Big Bang Theory: Penny Pumps Up - Part 2

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pumps Up – Part 2

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pumps Up – Scene 4

The gang is standing at the end of a huge warehouse filled with massive machines and discarded space equipment. Rajesh and Howard are looking at a few items that interest them, Amy, Bernadette and Sheldon are looking at more data on Amy’s laptop and Penny and Leonard are playfully talking. Penny has changed her skirt to a pair of running shorts that were once very loose, but are now rather tight and the boots have been replaced with athletic shoes. Her top is still the same and looks even tighter than before they left.

Leonard: I’m glad that you’ve taken your physical changes without much concern.

Penny, giggling: Yeah, pretty cool, huh. But I wouldn’t say I’m really used to it yet. After all, I can’t think of too many women with muscles like these.

Penny pulled up her right arm and flexed her bicep, causing her mini mountain of muscle to bulge upward into a rippling display of girl power. Leonard gasped and absently fished for his inhaler in his pocket, causing Penny to titter again. Sheldon turns toward Penny and shakes his head while frowning.

Sheldon: Penny, if you keep doing that we’ll have to rush Leonard to the hospital. We can all see that he is enamored with your new physique. Now if you don’t mind we should start testing your strength.

Penny releases her flex and her playful attitude is quickly replaced by a more serious look.

Penny nodding her head: Right. What do you want me to do first?

Howard walks forward and points over to a large bar connected up to an even larger hydraulic lift.

Howard: I’ve connected a few parts from the space shuttle equipment used to lift heavy equipment and placed a pressure gage next to it. The output can be sent to Amy’s laptop through a Bluetooth connection. I’ve installed a program that will convert the measurements to pounds.

Penny looked at the large machinery and back toward the bar: So what do you want me to do?

The men looked a bit perturbed, but Bernadette frowned at them and then pointed toward the thick bar: Try and pull the bar up.

Penny walked over toward the bar, which was set at the level of her ripped 8 pack abs. The bar was connected down toward the large hydraulic machinery that looked rather intimating.

Howard pulled out a small remote: Oh, I forgot to fire it up.

Howard hit a button and the sound of a large motor pumping slowly echoed through the large warehouse. Penny looked nervously back toward the group who stood by, as curious as she was. Howard smiled and waved her toward the bar.

Penny reached down and gripping the thick bar, set herself and pulling in a breath, gave the bar a tug and was surprised at how quickly it rose up toward her large, extra firm chest until it touched and slightly dimpled into her boobs.

Penny let the bar down and looked back at the group: That was pretty easy.

Howard and Sheldon were looking over Amy’s shoulder at the laptop.

Howard nodded and smiled: Easy there Hercules. That was just a test to see if the connections worked and my settings were right. Although curling 200 pounds is still pretty incredible.

Howard hit another button on the remote and humming of the motor grew louder: OK Penny, try it again.

Penny pulled another breath and pulled up again with a small grunt, but as before, the bar moved up quickly and smoothly. Her muscles bulged slightly through the movement and Leonard moved into position to get a better view of her biceps.

Amy looked at the laptop and then up toward Penny: That’s 2000 pounds. One ton!

Penny allowed the bar to move down as Howard hit the remote and the motor hum grew louder once again. Penny sensed that the weight had increased with the louder noise and glanced over at Howard who nodded his head. Setting herself, Penny pulled against the bar again, grunting a bit more as she felt the resistance. Her legs flexed and hardened, pushing against her skin with steel bands of rippling muscle as thick as an NFL running back. Her back bristled and pushed against her top while her chest appeared to pulse and press forward a few inches as her upper body was brought into the task of pulling against the bar. Penny’s biceps bulged impressively as veins crept to the surface and details of the muscles popped into view. But even as her body appeared to be straining, the bar slowly moved up and within moments was once again touching her incredible chest.

Amy’s voice cracked a bit as she spoke loudly: That’s 20,000 pounds. You just curled 10 tons!

