Bigger is Better 1

I was standing in the school-gyms locker room, thinking about what my friend Tom had just told me.
The serum he gave me to make my muscles grow had a side effect, he did not know exactly what it was yet,
but he said I should not take it." Well, who cares!" I mumbled to my self, " I want to be big." The liquid
serum tasted bitter." There, now I just wait! " I stood in front of the mirror exited about what would happen,
but nothing did. Then suddenly I felt faint, and to my surprise I saw my body grow.

I went to see my girlfriend, Lisa, the same evening.
When she opened the door, I was casually leaning against the doorpost making my new 17" biceps show.
Lisa loved my new body, and she offered to blow me off. She looked in my eyes and deftly slipped my shorts
over my enlarging member. " Oh my, your cock is bigger to, I like it." She began to stroke my huge cock,
and then started to lick and kiss my majestic pole to its unbelievable limit. In another instant my hard rod
was in her mouth, and Lisa was sucking me deeper and deeper. When I exploded into her awaiting mouth,
she swallowed it all as fast as she could. "Oohhh, that was good," I said to her when she stood up.
"Yes, but I feel a little dizzy, I better sit down" she said, but before she got to it, her body started shaking.
" Are you sick or something", I started to say when Lisa's body started to grow. Her arms and legs started
to show lots of bulging muscles. Surprised as we were , we wanted to wait and see how things turned out,
and Lisa did not look bad with the new muscles on her.

