Claire's Visit Part 2

Claire’s Visit Part 2
By Jeremy Wilson [email protected]
Claire shows some of her strength and muscle

*Author's Note: This is part two in a series of stories that is about a man getting his dream girl, but being conflicted because she happens to be his niece. Incest is a central theme in this story and several of my other stories, but let me just say that I would never do that in real life, it's just a fictional story element that is somewhat important to this story's development. Obviously, it's not for everyone, so if you don't enjoy seeing incest in stories, you probably shouldn't read on. But for those of you inclined, I hope you enjoy this story.*

"Well, shall we?" Claire said in an excited voice, and before I could respond, my niece lifted me in a cradle carry and started carrying me towards the house.

"Okay, but let me just say that you shouldn't expect anything out of this, Claire, even though you're amazingly strong, and have muscles that even male bodybuilders would kill to have, and a pair of breasts that look like it's straight out of Juggs magazine, I'm your relative, hell, do you know that your ma and dad made me your Godfather? I couldn't possibly do something that would compromise that relationship."

"Listen Jeremy, I respect your feelings, but what I'm trying to do is take our love to another level, I always felt really close with you, like you're another parent, a second father, but I also felt these yearnings for you that started when I was just a little girl, and they've been hard to control, even harder since I've become strong enough to overpower a football team all by myself. There's so much I've wanted to do to you, and with you, and now I have you all to myself, I'm not going to waste that opportunity. But you know, I love you so much, that I would never force you, never hurt you. I know from your stories that you don't like mental domination, so I'm not going to make you into anything that you don't want to be. I just want you to know that your dream, the dream of having a hugely muscular, superhumanly powerful girl that is able to do whatever your little heart desires her to do, she's right here. You don't need to look any farther, all your stories, all your pictures, all your comics featuring strong, muscular females, you won't need them anymore, because I'll be there to act out just about every single thing you've wanted to have done to you. Just think about it, what more could you ask for?"

I did think about it. What she was saying did make a lot of sense, I've been looking for a powerful woman since I've become interested in them, almost 20 years ago, now. I started reading stories off of Diana the Valkyrie's site 14 years ago, some of them seemed more real than others, but none of them had ever occurred in the boundaries of real life. But here she was, a girl that I watched grow up, that I had fun babysitting when she was younger, that I gave Christmas presents to addressed as being from Santa when she was really, really young. Well, that girl had grown up, into a smart, incredibly attractive, supremely athletic woman who offered herself to be my personal fantasy girl. The thoughts turned in my mind, do I turn against every moral thing I've ever learned since before I was her age, or do I stick to my guns and never get to live out any of the fantasies that I've wanted to for years and years. I was ashamed to admit, but I was leaning towards turning my back on my morals, on taking her up on every single thing she offered me.

"Alright, alright, I'll think about it, Claire, but you know that if we do this, it will be one of the worst sins that anyone could commit, there's reasons why incest is illegal. But I will admit that you have my attention, but again, before I make my decision, I want to watch this tape, if it's everything you say it is, well, then I'm all yours."

She looked into my eyes and smiled knowing that she had me on the hook, and it wouldn't take a whole lot to get me in the boat. So she took one hand off of my shoulder, cradling me in just one arm, which of course caused my stomach to flip and my cock to jump, and she opened the front door. She didn't even put me back into a full cradle, she kept carrying me in that one hand like I was nothing more than a newborn baby to her, 270 pounds wasn't making her arm try. I believe she was doing this as a way to get me to make my decision even quicker, and it was certainly working, I was so close to cumming in my pants that I had to close my eyes and think of the most disgusting stuff in the World to stop myself and regain a little control.

