A Super Family Is Born 3

Meanwhile, back in Lois’ apartment.
Lois had not slept a wink the whole night as the pheromones still lingered in the air, giving a musky desire . as she slept restlessly, tossing and turning every few minutes, her pussy quivered as she had orgasms, cum wetting her baby t and shorts that she always slept in. Her dreams were filled with Clark’s huge cock and her riding it. She could feel his hardness in her, fucking her pussy as she rode it, throbbing in the walls of her cervix, milking torrents of semen out from his large balls. It was all so visual… and graphic…. Finally she got up in exasperation as it dawned and she walked out to her hall where Clark was still stretched out unconscious on the sofa. What she did not know that Jonathan had been more than slightly peeved at the fucking his wife had got from his son last night and when he could not remove the golden condom that was sheathing that monster cock of Clark he had more than cheesed off, just leaving it on for Clark to remove the next morning. Which is why as the semi-sleepy Lois threw back the covers of the blanket covering Clark, she saw his cock semi hard, trapped in its golden covering. Lois was so horny and dripping by this time that she didn’t care. She tugged at the golden covering and when it refused to come off she just started sucking his cock straight off. Clark remained blissfully unobvious, drained out by the golden cock sheath and the transfer of DNA to his mum, but his cock responded enthusiastically to the coaxing, first reaching its eleven inch fully erect majesty and then spurting bits of precum into Lois’ mouth. Lois had never tasted anything so good in her entire life. She sucked him greedily, gagging on the monstrous cock from time to time as its thick folds got stuck in between her tongue. With a start, Clark began to come awake as he felt the pressure build around great fountainhead between his legs.Drowsily he began to open his eyes to look at who it was who was giving him such a great blow job. But it was too late to stop anything. A deep dark moan escaped his lips as he came, a flood of cum overwhelming Lois’ hot waiting mouth, racing down her throat. Lois could not even scream as she choked on the huge amount of cum pouring down her throat, a wave of hot liquid fire which… tasted like the nectar of the gods, and not able to breathe, she collapsed, her throat still aflame with Supercum, unconscious. Clark, being overwhelmed with the energy being sucked away from him yet again in so short a time, was exhausted again. His eyes rolled up in his head and fainted dead away.
Lois awoke first and the first thing she felt was the soft luxuriant black hair which was covering her head .She knew something was really different because the last time she had had long hair was when she was six years old. But this was different. The long almost alive tresses that gently wiggled like hundreds of little snakes reached down almost to the small of her back, each long fibre springing straight and curling with an almost unnatural tensile strength. Lois realized that there was something really different about her. For one, she felt so light, almost feather-like. She was lying on the floor and as she looked around her, opening her eyes, everything seemed so crystal clear and then she noticed that she was looking at her tiled bathroom floor some two rooms away. She pushed herself up with one arm, and then noticed the sleek ripped biceps covering said arm. Then she looked down, and found that she couldn’t see her stomach, obstructed by the huge perfect pair of breasts that framed her upper body, her nipples taut and erect, sharp enough to cut through diamonds. She stood up and just flexed her whole body, flexing her muscles everywhere and as she drew herself up to her new height of 6’2 her longs legs rippled. Her beautiful calves were sculpted like a piece of Greek marble and as she inhaled and exhaled loudly her iron abs rearranged themselves into 8 pacs of living steel. She has always been a looker but now she was a raven-haired goddess. Hard, muscular and… horny. Her pussy dripped with juices waiting to be satiated especially since her more than 250 IQ had finally managed to connect all the dots in this long saga. Lying in front of her was … ONE superman, because she knew that if the horniness she was feeling now was common to superbeings, there was already another superman made to fly this earth. And she hoped that he had a big fat dick too!
It was at this moment that Jonathan and Martha flew in through the window. The super couple had just spent a long hour fucking in the core of the sun, and had finally realized that their super adopted son was probably getting ‘some’ from the girl he had ‘spent’ the night with. And what it would have done to her! As they were flying in through the stratosphere they could already hear the ‘super’moans of Lois as she explored her new-found super body. Martha actually was worried about Clark, but Jonathan was secretly nursing a hard-on as he secretly considered the fact that there was another supergirl around. The one thing that all of them had realized that it must have been a bitch for Clark, as being super meant had this huge side effect, you were roaring to fuck all the time!