Howard now looked a bit concerned, but punched the remote again and the motor noise grew very loud. Penny licked her lips and wiggled her pumped up seemingly perfectly spherical glutes with a sexy shake that caused Leonard’s mouth to open involuntarily. Penny began to pull against the bar and once again her magnificent muscled body solidified as her thighs, calves, abs, lats, chest and shoulders all flexed forward with picture perfect, rippling detail. Her small fingers dug slightly into the thick bar as she concentrated on bulling the weight up. As the bar raised higher, her softball sized biceps looked ready to rip through her skin, showcasing shocking muscularity as the individual fibers throbbed and hardened against the strain. At the same time the motor whined louder and as Penny neared completion of the curl a loud bang was followed by a horrible hiss and then an earth shaking thunk. Penny completed the curl, but then quickly relaxed as the resistance quickly dissipated.

Amy shook her head, but still spoke with impressive tones: That was 50 tons before the machine gave out. I can’t believe you are capable of curling 100,000 pounds!

Penny turned around, smiling sheepishly: I could feel my body growing stronger the more I lifted.

Leonard spoke with barely controlled excitement: And her muscles grew harder through the strain as well!

Sheldon tilted his head to look at Penny: Did her muscles grow appreciably larger?

Leonard looked at Penny again with an inquisitive glance: No, not really. Maybe a little, like when someone would pump their muscles during a workout.

Sheldon looked at Amy: Interesting. Did you expect her muscles to grow harder to accommodate for the larger weights?

Amy bit her lip, glanced at Bernadette who shrugged her shoulders and then back up at Sheldon: We weren’t sure. But it appears she didn’t reach her limit to give us an indication.

Sheldon gave Howard a stern look: Yes Howard, we thought you would have set up a machine of sufficient power to task Penny.

Howard looked upset: Well first of all, you only gave me a few hours. And secondly, who would have thought that little miss Supergirl would really be THAT strong? And third..

At this point Sheldon interrupted with contempt and soon everyone but Penny (and a muted Rajesh) were arguing about the hydraulics, what should have been done and how they were going to test Penny further.

Meanwhile, Penny sighed and looking around, walked over toward the back of the warehouse.

The arguing group paused when they heard deep metallic groans echoing around the warehouse.

Sheldon looked around: Quiet everyone. Where’s Penny?

Rajesh, tapped Sheldon on the shoulder and pointed to over toward the Space Shuttle. A slowly rising, 140 ton Space Shuttle. Penny was standing in the middle of the huge trailer used to haul the Space Shuttle to warehouse before it was to be moved to the nearby museum. Everyone looked on incredulously as the Space Shuttle stopped rising. Penny’s arms were extended and her muscles were all pumped to newfound levels of size, hardness and musculature.

Penny spoke loudly: Is this heavy enough? It feels pretty heavy.

Penny pulled the weight down and with a girlish grunt pushed it back up again, ripping her top along the seams as her super hard muscles pumped up to withstand the pressure against them.

As the rest of the team continued to stare with wide eyes, Sheldon took his eyes off of Penny and looked around to everyone else: Does anyone have a gun?

They all turned to look at Sheldon, their stunned expressions remaining.

Sheldon, taken a bit aback by the stares, returned a slightly surprised look: What? She’s clearly super strong. We need to ensure that she’s bullet proof as well.

The rest of the team all shook their heads.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pumps Up – Scene 5

Back in Leonard’s and Sheldon’s apartment Amy stood up near a white board as Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Rajesh and Bernadette sat in their now standard seats. Penny was standing behind the couch. A few beers had been opened.

Amy: So it appears that in a more relaxed state, Penny’s muscles are somewhat reduced, although they remain much larger than they were originally. And it also appears that if her body is strained, that her strength increases dramatically to levels she has yet to reach. We now also know that her muscle size can increase as well under the strain, similar to a weight lifter “pump”, but again, to a much greater degree.

Penny shifted her weight from one leg to next, rolling the huge thigh muscles around her leg, a bit uncomfortable with the feeling that she was still being viewed as a lab rat.