She sat me down on the couch, right in the middle, took the tape I held in my hand and put it into the VCR/DVD combo I got from her parents for Christmas last year. I turned on the TV with my remote and she pushed play on the VCR player. The words "Washington High School vs. Oak State High School, from Washington field house, Jacksonport, Kansas." Then a voice gave the starting lineup, starting with #12 Clarence Wilson. What I saw was a very small looking person, only 5'6 at the most, but with very large thighs, forearms, and a small pair of shoulder pads, well smaller than most I've seen, then I took a closer look, this player turned out to not be wearing shoulder pads at all! This players shoulders were just so big that they filled up the shoulders of the uniform just as much as a pair of shoulder pads. I looked at Claire, and she nodded and smiled.

"That's right, no shoulder pads, who needs them with shoulders this big, hard and wide? I mean I couldn't have both or the uniform wouldn't fit me at all." She flexed her shoulders for me, and I was amazed to see them spread out, my eyes wide with awe as they were wider than my shoulders, and not by a little! Again, this girl is almost a foot shorter than me, she's 5'3 at the most, while I'm a 6'1 man, but judging my mostly flabby 270 physique against her hugely muscular one, how could I look anything but small?

"It's time for kickoff here, and Oak State has won the toss, it looks like #12 Clarence Wilson will be kicking the ball off, we're also told that he will also be a middle linebacker on defense, it looks like we have a real special athlete on our hands here folks." Claire giggled at that quote and quipped, "Boy, he was really on the ball, but I'll let you decide that for yourself, Jeremy." Claire unpaused the tape and turned the volume down, what I saw amazed me, Claire kicked the ball so fricking hard that it was a straight line kick... out of the stadium! The ball sailed through the uprights and kept on going until it was out of the sight of the cameras.

Obviously the ball was given to OSHS on the 20 yard line, and the defense lined up with Claire as the middle linebacker. The ball was snapped and almost instantaneously, before the OSHS QB could hand off the ball, Claire broke through the backfield with such power and speed, she was almost too fast to see until the QB was on the ground 5 yards back. The next play was pretty much the exact same thing, the QB was able to hand off, mostly because Claire was being held back by 3 275 pound plus linemen and she was taking more than 3 seconds to shed their blocks before making the tackle, 6 yards deep in the backfield. Claire was completely dominant, and the game was just starting, even 3 guys my size, guys that looked to be very powerful, were nothing but stuffed animals to her, as she pushed them back with seeming ease. The domination continued on 3rd Down, this time she dropped back in coverage, she was on a TE in the middle of the field, but her eyes saw where the QB was looking, 30 yards downfield and without hesitation, she took off, despite the fact that the WR was double covered and most likely had no chance to catch the pass anyway, Claire wanted to prove a point, and she did, as she leapt up 10 feet in the air and intercepted the pass. Yes, she managed to get to the ball 30 yards downfield in the 5 seconds it took for the pass to get there. She was touched down and the offense, with her as QB took over at the 41 yard line.

There was a couple players coming off from the defensive squad, but like most high school teams, a lot of the players played both ways, most of those teams don't have their starting QB playing both ways, but I guess Claire's team was not most teams. So, the first play, Claire receives the ball from her center, and steps back a little, then she decides to run the ball, the first player she meets is the middle linebacker of the opposite team, who looks to be much bigger than her, at least 6'2 and 240 pounds, but he bounces off of her like a super ball off a hard floor. I'm not kidding, he sailed back at least 5 yards from the momentum of the hit. Then a safety had the smart idea of trying to tackle her by the legs, but she just went through that, leaving him lying. A cornerback decided to jump on her back, but that wasn't able to bring her down to the ground at all, she carried him all the way to the end zone 30 yards later. So right off the bat, 1:30 into the game, Claire wasn't lying, she had the team's first 6 points. Well, 7 points after she kicked the extra point.