Lois heard the whooshing of the supercouple as they flew in and landed on her hall carpet. She gently floated up, gloriously naked and gave a million-dollar smile to Jonathan and Martha. “ Hi guys, …. Oops should I say, superguys? He he he.”
Unfortunately it was at this moment that all three of them heard a loud scream through their supersonic hearing. It was the screams of many hundreds of people and it was coming from somewhere outside the continental United States. All three of them looked at each other and then Jonathan took the lead. “Lois, be a honey and stay here with Clark will you, me and Martha will sort this out,” he said, immediately holding his wife’s hand and walking to the window to fly off, “ after all, Superman is sick and his Superfamily are the ones who have to stand in, haven’t they?” Without waiting for an answer the couple flew off leaving Lois slightly pissed off. “ Sheesh, even though I’m Super the Kents are still treating me like some small idiot child. Fuck!”
What Lois did not know was that the collapsing skyscraper in South America, for that was where the sound had been coming from was part of the diabolical plan of Lex Luthor. All throughout the evening he had been watching the feed from the apartment and though he couldn’t get to Martha he was quite sure that Lois would be agreeable to his plan…. And the way things were going, everything was falling into place quite nicely. Lois heard the door of the elevator to her floor open and someone step out, walking to her door and ringing the doorbell. She was quite surprised as she could even make out who it was …. The infamous bald headed villain, Lex Luthor!
“Well, well,” she heard him say even across the hallway and outside the door, “ I know that you can hear me Miss Lane, Or should I start calling you Superwoman?”
Lois smiled despite herself. Even bald and overbearing Luthor was almost 6 feet and 3 inches tall and it was obvious that he had kept in shape. He was immaculately attired and smelled of roses and wild musk. She whirled in place throwing on yesterday’s dress which was still draped on the living room floor and now fitted her like a slinky painted on supersexy nightie and then gave her head a little twirl, her almost live black tresses settling into place, crowning her like a Greek goddess of old. She sauntered to the door and opened it , not giving a fuck that Clark was sprawled semi naked in the living room couch behind her. “Hello, Lex, odd of you to show up here…. unless you were the one who planned on this whole thing, didn’t you?”
“ I am guilty Miss Lane, or should I now call you Superwoman, considering how you seem to have been, shall I say, enhanced by your ingestion of Supercum?” Luthor laughingly commented. Lois, who was floating some inches off the floor smiled at him. That was one of the things that she had always admired about Luthor. His ability to handle the most bizarre of situations with style. She snuck a quick look at his huge unSuper cock underneath his snug pants and thought to herself, “man, if he became Super, he was going to be fucking HUGE!!!”
Turning on her now super pheromones, she matter-of-factly turned to Luthor. “ Well Lex, thanks and all that but tell me why I shouldn’t just burn you to a crisp right now with my laser vision for trying to kill Clark?”
“Because, Superwoman,”you know that you are always going to be a second fiddle to the Kent family, and secretly you know that you could be so much more…. If you were to share some of your super capabilities he he he,” Lex laughed suggestively.
Lois looked up in disgust at Luthor. “ I cannot believe that you, a man, would stoop to something as disgusting as sucking Clark’s cock Luthor, I am definitely grossified beyond belief.But then I’m sure that’s not what you were referring to, did you?”
“Cum, cum Superwoman, that’s exactly what I want you to do, and even you know that ….. for when you cum and I drink in deeply of it … I will become a Superman, and more….. for I will be a fitting consort to you, my Goddess Lois Lane, a pair of Gods to rival Zeus and Hera as we build a new world !!!!”
Lois smiled. In her mind an almost similar picture had been appearing as Luthor engaged her in conversation. She imagined his new Super-body and how they would really call the shots in a new incredible world of their making. She stepped forward and grasped Lex’s hand firmly as she whispered in his ear, “ I can’t wait.” She lifted him up into the air and floated out the balcony window before whizzing off into the sky.

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