Sheldon: And we have yet to confirm that Penny is, in fact, bullet proof.

Leonard: Sheldon, we are not going to shoot Penny just to prove that theory. We can measure her density sufficiently without resorting to “popping a cap” at her thigh like you wanted.

Sheldon sniffed and turned his head: Well sure, but that’s not how super heroes go about testing their level of invulnerability.

Leonard: Nevertheless, we need to move on.

Penny walked up to Leonard and placing her hand on his shoulder smiled, looked down and spoke softly: Thank you.

Leonard looked up, happier than ever that he was able to please his super girlfriend.

Amy paused for a moment to let the shooting Penny thought dissipate, then looked back at the white board: So there are a number of tests we will need to perform to see just how strong, fast and durable Penny is in both a more relaxed state and when she is stressed. And most of the valid ideas will require a few days of preparation.

Bernadette looked over at Penny: And since we did this to you to Penny, the rest of us have decided that if you want to quit your job at the Cheesecake Factory due to your new and hard to explain body that we’ll pay for your living expenses.

Penny looked around the room as the rest of the group looked back with accepting faces: Well, that’s really nice, but I don’t feel comfortable with letting you do that.

Sheldon: Nonsense. It is our civic duty to protect both your powers and your identity before you assume your Superhero persona.

Penny looked a bit concerned: Superhero persona?

Sheldon: Of course. With great power comes great responsibility.

Penny looked around the room: Really? Do you think I could really be a superhero?

The rest of group nodded and stated their acceptance. Penny smiled back warm with the knowledge that her friends would do this for her.

Penny: Well OK. But this is just temporary until we all figure out what I can do and how I can pass off my big muscles without getting a lot of questions. And I’m going to have to think about this superhero stuff.

Amy nodded her head: Agreed. As the results of Penny’s transformation contained many unexpected results we will need time to process and test before we move forward.

Sheldon was about to say something, but Amy shot him a glance and shook her head. He sighed and backed down.

Penny: Well it is getting late. Leonard has been asking for a closer look at my new body all day.

Leonard smiled and tried not to appear too excited.

Rajesh: You two need to be careful. We don’t know how powerful Penny is. It would be like having sex with Wonder Woman. Wonderful but deadly.

Howard: Yes, sex with Wonder Woman could kill you. But what a way to go!

Bernadette frowned at Howard and gave him a hard elbow.

Howard looked a bit surprised back at Bernadette: What?

Before anyone else could react, Sheldon tossed an egg at Penny.

Sheldon: Catch!

Penny turned and reaching out, caught the egg with her right hand and crushed it with a muffled crack.

Penny: The hell?

Sheldon: Rajesh is correct. If you cannot control your finer motor skills, you may in fact cause Leonard great injury.

Leonard got up quickly and grabbing a towel, handed it to Penny.

Leonard: Sheldon! That is hardly a fair test. Penny will be careful.

Penny wiped off the egg and handed the towel back to Leonard.

Penny: No Leonard, he’s right. I have to be able to control myself. But I think if I concentrate I can do it. Sheldon, toss me another egg.

Sheldon, who to the surprise of the group, pulled out another egg: Very well.

Sheldon tossed the egg and Penny watched it closely and this time caught it deftly without breaking it. She held the egg out in front of her between her index finger and thumb.

Penny: See! I can control my strength.

Sheldon did not look satisfied: Well that’s just a simple test. You still need to be careful.

Leonard stood up, the excitement of being alone with Penny finally taking over. He walked to Penny and gripped the hand not holding the egg.

Leonard: She will be. Now if you’ll excuse us I’d like to perform my own tests.

Penny smiled as Leonard took a few steps toward the door, but was jerked back when he tried to pull Penny with him. Penny giggled.

Penny: You forgot to say please.

Leonard blushed and standing next to Penny, adjusted his glasses: Please?

Penny giggled again: OK, we can go.