She kicked the ball off and this time, it was catchable, the player caught it two yards in the end zone and brought it out... to the two yard line where he was tackled by none other than the kicker, Claire! She had sprinted down so fast that on replays they showed nothing but a blur! So, as you can probably guess, the next play ended in a safety, with Claire sacking the QB in the end zone, making the score 9-0, all of 1 minute 45 seconds in. I looked at Claire in amazement and she motioned me to keep watching. The opposing team kicked off, and who was back there receiving the kick? You guessed it! Claire! She caught the ball and for her, slowly advanced up the field, she stiff armed a guy, blew another guy back with a shoulder block, and just for fun, when she hit the 30, she started jogging on her way the end zone, almost begging anyone to try and tackle her, well, they did try, but they failed. It was amazing to watch as three 200 pound plus guys hanging off her back as she strode into the end zone making the score 15 to zero, and the game was all of 2 minutes 5 seconds in. Now, if you don't know, High School football games have 4 12 minute quarters, so this game had more than 45 minutes to be played, and I could tell that Claire was going to dominate at least 36 minutes of that time. She wanted to run up the score, she wanted to show me something that has never been done before, the complete and utter destruction of a male dominated sports team by one single female.


"Yes, Jeremy?"

"Can we turn this off, or at least fast forward it? I believe in fact that you are strong enough, agile enough, fast enough, and tough enough to do anything you wanted to on that football field, there's no need to continue with this humiliation."

"Well, have you made your decision yet?"

"Yes, yes I have, but that doesn't mean I still wouldn't want to watch maybe a little more."

"Okay, Jeremy, anything you want."

She pushed the fast forward button and it seemed to me that very much the same thing kept happening, she pinned the offense deep, she either caused safeties or made the offense turn the ball over and gave her team easy chances to score, or more accurately, she gave herself easy chances to score. Which she did, many times. There was one time where her team was right on the goal line, she got snapped the ball and actually jumped over the offensive line, landing in the end zone on her own two feet. Another possession, not to long after that found them near the end zone again, this time, she took the ball, and was faced immediately with 2 300 pound plus defensive linemen, she lowered her head, plowed right into them and drove them back into the end zone for another score. The half-time score was 64-0. She skipped the half-time show entirely, and when they came back, her team was on the receiving end of the ball, which was driven out of the end zone by the opposite side's kicker. Claire took the ball on the 20 yard line and dropped back in a pass, she threw the ball far and high, the camera went to where the ball was going to land, taking the focus off of Claire, but when the ball came down, they sure found Claire again, because she was the one catching her own pass, in the End Zone, making the score 70-0! She kicked the PAT, and the score was 71-0. The third quarter ended with the score 95-0. Suddenly she hit play, to slow the picture down to normal. A strange change of the announcer's voice could be heard.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been handed this note by an assistant coach for Washington High School. This is what it reads. 'Hello, may I just say that it's great to be the starting Quarterback of the Washington High Panthers, but it's kind of hard to keep this secret, the person you have been watching score all these points for the first three quarters of the game is not Clarence Wilson, she is Claire Wilson, a girl. I repeat, the person dominating the game, #12, is a girl."

The camera shot down to where #12 was standing on the sideline and she slowly took her helmet off to show her long red hair and dazzling white smile, waving to the crowd so everyone could see her. The crowd was in awe, the men silent, but the women and girls were shouting encouragement to her. The coach was approached by several players and assistant coaches who were voicing their displeasure. He looked at each and every one of them and asked if they think any boy could've played that well, if they had their injured former starting QB in charge of their offense, would they be up even by 2 touchdowns, much less the equivalent of 13 touchdowns, or if they had a boy as their middle linebacker, would they have 8 safeties, 3 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions for touchdowns? The men in the crowd also sounded their displeasure, and it was decided that Claire wouldn't play in the fourth quarter. So for that one quarter it would be the boys, by themselves to decide if they could play at a level that a girl by herself had set for them. Well, it didn't come out quite as well for the boys, they managed to score one more touchdown, on which the drive took 8 plays and 6 minutes 31 seconds, instead of the drives that Claire led, which took an average of 2 plays and 1 minute 13 seconds. The opposing team also managed to drive the field for one score, a 30 yard field goal which pretty much pissed off the home crowd, who wanted it to end in a shut out.