Lisa's new strong fitness-type look made quite a stir the next day at school, a lot of girls were asking how
she made her body change in a day, but she did not tell, or so I thought.
I was in the gym at four o'clock to check out my new strength. I was just finishing doing some benchpressing
with An amazing 300 pounds, when suddenly I was being straddled by a girl. She leaned on the bar, adding
her 120 pounds to the weight. I could just barely keep the bar from crushing my chest. Another girl was tying
me to the bench. The girls, that I recognized as two of the schools troublemakers, Tina and Lai, hoisted the bar
to its place and Lai, a beautiful Japanese girl said," now, lets get us some magic cum!" and pulled of my
shorts. She started to gently rubbing my cock, then proceeded to taking it in her mouth and sucking it.
Sure enough, trying not to give in, my magnificent manhood began filling with blood and before long I
exploded my super cum in her awaiting mouth with a grunt. Lai, who was ready, swallowed every drop that
I offered. She stood up and the two girls looked at each other's and before long Lai‹s body started to fill in
with toned muscles, like a fitness competitor. But the growth kept up. Her breasts now stretched the top so
tightly that they were being held flat against her expanding chest muscles. Her arms were swelling with
hard muscle and her legs started showing definition in her quads. Then her butt, which was pretty much
flat before, began growing and rounding and her calves blossomed into hard diamonds of muscle.
Lai held up one arm and flexed it hard. To her surprise a bicep the size of a lemon popped up out of her
formerly shapeless arm. She reached out with her other hand to see if it was for real. As she felt her
arm, her muscle seemed like it was made of rock, it was so hard and solid.
" Holy shit", said Tina and touched Lai‹s muscles, trying to squeeze them. Flexing her arm again and
again, a couple of seams in Lai‹s sleeve popped open as her bicep swelled even larger." Jeez Lai!
How strong are you? " Tina asked. "I do not know," Lai shrugged her wide shoulders, " lets find out."
With that she walked over to where the bar was racked. It still held 300 pounds. Without thinking,
she grabbed the bar and lifted it easily to her bulging breasts. Her biceps finally pushed the fabric of her
top too far and the sleeves ripped open, exposing the largest arms any of the girls had ever seen on a girl.
With steady, controlled motions, she curled the heavy bar five times before returning it to its rack.
She held her pumped arms up and proudly displayed her big biceps. " Check it out, I got guns!" Lai
called out. " This shirt is just too small for me now!" With that she tore open her shirt like she was ripping
a piece of paper. Released from their bondage, her newly developed breasts poured out, bouncing in front
of her until they came to rest on her powerful chest. The sight of Lai‹s boobs exploding out of her shirt was
too much for me. My hard on returned with a vengeance. Seeing the stiffened member, Tina knelt down
quickly and grabbed it with both hands. " My turn, now." She said as she tried to duplicate Lai‹s actions.
After a few tries, she got into the rhythm of it and stroked me closer and closer to the edge. I tried to protest
but Tina sucked the big red tip and nibbled on it, too. It was so good, that I soon was ready to climax again.
When I came, Tina made sure to swallow all of it.
While Tina was waiting for the changes to start, Lai straddled my legs and gently grabbed my big cock. " I
want more." She said looking me in the eyes. I looked back with a shocked expression and tried to scream out
in protest, but the only sound that came out was a faint squeak. Lai lowered herself closer to the already
hardening rod. She sucked me like an expert. Slow and gentle at first, then harder and firmer. Suddenly
I was rock hard again and I felt a power surge all through my body. I was huge, powerful as an ox, a
Superman! The pleasure raced through me and I rocked and bucked in time with Lai‹s deft hands and mouth.
Then explosions vent off in my head and groin as I released another torrent of jism, pumping it out, spurt
after spurt. As Lai stepped back, wiping her mouth she saw that Tina was beginning her growth spurt.
It looked like Tina's outer layer of fat was just melting away. But then it seemed as if all those fat cells
suddenly concentrated in her boobs as they stretched further and further outward. Then her muscles started
growing. She was wearing a loose T-shirt over her black sports bra, but the bra was having trouble containing
her new size. She went to take her turn with the bar. As she lifted it neatly with one hand she held her other
rock solid arm up and flexed her thick bicep. " Look at this, and check out these abs." She said as she lifted
up her T-shirt. The material of her bra had taken just about all it could and it was starting to rip at the top.