Penny walked briskly toward the door, pulling a stumbling Leonard behind her. They walked out the door and Leonard barely was able to shut it behind him, looking back toward the group with a slightly fearful expression.

Rajesh: He’s a dead man.

The scene shifts to Penny’s apartment with Leonard sitting on the couch bouncing his right leg up and down impatiently. Penny walked out from her bedroom wearing a frilly two piece black lingerie undergarment. Smiling with her own excitement, Penny walked back and forth in front of Leonard so he could take in her magnificently muscled, full on sexy body.

The girls had modified the top with extra flexible material across the back to accommodate her massively muscled upper body. Her chest was clearly in no need of a bra for support as her breasts sat up high on her thick pectoral shelf. The bra cups barely covered the bottom half of her breasts and the top of her areola was exposed. The hard, excited nipples tented the top of the cups, looking ready to shred the material at a moment’s notice. Penny’s wide upper body swept generously toward her hard, ripped 8 pack abs exposed on her narrow, but thickly muscled midsection. Her steel hard waist curved back out the voluptuously muscled lower body. The bottom half of the lingerie was small and the back, although not initial designed to be a thong, was nearly one anyway as Penny’s large, round muscular bulbous behind was pulling the back part into her deep crevice. As she strutted back and forth, her thighs bunched and surged with deep cuts, exposing the barely contained power of each quad muscle while her round, thickly detailed calves bunched into mounds of cantaloupe sized might as she stepped forward on her bare toes. Penny swung her strong arms a bit as she walked, flexing them slightly to expose her large, three inch thick horseshoe triceps with a back swing and her detailed biceps that leapt forward off her arm like mini boulders with her forward swing.

After a few strides back and forth, Penny stopped and smirked at the kid in the candy store smile of Leonard. She cocked out her right hip and placed her hands on her waist.

Penny: So Leonard, see anything you like?

Leonard, nearly drooling: Yeaaaaaaah.

Penny giggled and brought her right foot up onto Leonard’s thigh and pressed down on her toes to power up her calf muscle. Leonard let out a small whimper, but not wanting Penny to stop, held his breath and smiling through the pain, reached up and gripped her bulging, breathtakingly ripped 20 inch calf. Both hands could barely cover the massive, incredibly hard muscle. Penny looked at the calf and smiled broadly as Leonard began rubbing her impenetrable muscle lovingly. Pressing down a bit harder to flex her calf some more, Penny’s toes dug harshly into Leonard’s comparably soft thigh, causing him to yelp. Penny scrunched her face with surprise and concern and pulled her foot off Leonard’s thigh.

Penny: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. Maybe Sheldon was right. I don’t have enough control over my strength.

Leonard got up, listing a bit to one side: No, no! It’s OK! I’m OK! See, I can stand. No harm done!

Penny, looking hopeful: Really? Are you sure?

Leonard sat back down and sighed, rubbing his leg and smiling hopefully up at Penny: Yes of course. Now where were we?

Penny smiled sweetly and stood next to Leonard: I can flex up a few more muscles for you without crushing your leg.

Penny planted her right foot on the ground, straightened her leg a bit and flexed her thigh. The muscles all bunched and surged hugely across the smooth skinned expanse as the individual quad muscles all pushed forward, separating with deep cuts and rippling with wicked cross striations and small power pumping veins. The front quad hung over her narrow knee, popping forward with feathered muscle fibers, while her inner thigh curved out with hard muscles pressing against her thin alabaster skin. Her outer quad bulled outward, pulsing as the muscle fibers expanded into a grander, more defined muscle the longer she held her flex. Leonard reached out to feel the massive muscles and his jaw opened once again as he felt the contrast of the smooth skin and the incredible hardness of the muscles writhing below. Penny relaxed her thigh as Leonard tried desperately to cover the 16 wide contours and squeeze the steel hardness of the biggest quads he had ever seen. Even when Penny relaxed her gigantic muscles a bit, Leonard was unable to press his fingers into her leg. Looking up at Leonard and then back at her thigh, Penny flexed down hard again, causing her quads to jump and pushing Leonard’s hands back. They both laughed.

