her plump figure looks full and shapely in the satin kimono. I gasped as I felt her knee press between my legs. Her mouth smiled wide with a twinkle in her eyes as she pressed her wide knee firmly against my balls. “Mum!” I gasped in shock. Looking down at the top of her thigh sticking out from between my legs, the sheen of her tan stockings is entrancing. Her hem slides back to reveal dark brown stocking tops and a suspender belt running over her plump creamy skin. Her smile widens pushing up her cheeks as the knee lifts higher forcing me onto my toes. “I told you to stop that, didn’t I?” she hissed. “P-people are looking” I whispered. The smile didn’t drop and her eyes hardened. “Let them. I’ll give them a demonstration of punishing a disobedient son who masturbates in public” she whispered back. WTF? Mum hadn’t spoken to me like that since I was a little boy.

Orrr! The feel of mum’s firm knee against my balls and the top of her meaty thigh pressing against my erection only made matters worse. I could just imagine my dick rubbing over those sheer nylons. Oh crap! I was so worked up that my mum’s leg was driving me wild. I tried to slide my dick against it in small movements hoping she wouldn’t notice, but mums know everything. Her knee jerked upwards pressing harder against my balls. “What are you doing? Stop that!” She hissed. The top of her kimono had fallen loose showing a vast expanse of the top of her huge full breasts. Orrrr! Her big boobs made me even hornier. “Were you trying to shag my leg like a horny dog?” she asked harshly. Before I could reply her knee lifted even higher so that I could now barely totter about on the tip of my toes. “Mum please” I begged, people were watching except Dad who had his back turned pretending that he hadn’t noticed. Mum’s broad cheeked face came so close that I could make out her fine age wrinkles. “If you can’t control that thing I will” she hissed.

I felt relief as her knee lowered away from my balls, but my heels didn’t have time to return to the floor. THUD! “Argh!” her knee jerked swiftly into my balls. “Arrr!” It was only a tap but it blooming well hurt. But she didn’t remove it, she kept it pressed hard. Her hands reached for the front of my t-shirt and pulled my face close to familiar maternal features I thought I knew so well. “Next time, I’ll do it for real. Understand me Glenn?” she whispered. “Y-yes” I gasped, my balls aching with just that small tap of her knee. She lowered her knee and stood before me, looking at me with an amused smile. People nearby were still watching, I felt so embarrassed. “You understand me Glenn or do I have to explain it to you?” she asked. I nodded my head, I couldn’t believe it, my mum had just tried to bust my balls. She probably hadn’t touched me down there since I was a little baby, what had gotten in her?

“Good” with that she turned her back towards the mat where Matron Crawford’s sons and husband had just shot their load at her feet. I looked at the floor in shame trying to avoid eye contact with anyone who had seen my humiliation. There was nothing else to look at except the back of mum’s legs and her nice large firm calve muscle. “Is everything alright, Glenn?” crap! She was looking over her shoulder at me smiling. She had caught me looking at her legs. “Are my seams straight dear?” she asked and hitched up the back of her dress. God! I was sweating looking at the back of my mum’s stocking tops and suspenders and unable to tear my gaze away. “Y-yes mum” I stammered. She smiled, smoothed down the back of her dress and turned her head back.

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