"I feel like a supergirl!" Lai shouted, flexing her big biceps in a double biceps pose, which would make any
male bodybuilder green with envy. Her physique was becoming quite literally packed with muscle.
As Lai went of to pose her new muscles in front of the mirror, Tina swung one thick thigh over me, and
straddled my mid-section. " I think I will try something different this time. You just can't imagine how good
it feels to be this strong, this powerful. She reached down under her short skirt and effortlessly tore her
underwear off, exposing her blond bush. I was embarrassed, looking at her crotch, so I threw my head back
and stared at the ceiling. Tina slowly eased herself down over my raging hard on.
" Remember this shirt? Remember how my skinny arms seemed almost lost in the sleeves and how loose it fit
around my tiny chest? Well, look at it now. C‹mon, look at me!" Tina commanded as she began to slowly
ride my rock hard cock.
As I looked down from the ceiling, Tina flexed her arms and chest. Her lats stretched the sides out while her
biceps completely filled the sleeves. Her chest was threatening to pop out of the front. As she expected, the sight
of her bulging muscles made me even harder than before. Tina leaned forward and held onto the bar above
my head, nearly brushing her bulging boobs against my nose. " I know that you like big, buff girls. Let's see
how big and strong you can make me, okay? Let us see you fill me with huge hard muscles." She began to
slowly ride my huge cock. She increased the tempo of her rhythmic humping. " C‹mon, make me stronger,
baby, You can do it, fill me with muscles, with power, make me bigger baby, bigger, harder, stronger, oh yes,
big muscles, c‹mon, you know you want to, make me huge, stronger, you can do it, HUGE.STRONG.
MUSCLES.BIGGER.BIGGER!!!" Tina was shouting, commanding. I was wildly bucking, lost in
her suggestive images, wanting only to make Tina into the perfect woman, trying to will her muscles to
explode and her breasts to balloon out.
Then suddenly I came. And I came. It was like the very first time, except even more intense. Tina's tight pussy
caught all that I gave her and held it inside until it became a part of her. She placed her hands on my heaving
chest and waited. After just a few seconds she sat upright and turned her head slightly with her eyes barely
closed, as if she were listening for something. " Wait for it." she paused, then she raised her arms and
suddenly flexed them larger than ever, "yessss!!"
Her biceps tore through the cotton sleeves like twin volcanoes erupting out of the sea. Her boobs burst through
the front of the T-shirt. Her lats spread out so wide that they forced the T-shirt outward revealing the fullest tits
and tiniest waist that I ever had seen.
Tina and I, both looked in the direction of the voice, both surprised to see that it was Lisa and my friend Tom.
Tom went flying across the small room towards Tina, while Lisa went for Lai, who was standing in front of
the mirror, flexing her four inch pecs. Her now firm tit flesh jiggled slightly as it came to rest on top of her
beefy slabs of muscle while deep striations stood out in her cleavage. Lisa caught Lai off-guard as she flew
towards her. Grabbing her around the shoulders, she flipped over her, pulling Lai off her feet, sending her
flying across the room. Lisa jumped back to her feet and raced back to me, her lover, tied to the weight bench.
" Are you okay?" she gasped as she ripped the rope freeing my left hand.
"Yes, I am okay, but." I cut my sentence short as I looked up in horror. Lai was already up and flying at
Lisa with her mighty fists balled and ready for action. She had recovered immediately, and in a flash she was
on top of Lisa, lifting her of the floor by her shirt like she was a rag doll. Lai held her up with one hand and
smashed her across the face with the back of her other hand. The force of the blow was so great, that Lisa went
flying backwards, while Lai was left holding the remains of her tank top.
While this quick battle was going on, I was struggling to free my other hand, but just as I succeeded, Lisa's
body came crashing down on top of me. The poor girl was all but unconscious from the beating she was
receiving at the hand of super-Lai.
Lai stepped casually towards the couple, removing her skirt with a quick tug of her powerful hands, exposing
her massive thighs completely. She lifted the semi-conscious Lisa above her head, then settled her across her
wide shoulders. Her giant biceps bulged ominously as she bent Lisa's frame backward with one strong hand
holding her shoulders and the other holding her thighs. Lisa gave a soft cry of pain as she felt herself bending
to the strong girl's might.
Lai stepped over me and squeezed my middle with her thick legs, swollen with rock hard muscles. " Fuck this
shit, I have the power to take what I want, who I want. And right now I want more!" she said as she settled
down on top of my flaccid penis, " so get this up or I will cut you in half with my legs. C`mon , you know
