I: Sally's Rehab Transformation

"Come on girls! Play hard to the end! We're still in this one!" Cheered Sally from the sideline. She didn't even believe her own words though. Another year, another winless season for her high school field hockey team. What pained her more though is that she had to watch half of this one from the sideline. She went down with a torn ACL, so they team was without their captain. Her friend Amy took over as the captain on the field, but a bad team without their best player has no chance at winning anything.

The ref blew the final whistle. Ending not only the team's dismal performance, but also their dismal season. The other team was almost laughing at how badly they had beaten their opponents. This didn't make Sally feel too good about herself or her team, and as team captain, she decided to do something about it during the off season.

"Hey Eric, can you help with my rehab?" Sally asked her brother. Eric was nearly a mountain of a man. As Sally was entering her senior year of high school, he ws entering his senior year of college. He was a D-I linebacker and was studying exercise science. His studies explored experimental workout and nutrition plans focused on adding strength and muscle mass. He loved working out, and if he couldn't go to the NFL, he figured he could at least be part of a team as a strength coach.
"Sure, sis. I gotta warn you though, I only have one speed: full."
She feigned laughter at his corny joke and added, "I want to be stronger than I was before. I want to be the best hockey player our team has seen!"
"That's what I like to hear! Bring that attitude to the gym with you!" When the summer came around they were both home and started with the training.

"Alright, Sally," Eric said, "Let's start slow. Let me show you how to squat." Eric showed Sally how to do the leg exercise. She struggled with just the bar. In her defense, she did have a bum knee, but to be honest, even though she was an athlete, she wasn't in very good shape. She was about 5'6", weighed 150 lbs. and was totally skinny fat. Her legs had a bit of cottage cheese and her lower belly had a bit of flab. Her arms lacked any sort of definition and her butt was sagging and flabby.

Her brother stopped her. "Sally, you have to come all the way down. Try it without even the bar, and do it like I do." She watched him like a hawk. She wanted to get stronger more than anything right now and focused in. She did it without the bar. After a few reps, she had the form down. As she squatted down deep, she felt her hamstrings stretch out. As she fought to come up, her quads fought to get her back up. It burned a bit, but it felt good. "Give me the bar," she said.
"That's the attitude!" Eric said as he brought the bar back to the squat rack. She put the bar on her shoulders. She went down. The weight of the bar seemed immense, but because she had the proper form down, she felt like her legs could power through. As she was about to come back up, her legs started shaking. Her legs screamed "QUIT!" but her heart didn't let her hear it and she stood up. She did nine more reps, racked the weight, looked at her brother and simply said, "More."

Sally was exhausted by the time she went to bed that night. She had learned how to do squats, dead lifts, calf raises, lunges and more. Her brother had also given her a cocktail of nutrition supplements to help her gains as well as a very healthy dinner. That night, she dreamed about leading her team to victory that night. She woke up refreshed. Today, she was going to do an upper body workout with Eric. She threw her blanket off and when she got out of bed, she immediately collapsed with a loud thud. Her legs simply gave out because of how hard she had worked them the night before. Eric heard the commotion and went to check in on his sister. He quickly realized what was going on and just laughed. "Don't think I'm going easy on you today. You're fine. You're going to need to learn to deal with pain anyway."

She met up with her brother at the gym. She was in a tank top and shorts. As she walked from the locker room to the free weights where her brother was standing, she noticed her legs in the mirror. "Oh." She thought to herself with a little surprise. "My legs are already noticeably bigger already." She stared at them as she walked toward her brother. With each stride, she saw them pump up and deflate again. She made a note to herself to make sure to check herself out later in the mirror at home. She finally got to her brother. "Ok, how are you going to kill me today?"
"Arms and chest."
"Alright! Let's do this!" Sally said as she flexed her guns. Well, flex is the wrong word because they didn't really get any bigger, but she just wanted a visual reference to compare them to after her brother is done training her. Her first upper body day went much like her leg day. She struggled benching the bar, couldn't do a single triceps dip, and had a tough time curling 10 lb. dumbbells. She powered through each rep eventually though, and with Eric's encouragement, completed a total upper body workout.

Those first few weeks, she hated getting up and going to the gym. Sure, she liked the changes to her body, and every night she made sure to check herself out in the mirror to see her improvements from the day before. Her legs were getting striated and defined. Her arms were getting bigger and cut up. Her shoulders and lats widened and she loved it. She hated the constant pain she was in, though. She felt like quitting many times, but luckily her brother was there to press her. By the end of the summer though, she couldn't wait to get to the gym. She was beyond feeling the pain from her workouts and was now able to move considerable weight.

"I remember when you started, you had trouble lifting the bar," Eric told his sister, proud of his handiwork. He had turned her into a muscle monster.
"I know. Now I'm squatting three plates," she replied, as she put three 45 lb. plates on her side of the bar. Lifting over twice her weight was nothing to her tree trunk-like legs. With the weight on her shoulders, she executed the textbook form of the squat, nearly touching her glutes to the ground. Those same glutes fired along with her quads to bring her body back up. She racked the weight after 10 reps and looked at her legs in the mirror. They were completely striated thanks to the density of her muscle and low body fat. Her brother's supplements and nutrition plan dropped kept her body weight the same, but dramatically dropped her body fat to a mere 8%. She went from lard ass to hard ass, and her round butt filled out her shorts. Her belly went from flab to sick abs. She threw out her tanks tops in favor of just a sports bra to work out in so she should show off her deeply defined six-pack. Her abs seemed to pop out more whenever she exhaled. She went over to the bench to rep out 185. With each rep, her pecs shook. There was an obvious separation between her left and right pecs now, each looking like a rock hard slab of muscle. Her lats had also widened considerably. Her body shape had gone from an I shape to a V shape, well it was more of an X shape if you take her big booty into account... Lastly, she worked out her over developed arms. they topped off at 16" now. Having such big biceps doesn't really improve the skill of a field hockey player, but Sally didn't care. She thought they just looked intimidating, and every chance she got, she would flex in the mirror and see a split on the top of her bis and the definition between her bis, tris and shoulders. It was a sight to behold along with her mountainous pecs, thick traps and washboard abs. She simply couldn't wait to get on the field and see how much better she got.

She thanked her brother for training her. He gave her a copy of her plan, so she could continue while he was away at college. She knew this was going to be an interesting season. She called up amy to go over to the practice field. She had wanted to discuss the team and perhaps draw up some new plays. "Sure thing, I'll be right over," Amy said. Amy went to the field, but didn't see Sally anywhere. She called her cell. Right went Sally picked up, she noticed that a very buff looking girl girl had stopped running laps to answer a phone call. "What a weird coincidence," Amy thought to herself. "Hey, Sally, you here?"
"Yeah I'm here. Oh wait, I think I see you. I was just doing some laps. I'll walk towards you now."
Amy couldn't believe her eyes when she realized that the buff girl was, in fact Sally.
"Hey, Amy," said Sally, waving her lumbering arm at her friend.
"H-Hi, Sally. I b-barely recognized you. Y-you look... amazing!" Amy added nervously
"Thanks! I've been working out."
"Well, obviously."
"Alright, let's talk about the team."

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