Leonard: That’s fantastic. The muscular expansion is remarkable. And the hardness is incredible.

Penny eyes smiled softly: I’m glad you like it. I was worried that you’d think I was a freak.

Leonard looked back up, excited yet worried: No, never! You’ll always be the sexiest girl I know.

Penny chuckled softly: Thank you.

After a short pause as they looked into each other’s eyes, Penny took a step back and Leonard’s fingers brushed down her front quad and fell away. Penny leaned forward slightly and placing her hands on her hips, tensed her stomach. Her 8 pack abs bristled into deeply separated indestructible bricks of might. The hard obliques framed her abs perfectly and curved lovingly from her wide back to her muscular hips. There wasn’t a female bodybuilder alive who wouldn’t die of envy from looking at Penny’s abs of steel. Leonard reached out once again and traced his fingers across her shifting muscle blocks and into the deep crevasses between each abdominal muscle. His fingers shook as Penny rolled her abs, flexing them harder, causing the muscles to shift and roll. Letting out a nervous breath, Leonard slowly brought his hands up along her obliques and worked his way up and out toward her thick, wide lats. Penny smiled as Leonard soon was standing up as his hands moved across her sides and toward her meaty pectorals. Muffling a soft laugh, Penny pulled her arms to her sides and flexed her chest, popping her pecs upward and pressing her hard, strong chest up and out. Leonard placed his hands on the top of Penny’s massive pectorals right below her breasts and chuckled softly. Penny smiled and bounced her pecs a few more times in a slow power dance, solidifying her mighty chest with bulging, striated mounds of muscles as Leonard continued to chuckle at the feeling of a steel earthquake moving beneath his hands, the experience of watching Penny pump her pectorals inches forward with each flex and the sight of her amazing breasts jutting slightly as she tensed her muscles.

Leonard: Wow Penny, your muscles are so hard. I was wondering what muscles that can lift 140 tons would feel like.

Penny smiled back as she licked her lips and flexed her chest hard, expanding her pectorals even more as the striations deepened and throbbed, causing her top to groan under the strain. Leonard let out a low gasp at the tactile experience and Penny’s eyes narrowed with contained lust. As she moved her arms up to hold Leonard’s hand her expression changed to happy excitement and she pulled her arms back down. Penny backed away and smiled broadly as her eyes lit up.

Penny: Oh wait; there is one other thing I want to try. You can help!

As a stunned Leonard stood like a statue, his hands still trembling, Penny ran into her room and came back out with a bicycle chain in one hand and the lock in the other. She walked over to Leonard and holding the chain out to him, bit her lower lip. Leonard, looking a bit confused, took the chain from her as Penny held out her right arm straight and pointed to her bicep with her left.

Penny: Now wrap the chain around my arm as tight as you can.

Leonard started doing as she asked, marveling at the thickness of her triceps and the size of her biceps even though the muscles were outstretched. Penny’s shoulder flexed up with thick sinews toward her chin as she watched Leonard continue to wrap the chain around her lower arm. She pushed her long blonde hair toward her back and smiled as Leonard finished his task. She then handed him the lock.

Penny: OK, lock the chain up so it doesn’t just slide off.

Leonard looked around the chain and finding one end, pulled the lock through and then through another link, finally snapping the lock shut.

Penny smiled at him and shook her head so her blonde hair flittered around. Her expression changed to a more serious tone as she let out a breath and looked at her arm.

Penny: I thought about this when Amy kept talking about my ability to expand my muscles even bigger. She had mentioned putting a chain around my chest, but I think this is easier to try.

Leonard blinked at the thought of Penny bursting through chains with her chest and had to shake his head to pull him back to the situation in front of him.

Leonard’s voice cracked a bit as he looked at Penny and then at her arm: I should be recording this.

Penny shook her head, still staring at her arm: Later. If this works then we can always do it again.