what to do." She began roughly rubbing my cock with her pussy, arousing the sleeping giant.
I responded by pushing at Lai‹s thighs with my now free hands. I was met by mounds of pumped up muscle.
My fingers traced the deep clefts and high ridges of her quads. I realized that I was getting turned on partly
out of lust for her incredible muscles, but also out of fear that these perfect legs could cut me in two without
even trying hard. My cock began stiffening again, as if it were drawn to the object of my lust. My hands
continued up Lai‹s legs and wrapped around her tiny waist. Then I cupped her hard round ass in my hands
and helped her pump me into her hungry snatch. My hands continued up to her abs and felt the marvelous
muscles ripple and bulge with her movements. As my hands reached up to grasp her pendulous breasts, I
could hold back no longer. A jet of magic cum shot out from my engorged member to be quickly absorbed
into Lai‹s already super body. I let my hands drop to the side exhausted and ashamed that I could not stop
Lai from getting what she wanted, so overcome was I by her fantastic physique.
Moments later, I looked up to see Lai reveling in her latest growth spurt, her arms flexing even larger than
before as she increased the pressure on the hapless Lisa. The pain from the increased pressure on her back,
brought her back to the edge of consciousness, and she cried out for help. The sight of her dramatic growth
was too much for me. I was so utterly turned on by Lai's power and size that my cock snapped back to
attention and spurted another full load into Lai's hungry box. "Ohhh.thank you, I will take that as a
compliment that you like my new physique."
I was exhausted, but Lai was grinding away at my crotch trying to excite me one more time. " More, I want
more!" she snarled.
Seeing that she could get no more from me, Lai swung off me and unceremoniously dropped the unconscious
Lisa to the floor at my feet. She roughly grabbed the limp member and stroked it, trying to force it to respond.
I resisted with all my might, and collapsed. Then Lai tried to gently tease the passive cock and again I
frustrated her desires. Finally she gave up, thinking that I was truly drained.
Leaving the two, limp and lifeless were they were, Lai rose from her knees and swaggered up to the mirror to
see what she looked like now. She gasped as she first caught her reflection in the mirror. She was covered
from neck to calf with the most outrageous, bulging, mass of muscle, she had ever seen in her life. She
quivered as she tentatively flexed her arm, staring at the impossibly huge mound of muscle rising on top of
it. She ran her other hand over the mountain of 35" of feminine power, Amazed at the size and hardness. Then
she repeated the process with her other arm. Oh! She thought, so this is what a goddess looks like.
Meanwhile Tom was in trouble. Tina saw Tom rushing for her and he was met by her strong fist, striking him
In the chin, lifting him totally of the ground. Tom fell down like a sack of potatoes. Tina then grabbed te
Nearly unconscious Tom, holding him up by the scruff in one hand, she flexed her other bicep. She turned
To look at her peaked bicep in satisfaction of its 24" circumference. " Ohhh.. It is big, don‹t you think?"
Te young girl repeated flexing her bicep a few more times, milking her arm for more muscle. Her arm
Bloated out to 25®". " Mmmmm....very big!" Tom was mesmerized by Tinas huge peaked bicep.
She then threw a hard punch to his stomach, her fist disappearing into his belly, making him cringe in
Severe pain. Letting go of him, he fell onto the floor.
Tina stood him up on his feet, he barely stood on his own. She outstretched her arm, aligning Tom‹s chin
At the base of her bicep and forearm.
"you are about to feel what true muscle and power are!" she said tensing her arm. Veins puffed out and
muscle hardened on her 21", unflexed bicep. Tom was not about to move, he was totally drained of any energy
he had. Tina flexed her arm up fast and hard. Her bicep shot up like a newly formed mountain peak, all 25" of
it. Tom‹s head was fiercely crushed between her massive bicep and bulging forearm. Tina flexed again and
again, sending his body into convulsion. " and now the big finish,...and i mean BIG!" she said as she put her
free arm behind her head. Tom‹s head still lay at the base of her bicep, all that pumping had her unflexed bicep
already pumped to 24" around. " Mmmmm", she moaned as she slowly flexed. Her arm shook from te
force of the flex. Half way up her flex, her bicep had mushroomed to 27", all ready crushing Tom‹s head.
" Ohhhh", she continued to moan as she brought her arm up to full flex. His cheek bones crackled between her
now 30" bicep and tree trunk forearm. " Ohhh..Yaaaa!" she exerted in satisfaction. Unflexing her arm, Tom
once again fell to the floor hard.
Te two super - muscled babes looked at each other, laughed and left the gym, leaving the three unconscious
Ones behind them.