It was quite apparent, even the boys and men were in favor of Claire staying on the team. She told me that the team ended up 11-0 and won the state championship that year, in dominating fashion the whole way. She was named All-American starter for both offense and defense, and the coach then opened up the anti-girl restrictions for the football team. Of course, none of those girls were as dominant as Claire was, but there were a few, including her younger sister, that came close.

"Okay, I've asked you if I could watch the tape and then I'd make my decision, well, here it is, yes, I will allow this sexual relationship, I want you to know that even though I am your uncle, I'm also a man, a man that dearly loves huge muscles and superhuman strength on women, I do love you, both as a niece and as the woman of my dreams. Since you are old enough to make your own decisions, and you want me just as bad as I've wanted to meet a woman that is built like you, well, how could I not say yes?"

She jumped up, put her hands under my armpits and didn't just lift me up in the air, she threw me up in the air, catching me in a front carry. "Oh Jeremy! I love you so much, I want you to know, whatever you want me to do, I will. Whatever fantasy you have, just tell me, I'll make it a reality. Even if it involves super strength, the kind in the comic books, I'll will myself to be strong enough to do it, hell, I may be strong enough to do it already, I've never really tested my full limits!"

", when you lifted the back end of my car, you're telling me it wasn't hard at all for you, that you could've done more?"

"Much, much more, are you kidding, that car was about as heavy for me as a toy car would be for you! Let me show you."

She carried me outside like this, she set me down near my car and did the same thing she did before, she lifted the back end of the car up over her head, this time in one easy motion, then she started walking her hands inward, towards the exact middle of the car. Without a grunt of effort at all, my 18 year old niece powered the car, the whole car, all 3500 pounds of it over her head! She didn't struggle, she didn't shake, she had the same serene smile on her face as she waved to me with her right hand. Then it hit me, she still had the car over head, holding it like a waitress lifts a dish with her weaker left hand!

I look at her with complete awe on my face, while she giggles looking down at my pants, I look down myself and was surprised to see a huge wet spot dribbling down. I must have cum gallons! It was definitely more jizz than I've ever shot when masturbating about things exactly like this appearing in stories and comics. But this, this was real, this was happening right in front of me. Here was a hugely muscular girl, whose biceps were currently not even tensing while holding the car up like it was nothing more than a pillow to her, my own niece had built up a body that could compete for a male bodybuilding contest, while at the same time she would wipe the floor with a stage full of World's Strongest Man contestants! I didn't doubt for a second that she had super strength, to treat a ton and 3/4 car like a toy took an incredulous amount of strength!

"You're so cute, Jeremy! I would just eat you up, come on, let's get inside, so I can clean you up." She set the car down as gently as possible, showing even more impossible strength, because she held it with nothing more than two fingers as she did so! She came over and picked me up gently with one hand and kissed me sweetly, then with increasing passion as she opened up my mouth with her tongue and then wrestled my tongue into submission, even her tongue was strong! She brought me into the house and then up the stairs. I thought we were going to the bedroom, but instead she brought us into the bathroom, where she proceeded to rip both of our clothes off.

"Sweetie, we're gonna have a lot of fun showering together, don't worry, while you're in my care, your feet won't have to touch the floor."

With that she picked me up with one hand as he brought back the shower curtain and started the water. Of course in my nakedness, she could see that I was hard again, she jumped in the shower and brought me up to her mouth, with just that one hand, I grabbed hold of her thick, red hair as she gave me the best blowjob that I've ever gotten! It didn't take me long to unload into her throat, she licked her lips and said, "Ummm, tasty! With all the protein I'm going to swallow from you over the next couple of days, I can tell you, I'm going to grow nothing but bigger and stronger, I bet you'll love that!"

Oh Boy would I!

The End of Part 2

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Re: "there's reasons why incest is illegal."
Incest is defined as sexual relations between people who are too closely related to legally marry. But, if the parties are of legal age, there are no laws against incest, per se. It's considered immoral, but is not illegal.

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