Before Leonard could respond Penny tensed her fist, causing her forearm muscles to tense and press harshly against her skin, exposing the thickness and the superb detail. She then slowly brought her forearm up and the sound of the links shifting around her harder than steel biceps and triceps caused Leonard to lean closer. As Penny’s forearm moved higher the sound of shifting links moved toward metallic groans while Penny’s bicep could be seen through the chain pressing forward. Leonard’s jaw once again lowered as he watched and listened with fascination while Penny continued to bring her fist higher and the first muffled pop of a broken link was heard. Penny let out a soft moan as she concentrated at the task and flexed down harder, popping several more links, this time louder. Licking her lips and smiling with confidence, Penny pulled her forearm back down and with a quick movement, pulled her arm back up, flexing hard at the apex. The chain exploded off her arm as several of the links gave way at once with a “POW”, sending pieces of chain flying away, causing Leonard to reflexively pull his arms up as shards of metal shot around the apartment, bouncing off the furniture and rattling on the floor. The few that hit Leonard bounced down to the ground.

Penny held the flex and pushed her tongue out a bit to the side of her mouth to look at her arm. The bicep was nothing short of a mini mountain of muscle bigger than anything she or Leonard had ever seen. The tricep muscle bowed deeply, hard and strong with details that looked like they were carved out of marble; while her mind numbingly humongous bicep stood high and proud with textbook perfection. The biceps bulged outward with rippling mass as the lower half pushed against the upper half to form a deep fissure across her towering muscles. The upper bicep muscle continued to press skyward, pulsing with super human power as the peak reached up toward her wrist, forming a diamond hard, chiseled bicep over 24 knee weakening inches around.

Penny, still staring at her incredible bicep: Pretty cool, huh?

Leonard, giving up all pretenses of control, moved his eyes up and down Penny’s magnificently muscled body: Yeaaaaaaah.

Penny turned her smoldering green eyes toward Leonard and with a soft, understanding smile, nodded her approval.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pumps Up – Scene 6

Penny sat in her apartment, shifting nervously on her couch. She turned her head toward the door as a familiar event played out.

The door knocked three times.

Sheldon standing in the hallway: Penny

The door knocked three times again.

Sheldon: Penny

The door knocked three times

Sheldon: Penny

Penny, sighing: Come in Sheldon.

Sheldon walked in and closed the door behind him. He was wearing his Green Lantern shirt and brown pants. Penny was in large pink sweatpants and a large pink sweater Bernadette had bought for her.

Sheldon: You wanted to see me.

Penny: Yes Sheldon, I’ve been thinking more about this Super Hero thing.

Sheldon: You realize that we still have some tests to perform to understand all of your abilities. We also have to solidify how to maintain an alter ego for you, to say nothing of choosing an appropriate outfit and Super Hero name.

Penny looked worried as she stared up at Sheldon: Exactly. But I also need someone who understands everything about me, knows my limitations, and can keep me grounded. Someone like you Sheldon.

Sheldon: Interesting. Are you implying I could be the Alfred to your Batgirl as in Season 3 of the classic 1960’s Batman television show?

Penny tried not to look frustrated and smiled. Yes Sheldon, like that.

Sheldon turned his head in thought: Well the others in our group know about your abilities as well. It’s not quite the same.

Penny: I know, but really Sheldon, you’re the only one who can keep things in perspective. Leonard can’t stop smiling like a fanboy when he sees me, Amy wants to probe me in more ways than one, Rajesh still can’t talk to me and Bernadette doesn’t like the way Howard looks at me. And I don’t like the way Howard’s been looking at me.

Penny paused and looked into Sheldon’s eyes with a serious expression. Sheldon, you are my only hope.

Sheldon looked back at Penny: Now you’re mixing references. But point taken. I accept your proposal. I will be your base manager.

Penny: Great. I really appreciate this. I’m still nervous about where this is all headed.

Sheldon, ignoring her comment: One of the first things we can work on is an appropriate outfit. Do you still have your Wonder Woman costume?