Te next day , when i arrived at school, a crew of people were standing at in front of the school-gym. Someone
Screamed for me to come and watch, but before i entered the gym i knew what it was.
Tina was curling an impressive amount af weight, making her biceps balloon to immense proportions and her
Tight t-shirt ripped audibly to accommodate them. She continued to pump the bar to her chest. " you see girls,"
She said to a couple of girls staring at her, " this is what a real woman can do. Much more than any boy or
Man, just look at him", she nodded towards me," he is dumbfounded." As she talked she curled the weight
Another ten times. Her arms pumping even more, the veins filling with blood. I was mesmerized as i watched
this impossible act. Tina‹s arms surged with power, her huge biceps threatening to grow larger than her head.
Her chest heaved and the nipples stood out noticeably. Her entire body tensed as she continued to pump the
Weight. She began to grunt with effort but managed to pump out another ten reps. Then she set the bar back
On the rack and flexed her arms in a double biceps pose. I could not help but grow hard at the sight of her
Super-strong, sexy body. the sleeves of her shirt ripped further as her arms swelled even larger, veins growing
Like angry welts across her skin. Then Lai stepped in front of me, her giant body blocking my view completely.
She was absolutely huge, with muscles bigger than any i had ever seen before, bar none, male or female.
I estimated her arms at over 40" as she flexed them in the mirror. the peaks were huge with incredible vascula-
Rity. Her chest was well over 90" around with two breasts the size of basketballs standing proud and firm. As
She did a full front lat spread her body fanned out to incredible dimensions. Her huge chest was offset by a
tight waist with incredible definition. Her legs were immense with quads well over 50" and perfectly formed.
Her calves bunched to a hard knot as she moved, promising incredible power.
She looked over at me and smiled. "i am beautiful, am i not? the new japanese style super-girl!"she said .
She turned to the Mirror again and flexed, obviously in love with her own musculature.
.Te huge muscles screamed to escape Their lycra prison of the full White bodysuit she was wearing.
She grabbed the bar, that Tina had just used and started curling it, with just one hand,
Making her bicep bulge with power, pumped beyond belief by the workout. She set the humongues weight back
And looked over to me and smiled. "well, what do you think?" she asked turning to me again.
She put an arm around me and moved in front. With the other, she started massaging my crotch. " what are you
Doing?" i asked, and reached down to push her hand away, but she grabbed it and caught it between her knees,
Forcing my head into her chest. She was rubbing me more rapidly now, and i was responding in spite of my-
Self. " Come on, i know you want to! Admit it. You like this don‹t you? Come on, i can tell i am turning you
On. Be nice and play!"
Lai started squeezing my ass, and realizing how close i was to coming, i struggled harder to get away, but i
Was caught fast in her iron hold. Realizing it was inevitable, i shifted slightly, turning my body more directly
Onto hers, but she quickly caught on and deftly took her hand away and held me away from her, now cupping
My ass and lifting me slightly into the air. " well do you want me? Come on, do you want me to finish you off?"
She ran her finger slightly across my penis again, to remind me how close i was. I looked down at her arm
More closely. Her bicep bulged out of her arm, and she was not even flexing hard.
I could feel her hard biceps digging into my back. Lai slipped her free hand under the waistband of my shorts
And started to stroke me again, lightly, my semi-erect member springing to life.
" ohh, got your attention again! You are so cute. I have to kiss you!" she lifted me closer to her face and
pushed her lips into mine, her tongue roughly exploring the inside of my mouth. she was amazingly strong. I
still weighed almost 200 pounds, yet she was supporting me with one arm without any sense of strain, her
fingers lightly kneading my member, her lips brushing delicately across mine, while her right arm held me
completely immobilized against her. She was quickening her pace again. Would she make me come now, or
was she just teasing me?
Suddenly i heard a voice. " what are you doing?" it was Lisa. I tried to break Lai‹s hold on my lips, but she
reacted threateningly by digging a finger into my ribs. I was caught like a fly. I heard Lisa coming closer, as
Lai started pumping me more rapidly. Despite all my efforts at distracting myself, i was losing control and
Came right into Lai‹s hand, just as i heard Lisa stop short and scream .
"What the hell are you doing? So that is what it takes to....well damn you, you bastard." Lai released my
lips, allowing me to turn my head toward Lisa.
" Look at you, cuddling with this muscle bound girl. So this is what turns you on!" Lisa shouted. I stared at her
helplessly. "Lisa, please, i am sorry, she...." Lai studied Lisa while she wiped my cum off her hand and
onto my shorts. " No i am sorry, Lisa." Lai said, mocking my voice as she interrupted me. " i guess he just
likes a little muscle on a girl, you are just a fitness-type titty-babe. That is so old." Lai flexed her free arm, and
a 40" cannonball of power shot upwards. Lisa wailed and bolted from the scene through the nearest exit.
I tried to follow her, but Lai still held me fast. " Oh, don‹t go so soon, sweetie. I like having you in my arms."
"why are you doing this to me?"
"because i can, you little cutie. Like, guys think they should be in control. Sure, well control this!"
Lai held out her arm again and tightened her muscle more deliberately this time. the tissues gathered
Force, then her bicep pushed upwards like a time-action film of a souffle rising, while her tricep thickened
Below to make a solid block of thick muscle. Higher and higher her bicep rose...42"..43"...45", te
Lycra and her skin strained under the force of her flex. Finally it could take no more, her bicep tore through te
Spandex reaching a peak above my head.
"Isn‹t it incredible? It is almost as big as my waist! Being a girl was never so much fun." Lai said. I quivered
as i looked up at her, my member beginning to slowly creep up to meet the bicep again.
" Ohh.. you do like muscles on a girl, do you?" Lai smiled. " Well, then you must love me because i am the
strongest, most muscular girl in the world."
To be continued......

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neoverseomega's picture

This is a fun piece full of great muscle expansion, good tension, and a nice play between increasingly deliciously massive muscle girls. This is a terrific concept. Since I couldn't be helpful without saying why I think this hasn't hit 5 flames as of yet, I think your characters could be developed a little more, and the intro was a little abrupt, but these are minor quibbles. You give a lot of wonderful measurements- with this kind of work, you can't have to much detail! Our imaginations already tend to linger on the body's of these musclebound vixens, feel free to help it!
As far as the main character, you have to half envy and half feel sorry for the guy. But Lai and Tina have to sleep sometime, and if he can make up with his girl, she could just be the weapon to get him out of this - imagine how much one person could get out of a guy that has been shared by two . . . . Of course I'm already lost in beautifully terrifying visions of a vengeful Lisa pumped up beyond belief.

I, like many others, am looking forward to the sequel!

I like it. It is a more sexual take on these growth stories. As the other poster says the characters could be more developed, but that is minor.

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