Penny, taken a bit aback by the question: Uh, yeah I think so. It’s actually in Leonard’s closet. But it might be a bit tight now.

Sheldon smiled as he looked to be contemplating the possibilities: Well why don’t you try it on so I can start formulating some options.

Penny stood up, still a bit nervous: OK.

Penny followed Sheldon into the apartment and she retrieved the costume and headed back into her apartment to change. Sheldon waited in the hallway with his laptop, looking for inspiration for Penny’s super hero costume.

Penny walked out of her apartment with the outfit on. The blue tights with the golden lasso attached were very form fitting as expected. The small plastic bracelets fit tightly against her strapping forearms and the red top was skin tight across her massive upper body to the point of rupture. The straps looked strained as they held onto the front that was cut low and exposed deep cleavage from her thick pectorals down to her gravity defying breasts and into the golden eagle across the red material.

Penny: I told you it was going to be tight.

Sheldon looked thoughtfully at Penny for a moment and then narrowed his eyes into a small frown.

Sheldon: Where is the wig? We’ve been through this before. Wonder Woman is not blonde.

Penny sighs: Yes, but I’m not really Wonder Woman am I?

Sheldon shook his head: Nonetheless, as part of our effort to find you a costume to perhaps hide your true identity, we need to see how it looks. Now where is it?

Penny let out defeated whine: It’s on Leonard’s bed.

Sheldon smiled: Very good. I’ll be right back.

As Sheldon opened his door, Penny stood in the hallway as Leonard came up the stairs with a bag of groceries. Leonard stopped and dropped the bag to the ground as his jaw dropped open and his eyes widened.

Leonard: Puh, Puh, Penny. What are you doing?

Penny sighed as Leonard walked around her until he was facing Penny with the stairs behind her.

Penny smiled weakly at his slavish expression: I’m trying on some different costumes to see what makes sense. Sheldon seemed to think this might work.

Penny raised her left arm up as Sheldon walked out of the apartment into the hallway behind Penny. He was holding the Wonder Woman dark wig in his right hand. Penny tensed her left arm with her fingers extended and flexed up her bicep into a cleanly separated ball of muscle that peaked half way up her forearm. She gave Leonard a serious, yet sexy stare.

Penny: So Leonard, what do you think?

Leonard tilted his head and stared at Penny, looking catatonic.

Sheldon sniffed: I can tell you what he’s thinking with right now. It was a good thing you two didn’t have sex. You would have crushed him and he wouldn’t have said a word.

Penny pulled her arm down and turned toward Sheldon, looking annoyed.

Penny: My sex life is not part of our deal.

Sheldon: I disagree. As your super hero mentor, all aspects of your personal life will need to be examined.

Penny sighed: Fine, but not right now.

Sheldon nodded his head: Agreed. Now let’s head back into your apartment to see if we can put together something both intimidating and athletic.

Penny turned toward her door: OK.

As she opened the door she looked back toward Leonard who was still standing in the same spot with the same stunned expression.

Penny: We’ll talk later Leonard.

As she walked into the apartment, Sheldon paused before he walked in behind Penny and looked at Leonard.

Sheldon: You know you’re going to need to be more aware of what Penny is capable of before you two attempt coitus.

Leonard sighed and bowed his head in defeat: Yeaaaaaaaah.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pumps Up – Epilogue

Penny is walking down a dark street dressed in black spandex shorts, black athletic shoes, a thick black spandex tank top, the black wig and tiara from her Wonder Woman costume and a simple black mask. She touched her ear, turning on a communication device.

Penny: OK Sheldon, this looks like a good place to do a simple superhero test run, assuming I run into something nasty.

Sheldon, sitting in the common area at his laptop with his own earpiece frowned: We need to stick to our code names.

Penny sighed: Fine. Assuming I run into something nasty. Alfred.

Sheldon smiled as he looked at the screen: Very good Batgirl, audio communication is working optimally. The micro camera in the wig behind the tiara appears to be functioning acceptably as well.

Penny smiled: Good. This should be fun.

Sheldon frowned again: A Super Hero patrol is not supposed to be fun. You need to stay alert as this is a dangerous part of town.

Penny: Not to worry, uh Alfred. I’m obviously super strong. I was running over 40 miles per hour when Howard’s modified treadmill broke. And Amy assures me that I’m bulletproof for any gage of weapon used in the streets.

Sheldon: Something we would know for certain had we performed the test like I wanted.

Penny: Give it a rest Sheldon.

Sheldon: Alfred.

Penny in a sing song voice: Give it a rest Alfred.

Penny turned a corner and saw two men attempting to break into a car. One has a crowbar as the other is fiddling with the lock.

Penny stopped: OK Alfred, it looks like we have a real live crime. Nobody else is around.

Sheldon: Confirmed Batgirl. Approach with caution as there may be a lookout.

Penny: Affirmative.

Penny walked up stealthily until she was less than 10 feet away from the two men.

Penny cleared her throat: Excuse me gentlemen, are you having car trouble?

Sheldon: Good one.

Penny allowed a small smile, but held her casual, yet commanding look and posture.

Thug 1 (The one with the crowbar): Look, it’s Wonder Woman on laundry day.

Thug 2 smiled and poked his elbow into his friend’s arm: What’s the matter sweet cheeks, your stripper shift over and you couldn’t get a ride home?

Thug one looked at Penny a little closer through the din: Of course she does look a little big for a stripper. Maybe she’s a hefty hooker.

Penny gave them an annoyed glower: Alright, that’s enough from you too. Now I suggest you leave this car alone and head home before there’s trouble.

The two thugs looked at each other and then back at Penny. They were no longer smiling.

Thug 1: Sorry girly, but it’s too late for that.

The Thug 2 grunted angrily, moved forward and tried to shove Penny. Penny reached out with blinding speed with her left hand and gripped his right forearm before he could touch her. He tried to pull away, but was shocked when he quickly realized that he couldn’t. As he glanced with concern from his arm to Penny, she smiled back calmly and squeezing down harshly, but not hard enough to break any bones, twisted his arm. The Thug let out a pained groan and fell down to one knee.

The other thug pulled his arm up and moving forward, swung down with the crowbar at Penny’s head. But Penny once again reached out with cat like reflexes and caught the crowbar in her free hand, holding her arm motionless as the stunned thug looked at the bar and then back at the still smirking Penny. With another harsh twist Penny pulled the bar away from the assailant, forcing the thug to stumble to the side. Releasing Thug 2, Penny gripped the crowbar on either end, holding it in front of her. Glancing at both men to assure they were looking at her, Penny tensed her arms and chest and the muscles flexed and surged with scary size and detail, evident even with the poor lighting. Maintaining a serious face with no strain, Penny slowly bent the crowbar down into a U, causing the bar to groan as the hardened steel yielded to Penny’s overwhelming strength. Smiling at the now scared expressions of the men, Penny tossed the ruined crowbar toward the car and it clanged along the pavement.

Penny: Now unless you’d like me to bend both of you like that, I suggest you run on home. And make sure to tell your friends that Wonder Fem is patrolling the streets.

The men, unsure of what to make of this, but not willing to challenge her, looked at each other and ran down the street. Penny wiped the imaginary dust from her hands with a satisfying smile on her face.

Sheldon: Wonder Fem?

Penny slumped her shoulders a bit and whined: Yes, Wonder Fem. What’s wrong with it?

Sheldon: What’s wrong with it? I don’t know where to begin.

Penny sighed and mumbled: Here we go.

The scene ends as they argue and Penny turns to walk back toward their apartment building with a sharp stride.


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Really great, you really captured the characters of the show !

Great Idea!

I love The Big Bang Theory, and with the science-based background its an excellent background for this kind of story.

Plus, as Keith said, you've really nailed the characters - especially Penny & Sheldon.

Very well done.


Sometimes this really gets me so confused about all the theories that most of you are talking about some of the time. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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